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					FSTC Business Technology 2004 Workshops

  Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus
FSTC Business Technology 2004 Workshops
April 28-29, 2004
Las Vegas Hilton – Las Vegas, Nevada

How and Why Your Company Will Benefit From Becoming an FSTC Exhibitor…

The Financial Services Technology Consortium’s membership encompasses the largest
banks in North America, government agencies, and top industry technology providers. This
dynamic industry consortium creates an optimum environment for identifying effective
solutions to industry challenges. Your company is assured that key purchasing decision
makers and influencers will attend this two-day high-impact, high value conference where
leaders will be seeking solutions.

At this first annual event that takes a broad yet intensive look at Identity Management and
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity attendees will gain:

   -Insights from the views and opinions of Top Bankers and technologists
   -Opportunities to create major revenue streams for your institution
   -Knowledge of an ever-evolving risk landscape facing operations
   -Forecasts for major investments to be made or considered
   -Analysis of critical cost and implementation issues at every turn
   -Ideas gleaned from significant recent developments in technologies and business use
   -Perspective from hearing industry best practices
   -Advantage from the discussions on major customer and reputational impacts at stake
    – business and consumer
   -A regulatory perspective on these issues for financial institutions, and…
   -A look at the future…FSTC projects under way

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ensure your company’s products and services are
there with your competitors at this important gathering of top industry leaders. For your
ease in reserving your space today, we’ve attached an exhibit application and contract.
Also, you’ll find a listing of sponsorship opportunities that will ensure your company is
highlighted prominently as one of the leading providers in banking technology solutions.

Call Betsy Love, FSTC Conference Organizer, if you have any questions. Betsy can be
reached at 410 923 6579.
Sponsorship Opportunities
FSTC Business Technology 2004

Audience Response System                        $15,000
Be the sponsor of this exciting communication media device and add stimulating and
provoking dimensions to the discussion. Your company’s logo will be on display during
this exciting portion on the program and prominent signage will be provided.

Cyberspace Connection                          $10,000
Provide these key decision makers and influencers with an easy connection to their
offices and reap the benefits!

Registration                                   $ 8,000
Give your company a lasting impression by having your company’s name front and center
on lanyards and conference portfolios.

Networking Reception                              $ 5,000
Your next best customer will be sure to thank you during this networking event at the end
of an invigorating day of learning. Signage indicating your company is host and a
receiving line at the entrance will put your company in the spotlight.

Luncheon                                         $ 5,000
Your company’s executive will have the opportunity to address the audience from the
lectern during this relaxed opportune moment for conversation about your product or
service featured on brochures at the center of the tables.

Session Track Sponsors                             $ 5,000 each
If you want to ensure these top banking officials leave with your company most prominent
in their minds as a leading provider, sponsor a session track. There will be three tracks
presented: Disaster Recovery and Identity Managment. Your executive will be invited
to introduce the subject and signage will be prominently displayed.

Continental Breakfast                               $ 4,000 each
A very warm, hospitable breakfast is sure way to give your company extra positioning at a
very cost effective price. We’ll provide signage thanking your company.

Coffee Breaks                                   $ 3,500 each
A cup of coffee and conversation are always appreciated; especially when the program
content is compelling. Signage thanking your company as host will be featured.
                                                 Exhibitor Application
                                  FSTC Business Technology 2004 Workshops
                                   April 28-29, 2004 - The las Vegas Hilton – Las Vegas, NV

List company information as it should appear in conference materials:

Contact Name:

Email Address:

Phone:                                                                  FAX:


Company Name:


City:                                                                          State and Zip:


My tabletop display will feature:

Competitors from whom we desire booth separation:

Booth Prices:                          □   Members $1950.00                    □   Non-Members $2150.00

Sponsorship Type:                                                              Cost:

Payment: Your payment must be included with your application:

Type of Card:                                                           Expiration date:

Card Number:

Checks should be made payable to the Financial Services Technology Consortium and mailed to conference organizer
at address below.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations will be accepted minus 50% of the booth price if notice is
received in writing by April 2, 2004. We cannot provide refunds after April 2, 2004.

Exhibitor Terms of Agreement: Please read the contract provisions immediately following this application. Your signature below signifies
your understanding and agreement to the provisions that will govern FSTC’s Business Technology 2004. The booth prices above include two chairs
and one draped and skirted table.

Signature:                                                                                      Date:

                                       RETURN WITH PAYMENT TO CONFERENCE ORGANIZER
                                                True North International, llc
                                         1113 Ridge Place - Crownsville, MD 21032
                                                 Fax Number 410 923 1094

                                                                                                        EXPO MANAGEMENT ONLY:
                                                                                                        Date received:________________
                                                                                                        Payment Amount:____________
                                                                                                        Booth Assigned:______________
                             Business Technology 2004 Workshops
                  Financial Services Technology Consortium • Contract Provisions
The following general information and regulations supplement            (6) Cancellation of Booth Space:
the Contract for exhibit space at FSTC’s Business Technology            All requests for cancellation of booth space must be made in
2004. Variation of any term or condition shall be valid only            writing. If an exhibitor cancels this contract for space the following
upon the written consent of all parties involved.                       will apply: (a) Cancellation or reduction in space between time of
                                                                        application and April 2, 2004: The exhibitor will pay a cancellation
(1) Location, Dates and Exhibit Hours:                                  fee equal to one-half the exhibit space rental fee; (b) Cancellation
The exhibits will be located in Hilton Ballroom D, E, and F of the      requests received after April 2, 2004: No refund will be given. Once
Las Vegas Hilton                                                        booth space is cancelled, FSTC reserves the right to resell the
                          Set Up Hours                                  space.
Wednesday, April 28                       8:00 am – 2:00 pm
                                                                        (7) Registration Information for Sponsors and/or
                     Exhibit Show Hours                                 Exhibitors:
Wednesday, April 28                       5:00 pm – 6:30 pm             Sponsors will be given two (2) complimentary registrations. For
                                                                        companies who exhibit only, one (1) representative per company
                                                                        will be given a complimentary registration. These complimentary
Thursday, April 29                        7:00 am – 4:30 pm
                                                                        registrations give access to all events. Unlimited additional booth
                                                                        personnel can be registered at the meeting registration fees. Only
                            Dismantle                                   badge-wearers will be allowed in the exhibit space or sessions
Thursday, April 29                        5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
                                                                        (8) Official Contractor:
FSTC reserves the right to make changes in the exhibit hours;           The following services will be provided by the conference organizer,
however, such changes will be made known as far in advance of           True North International, freight handling in and out; standard rental
the exposition as possible. As a part of the contract with FSTC, all    furnishings; cleaning services; equipment for installation and
exhibitors must guarantee that their booth will be staffed by exhibit   dismantling of exhibit; and other ancillary services. Shipping
personnel during all show hours.                                        information:
                                                                                  LAS VEGAS HILTON
(2) Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits:                                     c/o IKON Business Center
See hours stated above. FSTC reserves the right to assign labor to
set up any display that is on the premises but not set up by 8:00 pm              3000 Paradise Road
on Tuesday, April 27 and the exhibitor will be responsible for labor              Las Vegas, NV 89109
charges. FSTC and/or its official contractor shall not be responsible             HOLD FOR ARRIVAL: (Last Name, First Name of
for any damages incurred. No setting up or moving of materials is
permitted during exhibit hours. Dismantling may begin only after                  person who will pick up package and
5:00 pm on April 29, 2004 and continue until 7:00 pm on April 29,                 his /her arrival date)
2004. Only authorized exhibit personnel may enter the exhibit
area during installation and dismantling.                               Note: Further shipping details will be sent to you in the service kit.

(3) Assignment of Booth Space/Payment Terms:                            (9) Security:
Booth space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.       Security guards will be furnished during the meeting.
Any application not accompanied by proper payment as explained          However, the furnishing of such guards shall not be deemed to
on the reverse side of this agreement will not be considered. Every     increase the liability of FSTC. The exhibitor retains sole
effort will be made to honor specific requests. The balance of          responsibility for its own exhibit materials. We recommend
payment for all booth space must be paid by April 2nd. Failure to do    that you not leave portable, valuable merchandise exposed
so will result in forfeiture of assigned space and deposit. Fees        anywhere in the Las Vegas Hilton, especially during set-up and
should be made payable to FSTC and mailed to the conference             dismantling.
organizer: Betsy Love, True North International, 1113 Ridge Place,
Crownsville, MD 21032. Any exhibitor failing to occupy contracted       (10) Liability/Insurance:
space is not relieved of the obligation of paying the full rental of    (a) The FSTC, Las Vegas Hilton, or any officer or staff member will
such space. FSTC reserves the right to reject any exhibit               not be responsible for the safety of property belonging to the
application, which might be objectionable, and to prohibit and/or       exhibitor, his agent, or employees. Upon signing this contract the
remove any exhibits which might detract from the general character      exhibitor releases the FSTC and the Las Vegas Hilton, and officers
of the Meeting.                                                         and staff members from any responsibility. (b) The exhibitor will be
                                                                        responsible for payment of the total exhibit space rental fee whether
(4) Display Restrictions:                                               the show is cancelled, delayed or relocated, in whole or in part, as a
Exhibit space includes an 8’ draped and skirted table and two           result of riot, strike, act of war, act of God, or any other cause not
chairs. The Exhibit Hall is carpeted. Booth furnishings must be         within the FSTC’s control. (c) All exhibitors are urged to place
ordered separately through the conference organizer. No walls,          “extraterritorial” and other coverage on their own equipment and
partitions, paintings, decorations or any other type of obstruction     exhibits, and to arrange for extended public liability insurance with
may be erected that is deemed by FSTC to interfere in any way with      their regular insurance carriers.
the view of any other exhibitor. The rear of all displays may not
exceed 10’ in height. All storage boxes must be stored from sight          Please contact expo management with your
during show hours. In the course of the exhibition, no audio-visual        questions:
device or sound system shall be operated in a manner that disturbs
or interferes with other exhibitors; FSTC will be the sole arbiter of      Betsy Love
whether or not a given device is disturbing to other exhibitors.           True North International, llc
                                                                           1113 Ridge Place
 (5) Rate and Layout Changes:
FSTC reserves the right to revise its booth space rates, and such          Crownsville, MD 21032
revision shall be in writing. All contracts will be honored at the         Telephone 410 923 6579 • 410 274 4282
prevailing rates at the time of the contract. FSTC reserves the right      Fax 410 923 1094
to rearrange the floor plan and/or relocate any exhibit without prior
notification to exhibiting companies.                                      Email: FSTCevent@truenorthonline.biz