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									Offshore Hedge funds - Meyer International
Submitted by Groshan Fabiola
09th November, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand – A hedge fund - ??????? or even an offshore regular saving plan -??????
will always be far more attractive to investors than any of the other alternatives that are
currently available. The main reason is that they are far more efficient and can provide superior
returns one their investments.

Since many customers who become interested in these types of solutions, without limiting
themselves to investing just in Hedge Fund - ???????, or creating an Offshore regular saving
plan - ??????, are also interested in receiving superior banking solutions, the world renowned
Meyer International Ltd also presents its clients with Private Banking - ??????????? services
intended to provide the complete experience and allow for clients to receive maximum profits.
Meyer International Ltd constantly strives to find the best financial opportunities for its
customers and welcome them with the best offshore regular saving plan -??????, Hedge Fund -
???????, and other financial solutions.

About the company:

Meyer International Ltd is a top level provider of offshore financial solutions with a constantly
increasing range of services. The company has moved its headquarters to Bangkok, Thailand in
order to be able provide its customers with even more solutions which now extend from
protection planning including life, health, disability and income protection, to asset building,
tax sheltering/planning and portfolio management, and of course mutual funds & hedge funds
investments, mortgages and loans and much more.

For more information and details about the company and its services, please visit the website or
use the contact details below:


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