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LanScaperf Network Tester


Network Tester is often also called professional network analyzer or network detector can detect the OSI model is a definition of the physical layer, data link layer, network layer of operating conditions of portable, intelligent visual inspection equipment, primarily for LAN fault detection, maintenance, and integrated wiring construction, network tester features include the physical layer, data link layer and network layer. Network Tester can greatly reduce the use of network administrators troubleshoot network problems of the time, integrated wiring construction personnel can provide the efficiency and accelerate project progress and quality. Application of such devices has been very popular in foreign countries, is the network detection and network essential tool in the construction process, as opposed to foreign, domestic use is still very limited scope to replace the main equipment rental and labor, mainly due to domestic users the degree of the products is not enough awareness of the sensitivity of network failure is not high. On the other hand because of Fluke, Agilent, and companies such as American ideals of such equipment, the basic monopoly on the market, products are expensive, invasive of domestic enterprises in the letter test, Nai Tuer and so on.

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