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NATURE OF WORK: Under direct supervision, checks all vehicles entering the City Landfill disposal site to visually inspect the contents for proper disposal of vehicle contents and weighs the vehicle to determine the proper fee to be charged. Also assists in performing the tasks of operating the landfill. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: The following duties are not inclusive of all duties and the incumbent performs other related duties as required. C Weighs vehicles entering the landfill site, identifies contents of vehicles and customer residency and calculates the appropriate fee to be charged for disposal of refuse. C Balances accounts at the end of the day and prepare cash receipts for deposit and charge receipts for billing and make daily bank deposit. C Visually inspects loads for hazardous waste and advises haulers of questionable material on proper procedure for disposal. C Answers customer inquiries relative to landfill use and charges, and recycling. C Directs vehicles using the landfill relative to proper dumping areas, such as composting, yard waste, recycling and household hazardous wastes. C Assists in routine maintenance activities at the landfill. C Occasionally, will operate the equipment on the landfill site. C Assists in gathering data for the various tests that must be conducted at the landfill. C Assists in operation of the compost facility. C Occasionally will assist in the special collection route. PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS: Work at a sanitary landfill/transfer facility in adverse weather conditions, ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis, exposure to dust, caustic smells and fumes of various debris.


Course work in basic bookkeeping. Two (2) years experience in a customer service position involving receipt and disbursement of money or comparable experience. Knowledge of simple record-keeping systems and the ability to accurately collect/disburse money.

CERTIFICATIONS:  Possession of a valid Washington State Driver's license at the time of appointment, or the ability to acquire one within thirty (30) days, and a driving record acceptable to the City's Risk Manager. May be required to obtain a CDL class "A" endorsement.  Possession of a valid First Aid Card.

KNOWLEDGE OF: C Public Works Solid Waste Policies, practices and procedures, including the operation of a sanitary landfill and minimum functional standards. C Federal, State and local regulations controlling the acceptance of waste at the landfill. C Basic mathematical computations. C Basic record keeping practices and procedures C General knowledge of computers and solid waste operations software. ABILITY TO: C Follow verbal and written instructions. C Perform basic mathematic computations [add, subtract, multiply and divide] in determining the proper amount to charge for dumping at the landfill and able to prepare and maintain the necessary reports and statistical information relative to landfill activities. C Read and accurately record scale reading, make change concerning collection of moneys and balance the cash receipt daily. C Establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and the general public. C Deal with the public and general contractors and suppliers courteously and tactfully. C Communicate, read, write and understand English at a level necessary for efficient job performance.

Occupation Code: 2032 Department: Public Works Division: Solid Waste Union: AFSCME LOCAL #1619

Effective Date: July 1987 Date(s) amended: June 1993 July 1995 June 2000

APPROVAL SIGNATURES Department Head: Human Resources Manager: City Manager:


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