The 4 Major Prospect Types You Need To Know In Marketing - If You Are Serious

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					The 4 Major Prospect Types You Need To Know In Marketing - If You Are

As a Network Marketer it is crucial that you understand the 4 main types
of people you are going to come across in your business. Many of us do
not have a clue as to what these 4 major types are. As a result, we say
the wrong things to the wrong people and lose sales in the process. Let
us go over these 4 types and get a firm grip on who they are.

1. The Water Types (Blue): These people are not money motivated. If you
talk to this group of people about how much money they can make you will
lose them! They are your nurses, teachers, doctors, mothers or anyone in
a caring position.They often love children. They are soft spoken and
really live to serve others. When you speak to these people about your
business emphasize the aspect of your business that helps others. Their
key word is Care.

2. The Air Types (Yellow): This is a group that likes to have fun! They
are natural communicators and are social butterflies. They are
journalists, actors, talk show hosts, politicians, DJ's and any field
that emphasizes communication. They get easily bored and can become
easily distracted. This group does not want boring details. They are
motivated by the fun aspect of your company. You h ave to tell them about
the company events and how they will be able to go different places with
your company. Their key word is Freedom.

3. The Fire Types (Red): The fire types are money motivated individuals.
Their favorite motto is "What's in it for me?"! Tell them how much money
they can make and you have a deal. They are motivated by challenges and
hate to be told what to do. They act quickly and impulsively. They are
their own bosses and are quickly irritated with detail and slow moving
things. They get straight to the point. They are often executives, CEO's,
bosses, supervisors, or anyone in a leadership position. Their key word
is Self.

4. The Stone Types (Green): These types are your analyzers. They need the
facts before joining you in anything. They are slow to act and are very
cautious in making a decision. They like to ask a lot of questions, so
it's best that you direct them to a place where they can gather all of
the facts and make a decision. These are your accountants, scientists,
forensics, doctors, detectives and any field that is very detailed
orientated. However, once this group gets the facts, they are the ones
who are reliable and dependable for life. Their key word is DATA.

Study these 4 types when you are prospecting and you will be unstoppable!
Knowing who you have in front of you is paramount to succeeding in your
business. Picking up the phone and following up with leads is what makes
you stand out. Like G.I. Joe says "Knowing is half the battle!"

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