Collins Elementary School-wide Title I by hcj


									                            Collins Elementary School-wide Title I
                            Parent Involvement Policy 2010-2011

    Collins will provide an environment that encourages parental involvement in their child’s educational
development. Parents of Collins’ students will be encouraged to participate in school-wide activities and will be kept
informed about their child’s progress. It is through close cooperation between the school and home that a student’s
academic success will improve. Two-way communication, both verbal and written, provides a sound base for a good
partnership between the school and home to provide an effective educational program for all students. Parents and
school have agreed on and developed the following Parent Involvement Policy for Collins Elementary. A copy of
this policy will be included in the school newsletter and on the school web page. Any additional suggestions will be
considered for future revision.

Policy Elements Relating to Collins Elementary and its Title I School-wide Program:
        Efforts will be made to assist parents in understanding the Parent Involvement Policy School-wide Title I
         Program and the Parent-School Compact, National Education Goals, State Content Standards, student
         performance standards, school curriculum, school expectations, and student assessment results, through, but
         not limited to: school orientation, open house, and parent conferences.

        Faculty and staff will establish open lines of communication between the school and home that may include,
         but are not limited to: written correspondence (newsletters, memos, notes home, etc.) a minimum of one
         parent-teacher conference each year, progress reports, and a parent survey.

        Parents will be invited to meet the staff, learn about school programs, ask questions, give input, and receive
         feedback by participating in school functions including, but not limited to student orientation, parent-
         teacher conferences, PTA meetings and activities, training sessions, Literacy Nights, and SBDM election

        Parents will be encouraged to serve on standing committees.

Policy Elements Relating Only to the Title I School-wide Program:
       Newsletters will be sent regularly to all families. This communication will provide for home reinforcement
        of skills and concepts taught at school.

        The Principal Newsletters will include Title I information to all families.

        The school will seek input from community-based organizations, and coordinate parent involvement with
         the Family Resource Center (FRC).

        There will be opportunities for parents to share and offer suggestions for the continued improvement of
         Collins School Wide Title I Program through a parent evaluation survey conducted each spring.

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         Revised 5/2007 Policy 5.1

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