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					CITY OF RENTON CLASS TITLE: WATER MAINTENANCE MANAGER (UT-3072) BASIC FUNCTION: Under the direction of Maintenance Services Director, perform a variety of specialized duties related to the operation and treatment, inspection, monitoring, construction, maintenance and repair of City water utility supply, facilities and telemetry systems; assure water quality standards' compliance and coordinate appropriate water treatment; coordinate water utility hazardous waste programs; evaluate and recommend needed equipment purchases; operate a variety of specialized testing equipment; train, assign, supervise and evaluate the work of assigned maintenance services personnel; assure work projects are completed according to building code, City specifications and time lines. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: *Plan, schedule, direct and supervise advanced and specialized activities for the installation, treatment, inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair of City water utility supply, facilities and telemetry systems. *Establish operational objectives, goals and priorities; monitor and measure attainment of objectives, goals and priorities and implement corrective actions in project phases and objectives as necessary. *Develop and implement short- and long-range maintenance and preventive maintenance programs; provide technical guidance and training; schedule safety and other training sessions; inspect job sites for safety issues and proper practices. *Train, assign, supervise and evaluate the work of assigned water utilities personnel; discipline and terminate employees in accordance with City policies and procedures. Monitor telemetry readings of reservoir levels and system failures; discuss concerns, malfunctions and other issues with appropriate personnel and develop actions to address issues; respond to emergency situations according to established procedures. Estimate materials, time and personnel required to complete work projects; develop schedules, including alternate schedules in case of inclement weather conditions; enter schedules into computer system. *Evaluate water system for future standard upgrades and new technological alternatives of system improvement; evaluate cost, timing and staffing issues.

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*Assure water quality standards' compliance and coordinate appropriate water treatment. *Coordinate water utility hazardous waste programs; assure plans and other records are developed and maintained in compliance with State and federal requirements; participate in City disaster/emergency planning, operations and activities. Develop, monitor and control assigned budgets; monitor and control materials purchases and expenditures; evaluate, determine and purchase required work projects and needed equipment and materials. Inspect work in progress and upon completion to assure projects are completed in compliance with codes, specifications, standards, work orders and time schedules. *Interact with the public, contractors and government agencies to receive complaints and suggestions and to provide information and explanation regarding City water system. *Coordinate water utilities projects with contractors, government agencies, organizations and the public as required; follow up on issues received from the public, contractors and government agencies as necessary. *Interact with engineering personnel for plan review and evaluation of capital improvement projects; interact with contractors and engineers during pre-construction meetings. Train assigned personnel in the operation, use and care of specialized equipment including telemetry and chemical and electrical testing equipment. Maintain inventory of tools, equipment and supplies; assure vehicles, tools and equipment are maintained in a clean, safe and proper working condition. Prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports related to water utility system operations, water quality and test results, inspections, preventive maintenance, performance evaluations, service complaints, bid specifications and work projects. Update revise maps, diagrams and schematics of streets, pipe and manhole locations. *Direct maintenance services personnel and participate with large work projects as required. Inspect water pump stations to assure pumps and chemical feed stations are operating properly; assure water samples meet quality standards.

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Test water systems to assure proper and adequate water flow for fire prevention purposes and insurance qualification. Inspect traffic control duties for co-workers, other City departments and contractors as assigned. *Respond to emergency and off-hour situations as required; administer first aid and CPR as needed. Assume the duties of the Maintenance Services Director in the Director’s absence. Perform related duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: KNOWLEDGE OF:

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Operation, use and care of hand and power tools and specialized equipment used in water utilities treatment, operations, maintenance, general construction, facility and maintenance work. Principles and practices of supervision and training. Federal and State laws, rules and regulations related to assigned activities. Applicable City codes and standards. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy. Advanced and specialized, treatment, operations, construction, maintenance and repair procedures, practices and methods used within the water utilities maintenance area. Layout, treatment, operation and activities of City water systems and facilities. Policies and objectives of assigned City systems and activities. Local topography and geography. Operation of light and heavy vehicles and equipment. Health and safety practices and procedures. Electricity, electronics and water hydraulics principles. City purchasing policies and procedures.


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Operate the City’s water system according to State, Federal and Local laws and ordinances. Perform a variety of advanced and specialized duties in the treatment, operation, construction, maintenance and repair of City water utilities facilities and systems. Train, supervise and evaluate personnel. Prioritize and schedule work. Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action. Assure work projects are completed according to code, specifications and time lines.

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Read, interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Maintain current knowledge of technological advances in the field. Train personnel in the use and care of specialized tools and equipment used in advanced maintenance and repair work. Understand and follow oral and written directions. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. Work independently with little direction. Meet schedules and time lines. Read blueprints, schematics and shop sketches. Observe health and safety regulations. Inspect facilities and systems for maintenance and repair needs and fire, safety and health hazards. Respond to emergency situations and be on an on-call status continuously. Maintain records and reports related to work performed. Observe legal and defensive driving practices.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Any combination equivalent to: two years college course work in water technology, waste water collection, biology, chemistry or related field and five years of increasingly responsible water distribution experience, including at least two years in a supervisory capacity. LICENSES AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Valid Water Distribution Manager III and Water Treatment Plant Operator III Certificate; valid Washington State driver's license; valid flagging certificate and first aid certificate issued by an authorized agency; Cross Connection Control certification. WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is primarily performed in an office environment, but some field work is required as well as response at any time in the event of an emergency. * Denotes an essential function
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