non-violent-crisis-intervention-03 by aksha91


									People have to work and interact with others. This is a reality we all
become familiar with in pre-school or kindergarten. There really isn't
two ways about it. That's why we start at such a young age. We need to
adapt and get used to all the individuals that aren't our parents. Not
that this is always a simply process; because for some it isn't at all.
Even when we reach adulthood, we can still encounter issues with other
adults we work along-side. Now, the last thing we want to do, if we can
help it, is to blow things wildly out of proportion. A physical
altercation can end badly for everyone involved. This is why non violent
crisis intervention is essential. Talk with your mouth before talking
with your fist.

I can imagine we've all ran into foul circumstances at some point or
another in our lives. I certainly know I have. I can think of a time
right off the top of my head when non violent crisis intervention was
needed. I was working with a fellow employee at a video store. We got
into an argument over who was doing which tasks that night. Before I knew
it, we were in a scuffle. I popped him in the chin and we ended up
grappling on the floor. I guess it's pretty obvious that non violent
crisis intervention would have made sense at the time. You'd think two
adults would have just talked it out, but sometimes tempers flare.
Fortunately I am still friends with this fellow and we laugh about the
altercation these days. For some people it doesn't work out so well.
Violence in the workplace can end in job termination and law suits.

We all know that tempers flare in common work atmospheres, but I can't
even imagine how badly law enforcement needs non violent crisis
intervention training. These guys and gals have to keep their cool in
some pretty intense situations. It's their job to enforce the law and
apprehend criminals, but do so in a civilized manner at the same time.
Any fool can see how this would be a problem at times. Luckily they have
professionals assisting them with non violent crisis intervention
training and procedures. Anyway, I think their job puts things into
perspective for the rest of us.

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