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									I used to think that Sports Illustrated was the end-all and be-all of
sporting news magazines. It certainly is the most famous of sports
magazines. Although many people buy Sports Illustrated for the swimsuit
edition, The sports coverage is also outstanding. Many fans, in fact,
depend on that particular sports magazine for all of their sporting news.
When I can't watch my favorite baseball games because I am on the road, I
look to sports magazines to give me the lowdown. Rather than watch the
inane commentary on the 10 o'clock news, I read the magazines sports for
recaps and analysis. I even depend on them to help make sports gambling

Lately, however, I have had to look at less mainstream sports magazines
to really meet my interests. Sports Illustrated is fine if you like
baseball, football, and the other big sports. If, however, you want to
learn about sport fishing, Olympic sports, extreme sports, or other less
mainstream forms of recreation and competition, you need to consult
alternative sports magazines. If you look at your typical sports magazine
rack, the offerings are pretty paltry. There might be a sport truck
magazine, a sport fishing magazine, And a few men's bodybuilding mags.
That and Sports Illustrated Magazine are all that you will find in your
typical grocery or drug store.

If you go to a good book store, however, you can probably find all the
sports magazines that your little heart desires. Borders bookstore in
particular is a great source of sports magazines. You can find magazines
about almost any sport imaginable. I don't really understand how
bookstores manage to support so many specialty magazines, but they do
seem to do a good job of it. I suppose that people into niche magazines
find out about Borders books and go there to do all of their magazine
shopping. Whatever the reason, it is a great source of sports magazines.

Of course, if you like adventure sports magazines as much as I do, there
is an even better place to get them than borders. Many outdoor stores
carry truly spectacular collections of adventure magazines sports. You
can find everything from mountain climbing and hiking magazines to
downhill biking rags. Some of them even give general overviews of outdoor
sports. Not every outdoor store has a sport magazine section, but they
should be able to point you in the direction of someone who does.

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