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Building Inspector Job Description Sample


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									City of Kenmore Building Inspector/Plans Examiner
FLSA Status: Positions Supervised: Salary Range: Reports To: Non-Exempt None $3,667 - $4,583 Community Development Director

BASIC FUNCTIONS: Responsible for a broad range of advanced level inspections directly related to enforcement of protective codes, development regulations, and/or contract requirements. Work assignments require a thorough knowledge of construction methods and materials, inspection techniques, building/zoning codes and administrative enforcement procedures connected with the work. This position reviews and approves conformance of codes of proposed buildings and structures and issues associated permits. The employee visits premises and provides information and assistance to owners, developers and departments or divisions of the City to gain conformance to codes. The inspector is empowered to issue stop work orders when work does not comply with codes. Field inspection work can expose the employee to safety hazards such as falling objects, heavy equipment, power tools, inspecting roofs, unfinished framing, natural gas, exposed wiring, hazardous chemicals, carcinogens, blood born pathogens, open ditches and trenches, traffic and working in confined spaces such as underground tunnels and restricted access building sites. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A. Possession of Building, Plumbing and Mechanical code certifications issued by the International Conference of Building Officials, college related coursework in the construction field and a minimum of two years experience as a Building Inspector. B. Knowledge of the Uniform Building code, Plumbing code, Mechanical code, Washington State Energy code, Washington State Barrier Free code, The City of Kenmore Municipal and Zoning code and regulations dealing with construction standards and requirements. C. Knowledge of inspection methods, practices and techniques for building construction. D. Ability to climb in and on buildings and other various structures, crawl in confined spaces, climb ladders, walk scaffolding. E. Ability to interpret architectural/engineered drawings and construction plans for compliance with all related codes. F. Ability to interpret codes, regulations, laws and ordinances relating to building plan review and inspection. G. Ability to enforce codes and regulations with tact, firmness and impartiality; establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of people, including the general public, trade professionals and staff. H. Ability to review residential plans for conformance with the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy and Zoning codes. Two years experience as a plans examiner. I. Ability to organize work for this position and others. J. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. K. Proficiency in the use of IBM compatible computers for data entry, project and permit tracking, research and word processing. L. Formal training, certification or degrees related to construction, engineering or building inspection plus ICBO certifications in Building, Plumbing and Mechanical code relating to commercial and residential inspection and plan review. Any satisfactory equivalent combination of experience and training which insures the ability to perform the work may substitute for the above. M. On-site inspections require the possession of, or the ability to obtain a valid Washington State driver’s license. PRINCIPAL DUTIES: * Review residential plans for conformance with the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy and Zoning codes. Issue permits for same. * Perform field inspection on new, remodeled or altered residential and commercial projects in various stages of construction, alteration or repair to assure use of acceptable materials and to verify compliance


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with the Uniform Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Washington State energy, Washington State Barrier Free and the City of Kenmore Municipal Codes. Issue detailed correction notices wherever code violations are discovered or when brought to the attention of the inspector by other city personnel, agencies or citizens. Reinspect to assure correction of noted violations. Provide information and assistance to correct violation and when appropriate, issue and post stop work orders when code violations necessitate complete work stoppage. Prepare reports on findings of inspections and notify builders or other parties of necessary corrections that need to be made. Maintain accurate and complete records on computer and by hand of construction permits which include but may or may not be limited to inspections, plan checking, permit issuance progress and status, investigations and any other issues which may pertain to the specific project. Answer questions and provide information to the public, developers, builders and architects regarding building codes and other regulations relating to building construction and code enforcement. Investigate independently and address citizen inquiries regarding alleged violations of building standards, codes and ordinances. Prepare various reports, handle correspondence and conduct research or studies as directed. Perform a variety of other activities as assigned. Arrange and conduct pre-construction meetings, and project close-out meetings with the building owners and contractors.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REQUIREMENTS: A. Physical requirements include the ability to climb in, on and under buildings and to lift objects often exceeding 100 lbs, such as file cabinets, desks and refrigerators up and down stairs. B. Mental requirements include the ability to: • Assume the lead role in the coordination of numerous building projects simultaneously from preconstruction meetings to the close-out process with constant interruptions. • Monitor all other City departments’ involvement - typically encompasses numerous issues such as landscaping, traffic mitigation fees, Fire Department issues, Site Development issues and Electrical work status. • Verify that structures are conforming to all of the related codes. All of the above is self-verified, as ultimately the responsible person that approves a building’s occupancy. EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: • Maps, aerial photos, measuring tools used daily. • Camera, video camera used weekly. • Vehicle, telephone, copy machine, fax machine and P.C. used daily. Future work practices may necessitate the use of different tools and equipment. WORKING CONDITIONS: Working conditions require extended periods at customer job sites, which include working at heights that often exceed twenty feet, factories that manufacture and/or fabricate a wide variety of products that may involve numerous hazardous conditions and hazardous chemicals. Requires exposure to the elements approximately 75% of the time.

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