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Crane Creek Homeowners Association


									                 Crane Creek I Homeowners Association (CCIHOA)
                                 Newsletter: January – March 2007

REPORT FROM          THE     PRESIDENT        (Tom    This activity also involved dismantling part of the
Anderson)                                             fencing.

The Board has been working closely with our           Vandalism involves additional repair costs for the
property     management        firm,   Fair/Way       homeowners of both Crane Creek and Six Mile
Management, in improving our financial reporting      Creek, since we share the expenses of this park.
and obtaining bids for our major contracts.           Moreover, members of the associations have to
Currently, bids are being requested for our           devote additional time in order to deal with this
landscaping contract and for the maintenance of       unnecessary problem.
our lakes. The bids should be returned and be
available for the Board’s review/approval next        Some individuals have seen youths between
month.                                                estimated ages of 12 and 18 using the basketball
                                                      court for skateboarding and setting up the ramps
All homeowners should have received a copy of         from the dismantled tables. These youths have
the “Cash Receipts and Disbursements” report          been seen returning to their homes in both
for fiscal year 2006. This statement is required to   developments. That is, some of them live in
be distributed to all homeowners by Florida           Crane Creek and some in Six Mile Creek.
Statute. In the event you did not receive one,        Parents of children who leave the house to go
please contact Fair/Way Management and they           skateboarding should be aware that anyone
will send you a copy.                                 caught causing damage to park equipment will
                                                      be prosecuted for vandalism. Therefore, it is in
There are two other items that you should be          the interest of parents to inquire where their
aware of, and they have been outlined in the          children are going skateboarding, and if they
discussion that follows.                              indicate they are going to Twin Creek Park they
                                                      should not be allowed to go. They should be
Vandalism In Twin Creeks Park At The End Of           informed that any vandalism that might occur will
Old Glory Road:                                       result in prosecution and their presence might
                                                      result in problems for them, even if they did not
During the past 2 months there have been a            participate. In addition, skateboarding is not
number of incidents involving vandalism at the        allowed in the park.
park separating Crane Creek and Six Mile Creek.
These incidents include the movement of               There is also evidence of consumption of alcohol
anchored picnic tables from their original sites to   and possibly drugs inside the park. To my
the basketball court. In some cases, the tables       knowledge there is not a known connection
were dismantled in order to make skateboard           between this activity and the skateboarding;
ramps. Additional damage has been done to the         however, it is an additional incentive to be sure
chain link fence on the north side of the park.       you know where your children are and what they
                                                      are doing.

In the event anyone observes vandalism in              If there are further questions regarding this
progress, please call the Sheriff’s Department         matter, review your documents and the HOA By-
immediately. Do not contact a Board member             Laws. In the event you cannot locate them, you
first, since that will increase the response time on   may request a copy from Fair/Way Management.
the part of the Sheriff. You should then follow-up     A copying fee would be required. In the event
with a call/e-mail to a Board member.                  you have questions regarding the process of
                                                       reviewing property, notification letters, etc.,
Covenants:                                             contact Fair/Way Management, whose staff will
                                                       be glad to assist you.
As you know, Crane Creek is a “deed restricted”
community. Essentially this means that our             Volunteers:
deeds are subject to certain restrictions that are
outlined in the documents provided upon the            We are in need for volunteers to serve on the
purchase of our homes. When we purchased our           Due Process Committee. Board members and
homes we agreed to the conditions outlined in          their families are not eligible, so we really could
these documents. Included in these documents           use some help here. Give me a call (254-6577) if
are a series of “covenants” that outline our           you would be willing to serve or have questions
responsibilities for the upkeep of our property as     regarding this matter.
homeowners within the community. One of the
main purposes of the covenants is to maximize
the resale value of the property within the            REPORT FROM THE TREASURER (Jo Ann
community. Our individual property values are          Daszuta)
dependant to a large extent on the appearance of
the community in its totality. That is, the value of   As of mid-March, 322 of our 366 homeowners
each of our properties is intertwined with that of     have paid their 2007 assessment, which was due
our neighbors.                                         in January. If you are one of the
                                                       outstanding 44 homeowners,
The property management firm employed by the           please send your payment to
Board of Directors periodically tours the              Fair/Way Management as soon as
community, along with one of the Board                 possible.
members. The purpose of this tour is to review
the extent of compliance with the covenants by
the homeowners. Fair/Way Management, our
current property management firm, then prepares        BOARD INFORMATION (Danny Painter)
a list of violations of these covenants and mails a
letter to the individual homeowner. The letter         The Board of Directors meeting (date, time, and
requests that the violation be corrected within a      location) will be posted at both entrances at least
given period of time. It further states that if you    3 days prior to the scheduled date. If you have
have already corrected the violation in question,      any concerns and/or would like to get involved,
no further action is required. In the event the        please mark your calendar and attend.
violation is not corrected upon the next
inspection, a second letter will be issued.            Additionally, please visit our web site, which is
Hopefully the second letter would not be                             maintained        by       Fair/Way
necessary, but sometimes it is. If the second                        Management of Brevard, Inc., to
letter does not result in proper action, a series of                 view the association’s minutes,
fines might be imposed upon the homeowner. It                        newsletters, budgets/financials, and
is our sincere hope that this does not occur. The                    much more.         Simply go to
purpose of this system is to improve the                   ; then click
community property, not to punish anyone.              on “Communities”, then “Crane Creek”.

Fair/Way Management is located at Baytree              NEWSLETTER        ADVERTISEMENTS          (Dennis
Corporate Park, 1331 Bedford Drive, Suite 103,         Gilroy)
Melbourne, FL 32940; phone 321-777-7575; fax
321-777-4646. If you would like to e-mail a            We will be accepting advertisements for future
concern to Fair/Way Management and/or the              newsletters (quarterly) to help defray the cost of
Board,      please       send       it      to         producing them. Advertising is limited to the size with a courtesy copy to          of one business card and will be at a cost of:
the Board members (see below).
                                                                         1 Issue = $18.00
Tom Anderson                              2 Issues = $30.00
Linda Brosche               4 Issues (1 Year) = $50.00
Joan Buckler 
Jo Ann Daszuta            CCIHOA residents will receive a 50% discount. If
Stephanie Nicholson           you have an interest in advertising in the
Danny Painter              newsletter, please contact Dennis Gilroy at 253-
Dan Peragine           N/A                             1918 or .
Matt Reschke 
Barbara Tobin

     JUST A THOUGHT: Don’t watch the clock;
     do what it does. Keep going. (Sam
     Levenson, Humorist)

YARD-OF-THE-MONTH             (Darryl    &    Janet

For January, our choice was Curtis and Marla
Syme at 1800 Mallard Lake. Some nice Ti
plants, Hibiscus, as well as a tall Queen Palm,
and, we believe, a tall Oak grace this property.

1700 Crane Creek Boulevard, home of Lucille
Tedder, was our February selection. Some
Snow-On-The-Mountain, beautiful Begonias,
and, especially, the Mexican Burro planter,
caught our eye with this one.
                       The sign moved to Tom and
                      Brenda Lange at 1068 Egret
                      Lake Way for March. Really
                      nice     landscaping,     with
                      several Queen and Sego
                      Palms, a Robellini, and the
yard’s focal point is a beautiful palm, but we don’t
know what it is! We have never seen this type
before. Tom and Brenda, or anyone else, help
us (752-7379).

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