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Specialists_for_Offshore_Asset_Management_and_Investment:_Meyer_International by PressRelease


									Specialists for Offshore Asset                                 Management                 and
Investment: Meyer International
Submitted by Groshan Fabiola
09th November, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand - Meyer International Ltd has transferred its operations to Bangkok,
Thailand in an effort to increase the quality of its entire range of services. The company is now
able to offer customers a broader range of offshore financial solutions covered by full

With an extensive experience in working to provide customers from numerous countries around
the world with the highest quality services, Meyer International Ltd specializes in asset
building, tax sheltering/planning and portfolio management, retirement and education fee
planning, confidential offshore private banking, Hedge Fund - ???????and Offshore Hedge
Fund - ???????????? investments, mortgages and loans, and numerous others.

The offshore investment - ??????? provides anyone that disposes of a minimum capital to
invest in a financial solution that is widely recognized as being one of most profitable options
available. Whether you are looking to invest in an Offshore Hedge Fund - ????????????, or
any other type of Offshore Investment - ???????, has the necessary expertise to you with all the
necessary guidance and services.

About the company:

Meyer International Ltd, represented online at, is one of the largest
international companies specializing in providing customers from all across the world with a
wide range of financial services and financial consulting for offshore investment solutions
including, among numerous others, Hedge Fund - ???????, Offshore Hedge Fund -
???????????? and Offshore Investment - ???????.

For more information and details about the company and its services, please visit the website or
use the contact details below:


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