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					Cholesterol-lowering foods are expensive and usually superfluous -
not as good as their reputation, say experts. But when consumers are
"per activ" & co

Supermarket medicine

Cholesterol-lowering foods are expensive and usually superfluous -
not as good as their reputation, say experts. But when consumers are
"per activ" & co high in the course

PhotoDisc supermarket "Medicine": edible cholesterol lowering for all?

Cheese omelette, roast pork, cream cake - while the water in the
mouth together is running a flashing red warning lights in the head:
cholesterol of lots of is in such courts. But now there are yoghurt
drinks, margarine, cheese, milk and bread which again drop the fat
levels.These foods are enriched with plant sterol - fat-like
substances that suppress the cholesterol in the small intestine and
instead be absorbed by the body. Daily range one or two grams of
these substances reduce the amount of lipids by ten percent as
research shows.

And benefit above all the vessels, because too much cholesterol in
the body can calcify arteries (atherosclerosis).Heart attack and
stroke risk.No wonder that the Germans in the supermarket like access
to the "healthy" fats senkern. While many consumers even no excessive
cholesterol levels who showed a nationwide survey of the Federal
Ministry for risk assessment (BfR) and the consumer centres.

Recording stop for vitamins
More than 1000 buyers almost half (45 percent) consumed the
cholesterol-lowering food either prevention, healthy to feed or
because the fortified products taste tasty. "No food of everyday
consumption are the" Christa Bergmann study leader warns in the
interview. As to prevent them taugten nothing; In addition,
cholesterol is "a gift".In moderation, it even takes the body for the
production of sex hormones such as the estrogens.

Uncritical cholesterol killer is questionable but for another reason:
the plant sterols inhibit absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
especially of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. The
consequences of a defect can be blurred vision, changes in the mucous
membranes or stunted growth in children and adolescents. Therefore,
pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should eat no
cholesterol-lowering food under five. All other users have more
access to fruits and vegetables.

Not for everyone
Those are cholesterol lowering from the grocery store only for
certain people - with a proven, elevated cholesterol levels. Indicate
the information on the products. The manufacturers recommend to
consult when taken at the same time cholesterol-lowering medications
with the doctor before eating. "The fortified foods and the drugs
could influence in their effect", explains Bergmann.The dose should
be adjusted. In the survey but only one-third of those affected were
to have inform their doctor about the consumed special products.

Not much helps a lot
Grams plant sterol disregard the recommended daily dose of maximum
two or three much consumer study.Who smears the special margarine on
the fortified sunflower bread and sprinkle with the cholesterol-
lowering diet milk down shooters, absorbs more plant sterols in
circumstances as recommended. Also, the substances are also naturally
found in fatty, plant foods in sunflower seeds, Sesame, or vegetable
oils. You can but even then not reduce cholesterol levels by more
than 10 percent. So far it is unclear what do larger amounts of plant
sterols in the long term in the body.

May happen the same as in people suffering from the extremely rare
disease Phytosterolemia so Bergmann. Due to a genetic fault the body
absorbs more plant sterols from food - instead of five to ten percent
up to 60%. The plant sterol levels in the blood is thus increased by
10-up 100-Fache. The result is including atherosclerosis. Too much
plant sterol is so the vessels calcify just like cholesterol, "but
too much from what quantity that nobody knows yet," explains Birgit
Niemann of BfR opposite.
More "brand"
In response to the survey, the BfR and the consumer centres require
political consequences.Cholesterol-lowering food should be clearly
labelled so far with warnings.They should be kept separately from the
other products in supermarkets.This applies also to other functional
foods (functional foods), products with health benefits.

Such rules seem particularly important because the food industry will
bring already supplies on the market.Europe allowed nine cholesterol-
lowering foods.Corresponding applications have been made for 70
related products."Fortified fruit juices and juice drinks are
particularly critical," says Bergmann.Because consumers consume them
often in large quantities - children.Must be clear the Kosumenten
that go here any fitness or light products, stressed Dr. Edda Müller,
Board of Directors of the National Association of consumer centres
and associations (vzbv)."We are talking about products that work like

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