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					Do You Deserve To Be A Blogger !!!

Yes you read it right, do you really deserve to be ablogger? There are millions of bloggers round the globe
and almost all of them blog only to make money.
Well there is nothing wrong with it, but its wrong when it becomes the only reason for you to blog. So
before entering into the field of blogging, one must ask a question to himself whether he/she deserve to be
a blogger or not.

In this article we would be helping you to answer the above question.
Why Do You Want to Blog?
Well this is the prime question that you should ask yourself before starting your blog. If you think you
can give useful information to your readers, then you should definitely go for it. I know, making
money would obviously be one of the reason, but then it should be “One Of The Reason Only”.

Do You Have A Vision For Your Blog?
After realizing why do you want to blog, you should be able to realize your vision with the blog. Let me
clarify it a bit, blogging is not just entrepreneurship but moreover it is about having a platform for your
work that you do, i.e your blog should be able to lay foundation for your future work. But if you don’t have
a vision, its all a vain.

Is Blogging your Profession or Passion?
Well it is just a way of perception, but it do matters a lot. If its your profession, you will consider blogging
as a burdensome task and maybe when things are not working fine, you might quit. But on the other hand
if its your passion, you will be able to pass through that phase very easily. Moreover blogging will not be a
burdensome task rather it will be fun.

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