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    Himachal Pradesh

    March 13th – 21st, 2004
March 2004

Elaborated by Alena Maskova (Czech women team) and Zdenek Herzan (Czech men team),
as the standpoint of both Czech teams.

   1. Arrival to India
      Both Czech teams arrived to Delhi early morning on March 12th. “Father of the event”
      - Mr. Shaukat Sikand met us at the airport and organized for us the transport to the
      residence of Mountainiring Foundation, which was very pleasant base where we got
      some rest. Mr. Sikand also helped us to organize sightseeing trip to in Delhi. Part of he
      Austrian team arrived on the same day as we did and for the rest of the teams we
      waited till the next day.

   2. Transport of the teams from Delhi to Shimla (capital of Himachal Pradesche
      On March 13th most of the teams teams arrived to Mountainiring Foundation. Baggage
      of all the teams (including the new rafts) was loaded to a bus and our trip to Shimla
      had started. It took aprox. 14 hours. It was little bit tiring, especially for Slovak team,
      which continued their journey directly from the airport.
      Our experiences are: One day in Delhi is useful for getting rest, for the
      acclimatization and short sightseeing.
      Train from Delhi to Kalka and following transport by bus or cars from Kalka to
      Shimla is lot shorter (we tried this on the way back). Traveling by bus through the
      country was on the other site very interesting.

3. Stay in Shimla
   We arrived in Shimla in the evening. Our team was accommodated in wonderful place,
   the chalets of Golf club in Naldehra near Shimla. Some team stayed in hotel right in
   Shimla, the center of Himachal Pradesche, is located north from Delhi on the slopes of
   lower Himalayas. The altitude of Shimla from the sea level is 2159 meters. That
   makes it a place whit very nice climate. The day temperature range is about 20 to 25
   °C and the nights are cooler, about 12 to 15°C. We didn’t see anything but sun, no
   raining, no clouds.
   Next day, there was in Shimla the Opening Ceremony in dignified hall of local
   government. Participation of VIP’s (representatives of local goverment and tourism
   industries), TVs and other medias showed the great care of organizers to present India
   Cup on very high level.

4. Transport from Shimla, Camp on Satluj River
   After Opening ceremony all the teams moved to Sutley River. This journey took from
   70 to 150 min. depending on an amount of driver’s confidence. The road leads high
   above the river and it follows its stream.
   On Sutley River, the organizers built for us a very nice tent camp, about 100 meters
   from the river. The camp was big enough to accommodate all participants and stuff,
   equipped by two large tents, one served as a dinning hall and the second one as a
   kitchen. On the other side of the camp were smaller tents with flashing toilets and tents
   for showers. Participants and stuff were accommodated in tents, each equipped with
   three beds (sheets included). Great advantage of this camp was that everybody had
   close contact with other participants, which is not quite common on events organized
   in big hotels.

5. India Cup Race
   The camp was great, organizer had provided plenty of bottled water for all participants
   through the whole stay, food was excellent, even though sometimes we found the
   Indian food little bit hot.
   Competitions began on March 16th with H2H and Sprint race. The program was little
   bit adjusted, because Slovak team had to fly out from Delhi March 20th. On March 17th
   there was the Slalom race and next day Downriver race. There were 10 men’s and 3
   women’s teams. Our teams together with Austrian and Slovak teams helped with
   organizing the competition. We think it was very good asset for the organizers, but
   also for all the teams.
   With the possibilities, contacts that the organizers have in India and knowledge about
   making rafting race which the international teams had pass on them, they have the
   chance to make next race perfect.

   6. Friendship Flow and Closing Ceremony
      On March 19th there was a Friendship Flow and about the noon departure from the
      camp back to Shimla for the Closing and Awards Ceremony. Closing and Awards
      Ceremony was at the same place as Opening Ceremony. The ceremony was very nice,
      with dinner afterwards. VIPs and media, which were in camp almost every day taking
      pictures and getting interviews, were present again.

   7. Last days in India
      We had two more days in India and we wanted to do some short track in the
      mountains around the Shimla. Mr. Sikand and Mr.Gini Singht had organize that for us
      and Mr. Sikand had accompany us whole track.
      It was also very nice that Mr. Sikand went with us on the train back to Delhi and
      assisted us all the way to the airport.

We will also put more pictures from India on