COLLINS ELEMENTARY
                            DRESS/APPEARANCE CODE

Appropriate attire and acceptable appearance strongly correlate with school success.
Collins students are expected to be neatly dressed and well groomed at all times. Other
than on theme days, the following is a description of generally acceptable attire for
students attending Collins Elementary:

       * slacks or jeans
       * shirt, blouse, top, or t-shirt
       * a sweater or vest in appropriate weather
       * below the mid-thigh length shorts
       * sweatshirt, sweatpants
       * appropriate footwear (open heeled, platform soles, clogs prohibited; open toes
       discouraged; gym shoes highly recommended at all times)
                 Due to safety concerns, should the appropriate footwear not be worn
                   the child will not be permitted to participate in certain p hysical activity
                   and may be given an alternate choice of footwear

The dress code prohibits:

       * spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, crop tops, tube tops
       * bare backs, bare midriffs, bare chests or bare shoulders, slit jeans
       * short shorts, cutoffs, biker shorts
       * coats worn during the day unless building conditions require them
       * high heeled shoes
       * hats or caps inside the building
       * sunglasses, gloves
       * mini dresses, mini skirts
       * any clothing representing illegal activities for minors: alcohol, drugs, sex,
         gangs, or violence
       * Chains, including animal collars of any kind, those on billfolds, metal belts, or
         any heavy weight chains used as jewelry

Attached is the current Boone County Standards as found in the Code of Conduct Book

Policy 4.11
May 17, 2004

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