university of victoria monster erg 2004 by sarahmccarthy


									university of victoria                                monster erg 2009

              monster erg sale
             24th          annual rowing machine sale
           40 new model D “concept II” ergs at $1300.00 each
            12 used ergs at $1000.00 each (two years old good shape)
note prices are based on exchange rate at time of publishing and are subject to change up
                                            or down

      price only available through the monster erg and includes all taxes, customs,
       shipping and handling to Victoria. new machines are fully warranted and come with
       instructional video, manual and chain oil (note concept 2 price increased for 2008)

      lowest price available versus retail or direct from manufacturer (final price
       adjusted to exchange rate) (up or down)

      to reserve contact   rick crawley at 250 472 4036 or e-mail to

      payment can be by visa, master card or personal cheque (payable to UVic) (secure
      line 250 472 4036) (please leave your card number/name on card/expiry date and
      your name/phone and address)

      to reserve, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required with the balance due by
      January 30th , 2009,                      they go fast so order soon

   the new machines are used only at the monster erg and all machines are available
   for pickup following the completion of racing (5.30 pm) on Sunday, February 1st , 2009

   the model D with the PM4 option is available for $1475.00. please specify this option
   with your order otherwise they are sold with a PM3 monitor. the PM4 is wireless,
   comes with a heart rate monitor and rechargeable batteries. the model E is available
   with the PM4 and heart rate monitor for $1750.00 providing you pre-order by January

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