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   Annual Report
                                        The Mission of the JCPA
             The mission of the Council is to serve as the representative voice of the organized
             American Jewish community in addressing the principal mandate of the Jewish community
             relations field, expressed in three interrelated goals:

                 •	   To safeguard the rights of Jews here and around the world;
                 •	   To dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of the state of Israel;
                 •	   To protect, preserve and promote a just American society, one that is democratic and
                      pluralistic, one that furthers harmonious interreligious, interethnic, interracial and
                      other intergroup relations.

             These goals are informed by Jewish values. History teaches us that Jewish security is linked
             inexorably to the strength of democratic institutions. Thus the Jewish community has a direct
             stake and an ethical imperative to assure that America remains a country wedded to the Bill
             of Rights and committed to the rule of law, a nation whose institutions continue to function
             as a public trust.

             The JCPA reflects a unique and inclusive partnership of national member agencies, local com-
             munity relations councils and committees, and the federations of which they are a component
             part or affiliated agency. It convenes the "common table" around which member agencies,
             through an open, representative, inclusive and consensus-driven process, meet to identify
             issues, articulate positions, and develop strategies, programs, and approaches designed to
             advance the public affairs goals and objectives of the organized Jewish community.

             The work of the JCPA, especially in matters relating to democratic pluralism and social jus-
             tice, reflects the profound Jewish commitment to tikkun olam, the repair of the world. It ex-
             presses the conviction of the organized Jewish community that it must be active in the
             effort to build a just society. The JCPA has the responsibility to enhance the capacity of mem-
             ber agencies to effectively pursue the public affairs agenda. This responsibility requires the
             JCPA to provide coordination, support, and guidance for public affairs initiatives undertak-
             en by national and local member agencies, to advocate on behalf of the public affairs poli-
             cies of the organized Jewish community, and to respond to those member-identified needs
             which strengthen their individual and collaborative capacity to advance the communal public
             affairs agenda.

                                                                                                        The Jewish Council for
                                                                                               Public Affairs is a beneficiary of
On the Front Cover: Mission to New Orleans participants                              the National Federation/Agency Alliance.
                          From the JCPA Chair and President

As you flip through the pages of the 2009 Annual                    2009 was significant for our country and also for
                           Report, you may notice                   the JCPA.
                           that this year’s adapta-
                           tion is different from past              For our nation, it began
                           versions, and you’d be                   with the inauguration of a
                           correct.                                 new president and a new
                                                                    hope for bipartisan lead-
                                 The goal of this year’s            ership in Congress.
                                 report is to provide you
                                 with more than just bullet         For the JCPA, we began
                                 points and a sampling of           2009 similarly looking
what it is that we do, but also share a narrative with you          forward to a new and ex-
that gives you an insider’s look at the extraordinary work          citing year. And for us it was such a year. Our Plenum in
our community has accomplished over the last year.                  Washington was one of the first leadership conferences in
                                                                    Washington, D.C. following President Obama’s inaugura-
It is no secret that the JCPA is at the forefront of public         tion. We concluded the year with a new vision and call to
policy within the Jewish community and offers a trusted             action to encourage civility in our national discourse.
perspective on issues before Congress, the Judiciary, and
elsewhere. We are proud that a countless number of local,           We confronted poverty, protected the environment, and
state, and federal leaders turn to the JCPA, our network of         engaged energy policy debate. We combatted the horrors
community relations councils, and our national member               of Darfur and Sudan as well as the Iranian nuclear threat.
agencies as the consensus voice of the organized Ameri-             We fought the campaign to delegitimize Israel.
can Jewish community on a variety of domestic and in-
ternational issues such as the U.S./Israel relationship, pre-       Our “There Shall Be No Needy Among You” confront-
venting a nuclear-armed Iran, reducing poverty across               ing poverty campaign grew. We held our second annual
the country, the environment, and civil rights.                     Fighting Poverty with Faith initiative with Catholic Chari-
                                                                    ties USA and kicked off a new Child Nutrition Seder pro-
But what does it mean to be dedicated to the safety and             gram with MAZON. These initiatives helped make anti-
security of Israel or to confront poverty? What do we mean          poverty legislation a greater priority. Throughout 2009,
when we say we are growing grassroots or building rela-             the JCPA was as an important line of defense against the
tionships? How do we take the issues that you and your              Iranian regime’s desire to be a nuclear power. We helped
family discuss around the dinner table each night and               organize and host a number of gatherings in New York,
provide a Jewish community’s perspective to decision                Washington, DC, and across the country to ensure that
makers in Washington? The answers to these and other                our national leaders and international allies understand
questions can be found throughout the following pages.              that a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable.

All of us at the JCPA – both our professional staff and lead-       As the year drew to a close it became clear that the hope
ership – are proud of what we continue to accomplish as             and optimism of the beginning of 2009 was fading into
an organization and as a community. But no one will dis-            partisan bickering, finger pointing, and unnecessary rhet-
agree that there are still many challenges that we must             oric. The same was true in the Jewish community, espe-
work to overcome in the days, months, and years ahead.              cially when we speak about Israel.

Domestically, our economy is struggling. Unemployment               In response, JCPA initiated a Civility Campaign to help
is too high and more people are living in poverty than              America and the Jewish community discuss major issues
ever before. Internationally, Iran is inching closer to nu-         more respectfully. Indeed, our ability to repair our broken
clear weapons capability and tensions in the Middle East            world demands that we be repairers of the breach in our
remain high. The JCPA will continue our work on behalf of           own community. And we are doing just that.
all Americans – Jewish or not – and will continue to advo-
cate for a better and stronger tomorrow for all.

Who is the JCPA?

                                      Encouraging New Dialogues
                                                                                 The JCPA is at the vanguard of
                                                                                 intergroup relations, reaching
                                                                                 across the United States. The
                                                                                 JCPA and its member Jewish
                                                                                 Community Relations Coun-
                                                                                 cils (JCRCs) serve as key con-
                                                                                 veners of interfaith coalitions
                                                                                 nationally and in over a hun-
                                                                                 dred cities.

                                                                                 The JCPA marshals the re-
                                                                                 sources needed to promote
                                      positive relations with our counterparts in mainline Protestant church-
The Jewish Council for Public         es at the national and community level. The JCPA led the fight against
                                      anti-Israel divestment in several Protestant denominations, recognizing
Affairs builds bridges of under-      how misguided divestment is and the harm such a one-sided action
standing and works in coalitions      would cause to our relationships.

with ethnic, religious, and other     In 2009, working with a key cadre of Evangelical Christians who share
communities. These relationships      our concerns on issues such as social justice and the environment, the
                                      JCPA convened a national roundtable bringing together twenty Jew-
help repair our world by furthering
                                      ish and Evangelical leaders from the top echelons of each community
our broad agenda – from confront-     to build relationships, discuss commonalities, and explore differences.
ing poverty to building support for   In the room were the heads of denominations, seminaries, prominent
                                      institutions and key thought leaders.
                                      Building on a resolution adopted at the 2009 Plenum, the JCPA fosters
                                      positive ties with Muslim and other leaders who share our core values.

                                      Furthering Community Links with African
                                      American Partners
                                      In June 2009, the JCPA sponsored a second mission to New Orleans for
                                      African American and Jewish community leaders. Local JCRC leaders,
                                      lay and professional, strengthened relationships with African Ameri-
                                      can partners by exploring together the intersections between race and
                                      poverty. This unique trip included: a tour of areas still affected by hur-
                                      ricanes Katrina and Rita; meetings with local faith, civic, and political
                                      leaders; and a day of service to help with ongoing reconstruction ef-
                                      forts. The participants planned concrete actions to engage their com-
                                      munities in Gulf Coast activism as an entry-point into broader sustained
                                      anti-poverty advocacy.

...The JCPA is Building Strong Relationships.

Campaigning For Civility
The JCPA is helping our community and our world to act
in more civil ways. At our board meeting in October, the
JCPA set the stage for a national campaign on civility. Dr.
Steven Windmueller, Rabbi Doug Kahn, Karen Weber and
Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay explored the roots of the break-
down in civility we are experiencing, the difficulties we
face in addressing it, and why as Jews we are called to
meet this challenge.
                                                                      Advising the Administration
A JCPA Campaign for Civility was inaugurated at this ses-             Shortly after assuming office in January of 2009, President
sion – a campaign that will include programmatic resourc-             Obama created the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and
es for communities, training for professionals and volun-             Neighborhood Partnerships. The JCPA’s President Rabbi
teers, and other vehicles to help foster greater civility.            Steve Gutow and then-Washington Director Hadar Suss-
                                                                      kind were named respectively to the Advisory Council’s
Standing Up Against Genocide Everywhere                               Task Force on Economic Recovery and Domestic Poverty
                                   The JCPA continued to              and the Task Force on Environment and Climate Change.
                                   focus attention on inter-          The JCPA played a key role in formulating recommenda-
                                   national human rights,             tions adopted in the Advisory Council’s final report that
                                   especially Sudan. With             emphasizing the needs of the nation’s most vulnera-
                                   Steve Gutow serving                ble. One proposal ensures that families who are eligible for
                                   on the Save Darfur Co-             income-enhancing government benefits are better able
                                   alition (SDC) Executive            to access these benefits and gain the support they need.
Committee, the agency joined in interfaith letters asking             Another emphasizes raising energy efficiency goals and
the Obama Administration and Congress to give height-                 creating new green jobs as part of any economic stimulus
ened attention to the ongoing violence in that part of the            package. Both were adopted by the Advisory Council and
world. We called for intense efforts to implement the Com-            became part of the Obama Administration’s policy.
prehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), including the referen-
dum on independence in southern Sudan scheduled for
early 2011. In addition to its advocacy work as part of na-
tional coalitions on international human rights issues, the
JCPA provided JCRCs with information and programmatic
guidance on the Sudan and other human rights concerns,
including legislation in Uganda directed against the LGBT

(Page 2) Panel discussion at the Plenum
(Page 3) Mission to Israel participants; Representatives at the
Plenum voting on Resolutions

Who is the JCPA?

                                       Working to Prevent a Nuclear Armed Iran
                                       The JCPA took decisive action as the clock ticked closer to Iran acquiring
                                       nuclear weapons capability. The JCPA dramatically expanded its efforts
                                       to mobilize communities, coordinating a working group with all of the
                                       key partners in the National Inter-Agency Task Force on Iran to promote
                                       stronger community-based advocacy.

                                       The JCPA organized a National Jewish Leadership Advocacy Day on Iran, in
                                       partnership with the National Inter-Agency Task Force on Iran. Hundreds
                                       of Jewish leaders from dozens of communities gathered in Washington,
                                       D.C., met with key administration officials and advocated with Members
                                       of Congress to adopt strong Iran sanctions legislation.
Reinforced by the Israel Advocacy
                                       Anchored by a central rally in New York,
Initiative (IAI), the Jewish Council   the JCPA sponsored “Stand for Freedom
for Public Affairs strengthened the    in Iran Day” during which communities
                                       across the country organized events to
ability of Federations and Jewish
                                       express solidarity with the brave peo-
Community Relations Councils to        ple of Iran who took to the streets in
engage in effective community-         their struggle for greater freedom and human rights.

based Israel advocacy within a na-     The JCPA produced valuable community organizing
tionally coordinated and strategic     materials including: a comprehensive list of expert
                                       speakers on various subjects regarding Iranian hu-
framework. The IAI is a joint proj-    man rights abuses; a one-pager, “Why Iran Divest-
ect of the JCPA and the Jewish         ment Matters;” an Iran activism checklist; and action alerts regarding Iran-
                                       related initiatives. The JCPA encouraged media commentary and guided
Federations of North America
                                       communities in outreach to non-Jewish leaders and representatives of
(JFNA).                                foreign nations.

                                       Advancing Iran Sanctions Legislation
                                       For several years, the JCPA has worked vigorously at the federal, state,
                                       and local levels to implement meaningful polices to prevent Iran from
                                       developing weapons of mass destruction. Key to this strategy were two
                                       pieces of federal legislation: the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act (ISEA) and
                                       the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act. The JCPA mobilized its network
                                       of local agencies to urge their Representatives and Senators to pass this
                                       legislation and coordinated a national effort designed to demonstrate
                                       the broader Jewish community’s interest in this legislation.

                                       (Page 4 clockwise) Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Rep.
                                       Steny Hoyer (D-MD) at the Iran Fly-in in Washington, DC
                                       (Page 5) Andrea Weinstein and Natan Sharansky

      ...The JCPA is Dedicated to the Safety and
                   Security of the State of Israel.
Combatting the Global Campaign to                                   Advocating for the Release of Gilad Shalit
Delegitimize and Demonize the Jewish State                          The JCPA fights for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
In 2009, the JCPA stepped up its efforts to fight the well-         On the third anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s capture, June 25,
financed campaign to delegitimize Israel through Boy-               2009, the JCPA joined with Gilad’s parents, Noam and Aviva
cotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). The BDS tactic tar-         Shalit, the JCRC of NY, the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC),
gets university campuses, churches, labor unions, cultural          and other Jewish groups to generate thousands of Father’s
events and other forums to isolate Israel in the internation-       Day cards and e-cards to President Obama. The campaign
al arena as a pariah state.                                         asked the President to think, as a father, of Gilad’s plight
                                                                    and do everything in his power to bring Gilad home.
The JCPA worked with Hillel to respond to a five-campus
tour sponsored by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Oc-            Preventing a Repeat of Durban
cupation, which aimed to teach students and faculty how             Billed as an international event to confront international
to launch and sustain anti-Israel BDS campaigns.                    racism , the 2001 World Conference against Racism, held
                                                                    in Durban, South Africa, is most remembered as a stri-
The JCPA assembled a working group of key professionals             dently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic event. JCPA worked in part-
from the JCPA, JFNA, and other partners. This group devel-          nership with national Jewish organizations to prevent the
oped a set of principles and a strategic framework to guide         so-called Durban II Conference, held this year in Geneva,
the system in tackling the BDS challenge.                           from the same devolution. The JCPA provided JCRCs with
                                                                    guidance on how to approach Members of Congress, me-
The JCPA coordinated a major session at the JFNA General            dia representatives, and other non-Jewish influentials re-
Assembly on the scope and nature of the campaign to                 garding United States participation in the conference. The
delegitimize Israel. JCPA also drafted a comprehensive res-         Obama administration ultimately did not join Durban II.
olution on countering delegitimization that was adopted
by the General Assembly.

The JCPA helped communities cultivate relationships with
individuals in each mainline Protestant denomination
who can counter anti-Israel stances and polemics. This has
contributed to several national denominations reversing
or rejecting divestment.

Promoting a Strong US-Israel Relationship
With a new administration in Washington and a new gov-
ernment in Israel, the JCPA reminded decision-makers and
opinion-molders of the shared strategic objectives and
moral values that underpin the historic US-Israel alliance.
The JCPA also distributed action alerts, analyses, and mod-
el op-ed pieces on US-Israel relations.

Thousands of community leaders and activists partici-
pated in “Israel Perspectives” conference calls convened
by the JCPA and JFNA. Topics included: Obama’s speech to
the Muslim world, the Obama-Netanyahu meeting in June
2009, the Netanyahu policy speech, the Papal visit, and the
Israel elections.

Who is the JCPA?

                                        Advocating New Policies for Economic Recovery
                                        With the American economy suffering in early 2009, the JCPA supported
                                        several important components of the American Recovery & Reinvest-
                                        ment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The JCPA backed provisions within the bill
                                        that directly address the poverty increase caused by the recession. Ul-
                                        timately, this resulted in enhanced federal support for programs includ-
                                        ing SNAP (the Food Stamp program); extension of unemployment in-
                                        surance benefits; subsidized COBRA benefits for displaced workers; and
                                        changes in the Federal Medicaid contribution formula, known as FMAP,
The Jewish Council for Public           which allows states facing plummeting tax revenues to continue impor-
                                        tant services to vulnerable populations including children, the elderly,
Affairs’ “There Shall Be No             and those with disabilities. As 2009 continued, the JCPA worked closely
Needy Among You” Confronting            with Congress and Administration officials to further extend unemploy-
                                        ment insurance and COBRA benefits and to fortify programs designed
Poverty Campaign, now in its            to spur economic development and job creation.
third year, is a power ful and
                                        Hosting Child Nutrition Seders
effective vehicle for engaging the
                                        The JCPA sponsored a national Child Nutrition Seder in the spring in
Jewish community nationally in          the U.S. Capitol Building. Participants included U.S. Senator Tom Harkin
anti-poverty advocacy, outreach,        of Iowa and U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri as well as
                                        national anti-hunger leaders, community activists, and students. The
partnership, and activism against       Capital Seder, co-hosted with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger,
a backdrop of increased need. With      marked the start of national efforts with similar Seders coordinated by
                                        Jewish Community Relations Councils in 30 communities around the
the continued rise in poverty as a      country.
result of the recession, in 2009, the
                                        The Seders brought much needed attention to the tremendous chal-
JCPA advanced two specific goals:
                                        lenges of hunger. They highlighted the need for Congress to reautho-
cutting poverty in half in ten years    rize the Child Nutrition Act, and made the case for critical investment in
and ending childhood hunger in the      anti-hunger programs in order to reach the goal of ending child hunger
                                        by 2015.
U.S. by 2015.

                           ...The JCPA is Confronting Poverty.

Organizing the “Fighting Poverty with Faith”
National Mobilization
Building upon the success of the 2008 Fighting Poverty
with Faith mobilization, the JCPA partnered again with
Catholic Charities USA to bring together 34 national faith
community partners around the theme of “Good Jobs-
Green Jobs” to ensure low income populations benefit
from job creation efforts in the emerging green sector.

The Fighting Poverty with Faith week of action began with
a conference call featuring Representatives Mike Castle of
Delaware and Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri and concluded
with a high level meeting between faith leaders, anti-pov-          The 2009 micro-grants supported the Middlesex County
erty advocates, and Administration officials.                       Anti-Poverty Coalition (Middlesex County, NJ), Adopt a
                                                                    Grandparent Program (Miami), Social Action Census (Mil-
Across the country, many JCRCs held events during the               waukee), Poverty Field Trip to the Black Belt (Birmingham,
week of action to bring state and local attention to the is-        AL), and the hiring of a Poverty Fellow (Silicon Valley, CA).
sue of good and green jobs.
                                                                    Additional Rising Star Community grants were awarded to
                                                                    JCRCs in Minnesota and the Dakotas, Memphis, and Provi-
                                                                    dence to support anti-poverty programming and advoca-
                                                                    cy and to enable community organizing “boot camps” to
                                                                    catalyze grassroots anti-poverty action.

Awarding Micro-Grants
In the fall of 2009, the JCPA awarded five micro-grants to
support selected Jewish Community Relations Councils
(JCRCs) in anti-poverty engagement. These micro-grants
were established to: build the capacity of JCRC anti-pov-
erty efforts; leverage community support through match-
ing funds; position JCRCs as centers for effective anti-pov-
erty advocacy; engage cadres of activist volunteers; and
strengthen relationships with faith and civic organizations
and community leaders.

(Page 6) National Child Nutrition Seder
(Page 7 clockwise) Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and H. Eric Schockman at the Child Nutrition Seder; a Seder Plate; Rep. Rosa DeLauro
(D-CT) receiving a letter advocating for the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, signed by attendees of the Child Nutrition

Who is the JCPA?

                                      Protecting Religious Liberty
                                                              The JCPA worked closely with the Obama tran-
                                                              sition team and new administration officials to
                                                              communicate our perspectives on how to pro-
                                                              tect religious liberty, including strong rights
                                                              and religious freedom protections for publicly
                                                              funded program beneficiaries and employees.
                                                              The JCPA met several times with Joshua DuBois,
                                      Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neigh-
                                      borhood Partnerships. Mr. DuBois was a featured guest at the 2009

The Jewish Council for Public Af-     The JCPA’s activism to protect religious liberty was not limited to the
                                      Executive Branch. The JCPA filed a friend of the court brief in the case
fairs believes firmly in the teach-   of Salazar v. Bouno challenging the constitutionality of a cross within a
ings that all people are created      national wilderness preserve. The JCPA filed several other briefs before
                                      the United States Supreme Court and lower federal courts addressing
b’tselem elohim (in the divine im-
                                      religious liberties and other issues important to the Jewish community.
age) and that no individual should
be persecuted because of gender,      Upholding Civil Rights
                                      The JCPA tackled a number of civil rights priorities in 2009, including
race, religion, sexual orientation    voting rights and employment discrimination. The JCPA campaigned for
or social status. The JCPA advo-      the swift passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Act to restore the ability of work-
                                      ers to challenge wage discrimination in court. The JCPA also pushed
cates for the civil protections of    for the Americans with Disabilities Act
all Americans through the judicial,   (ADA) Amendments Act to update the
                                      landmark ADA to better protect dis-
legislative, and executive branch-
                                      abled workers after a series of unfavor-
es of our government.                 able court rulings. Also, in an effort to
                                      protect civil rights in the workplace,
                                      the JCPA advocated for the passage of
                                      the Employment Non-Discrimination
                                      Act and brought the Jewish commu-
                                      nity together to develop a consensus policy calling for the repeal of the
                                      Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law.

                                      (Page 8) Joshua DuBois, Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-
                                      Based and Neighborhood Partnerships; Wade Henderson Esq., President and
                                      CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leader-
                                      ship Conference Education Fund
                                      (Page 9) Attorney General Eric Holder

                   ...The JCPA is Countering Hatred and
                                    Protecting Liberties.
Balancing Civil Liberties and National                            Countering Anti-Semitism and Hatred
Security                                                          2009 culminated a dozen years of hard work and tireless
At the 2009 Plenum, the Hon. Eric Holder gave his first           advocacy by the JCPA and our partners for passage of the
public address as U.S. Attorney General. He discussed the         Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA). This critical legislation
tensions between civil liberties and national security. The       expanded the federal definition of a hate crime to include
JCPA urged the Obama Administration and Congress to               violence committed because of gender, gender-identity,
ensure that “unlawful enemy combatants” captured in               sexual orientation, and disability bias. Further, it provided
Iraq and Afghanistan have meaningful opportunities to             federal back-stop authority to ensure that all of these hei-
challenge their detention before an impartial judge and           nous crimes can be prosecuted, even if the local authori-
are treated humanely and interrogated according to con-           ties are unwilling or unable to pursue justice. The JCPA
ventions of international law.                                    and our member agencies played a leading role in build-
                                                                  ing support for the legislation through direct backing and
                                                                  by mobilizing the broader Jewish community in support
                                                                  of this legislation. The JCPA also developed a specialized
                                                                  web portal that provided resources about the HCPA and
                                                                  facilitated a national letter writing campaign to Members
                                                                  of Congress. On October 28, 2009, JCPA Vice President
                                                                  Ethan Felson and Senior Policy Associate Jared Feldman
                                                                  joined President Obama at the White House to commem-
                                                                  orate the passage of this historic legislation. Rabbi Mi-
                                                                  chael Miller, Executive Director of the Jewish Community
                                                                  Relations Council of New York, also attended the ceremo-
                                                                  ny representing his organization and the broader Jewish
                                                                  community relations field.

                                                                  Engaging the Judiciary
                                                                  During Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination and con-
                                                                  firmation process, the JCPA launched a dedicated web-
                                                                  site about her confirmation, providing a broad range of
The JCPA consulted with top military leaders and officials        resources and analysis, and a platform for grassroots en-
from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security             gagement in the nomination process. The JCPA was also
as they developed new national security policies that si-         part of a working group that evaluated her religious liber-
multaneously protect the United States from attack and            ty jurisprudence and advocated for a civil, thorough, and
uphold our American principles of justice and human               thoughtful confirmation process.

The JCPA also called for the creation of an independent
“Commission of Inquiry” to review the detention, inter-
rogation, and treatment policies in the War on Terror. As
a member of a broad left-right coalition that included
the major civil liberties and human rights organizations,
the JCPA worked with Members of Congress and the
Administration to ensure an end to the polices that led to
disturbing instances such as the mistreatment of detain-
ees at Abu Ghraib.

Who is the JCPA?

                                     Bringing Together a
                                     Jewish Voice
                                     As the first major Jewish confer-
                                     ence following the inauguration
                                     of President Barack Obama, the
                                     2009 Plenum brought together
                                     hundreds of Jewish advocates to
                                     discuss how the new Administra-
                                     tion’s policies would impact the
                                     Jewish community’s work on so-
                                     cial justice, human rights, Israel,
                                     and Jewish security at home and
                                     abroad. Held in Washington, D.C.,
The Jewish Council for Public        speakers included U.S. Attorney
Affairs understands the value of     General Eric Holder, Ambassa-
                                     dor Martin Indyk, constitutional
a unified voice in supporting and    law giant Professor Laurence
strengthening policies that affect   Tribe, U.S. Senators Amy Klobu-
                                     char of Minnesota and Ben Car-
the nation. Tapping into our net-    din of Maryland, and Maryland
work of activists and leaders from   Governor Martin O’Malley. Plenum delegates were also joined by over
                                     50 Members of Congress at a closing reception held at the U.S. Capitol
more than 125 community rela-
tions councils and 14 national or-
ganizations ensures that the Jew-    Among the resolutions approved by Plenum participants were new
                                     polices and recommendations on Muslim-Jewish relations, comprehen-
ish community plays a strong role    sive energy reform, criminal justice reform, the genocide in Darfur, early
in shaping national policy.          childhood education, nutrition, the defamation of religion, and the fed-
                                     eral poverty measure.

                 ...The JCPA is Growing the Grassroots.

Organizing a New Generation of Activists
The JCPA conducted a top-to-bottom review of our tech-
nology needs and capabilities, thanks to the generous
support of the Righteous Persons Foundation. Among the
report’s recommendations is the expansion of the small,
but successful ENGAGE Program. This innovative program
combines a sophisticated web-based advocacy portal with
specialized consulting to build online organizing capacity
throughout the community relations field. Several new
communities joined the ENGAGE program in 2009 and us-
age grew exponentially.

Building Strong Community Institutions
Another reason why JCPA is unique is the broad network of
our local community members. The 125 JCRC’s that belong
to JCPA each bring together the diverse constituencies of
their local communities – and each works on a vast array of
issues, often in coalitions that they have shaped and lead.
The JCPA’s community consulting department helps make
this happen. JCPA helps JCRCs do more – sharing programs
and strategies to maximize our impact, build community,
and repair our world.

(Page 10) Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley; Ambassador Martin Indyk
(Page 11) Mission to New Orleans participants; Professor Laurence Tribe speaks with guests at the Plenum
Who is the JCPA?
  ...The JCPA is Protecting the Environment.
                                    Revitalizing the Coalition on the Environment and
                                    Jewish Life
                                    2009 marked the revitalization of COEJL through an augmented budget
                                    and the hiring of a new director; the rebooting of the weekly climate
                                    change blog, “To Till and to Tend,” http://coejlblog.blog.com; and the
                                    launching of the groundbreaking Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign.
                                    COEJL was founded at the JCPA in 1993 to help Jewish organizations
                                    better campaign for environmental reforms and to pursue a greener
                                    way of life.

                                    Launching the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign
                                    Led by COEJL, the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign is a two-year mo-
                                    bilization that engages the broader Jewish community in conserving
                                    energy, increasing sustainability, and advocating for implementation of
The Coalition on the Environment    policies to increase efficiency and promote energy independence.

and Jewish Life (COEJL), an ini-    Hosting the Jewish Sustainability Conference
tiative of the Jewish Council for   The first-ever Jewish Sustainability Conference brought together 40
                                    representatives from 17 Jewish organizations and groups. This two
Public Affairs, seeks to deepen     day conference held in Baltimore, Maryland expanded the contempo-
and broaden the Jewish commu-       rary understanding of Jewish values such as tikkun olam (repairing the
                                    world) and tzedek (justice) to include the protection of humans and
nity’s commitment to stewardship
                                    other species from environmental degradation. Participants prepared
and the protection of the Earth     detailed “going green” work plans to help them take steps towards in-
through outreach, activism and      creased sustainability in Jewish institutions nationwide.

Jewish learning.                    Bringing Groups Together to Bless the Sun
                                    COEJL and the JCPA brought together Jewish groups from around the
                                    country and facilitated their observance of Birkat Hahammah, an event
                                    that occurs every 28 years when the sun is in the same position it was in
                                    the sky on the day of Creation. COEJL’s website – blessthesun.org – pro-
                                    vided a central location for publicizing events and resources.

                                    Advocating for the Environment
                                    Through its Fighting Poverty With Faith Campaign in 2009, the JCPA
                                    mobilized its grassroots network to lead the Jewish community in ad-
                                    vocating for “green jobs” that make homes more energy efficient and
                                    help build the green economy. Together with COEJL and a coalition
                                    of organizations, the JCPA advocated for the passage of the American
                                    Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, legislation that established a na-
                                    tionwide policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 83% in 2050.
                                    This legislation made significant investments in clean renewable energy
                                    sources and has paved the way for an ongoing effort in the Senate in
                                    which the JCPA remains engaged.

Who is the JCPA?
                                                                                         ... The JCPA is:
                     Community                                                           Diversity

                     Achieving a                                            Building Bridges and
                     Consensus                                              Making Connections

 Images: (Community - clockwise) Andrea Weinstein presents the Chair’s Tikkun Olam Award to Susan Turnbull; Lois Frank
 addresses Plenum attendees; Mission to Israel participants; The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey accepts the Award for
 Program Excellence from Alice Viroslav (Diversity - clockwise) Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD); Donna
 Beyer, Imam Mohamed Magid, JCPA Vice President Ethan Felson; Rabbi Neal Borovitz (Building Bridges and Making Connections
 - clockwise) Richard Foltin, Marc Stern, Rabbi David Saperstein, Professor Laurence Tribe, Martin Bresler; Andrea Weinstein, Judy
 Gilbert-Gould, Lori Dearman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Carol Brick-Turin, Pepi Dunay; Leibel Fein, Lois Frank, Heather
 Booth, Lynn Lyss; Janet Sherman, Marie Abrams, Arden Shenker, Mike Stern (Achieving a Consensus - clockwise) Representatives
 voting on Resolutions at the Plenum; Rabbi Steve Gutow at the Iran Fly-in in Washington DC; Voting card distribution
Financial Report

             FY 2009                                              Plenum 2009
   Summary Revenue and Expense                             Summary Revenue and Expense
           Statement*                                              Statement*

 Revenues                                                Revenues
 National Agency Dues                    135,880         Registration                                          91,480
 CRC Dues                                256,190         Sponsorships                                          91,047
 Non-Alliance Federation Allocation      102,745         Grant Allocation                                       8,250
 Alliance Federation Allocation          713,072         Total Revenues                                    190,777
 Grants                                  854,460
 Leadership Appeal                       228,365
 Other Contributor Donations              57,868
 Fundraising/Development Fund             10,000
 Occupancy Reimbursement                  88,745
 Program                                 216,602
 Misc.                                     6,299
 Total Revenues                       2,670,226

 Expenses                                                Expenses
 Program                                  239,140        Materials                                             23,843
 Administration                           199,269        Program                                               61,361
 Grants Given                              79,550        Catering                                              87,929
 Occupancy                                284,957        Lodging & Travel                                      40,847
 Salaries                               1,350,348        Total Expenses                                    213,980
 Benefits                                 236,712
 Consultants                              130,690
 Retiree Compensation                      44,586
 Technology                                41,181
 Travel                                    38,482
 Total Expenses                       2,644,915

 Net                                    25,311           Net                                               (23,203)

                                                         The Jewish Council for Public Affairs is a beneficiary of the
 *Unaudited                                                                  National Federation/Agency Alliance.

                                                                 Financial Report

                              JCPA Revenue FY 2009*

                                          Occupancy Reimbursement
                Allocations -                                  Misc.              Alloc - Alliance Fed
                  Alliance                                      3%
                Federations                                     Programs          Alloc - Non-Alliance Federations
                    27%                                            8%
                                                                                  Dues CRC

             Allocations -                                                        Dues NA
             Non-Alliance                                            Grants
             Federations                                                          Leadership Appeal
                       Dues -                                                     Grants
                                Dues -                Leadership Appeal
                           National Agencies                                      Misc.
                                  5%                                              Reimbursements

                              JCPA Expenses FY 2009*
                                                                    11%         Administration
                                                                   Programs     Travel
                Salaries                                              9%
                 52%                                                            Technology
                                                                   Grants Given
                                                                       3%       Consultants

                                                                 Consultants    Grants Given
                                     Administration   Travel 2%                 Occupancy
                                         8%            1%
                                                                                Bene ts


JCPA Member Agencies
                                          National Member Agencies
             American Jewish Committee                       Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.
             American Jewish Congress                        National Council of Jewish Women
             Anti-Defamation League                          ORT America, Inc.
             B’nai B’rith International                      Union for Reform Judaism
             Hadassah                                        Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
             Jewish Labor Committee                          United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
             Jewish Reconstructionist Federation             Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

                                             Member Communities
   Akron                                  Erie                                Pittsburgh
   Albany                                 Flint                               Portland, ME
   Allentown/Lehigh Valley                Fort Worth                          Portland, OR
   Ann Arbor                              Greensboro                          Princeton, Mercer, Bucks Counties
   Atlanta                                Harrisburg                          Raleigh
   Atlantic and Cape May Counties         Hartford                            Rhode Island
   Augusta                                Houston                             Richmond
   Austin                                 Indianapolis                        Rochester
   Baltimore                              Jacksonville                        Sacramento
   Baton Rouge                            Kansas City                         San Antonio
   Birmingham                             Knoxville                           San Diego
   Boston                                 Las Vegas                           San Francisco
   Bridgeport                             Lee & Charlotte Counties            Santa Barbara
   Broome County                          Long Beach                          Sarasota
   Broward County                         Los Angeles                         Savannah
   Buffalo                                Louisville                          Scranton
   Canada                                 Madison                             Seattle
   Canton                                 Memphis                             Shreveport
   Central Kentucky                       MetroWest                           Silicon Valley
   Central New Jersey                     Miami                               South Bend
   Charleston, SC                         Middlesex County                    South Palm Beach County
   Charlotte                              Milwaukee                           Southern New Jersey
   Chattanooga                            Minnesota and the Dakotas           Springfield, IL
   Chicago                                Monmouth County                     Springfield, MA
   Cincinnati                             Nashville                           St. Louis
   Cleveland                              New Bedford                         Stamford
   Clifton-Passaic                        New Haven                           Syracuse
   Collier County                         New Mexico                          Tampa
   Columbia, SC                           New Orleans                         Tidewater
   Columbus, OH                           New York                            Toledo
   Connecticut                            North Shore                         Tucson
   Dallas                                 Northern New Jersey                 Tulsa
   Danbury                                Oklahoma City                       Virginia Peninsula
   Dayton                                 Omaha                               Washington, DC
   Delaware                               Orange County, NY                   Westchester, NY
   Denver                                 Orlando                             Western Connecticut
   Des Moines                             Palm Beach County                   Wichita
   Detroit                                Palm Springs                        Wilkes-Barre
   Dutchess County                        Peoria                              Worcester
   Eastern Connecticut                    Philadelphia                        York
   El Paso                                Phoenix                             Youngstown
   Elmira                                 Pinellas County

                                                                      JCPA Board and Staff
Chair                                  Community Representatives                    Ex Officio
Andrea Weinstein, Dallas               Louis Beckerman, Cen. New Jersey             Jonathan Ellis, Tampa
                                       Leslie Billet, Northern New Jersey           Marlene Gorin, CRC Directors Association;
Vice Chairs                            Ruth Cole, Northern New Jersey                AJCRW
Martin Belsky, Akron                   Theodore Eisenberg, MetroWest                Jerome E. Milch, Northern New Jersey
Donna Beyer, Tucson                    Howard M. Friedman, Toledo                   Rabbi Jack Moline, New York
Susan Calechman, Boston                Michael Futterman, San Francisco             Avi Poster, Nashville
Elihu D. Davison, JLC                  Judy Gilbert-Gould, Miami                    Robert H. Siskin, Chattanooga
Lawrence M. Gold, Atlanta              Harold Goldberg, Silicon Valley              Michael Stern, San Antonio
Bruce Alan Lev, Youngstown             Phil Gordon, Boston                          Alice Viroslav, San Antonio
David Luchins, UOJCA                   Gerald P. Greiman, St. Louis
Susan Penn, Northern New Jersey        David Gutin, Philadelphia                    JCPA Staff
Midge Perlman Shafton, Chicago         Toby Shylit Mack, Monmouth County            Rabbi Steve Gutow, President and CEO
Stephen Stone, Springfield, IL         Bruce P. Mandel, Cleveland                   Eduardo Bialosotzky, Legacy Heritage Fellow
                                       Cynthia Mann, Hartford                       Elisa Dell’Amico, Administrative Assistant
Treasurer                              Anita P. Miller, New Mexico                  Becky Eisen, Poverty Campaign Coordinator
Geoffrey H. Lewis, Boston              Maxine Richman, Rhode Island                 Jared Feldman, Senior Policy Associate
                                       Daniel S. Robins, Columbus                   Ethan Felson, Vice President
                                       Mark S. Rosentraub, Cleveland                Ilana Foss, Rabbinic Fellow
Secretary                              Jane Schiff, Atlanta                         Lynn Gefsky, Director, Israel Advocacy
Robert Yass, Hartford
                                       Steven G. Silverman, Detroit                   Initiative
                                       Stephen Skrainka, St. Louis                  Dana Hartman, Development Associate
Chair’s Appointees                     Susan Turnbull, Washington, DC               Martine Katz, Outreach Coordinator, Israel
David Bohm, St. Louis                  Wendy Wagenheim, Detroit                       Advocacy Initiative
Conrad Giles, Detroit
                                                                                    Elyssa Koidin, Senior Policy Associate
                                       National Agency Representatives              Haya Luftig, Director of Administration
Past Chairs                            Martin Bresler, AJCommittee                  Andi Milens, Vice President
Marie Abrams, Louisville               Charney Bromberg, JLC                        Maxwell Mulcahy, Program Director
Jordan C. Band, Cleveland              Leona Chanin, AJCongress                     Ian Newman, Executive Assistant
Michael J. Bohnen, Boston              Debbie Cosgrove, Jewish Federations of       Josh Protas, Vice President/Washington Director
Leonard A. Cole, Northern New Jersey    North America                               Martin Raffel, Senior Vice President
Lois Frank, Atlanta                    Behnam Dayanim, UOJCA                        Mark Rosenthal, Intern, Israel Advocacy
Jacqueline K. Levine, MetroWest        Nathan Diament, UOJCA                          Initiative
Lynn Lyss, NCJW                        Marla J. Feldman, URJ                        Sybil Sanchez, Director, COEJL
Theodore R. Mann, Philadelphia         Gail Goldfarb, WLCJ                          Simcha Shapiro, Comptroller
Michael N. Newmark, St. Louis          Joel Kaplan, B’nai B’rith Int.
Steven Schwarz, MetroWest              Shelly Kupfer, Jewish Federations of
Arden E. Shenker, Portland, OR          North America
Maynard I. Wishner, Chicago            Arieh Lebowitz, JLC
Bennett Yanowitz, Cleveland            Lynn M. Leeb, ORT America
                                       Penny Leifer, WLCJ
President and CEO                      Daniel S. Mariaschin, B’nai B’rith Int.
Rabbi Steve Gutow                      Judy Menikoff, ORT America
                                       Nancy Ratzan, NCJW
Executive Vice Chair Emeritus          Robert Raymar, AJCongress
Albert D. Chernin                      Shep Remis, Jewish Federations of
                                        North America
                                       Judy Rosenberg, NCJW
                                       Herb Rosenbleeth, JWV
                                       Carl Sheingold, JRF
                                       William D. Siegel, AJCommittee
                                       Carol Smokler, Jewish Federations of
                                        North America
                                       Albert Vorspan, URJ
                                       Hon. Jerry Wagner, USCJ
                                       Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit, JRF
                                       Robert M. Zweiman, JWV                    On the Back Cover: Mission to Israel participants

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs

     116 East 27th Street, 10th Floor
           New York, NY 10016
 Phone: (212) 684-6950 Fax: (212) 686-1353

        1775 K Street NW, Suite 320
          Washington, DC 20006
 Phone: (202) 212-6036 Fax: (202) 212-6002

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