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									Subject: Instant Cashflow Secrets - "ICS" eCourse

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Instant Cashflow Secrets eCourse - Give Me Just 5 Days and I'll
Show You How To Solve All Of Your Product Creation Problems Fast
and Forever!

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{FIRSTNAME Fellow_Marketer},

How many times have you watched your competitors come out with
one new product after another and said to yourself... "How do
they do that?" More times than you'd care to admit I bet. Here
you are scratching your head trying to come up with just one IDEA
for a product while your biggest competitor has released three
hot sellers in just a little over a month.

That's enough to drive anyone mad.

Creating your own product doesn't have to be a pain and it
doesn't have to take weeks. Some of the techniques you'll read
in this eCourse will show you how to get a unique product of your
own and start making sales in a matter of days just like I have
done. After you read this eCourse you will know exactly how to
crank out profitable products in no time flat anytime you want.

Here's how the course is laid out...

Day 1... How To Get Your Hands On Quality Information (For Your
Own Use and Profit) That Others Have Already Written!

Day 2... How To Crank Out Powerhouse Information Products In 5
Days Or Less!

Day 3... How To Let Other People Give You Profitable Ideas and
Actually Create Your Products For You!

Day 4... How To Get Future Customers To Tell Exactly How To Get
Their Money!

Day 5... Easy, Almost Embarrassingly Simple Ways To Churn Out One
Special Report After Another Even If You Usually Hate To Write!

Day 6... Bonus Report - How To Get Free Targeted Traffic By Using
Five Simple Words!

I know you've read more than your share of free information and
probably think it's all worthless. But if you've ever read
anything Anthony Stillwell has written you know that he delivers
the goods. He understand the frustration of seeing how easy it
seems to be for everyone else to create a product while you
constantly struggle.

It doesn't have to be that way...

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To your success,

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P.S. Do yourself a favor and read this eCourse. How often does
someone just toss a dozen or so proven idea and cash generating
techniques in your lap? And for free no less. Use what I already
know works and make your business what you've always wanted it
to be. Profitable.

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