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									                                                                                   Northwestern PA’s Classic
                                                                                     Mountain Bike Race      SPONSORS

                                                                                    >2 miles of continuous climbing                              Brookville
                                                                                    >3900 feet of elevation changes                                YMCA
                                                                                    >Roots, Rocks, and Ruts
                                                                                    >6 miles of fresh single track
                                                                                    >Prizes and SWAG giveaways
                                                                                 AGAIN THIS YEAR:               “LiL FAT TIRE”!
                                                                                      Also: Bike-The-Wilds Point Series **(over)

   VISIT: www.fattirechallenge.COM
  Sunday, June 20th Registration opens at 8:30 AM Pre Race Meeting at 10:45
     11:00am Expert Start                                                “LiL FAT TIRE” Kids Race ($5 Entry Fee)
     11:30am Sport Start                                                 Starts at 9:45am (ages 6-10 and 11-14)                                   Matson
                                                                                                           1 mile and 1½ mile loop
    One course – TWO OPTIONS:
  14 mile loop up and down Clear Creek Valley.
  Sport Riders (one lap), Expert (one lap + the good stuff again):
  **Be prepared to use that granny gear and your rock ring! HELMETS REQUIRED FOR ALL RIDERS!!!                                                   Advantage
                                           Race Classes and Awards                                                                                Forestry

    SPORT RACERS (14 miles)                                                          EXPERT RACERS (24 miles)
               st  rd                st   rd                                                    st   rd              st  rd
    Awards to 1 -3 place Overall, 1 – 3 in each class                                Awards to 1 – 3 place Overall, 1 –3 in each class
    Men’s Classes: 15-25, 26-35, 36-49, 50 and over                                  Men’s Classes: 15-25, 26-35, 36-49, 50 and over
    Women’s Classes: 15-25, 26-35, 36-49, 50 and over                                Women’s Classes: 15-35, 36 and over
                      st  rd                                                                            st rd
    SINGLE SPEED 1 – 3 place Overall                                                 SINGLE SPEED 1 – 3 place Overall
                                         st  rd
    CLYDESDALE class (215+ pounds) 1 – 3 place

  MT BIKE Race fee: $20 for all classes.                                                                   **T-SHIRTS GUARANTEED only to
   Points Series Racers additional fee: $10                                                                        pre-registered riders
  Pre-registration must be postmarked by June 14th.
     Fee is $25 thereafter & Day-of-Race.
                          First Aid and Hydration Stations on the Course.
        RACE WILL BE HELD AT THE SIGEL LAUREL FIELDS (12 miles North of Brookville, PA)                                                          Farmers Inn
  Directions: Exit 78 off of I-80, North on Rt. 36 to Sigel 8 miles. Turn right onto Rt. 949. Travel 1.2 miles to Spring Creek
  Road on the right. Turn right, travel 2.9 miles to Laurel Field entrance on the left.
  From Pittsburgh, N. on Rt. 28 to Rt. 28/36 into Sigel. Race begins at the Laurel Fields.
  FOR MORE INFO/Maps: GPS: 41.17’54.N 79.02’55W
- - - - - - Tear Here - - - - - - Tear Here - - - - - - Tear Here - - - - - - Tear Here - - - - - - Tear Here - - - - - Tear Here                Country
  Signature _____________________________________ (Parent’s Signature if Rider under 18) Date________
  (NOTE: By signing, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the conditions explained in the waiver printed on the back of this form.)
  Printed Name___________________________________ TEAM/SPONSOR__________________
  Address______________________________________ Age on Race Day _____

  City___________________ State___ ZIP_____                                       Emergency Contact (                       ) ____---_______
  Email Address____________________________________

     □Male   □Female           □ POINTS SERIES (Add $10)
       □ Expert Rider □ Sport Rider     □ Single Speed                                                         □Clydesdale
  LONG SLEEVE T-Shirt Size M□ L□ XL□ XXL□ Make Check or Money Order to ‘Brookville YMCA’
   Mail Entry to: MT. BIKE RACE, 319 N Pickering Street, Brookville, PA 15825
                            This year’s “Must-Do” Points Series
The 5 Races include:
 1) - Dash For Cash, June 5, Sarver  
 2) - Fat Tire Challenge, June 20, Sigel          
 3) - Shannock Valley Festival, July 24, Rural Valley
 4) - 2 Mile Run Mt Bike Race, August 14, Franklin 
 5) - Peanut Butter Festival September 18th, New Bethlehem

   Additional Fee is $10 for all five races
   You must sign-in to compete at the first races 2 to be eligible
   You will keep the top four (out of five) finishes for the points totals
   Top Riders in each age grouping will receive points
   (e.g. First Place = 200, Second Place = 195 points, Third Place = 190, etc)
   All points will be cumulated and tallied. Ties will be broken using the fastest time at the
     Peanut Butter race.
   The winner will be announced at the Peanut Butter Awards ceremony.
   Prizes will be given for Top Five Racers in points series in each category.
   You must be present to receive your prize at the Peanut Butter Race
  Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top five racers in each age group.

                                     Find out the latest details at:

      In the consideration of the foregoing, I, for myself, my heirs. executors, and administrators, waive and
      release all rights and claims for damages against the 2010 Brookville YMCA FAT TIRE Challenge
      Mountain Bike Race principles, landowners where the race course crosses, all sponsors and volunteers
      from claims against damages to my equipment in said race, including and not limited to any injuries I
      might suffer. I acknowledge that I am aware of the inherent risks in participating in a mountain bike race.
      I attest and verify that I am fit and am physically able for the competition of this event, as certified by a
      licensed medical doctor. I agree to wear a helmet while participating in this race.

      I further consent to the use of my name, image, and picture in advertising, promotion, or other account of
      this event in the future.

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