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Start an Online Business


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									       n         usiness
Start an online bu

This is no easy as ot               to          Since I am do
                       thers trying t tell you. S                       r                         h
                                                            oing this for years I can tell you with
                       w          wo                        ake
confidence that you will need tw important things to ma money o                      tart
                                                                        online and st an online   e
business for yourself A simple b                ffic        Why,         se
                                   blog and traf is must. W becaus if you wa seriousant
business for years to come you h                           Blog is easy t set up and maintain an
                                   have to have a website. B             to          d            nd
traffic is a life blood of your busi             if
                                    iness. Even i you have u            site         you
                                                            ugliest webs around y will have       e
some sign-ups and sa if you ha traffic.
                       ales         ave

         s            rt.
Traffic is a tricky par To get it f
                                  fast, I sugges you start b
                                               st                      ges         s.
                                                            building pag and links To get pag  ges
         enough for Google use S
original e            G                                   d
                                 SEO pressor plug-in and for linking only wire pl   lugin. Pages you
make sho              ten
         ould be writt in a way that is attrac              r           ybe        ws
                                               ctive to your reader. May a review or produc     ct
          are         w          Use
benefits a the best way to go. U thesauru to make pa
                                              us                        l,          ords
                                                            ages original change wo in the sa    ame
         et           res         os.
article,ge new pictur and video Make ind page sta and rite v
                                               dex         atic                     e           or
                                                                        very cool pre sale page o jut
        me                        o                                                d
use ifram code as a window into somebody else’s page. Do this for 30 days and you will ha       ave
         ne           ges
sales. On or two pag per day w do.will

        oduct out the is about same thing, how to build content an how to get more relev
Every pro            ere                                 d         nd           t          vant
        at          nt          siness. To ge better resu faster you can use eLe
links.Tha is the poin of this bus           et          ult        u            earning and
                    k                       o                       online busine click her
automatic page / link building. For more info about how to Start an o           ess        re.

       ht                         ets.com


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