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									                       Accelerated Real Estate Services, LLC.

                       National Reach Built Upon Local Expertise

                                  Scope of Services

                       Accelerated Real Estate Services, LLC.
                                   5514 Park Blvd
                               Pinellas Park, FL 33781

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Overview of Product and Services:
      Acquisition/Receivership Services
      Valuation Services
      Asset Management
      Accelerated Disposition including proprietary Accelerated Marketing (Auctions)

Acquisition Services

Risk Management

ARES prides itself on the fact that we have a strong emphasis on risk management
strategies, not just after the fact-discounted disposition. Our services and partnerships
start at the outset of a nonperforming asset (NPA). ARES works to leverage strategies
and solutions for NPAs long before considering just default disposition strategies.
ARES offers services that allow clients to call upon our services prior to default, to
employ risk management efforts that include valuation and accelerated disposition
strategies prior to any mortgage restructuring or short sale.

Receivership and Acquisition Services

ARES has an extensive network of individual and institutional investment relationships
that have committed to seeking opportunities in this new market. With our national
network of investment partners, we can open the door for our default specialist and
agency partners holding real estate to have direct dialogue and access to disposition
on a large scale for portfolios and larger scaled investments.

Effective acquisition services begin with being able to value and inspect a property in a
transparent standardized manner for both asset manager and prospective acquirers.
ARES professionals have the experience and professional training to accurately
assess and value any type of property. With a trusted valuation, ARES partners can
easily identify target acquisition sectors and leverage the network to assist in fostering

Relationships and Target Sector Examples

        Local Investors
        Syndication Networks
        Pension Funds
        International Investment

Valuation Services

Quite often this is the most difficult piece for any default specialist, institution, or
agency dealing with assets that are not local and can come in any form, shape, or
condition. The accurate valuation of assets prior to acquisition and or disposition is a
pinnacle value that must be built upon standards and trusted methods in order to arrive

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at an accurate projection of either a return on investment or achievable value. A piece
often missed is also the risk associated with a property. Our experts not only provide
value insights, but also focus on evaluating risk with holding or disposing of an asset.

Asset valuations and expertise often are specific and requires an array of skill and
experience particular to that asset. ARES has experience in valuing many forms of
assets including:

             Residential Distressed
             Raw Land
             Raw Land with Entitlements
             Entire developments not yet meeting completion
             Loan Instruments

ARES real estate professionals strive to provide accurate valuations at a specific
property level and state of condition, as well as a from a higher portfolio level valuation.
This is achieved by using both practical industry standard valuation tools and
sophisticated technological methodology.

Asset Management

Assets that reach default specialist or fall back to the institutional provider and
agencies often have the need for continued management, rehabilitation, completion, or
just preservation until disposition. The ARES national reach has extensive experience
and organization in place to ensure the value of assets are increased or preserved
during the holding period for single properties and scalable for large portfolios. ARES
professionals use a systematic process of maintaining and upgrading real estate
assets in a cost-effective manner. Many variables are considered when managing real
estate assets. These include the location of the property, the soundness of the existing
structures, current state of development, the cost of maintaining the structure, market
conditions, real estate tax considerations, and even appreciation or depreciation

Asset Management Services Include:
      Risk Analysis
      Exit or Hold Strategy Development
      Construction Services and oversight
      Cash for Keys

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The preferred preservation partner is Platinum Property Preservation. They are based
in Tampa Bay, FL and serve the greater metro Tampa Bay areas , extending to the
entire state of Florida, with key partnerships nationally. Specializing in foreclosure
clean ups but servicing all real estate properties, both residential and commercial.
Servicing REO's, investments, bank/lender owned and rentals.

Accelerated Disposition

Our emphasis is on value, not just disposition. ARES has extensive experience in the
disposition of all asset types, whether it is under a traditional brokerage arrangement or
leveraging an accelerated method.

Methods May Include:
     Traditional Brokerage
     Sealed Bids
     Multiple Properties Auction (Ballroom)
     Single Property Auction
     Bulk Sales
     Installment Sales
     Sales Lease Back

ARES real estate professionals have a tremendous depth of disposition experience
that has resulted in several thousand transactions. That success has been proven for
clients such as HUD, RTC, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Department of Transportation and
many institutional clients. With a strong localized foundation in most major markets,
ARES will deploy an existing legion of real estate professionals to leverage the current
buyer market in place to maximize value. By using a localized approach, a client can
demonstrate clearly to stakeholders and or shareholders that the emphasis is on
striving for value, not just discounted disposition. This is a deep contrast from other
models that use a shotgun or blast approach to disposition assets without any
presence in a given market. Using that localized presence and leveraging the existing
real estate professionals equates to value.

ORE and Government Contracting Experience

Our experience in the brokerage and management of bank owned assets spans the life
cycle of the organization. Extensive representation of institutional and government
clients began in the 1980’s with representation of RTC and FSLIC properties.

In the early 80’s our company represented the third largest mortgage company in the
U.S. at that time from Jacksonville Florida called, Charter Mortgage Company. We
were selected to service, finish construction, and ultimately sell some 350 single family
residences through out Florida. Many of the residences were in various stages of

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completion when the FHA builders defaulted. We completed many of the homes with 9
superintendants and a sales team of over 30 associates dedicated to this effort.

The second most significant example of our abilities came from Stockton, Whitley, and
Dover (SWD) which was the second largest FHA service provider in the U.S. We were
contracted with the full service responsibility for over 500 single family homes on the
west coast of Florida. These were existing homes that had gone into default in the 80’s,
in a similar slow down in Florida. We took possession of the properties at the time of
foreclosure, then managed the assets and finally sold the properties. This was done
under FHA terms; therefore preserving the asset for SWD as a performing FHA

The late 80’s were not kind to the largest mortgage company in the U.S., which was
Lomas and Nettleton, with home offices in Dallas, Texas. We were again called upon
to service a portfolio of well over 1,000 single family homes that were foreclosed in
Houston, Texas as well as other areas. Our company set up base operations in Texas
to take possession, secure, manage and rent until the right time for disposition. We
were active for Lomas and Nettleton in all major cities in Texas, even though our office
remained in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Over the years we have acquired, maintained, leased and ultimately sold well over
3,000 single family homes in Florida and Texas. We understand the nature of bringing
property to its highest and best use and then to market. We have been extremely
fortunate in representing the three largest FHA servicers in the US. The 80’s and 90’s
were significant experience points for our company with regard to foreclosure and bank
owned properties. We continue to represent many regional institutional clients on an
ongoing basis. Institutional clients include, 5/3 Bank, Synovus Bank, Whitney Bank,
Florida Bank, Cornerstone Community Bank, First Home Bank. From this depth of
experience we can add value to your team over the competition.

Core Interaction Team Make Up

        The core interaction team includes, Roger B. Broderick, CCIM , Robert Barber,
        CCIM, and Karl Moeller.

        Roger B. Broderick, CCIM (Broker)

        Roger received his BS degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the
        University of Florida in 1968 and has over 40 years of successful broad-based
        experience in the real estate industry. Roger’s experience includes ORE work
        that extends back to the RTC and continues today with many great regional
        clients. He has distinguished himself, both professionally and personally in the
        community. He holds licenses for Florida Real Estate Broker, Florida Class "A"
        General Contractor, and Florida Mortgage Broker. He also holds the Certified
        Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Certified Real Estate Broker (CRB),
        and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designations.

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        Roger has served for over 18 years on the Shorecrest Preparatory Board of
        Trustees and was named "Man of the Year" by the Pinellas Park Chamber of
        Commerce. He also served on the Housing Roundtable in Washington DC and
        has been a Florida legislative representative for the real estate industry.

        "Roger is very energetic, enthusiastic and intellectually creative in dealing with
        real estate issues." Neil Savage, Chairman & CEO, United Financial

        Robert Barber, CCIM (President and Point of Contact, POC)

        Robert is the managing partner for the ORE and Accelerated Disposition arm of
        Broderick & Associates, Inc, called Accelerated Real Estate Services. Robert
        comes to real estate from a decade long career with Florida Power & Light, Inc
        where he held many positions of increasing responsibility in his tenure. When he
        voluntarily left FPL, to pursue a career in real estate, he was Director of Human
        Resources for FPL with responsibility for over 1000 employees in 26 states.
        Since entering real estate in 2006, he has completed several commercial and
        residential transactions totaling more than $10 million dollars and gained the
        designation of CCIM. In that time he has also built the accelerated marketing
        division into the leading auction company in the Tampa Bay Region. Robert also
        holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a MBA.

        Karl Moeller (Operations Director)

        Karl received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northeastern
        University. Karl put his sales and finance background to work as the sales
        manager for the Northeastern United States while at Tech Data Corp for 10
        years. He was responsible for over thirty million dollars of sales annually. Since
        arriving at Broderick & Assoc 4 years ago he has received the Residential
        Salesperson of the year award every year while continually exceeding the
        expectations of his clients. After building his residential business, Karl saw a
        need for a new type of sales strategy and partnered to form Accelerated Real
        Estate Services.

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