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   EnAble India working with the disabled section of society is seeking to understand the realities
    about the employment scenario, work life and responsibilities/challenges of different job types
    through this research

   EnAble India wishes to understand and get the ‘big picture’ about different industries / sectors
    through research on World of Employment for the Disabled

   EnAble India wishes to know the positioning and the product focus of each of listed sectors in
    order to help prepare internal training modules that showcase the various sectors, the kind of
    work environments, the challenges of working in each sector, opportunities available, etc

•   The findings will be used to create video films, audio modules, power point presentations and
    information documents, which in turn will help achieve the learning objectives stated above

   Fourth Wave Foundation undertook an analysis across sectors that were chosen by EnAble India
           a) Organized retail
           b) Telecommunication Services
           c) Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
           d) Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
           e) Hospitals, Pathology Laboratories, Allied Services
           f) IT/ITES

   Region: Bangalore

   Period of consideration for information – last 2 years

   With each of them we studied the sector to understand the industry and the employment potential
      Industry information
      Job compendium within the sectors
      Job process flow

   Within each sector a minimum of four to a maximum of seven companies/ organizations were
    covered with the objective to obtain a fair understanding of the topic of research with the objective
      To conduct personal interviews with HR managers/industry experts/employees/supervisors
         from the main operations to gather information
      Understand the requirements of each type of job within the sector in each company
      Recruitment policies, salary levels etc

   Within these chosen companies, Fourth Wave Foundation has worked towards assessment of job
    profiles that would suit three category mainly emphasized by EnAble India
      Manual, semi-skilled and skilled categories

   The research has been supplemented with
      Information from secondary data sources, research files, journals, documents and the Internet
      Video clips and photographs of various front end and back end of work environments of

   Other initiatives: (that do not fall under any specific bracket mentioned above)
      Worked on furthering the process of creating job opportunities for the disabled with companies
         willing to partner with EnAble India on providing candidates to suit the requirements and work
         on training and development programs

•   Information Sources:
          Books, Newspapers, Trade Journals, and White papers, Industry portals, Government
          Trade associations. Monitoring Industry News and developments, Access to paid databases.

•   Data:
          Gathered data, through the three stages, touch and feel, interviews (direct, phone and mail)
         and finally, one to one with employees from cross sections of the organization.
          Data verified by experts and secondary data and research materials on the web

•   Since the volume of coverage was large in terms of sectors, jobs and processes, the research
    focuses only on job categories that form the major part of the work within the organization.
Executive Summery:

  India will have a demand for 85-90 million people across various sectors, and the majority of the
  demand will come from high-growth industries like IT, outsourcing, banking, retail, telecommunication
  and healthcare. 18 Jan, 2009 -BCG

  As Indian economy booms, the disabled fall behind. World Bank
  Despite enacting landmark legislation to promote the rights of persons with disability in the past
  decade and an increasing awareness of their marginalization, India's actions to promote the rights of
  8% of its 1.1 billion citizens has been found wanting. 'People with Disabilities in India’

        Content withheld as this is sample

           Content withheld as this is sample
    Executive Summery:
Government Initiatives: Awareness Check:
•    Government departments and public sector undertakings reserve 3 per cent of their posts for disabled persons.
•    January 17, 2008 :CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) announced an important and socially
     sensitive decision, which will generate 100,000 jobs per annum for persons with disability, the scheme will be
•    The Rs.18 billion proposed amount for the scheme will come from the resources generated by the social justice
     and empowerment ministry
•    Central Government has approved an incentive scheme to employers in the private sector for providing jobs to
     persons with disabilities, and to promote employment of persons with disabilities in the private sector
•    Employers recruiting persons with disabilities will be given an incentive in the form of reimbursement of
     employer’s contribution to the Employees Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance for the first three

                                             Low                                                         High




           Hospitals and Pharmacy


                      Content with held as this is sample

                                   Top 3 reasons sited for
Elements that drive the various         non inclusion
                                                              Inclusion; Why aren’t we there yet

                                   •Lack of knowledge of
                                   disability and jobs that
                                    fit various degrees of

Translate into more demands          •Need for rules and      Sensitization /sensitivity mandate:
                                       regulations that
                                   encourage employment

                                         • Customer
                                    expectations are sky-
                                   high in a multi-channel
Job Compendium: Organized Retail

                                 V   H   P   S/U/M   G+/M+/BL
                                                                      • Industry can accommodate
                                         P    S        M+             • Training will facilitate
Area Manager
Cashier                              H   P    S        M+             • *Green Jobs * ( jobs
                                         P    S        M+               common across sectors
Fresher/ Trainee/ Mang Trainee
                                                                        and companies suitable
Trainer and related jobs                      S        M+               for disabled with right set
                                                                        of skills )
Merchandiser                             P    S        M+             • Acquired skill will help in
                                                                        building a carrier
Store Boy/Handy Boy                  H   P    M         L
Regional Manager                              S         G             • Company commitment to
                                                                        train and employ disabled
Sales Exec/ Sales Rep                    P    U        M+
Technical - Manager                           S         G
                                                                Crucial content
Visual Merchandiser                  H   P    S         G
                                                                withheld as this is
Buyer / Sourcing Manager                 P    S         G
                                                                for sample only
Floor Manager                            P    S        M+
Front Desk                       V       P    S        M+
Inventory Control Manager                P    S        M+
Operations Officer                   H   P    S         G                  *GREEN JOBS:
                                                                HR executive & related jobs
Quality Assurance/ Control           H   P    U        M+       Trainer & related jobs
                                                                Accountant/accounts assistant
Retail Store Manager                     P    S         G       & related jobs
                                                                Housekeeping & related jobs
Shift Manager                        H   P    U        M+       Cashier & related jobs
HR/Admin/Finance/Accounts                                       Front Office & related jobs
                                     H   P    S         G
House Keeping related Jobs           H   P    M         L
                                                                                                                          Organized Retail

Requirements of Unskilled/ Manual Jobs

Role/Job                                                      Store boy Handy boy         House       Quality    Shift Mang
Level of language &Communication Skills
        English (Speak/Read/Write)
        Hindi (Speak/Read/Write)
        Local Language (Speak/Read/Write)
Sitting/Standing Job
Mobility Requirements
(to move constantly within/ outside the office)       Content withheld this is sample
Motor Skills/speed requirements

Ability to work in a T\team

Basic Analytical Skills

Physical Strength

Ability to work long hours

Minimum qualification

                                                   Language and Communication Skills: Speak being the basic requirement
                                                                               Yes: ability to speak read and write moderate
                                                  Read and write are additional and not mandatory where speak is specified
                                                                                                             Organized Retail

 Requirements of Unskilled/ Manual Jobs

                                                 Store boy      Handy boy          House Keeping            Quality          Shift Mang
Analyze suitable /unsuitable for a person with
       Visual Impairment
       Hearing Impairment
       Physical Disability

Experience required at the time of hiring
Training given on joining in general terms
Key Challenges/Stresses of the role
Main success factors for the role                    Content withheld as this is sample
Typical working hours
Realistic salary (Average industry level)

Opportunities for personal growth
Reasons why some people do not do well in the

On salary levels :
           Average salary
           Salary for a fresher

Any concession for PWD

                                                             Degree of Impairment/disability for specific jobs to be decided by Enable India.
                                                                                                          Organized Retail

Requirements for Semi-skilled/skilled Jobs
 Role/Job                                     Front off      CSR /cash           Sales         SM/ASM        Merc/A Merc
 Level of language &Communication Skills
         English (Speak/Read/Write)
         Hindi (Speak/Read/Write)
         Local Language Speak/Read/Write)
 Computer Skills (Please Specify in detail)
                                                 Content withheld as this is sample
 Analytical Skills

 Accounting Skills
 Other Specialized Skills

                                                  Language and Communication Skills: Speak being the basic requirement
                                                                              Yes: ability to speak read and write moderate
                                                  Read and write are additional and not mandatory where speak is specified
                                                                                                            Organized Retail

Requirements for Semi-skilled/skilled Jobs

                                   Front off       CSR /cash                Sales                  SM/ASM               Merc/A Merc
 Analyze suitable for a person
        Visual Impairment
        Hearing Impairment
        Physical Disability
 Experience required at the
 time of hiring
 Training given on joining
 Key Challenges/Stresses of
 the role
 Main success factors for the
                                               Content withheld as this is sample

 Typical working hours
 Realistic salary

 Opportunities for personal
 Reasons people do not do
 On salary levels :
            Average salary
            Salary for a fresher

                                                          Degree of Impairment/disability for specific jobs to be decided by Enable India.
Industry Information:                                                                                 BFSI

   Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

      Banking is the most dominant sector of the financial system in India.
      Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) comprise 38 per cent of the outsourcing
       industry in India (worth $47.8 billion in 2007).
      Outsourced services from the BFSI domain include customer support, software and solutions
       required for core banking, various banking processes like mortgage loan processing, application
       processing, verifications, market analysis, financial statement analysis etc.

      Indian banking sector will grow at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around
       23.3 per cent till 2011.
      Outsourcing by the BFSI segment in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30–35 per

   Products and Services:
      Retail banking - financial services provided by the high-street banks for individual customers and
       small businesses through their branch network.
      Investment banking - covers the provision of specialized financial services and advice to
       industrial, commercial and government clients.
      Private banking - specialist banks offering services to high net-worth individuals (the wealthy).
       The range of financial services offered is wide and can be tailored to the needs of the customer;
       for e.g., asset management, estate planning, etc.
      Insurance Companies: analyzing client needs and negotiating the best deal with insurance
       companies, insurers spreading their risk by taking on their own insurance against their claims.
Industry Information:

Industry trends and Customer Segment:
       Customers in the BFSI sector are people looking for banking and money transaction services
        through banks, financial management, financial support, making deposits, long term money
        management services, investment planning, insurance on life, medical, property, accidents, etc .

Recruitment Policies:
       Most companies welcome applications from all subject disciplines, although a numerate subject
        such as economics, finance or mathematics can be particularly relevant.
       An IT degree is usually required for technology related jobs.
       Most employers seek a minimum of 2 years work experience .
       Employers look for a genuine interest in and understanding of the profession, so it is important to
        keep informed and up to date on market developments.

Company rules:
     Many companies now offer work experience and internships to students in their final year.
     Internships are increasingly seen as an important entry step, with many employers aiming to make
      employment offers at the end of the internship.
     Internships can be a great way to gain valuable experience and insight into both the company and
      the industry, and can often be paid.
     Banking and Investment reports that 85% of banking and investment organizations have offered
      internships in 2007.
     Competition for internships is fierce and often involve an interview process.
     Most companies advertise schemes on their websites.
     An internship can be obtained by networking with people who already have contacts in the sector.
Industry Information:                                                                                     BFSI

   Opportunities in Indian Banking Sector
     Non – Voice BPO into non-core and core insurance services.
     Core insurance services are industry specific operational areas such as underwriting,
      policyholder and agent services, and claims processing.
     Non-core services include areas such as HR and benefits administration, as well as enterprise
      services like property management and purchasing.

   Candidate profile:
     Career path and movement across the sector is not well defined.
     There are increasing opportunities for career development internationally, particularly in emerging
      markets such as Asia.
     This sector has disabled-friendly jobs for the skilled category.
     Encourages employment of the disabled through specific mentions in job openings.

   Criteria for selection of candidates:
       Will need to demonstrate personal qualities such as leadership, commercial awareness, initiative,
        drive, motivation and team-work.

   After selection:
       Graduates enter as trainees, and for those that can demonstrate commitment, dedication and
        results, the sector offers great opportunities for fast progression to senior managerial positions.
       Schemes offer rotations around various functions and departments so that graduates can
        experience different areas before choosing their specialization.

      Graduates entering banking can expect to receive an average starting salary of Rs. 15,000 p.m.
       and it can be as high as Rs. 25000 p.m., particularly in investment banking.
      Banks in particular are offering more competitive starting salaries to graduates than ever before.
Industry Information:                                                                                  BFSI

     Professionals in industry:
          The BFSI industry offers a wide range of jobs, including sales, surveying, claims handling and
           investigation, underwriting, risk management, investment management, and pensions
          Companies also recruit for general management functions such as accountancy, marketing,
           management services and personnel.
          This sector does not have job openings for the unskilled and manual job categories unless they
           are part of non-banking related administration, housekeeping and facilities maintenance.

     Responsibilities/challenges in different job types:
     (we have dealt with job types that contributes to 60% of the process)

     Language is viewed as increasingly valuable as the whole sector operates in a global market place.
     Roles may often involve working with colleagues and clients in different countries.
          Graduate and Post Graduate schemes are usually very structured so that progression and
           development within the company are clear.
          Many employers offer additional benefits such as a sign-on bonus (lump sum of money on
           joining the company), gym membership and a company bonus scheme.

          Working hours in this sector can be notoriously long, particularly for new graduates.
          In investment banking, it is not unusual for analysts (entry-level graduates) to work 12-hours a
           day or longer.
Job Flow Chart: Various Verticals within BFSI

           Ensure Customer Information and Data Security                                          Improve Customer Service Quality
           Improve Customer Retention                                    Manage Customer Service Expectations and Costs
                      Credit Cards          Mortgages          Retail Banking                Property & Casualty                Telecom & Media
                                         - Account          - Maintenance of                                                   - General enquiries
                      - General                             account                          - Remittance
                      Customer                                                               processing                        - Information
                      service            - Processing       - Account enquiries                                                requests
                                                                                             - Renewals,
                                         customer           - Address change
                      - Fraud                                                                endorsements                      - Customer service
Delivery capability

                                                            - Credit requests                - Billing                         - Welcome calls
                                         - Processing
                      - Cross selling,                      - Statement requests
                                         refunds                                                                               - Account
                      up selling
                                                            - E-mail service                                                   management
                      - Customer                            support
                      analytics for                                                                                            - Technical support
                      retention, cross                      - Correspondence and                                               - Billing/ help desk
                      selling, new                          fax                                                                support
                      product offering
                                                                                                                               - Customer
                                                                                                                               retention/ saves

        Channels                                          -Telephone-      -Web Chat- -Email-            -Fax-

                                                                The Job flow chart within each vertical and each process in the vertical is extensive.
                                                                               FWF has dealt with job flow for one vertical in BFSI: Retail Banking
Process Flow

Process flow of Retail Banking structure:

Account Management related jobs: : Comprise almost 70% of the workforce. 90% in this process
have desk jobs.
Channels/medium used: Web Chat, Voice based, E-mail.

Retail Banking:
    Kinds of Services: Savings, Current, Loans, DD, Debit cards, Foreign currency transaction

    Acquisition of accounts
    --Lead generation
    --Outbound and inbound sales
    --Filling form
    --Tracking application
    --Credit evaluation

    Servicing of accounts
    --Electronic relationship management
    -- Account administration activities
    -- Default management
    -- Reconciliation services

    * Green jobs
         Human Resource: Personnel, Training
         Technology: Information Technology

Job Flow/Process: Retail Banking
                                  Faster Product              Expanding Customer                  Continuous                      Capitalising on
                                   Introductions                     Base                         Innovation                    Newer Technologies

                                                    Acquisition of Account                                     Servicing of Account
   Business Process Capability

                                            -- Lead generation                                -- Electronic relationship management
                                            -- Outbound and inbound sales                     -- Account administration activities
                                            -- Filling form                                   -- Default management
                                            -- Tracking application                           -- Reconciliation services
                                            -- Credit evaluation

                                                                                Web chat, Voice, White mail
                                                               Savings & Current accounts, Loans, Demand drafts, Debit cards,
   Expertise                                                                   Foreign currency transactions

                                                                                This is a sample of similar job types within BFSI that are desk bound

Common Jobs in BFSI: e.g.: Billing and Collection

            Early Stage Services                          Late Stage Services

    Early                                         Late
              1st party Pre-charge                         3rd party Pre-charge   Skip
 collections                       Closure    collections
             collections    off                           collections    off    Tracking
   calling                                      calling

                                   Banking & Financial

                    Credit           Retail    Mortgage      Insurance
                    Cards           Banking
Financial Services Job Process chart                                                                      BFSI

                 Increasing              Customer                   Process                  Migrating
               Customer Base             Retention                  Quality                   Risks

                 Customer          Customer Service &       Back Office Transaction
                 Acquisition           Fulfillment               Processing
   Cards                           - Account maintenance     - Mortgage origination
              - Direct marketing                                                       - Early stage
                                   - Contact details         - Remittance processing   collections
   Custody    - Outbound
                                   - Payment options
              telemarketing                                  - Item processing         - 1st party
                                   - Account closure                                   - Pre-charge off
              - Inbound                                      - Loan vault conversion
              telemarketing        - Query management
    Retail                                                   - Claims processing       - Late stage
   Banking                         - Transaction related
              - Up & Cross                                   - Adjudication            collections
              selling              - Payment related
  Mortgage                                                   - Re-pricing              - 3rd party
                                   - Product related
                                   - Helpdesk activities     - Settlement
                                                                                       - Skip tracking
                                   - Interactive services    - Disputed claims
   General                         (Email/ Web chat)
   and Life                        - Disputes and
 Insurances                        complaints resolution
                                   - Cross Selling

                                         Research & Analysis
Job Compendium:

                                     V   H   P   S/U/M   G+/M+/BL
                                                                           • Industry can accommodate
                                                                           • Training will facilitate
Core Jobs
Audit                                                                      • *Green Jobs * ( jobs
                                                                             common across sectors
Treasury Marketing FOREX
                                                                             and companies suitable for
Corporate Banking Officer                                                    disabled with right set of
                                                                             skills )
Credit Analyst                                                             • Acquired skill will help in
                                                                             building a carrier
FOREX Dealer
Business//Credit Research Analyst                                          • Company commitment to
                                                                             train and employ disabled
Compliance & Control
Customer Relation Jobs
In bound out bound calls             V
                                                 Content withheld as this is sample
Back Office transaction processing
Relationship Manager                 V
Phone Banking Officer
Product Manager                                                                *GREEN JOBS:
                                                                    HR executive & related jobs
Account related                                                     Trainer & related jobs
                                                                    Accountant/accounts assistant
Acquisition                                                         & related jobs
                                                                    Housekeeping & related jobs
                                                                    Cashier & related jobs
                                                                    Front Office & related jobs
Interactive services
 •   There needs to be a constructive dialogue between workers and management sensitizing both
     segments about dealing and working along disabled co-workers

 •   Various sectors are large entry points for disabled to enter mainstream work environments
     Ex: Retail Industry, there are large openings at the store and backend processes that could be
     starting points for enrolling them

 •   Sectors like IT and ITes have well defined and explicitly clear policies that encourage disabled
     people to apply and ensures equal employment opportunities

 •   Various organizations have a clause that say they are equal employment opportunity employers but
     are not clear about interview to employment process that handle this segment

 •   Sensitization drives need to address various factors:
      –     Employers to make mentions of opportunities for disabled
      –     Mention clearly the degree of disability they think will fit the particular job opening
      –     Kinds of disability that would suit the job profile etc

 •   Make organizations disabled friendly
      – Rest/wash rooms, ramps, lifts etc

 •   Due to the unique nature of each individual's employment situation and medical conditions it is
     difficult to provide jobs that fit right, therefore encourage part time employment till they archive
     desired performance levels

 •   Pay will not be lower than that required by local law or, in the absence of a law, the level paid
     generally within that industry

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