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									Production Design Plan e-Learning podcast

How to Build an Aftermarket Helmet Visor

Dave Robertson National Director ASRA

This e-learning podcast will explain to the casual user how to create the ultimate custom downhill helmet feature for a minimum of cost. The podcast will outline step by step instructions on creating a static and/or flip polycarbonate mask. The product can be custom fitted to any full-face helmet.

The high cost of professional safety equipment can be a barrier to the entry of new participants in downhill skateboarding, or worse, encourage unsafe participation in what is considered an ‘extreme sport’. This e-learning podcast will give amateur downhill skateboarders the ability to create pro helmet features on a budget. This will increase the overall safety level of participants and lower financial barriers.

Target Audience
The main characteristics of the target audience include      New entrants to the sport Non gender specific Ages relate mainly to adolescents and teenagers from 12-19years Those with financial restrictions People that like to customise or design their own equipment

Education Streaming

Download Online Delivery Purpose


Innovation Podcast Sound Effects Script

Production Equipment


Characters Mp3 recorder PC with audio mixing software

The podcast production requirements include:     Microphone Recording device PC with Audio editing software Sound effects catalogue

PC Microphone

Mp3 digital recorder


Audio mixing software The podcast exercise requirements include:

Replacement safety visor Cost $6

Polycarbonate sheet 1mm Cost $12 per sq/m


Velcro strip Cost $5 p/m

A4 paper or cardboard sheet

BMX Full-face helmet Cost $100

The Cast
The sole cast member will be David Robertson. There may be some use of pre-recorded audio samples. My position as the National Event Director of the Australian Skateboard Racing Association will give the host a level of integrity and authority in knowledge of the sport. It’s well known within the sport that in my position I oversee all the safety spec requirements for national racing within downhill skateboarding in Australia.

The Script/Storyboard
Music: Into music Dialogue: Hello my name is David Robertson, I am the National Director of the Australian Skateboard Racing Association. In this podcast I am going to explain to you how to make an aftermarket flip visor. The difference between an Icaro helmet with flip visor and a MTB helmet is about $350, I’m going to show you how to add this awesome feature to your current MTB helmet for less than $15. Music:

Dialogue: the total time required to do this upgrade will be about 30mins. You will need to go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of 1mm polycarbonate; this will cost you about $12 and is good for about 6 visors. You will also need to purchase a small piece of hook and loop velcro, this will cost about $5. The other items required can usually be found around the house, these include; a pair of scissors, a hairdryer, a thick pen, and a piece of A4 cardboard.


Dialogue: Now it’s time to create your visor template. Get your piece of A4 paper and wrap it around the open face area of your helmet. Use your pen to draw the template shape allowing about 5mm bleed area. Now cut out the paper template and place on your polycarbonate piece. Draw the template shape onto the polycarbonate and cut the piece out. And now for the fun bit, take your hair dryer and set to low heat, apply heat for about 5mins in a slight sweeping motion to a section about the size of your hand at the bottom middle section of you visor.


Dialogue: now that the polycarbonate has been heated, wrap it around you MTB helmet and hold in place until cool, this will create the nose curve and increase the aerodynamics of the visor. Release the peak screws from the helmet and mark some matching holes on the new visor. Now apply two small 3cm sections of hook Velcro to the sides of the helmet. Affix the visor with the peak screws and lower into place. Now mark the spot on the visor where the Velcro from the helmet touches the visor. Apply a small piece of loop Velcro on the visor in the marked spot. Music:

Dialogue: Now you have an awesome $350 aftermarket visor with an aerodynamic fit for the cost of a six pack of beer.

Music: fade out

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