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									Is the stupid driving a centuries-old tradition or the result of a
revival? A brief history of the "wrong world"

Carne vale: meat farewell!

Is the stupid driving a centuries-old tradition or the result of a
revival? A brief history of the "wrong world"

.de Carnival in Venice: revived by the tourist

Carnival, Carnival, Karneval - to provide an historical explanation
for the fifth season may much are cited: the Roman festivals
fertility rites of ancestral traditions from the middle ages. The
Munich literary historian Dietz Roger Moser argues even, the stupid
activity should be made to trace the Catholic mass education of the
medieval church. What will actually shown in the Carnival, was the
world as she should not be just: the CIVITAS advocate fallen into sin
(the "Devil State") after the two-State model of the Church father
Augustine. Up to Ash Wednesday people may view the sinful life, they
should not actually lead.Once a year they played for masks. The
Carnival is a great scenic "to not love people"?

Scientists are divided about the roots of the Carnival. In the last
30 to 40 years collected folklorist, Ethnologist and historian
Literaturgeschichtler archival and historical sources diligently and
developed various theories from the data. The knowledge about the
origin of the Carnival still confined to a few facts.

Therefore there was an exchange of roles, the "rites of status
reversal" at all times and in all societies.During this time, the
differences were provided by high and low, poor and rich, male and
female every year for a period of time on the head. Men disguised as
women beggar as rich merchants, children as Kings. Then everyone in
the specified role returned.
Church: Booze father ours and ass Bishop
From ancient Rome seen especially the Saturnalien Festival.During the
Festival there was no escape more: men served their slaves, bestowed
each other and drank together. Christianity had trickier than people
of antiquity such fun events. Worldly pleasures such as for example
certain Fastnachtsbräuche repeatedly fall Church prohibitions.
However, there is a tradition in which the Church had a space for
derision and fun. A fool Abbot was elected in the Festival of fools
in the Christmas and parodied liturgy and sacred texts. These include
for example a Boozing father ours or the ass Bishop ordination.

Later were probably already existing Verkehrung rites, panels and
parties before the lent strict considered an integral part and
crowded on the three "great days" before Ash Wednesday.To fit up the
Carnival in the calculations of the liturgical year. After a famous
interpretation he is nothing but the reminder of the upcoming fast.
Carnival as a short form of "Carne vale", which means: "Meat,
farewell".Forty days before Easter is Ash Wednesday, the day the
ashes of Palm trees from Palm of last year on the head were scattered.
And Ash Wednesday was concluded with funny. A good reason begin a few
days before and once to override all of the rules of healthy and
Christian lifestyle.

Reformation: the Carnival fun is gone
In a large part of the German-speaking area, the Carnival fun was
over at the latest in the Reformation. The reformers had no
understanding more for such "mutwillen, shouting and André
leichtfertigkeit how bisanhero fassnacht to the devil" was committed,
it is said in a Gottesdienstordnung of 1555. With a few exceptions is
the Carnival on the Catholic areas limited.

No later than at the beginning of the 19th century.Century the
Carnival was rediscovered, customs were awakened and newly set in
scene to life.The traditional Karnevalsvereine of the Rhineland
originate in this time of romanticism.But carnival festivals and
Carnival traditions in the South or Southwest German space are rather
result of a revival as a centuries-old tradition.Even the famous
Carnival in Venice, which attracts tourists from all over the world
today was first created on the initiative of the Venetian regional.
Was the Carnival of past now wild and untamed as the "organised
humor" today's Karnevalssitzungen and processions?Sure is: Carnival,
Carnival or Carnival - no matter how is called the Festival - a love
ones who reject others it off.And Germany is still divided a Carneval
seligen Catholic and Protestant part of Carneval allergic.The
alternative is: take part or travel.


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