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Under the direction of the Mayor, plan, organize, direct, and control the activities and personnel of the Police Department; assure the protection of life and property and prevention of crimes; direct Department operations including crime prevention, law enforcement, rules of evidence, and related functions such as investigation, patrol, traffic control and safety, criminal identification, record-keeping, and the care and custody of prisoners. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Direct Police services and operations for the City of Renton; plan, develop, coordinate and evaluate Departmental activities and programs; identify goals and objectives and develop long and short range plans.√ Assure that federal, state, county and municipal laws and ordinances are enforced; develop Department operating policies and procedures; issue directives to meet public needs efficiently and effectively.√ Coordinate and assign personnel and delegate work for appropriate and efficient use of resources; direct the maintenance, improvement, repair, replacement, and acquisition of property and equipment.√ Direct investigation at major crime scenes.√ Direct the training, assignment, supervision and discipline of subordinates; resolve complaints and disagreements registered by Department members; consult with the Mayor in determining plans and policies related to conducting Police operations.√ Approve Department personnel actions involving promotions, reassignments, discipline, terminations, salary increases, and the selection and evaluation of employees.√ Confer with the Council, Mayor, the public, and other governmental officials as appropriate regarding crime prevention and law enforcement administration, direct sensitive issues and public concerns.√ Represent the Police Department in meetings with community leaders and civil organizations; enlist support for Police activities; maintain a cooperative relationship with the news media to improve community relations.√ Prepare and present the annual budget for consideration; direct on-going budget monitoring and control; resolve fiscal and organizational issues and project future Departmental needs.√ Communicate, meet, and confer with members of regulatory bodies and agencies.√

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Resolve complaints registered against Police Department personnel or departmental policies or procedures.√ Maintain contact with various community organizations regarding criminal and traffic complaints affecting the community; speak and make presentations to community groups as requested.√ Confer with other law enforcement officials to coordinate investigations and enforcement efforts and discuss other matters of mutual concern.√ Prepare and review a variety of administrative reports, correspondence and other written materials; direct the preparation and maintenance of Police files, records, and reports.√ Assure the legal and proper treatment of City prisoners and their property; assure suspects are arrested and brought before the courts according to the law. Maintain current knowledge in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice; participate in professional organizations and activities.√ Perform related duties as assigned. √ Essential Job Function

KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: KNOWLEDGE OF: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Technical and administrative phases of crime prevention, law enforcement, rules of evidence and related functions such as investigation, patrol, traffic control and safety, criminal identification, record-keeping and the care and custody of prisoners. Modern principles, practices, and methods of Police administration, organization and operations. City ordinances, Civil Service regulations, labor agreements, and related federal and state laws and WAC rules. Rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and General Orders of the Police Department. Municipal, state, and federal criminal and related laws, ordinances, and codes. Powers and limitations of peace officers. Behavior of criminals and the causes of underlying criminality. Definitions and terminology of major crimes. Current trends in law enforcement and recent court cases affecting Police work. Fundamental principles and modern practices of administration, including those related to office management, personnel, purchasing, accounting controls, and general budgetary and fiscal practices with special emphasis in the area of public safety. Oral and written communication skills. Principles and practices of administration, supervision, and training. Public speaking techniques. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy.

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ABILITY TO: • Plan, evaluate, and direct the work of subordinates performing varied operations connected with Police activities. • Direct and control Police services and operations. • Enforce federal, state, county and city laws and ordinances. • Assure effective Police protection of the citizens of Renton. • Oversee and direct diversified programs and activities within the Police Department. • Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with other City officials, state and federal authorities, civic leaders, and the general public. • Prepare technical and administrative reports. • Analyze complex Police problems and adopt quick, effective, and reasonable courses of action with due regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances. • Command the respect of all personnel and maintain discipline and high morale. • Regulate the control of employees, expenditures, and equipment for efficient and effective use. • Read, interpret, apply, and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures. • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. • Prepare and deliver oral presentations. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Any combination equivalent to: Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement or Public Administration and ten years experience in a qualified federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency, including at least three years administrative experience in a rank equivalent to Commander, Deputy Chief, or higher in the Renton Police Department. LICENSES AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Valid Washington State driver's license. Stringent personal background investigation. WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in an office environment although some travel and night meetings are required.

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