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									The Death of Old School MLM

The Dirty Secrets about MLM That you’re Upline Leaders don’t want you to know…..
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Legal Note Why I decided to write this report The Get Rich Quick – Internet Mindset Your MLM Companies turnkey system is Marketing Suicide Stand out from the Crowd, Follow or be followed. The Sell Sell, Pitch Pitch -“Wanna join my MLM”?? The Lifetime Residual Income Myth G.P.T Income Vs Residual Income... and why you’ll never get either, unless you get G.P.T. Is there really "Outstanding Growth Potential" for MLM? Where to go from here?
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The Dirty Secrets about MLM That you’re Upline Leaders don’t want you to know…..
Don't Do Anything Else Until You Read This Eye-Opening Report
Why this report? It needs to be said – Enough is enough! Even though the Industry of Network marketing has created more Millionaires than any other Industry on the Planet, it has also created a blood bath of failures and people lying in a pool of Credit Card Debt! And while there are similar statistics in any business – it’s clear that the majority of the men and woman that join the MLM / Network Marketing industry to achieve an extra thousand to two thousand dollars per month or the DREAM of this industry of total financial and time freedom. Have fallen way short of the mark. Now I’ll be the first to admit that most people who join the MLM Industry DO NOT treat their business like a business, however while the commitment levels and attitudes towards this industry vary significantly from person to person and company to company.

This Report was NOT written to address any individual person and/or company, but rather to address the methods by which company after company, leader after leader and MLM Guru after MLM Guru has taught and trained Millions of Network Marketers how to prospect, present, recruit and build their MLM business over the years.

The Warm marketing methods taught for over 40 years in the industry of writing a list of 200 names of your family and friends, co-workers and acquaintances with the intention of giving them all the opportunity of a lifetime. Has certainly left a bad taste in many mouths and while it has worked for many of the top earners in the past – this industry has changed dramatically with the advancements in technology, the introduction of the internet, both now being a significant part of most opportunities today and the explosion of MLM business start ups all over the world. 4 ©2007 –

You’ve probably seen the – we’ll do all the work (sales and recruiting) and you’ll just make all the money – systems keep popping up all the time….

The Masses flock to them like sheep to the Get Rich quick Slaughter. But it’s just not enough! It’s all based on Hype!

Heck the latest I’ve heard about is companies promoting they’ll spend millions of dollars/ month on television infomercials and all the independent business owners need to do is answer their phones and take orders (i.e. collect the money) I mean – where will it go next?? It’s Freaking Crazy! All these systems make the owners boat loads of cash and the good old 97% still die a bloody death on the “Old School” MLM floor – They lost their money again – And they tell their tales of how they got burnt / scammed / ripped off again! And I say enough is enough – I’m making a stand – In the last decade personally in this industry and I’ve seen it all!!

Today The Dirty Secrets are being exposed and that is exactly why this is “The Report” that HAD to be written.

So Let’s Begin!!

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The Get Rich Quick - Internet Mindset.
This mentality had rocked the core foundations of the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industries. Recruiting Levels are at an Industry wide all time Low - Attrition Levels (people quitting) are at all time high – There is NO Member loyalty anymore because of the millions of business opportunities on offer today…people come, and go again often inside 90 days..Jumping ship to the next biggest hottest deal… People are changing the opportunity they’re with, almost as often as they change their underwear! With all the hype, Smoke and Mirrors of today’s High Tech – No Touch online sales and recruiting turnkey systems. Millions of people are flocking to the latest and greatest deal – in search of a quick buck – only to be left with an empty wallet YET again! Make no mistake in thinking it’s all doom and gloom because it’s never been a better time to join the network marketing industry as the number of people succeeding in MLM and becoming multi millionaires is astounding – but they know the secrets that we will be sharing with you in this report and the following free MP3 Audio Resource called the “New School MLM Secrets”

Once people have exhausted their warm market lists, then they are taught cold marketing – Flyers, classified ads, cold market prospecting. From there it moves to online… with down line building systems, automated sales systems, live telephone sales centers and the more advanced funded proposal systems. (The Funded Proposal method is defiantly the most empowering and profitable for the serious marketer to build a MLM Empire both online and offline.) All the while this industry continues evolving. In fact I predict that the MLM industry will go through MORE change in the next 3-5 years then it has seen in the past 50 years… It’s no longer 1994… and if your are attempting to build your MLM Empire the same way the Network Marketing Veterans built their Million dollar down lines in the 90’s you will be in for a rude awakening, because what worked in 1994 will NOT give you a fraction of the results it once gave you!

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Your MLM Companies turnkey system is Marketing Suicide

Relying on Your companies replicated websites is Marketing Suicide. The website they gave you when you signed up – with all the bells and whistles, flash video presentations, product information, management teams photo’s and compensation plan details… Sure they look pretty… But, they are nothing more than a glorified online catalog and a name branding tool for the company it’s self They are NOT Marketing Websites... Or maybe you company sells the Dream, with pictures of sexy people on the beach, exotic cars, million dollar homes and piles of cash…..rah rah ! You’ve seen it all before...right? Then you’ve got your company DVD’s on your products/compensation plan and opportunity. This is all great information… But as marketing tools they simply will not cut it in today’s internet driven marketplace - they are nothing more than sales tools! And people are sick and tired on being sold… If you’re advertising, prospecting, or even driving online traffic to these websites you are setting yourself up for failure (I’m being blunt so you get this!) All you are doing is branding the name and products of your MLM Company. While that’s great for your MLM Company – it’s not helping you! And here’s why!

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The Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry join the Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. If you want to succeed in MLM you must recruit leaders.

Now when you’re out their marketing and promoting your company, its products and opportunity...what makes YOU, distributor (ID No# 5568991) in your company different from every other distributor in your company promoting your company’s products and opportunity? NOTHING! Are you getting this? Let me explain further… Take these results I just pulled up on

Results 1 - 10 of about 426,000,000 for network marketing. (0.22 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 16,300,000 for mlm. (0.19 seconds)

426 Million Results for Network Marketing and 16.3 Million results for MLM Now add them together and you have over 442 Million results for our industry and that’s just on Google alone…. Now you can see why you’re just lost in the sea…Unless you know how to position yourself so that you have credibility and authority in the need to be somebody who has it all together.

Industry experts predict that more than 50 Million new people in the USA alone will be looking for a way to make extra money by having their own business in the coming years…

Who are they going to join when they turn to the internet to do some research on what would be a good fit for them? Will you be positioned to have them join you? How would you even begin to get positioned? 8 ©2007 –

Stand out from the Crowd, Follow or be followed.

So we have covered the state of the industry very briefly and explained what not to do. You now know that to have success in this industry you’ll need to sponsor leaders because they are the only people who make money in MLM, and if you want to know the fastest way to become a leader and have leaders joining you…then here’s the scoop! It’s all about You INC – You must market you! Think about the big names in the Network Marketing Industry… Guys like Randy Gage, John Milton Fogg, Dale Calvert, Joe Schroeder, and David Ledoux. John Kalench, Tim Sales and Dani Johnson…. I could go on and on and on… But I’m sure you get the picture … these leaders in this industry are all Multi Millionaires…and it’s because they have branded themselves…. Think what would happen if they announced they were launching into a new MLM Company… It’s called hitting the top of the comp plan in 90 days!! *Tip* - If you don’t own your missing the boat (Go get it now @ If you don’t believe in and promote yourself… who’s going to believe in you? Fact- People who are uncomfortable with self promotion…work for people who are totally comfortable with self promotion! So when will you Vote yourself in? Take a stand for yourself – You are worth it!!

When you vote yourself in and position yourself as a leader… People will follow you… 9 ©2007 –

Remember - Leaders ALWAYS make the MOST Money in MLM!! When you market and brand yourself you are unique – there is nobody on planet earth just like you – so you now have NO Competition. When you position yourself in this industry and learn how to build personal credibility – you suddenly become THE person to join in your company.

This is because there are people all around the world today that have been waiting their entire lives for someone Just-Like-You to show up in their lives.

They will instantly identify with you, because of where you live or grew up or where you work, or what you have done in your life...they will have similar interests to you and when you connect it will be like a long lost friend…

There is a precise formula and process to do this …it’s like turning on a giant electro magnet and all of the right types of people are pulled in towards you. In fact when this is done following our 6 step process called “My Story Marketing” …people start to chase you – they’ll come to you – they’ll call you…they’ll email you … they’ll hunt you down because they just got to know what you are doing! Truth is…this is how you should be building your business today… it’s all about marketing YOU! For the average person leading with their companies’ products and opportunity the opposite is mostly true – they are the hunters and all too often in this great industry their prospect runs away... But for the person that learns the formula of self branding and marketing they become the hunted – it’s all about You Inc.

It’s like going from being the Hunter…To Being the Hunted! It’s all about the Marketing, and how you position and brand yourself out in the marketplace. If you’re thinking… yeah right how can I BRAND myself…

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When major companies and corporations like Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s, Wal-Mart and Disney. Oprah and Madonna, Bill Gates and Donald Trump... Have all spent MILLIONS of dollars Marketing and branding themselves…

How the Heck can I ever do it? The Method will shock and surprise you…because today you can do it for FREE!

If you have not yet downloaded our Live and Un-cut MP3 Audio as John Gregory and Josh Peak Unload all about MLM Success and the B.S that keeps 97% of the industry in struggle and failure you can get it here: Learn more at:

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The Sell Sell, Pitch Pitch -“Wana to join my MLM” - recipe for failure
Over the last decade the public market place has been bombarded with work from home opportunities and direct selling money making schemes. Millions of people have been exposed to this industry on a personal level or they have a family member, a friend or somebody that has… It’s usually the same story – Ignorance on fire for 90 or so days…followed by garage full of sales tools and products that they don’t want...and /or can’t sell.

It often gets to the point after the initial excitement of financial freedom and living a dream life gets beaten out of them from all the rejection …as the Newbie Network Marketer has been out there with the sell, sell, sell, pitch, pitch approach which comes from the fact that the majority of people in this industry have a the skills and mindset of an employee.. So the guy with the Employee mindset is now in deep up to the neck in trying to build a business... trying to be an entrepreneur…which he simply has no training in what-so-ever. The people that keep the dream alive and continue on trying to sell people into their business…through flyers, drop cards, classified advertising and all other recruiting efforts… they stand out to today’s educated public as a get-rich-quick amateur biz opp promoter. (If you are not marketing to your target market, you’ll find people who are jaded about this industry are everywhere.) The sad truth is that not only are they now losing money staying active every month as well as all the money they are spending trying to promote their MLM companies replicated website and buying all the sales tools.. All this does is makes even more money for the company... Statistics say: 97% of Network Marketers don’t even break even on their monthly products order…in fact 97% of people in the Network Marketing business make less than $10 a Month!

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The days of running around with your MLM application form in hand are over! No longer does Billboard style advertising work… i.e. plastering your company sales tools all over town… and if you believe that’s all you have to do to have massive success in your Network Marketing business is to pass out CD’s/ DVD’s or company sales and marketing brochures… you probably believe in the Easter Bunny too! Not only are you going to lose a whole bunch of money giving these sales tools out…you are going to get people just thinking “I wonder what MLM deal so and so.. Is trying to promote?” If you can relate…I know how you feel...I have all been their too. I spent countless 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years learning what I know today…and what I have learnt now puts me in a position that my advertising costs are erased… In fact - I get massive exposure for my marketing systems for free… I’ll give you the opportunity to learn more on that later.

If you would like to work personally with John Gregory Learn more about my 100% Success MLM Project Watch my Video at the link below…

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An Opportunity this Good only comes around once in a Lifetime!

How often have you heard this? I mean maybe you even say this as part of your regular spiel about your company’s products and killer compensation plan. This is a bunch of hype – and it usually rolls of the tongue of the amateurs in this industry. The fact is there are more opportunities today than ever before in history. Just see the Number of Google search results on page 8 of this report – there is an abundance of great companies that offer incredible opportunities for the average person to create an incredible lifestyle in only a few short years.

But… the Dirty Secret is! It’s not about opportunity. It’s not about your products or your compensation plan…it’s not even about your company…. I don’t care what company you are with!!! That’s NOT what it’s about. Remember earlier we covered how: Recruiting Levels are at an Industry wide all time Low - Attrition Levels (people quitting) are at an all time high – There is NO Member loyalty anymore because of the millions of business opportunities on offer today…people come, and go again often inside 90 days..Jumping ship to the next biggest hottest deal… People’s excitement peaks when they sign the application form to join your business…and most of them will never do anything to build their business… Why? Well soon after they join...they realize that this business is not really that much different from the last 3 hottest deals they joined!

And that’s because…. 14 ©2007 –

It’s not about opportunity. It’s not about your products or your compensation plan…it’s not even about your company…. It’s about People…. The business we are in is the business of People helping People… It’s been said before …and I’ll say it again…

“Network Marketing is the Business of Sales and Marketing, pursued by people who have no clue about Sales and Marketing…”
So what are People Really Seeking while they jump from program to program? Leadership…. They’re looking for leadership.. It’s all about Leadership! People are looking for a Mentor…somebody with a proven track record of success… somebody who can take them by the hand and teach them a simple 12-3 step system of marketing and self promotion. (Branding) If you ask any on the Top producers in this industry...or in ANY industry...they all had a coach... they all had a mentor...this in not optional!!! The types of People you need in your team to reach the top of your companies compensation plan are not looking for another opportunity either. They are looking for Marketing Solution…and once you understand marketing… You could make a million dollars a year in any one of the hundreds of the reputable companies around today! So it’s not about “THE” opportunity it’s about the leadership, it’s about the Marketing and as soon as you realize that people today in Network Marketing are looking for a leader, a mentor, somebody to take them by the hand and show them step by step how to position themselves as a leader as a marketer – once you get this – your income will explode. We know ours did! You’ll not even recognize yourself or your business when YOU learn this!

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The Lifetime Residual Income Myth
Lifetime does not mean YOUR lifetime NOR your kid’s lifetime… Life time means the Companies Life time and from experience – fortunately we have always made the right decisions when it comes to MLM Companies. I have personally never had the misfortune of building a Million dollar organization with a particular company only to have it all collapse and be taken away overnight because the company went out of business. However that has not been the case for many friends who are Top Earners in their chosen companies…living the Dream…celebrating life and all of their hard work and the rewards that came with it …then all of a sudden, one day getting the worst phone call of their life…. The phone call that’s all over…the company closed down...went bankrupt…whatever the cause it means the same thing….you won’t ever see another commission check from that company ever again… The Stories will tear your heart…because when you’re making 5 and 6 figures a month…your lifestyle is grand…the cars...the houses…the travel…. But when that money stops overnight without any warning…it’s going to hurt… Most of the time...when this happens…people lives crumble…the houses get repossessed from the banks…the cars get towed away…it’s a harsh reality when you depend 100% on one company. Many of the biggest companies come...Rise and Fall in a matter of years and there gone forever in the time it takes a Big Hitter to build a huge wealth producing organization, then *Poof* ..It’s gone overnight. So the average person never really stands a chance…the Heavy Hitter understands self branding and has credibility as a successful leader in the minds of his down when a company folds up the Heavy Hitter can quickly side step to a new opportunity to flow the entire organization over to the new program. *NOTE* (Heavy Hitters are Professional Networkers, the Top Earners in this Industry.)

There is away to insure yourself from this…

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Now this is why it becomes so essential that you brand and market yourself and to position yourself as a business owner of this industry. Today with the Internet it’s never been easier to be self branded and be earning from the production value of this industry. The Production value of this industry? What’s that you say?…this is the KEY to long term financial stability. It’s about getting paid 5- 10 times a month before you even receive your check from your MLM Company. It’s a concept that has been around since the beginning of this industry...but chances are you have never been told about this little Secret until now... Most Serious Network Marketers open their wallet 5 – 10 times a month paying for all the tools, training, technology and systems to build their business... They have to buy all of these tools from somewhere… and when it comes to marketing successfully online there are some other “Must Have tools” as well. I will show you exactly how to set yourself up so you’ll be profiting just as the professionals in Network Marketing do! Now most people “THINK” they are treating their business like a business, but in reality they are just a distributor...a cog in the big wheel that is the Company. They think they are in Control... but they really have very little control... Most Network Marketers don’t really have a clue about how MLM companies are really developed. If you don’t get new distributors pouring in from another company the odds of a company making it is very slim. The reality is that the Top 10 Money earners in virtually every company in the industry. They came from another company and brought their down line with them! The only way to do this is to have massive credibility and be positioned as a strong leader…so that people are more loyal to YOU and who you are…then they are towards the company… I teach a precise Formula and Method to do this faster than ever has been possible before in the History of MLM. To get more detail regarding this concept see our MP3 Audios (worth $97)
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Free for a limited time as a marketing test! 17 ©2007 –

G.P.T Income Vs Residual Income... and why you’ll never get either, unless you get G.P.T.
Let’s cut straight to the point with this one…. 97% of the people in the MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industy are struggling to make enough money to cover the running costs of their business and most of them make less that $10 a month… Reality is the masses are all of the employee mentality, and while there is nothing wrong with that…it does give people a particular type of mindset. The mindset of the employee is Instant Gratification…meaning they do a day of work...They get paid for a day of work... Work for a week … get paid for a week …and when you have been living your life from pay check to pay check…it’s easy to understand why the masses struggle so much in this business. You’ve probably been told that getting wealthy in network marketing is a 3 to 5 year plan…. What that means is Delayed Gratification… Now even though most people would like to sit back and get rich quick… they do see hope in MLM when they join and when they look forward 3 years and think what life will be like – The “Dream” is born! The struggle begins… Every time they take a step to build their business and it doesn’t go the way they wanted it to…they take a hit...and they pick themselves up again to be knocked down once more...each month the money is going out, buying company product, company sales tools and marketing materials...every month they are left with less money than they had BEFORE they joined this smoking hot opportunity…and in their mind…the pain of struggle and spending money every month on a business that is just not going the way they planned it to go. This far outweighs the pleasure of financial freedom 3 to 5 years away and within 90 days they’re gone. By quitting it actually gives them a temporary feeling of relief as they no longer have to chase family and friends...cold call strangers and deal with the pain of rejection…

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Time to point the finger and blame somebody or something...cause they sure as heck are not the reason for their failure in this industry…they blame the company, the comp plan, the up line leaders and the network marketing industry – They lost their money again – And they tell their tales of how they got burnt / scammed / ripped off again! Doesn’t it all sound so familiar? I’ve seen it all in the decade I have been in the industry and I know what it feels like to be losing money every single month… for years! I just didn’t quit, because the thought of selling out to an employer for the rest of my life just kept me on the hunt to find a better way! I found it! There is a solution….It’s called G.P.T Income Get Paid Today! When I discovered this for the very first time it was the turning point in my business. I see it over and over again as millions of people join the network marketing industry every year, go through the same struggle and frustration process that we all go through and then the people who just refuse to quit, continue on their search for a better way they ultimately start to search on the internet…maybe just like you! Today with everything that’s happening online, there is only one way to get where you need to go, and that’s Getting Paid Today. You’ll never get the Residual Income if you don’t Get Paid Today! When I got this and took action…the difference in my businesses was like Night and Day …from struggle and frustration to full time and free in 90 days… The ONLY way to keep your business growing is to Get Paid Today! When you get it, you’ll teach it to your business partners and they’ll Get Paid Today Too! I have positioned myself in a Get Paid Today System and it is why I am Full Time in this Industry... the simple fact is if you have the solution to help the 97% of the people who are struggling and frustrated in this industry. 19 ©2007 –

You will do very very well online. Imagine getting a “Notification of payment received – This email confirms you have received a payment of $1997.00 USD Imagine getting a “Notification of payment received – This email confirms you have received a payment of $800.00 USD Imagine getting a “Notification of payment received – This email confirms you have received a payment of $3997.00 USD That’s what it’s like to “Get Paid Today” (This is BEFORE people join my MLM)

Here are some recent screen shots of my pay pal account

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Is there really "Outstanding Growth Potential" for MLM?
The short answer to that question is YES! There is HUGE growth happening in the Network Marketing Industry. I am more excited about this industry today than I have ever been, and as a result we are building and developing marketing and leveraging systems to take my personal teams and business partners in this industry to an all new level of freedom and prosperity… As of August 2007, this industry did over $106 BILLION Dollars in sales with over 58 Million distributors…the industry as a whole... it’s doing fine! Here are just a few charts that show the growth of this great industry over the years and we know...this industry is only now starting to come of age.

In 2005 there were 58 MILLION people in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry

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In 2005 there was over $102 BILLION in sales in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry

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Where to go from here?
This is where the Rubber meets the road!
This is where you go from MLM Struggle to Full-Time and Free. From losing money every month to making thousands every week… This is where you go from distributor (ID No. ###) to being a Business owner who is earning on the production value of the entire Network Marketing Industry. This is how you make thousands of dollars every week even when people say NO to your Primary Program, and this is how you make thousands of dollars every week before the new guy joins your primary MLM program. 100% of the people in this industry buy coaching / training and tools to build their business and you could be positioned as a business OWNER who gets paid every time people buy what they need to succeed. (Right now your people are coming to me, because I’m set up to receive…and I’m set up to give people what they want and need) But this is about you! How long is it going to take for you to get where you want in this industry? How long will it take, till you position yourself as a leader and build your credibility in the market place so the people who want to succeed come to you? That all depends on who’s YOUR Coach! Successful people understand they need to learn from a mentor who has the skills to take them where they want to go as fast as possible… Smart people learn from their mistakes…wise people learn from the mistakes of others! It took me 7 years and $30,000 in debt to learn and know what I now know.. I’ll teach you to get to where I am TODAY in less than 7 months!!! That’s what a coach can do for you! 25 ©2007 –

One of my Mentors said:

“If you sit at the feet of a qualified mentor, in an instant you can erase years of struggle and regret from your business and your life”
I still have mentors and coaches today - because without them, I would not be where I am today! Who’s your Coach? … I hope this report was helpful. To speak with me personally please check your email, where your free report was also sent. You will find an email address to get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from you. I look forward to meeting you personally and please, don’t forget to include at least your name and phone number so that I can contact you, so we can work at taking you and your business to where you really want it to go! To YOUR Success,


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Call John 24/7: 1 206-350-0765 USA

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