cotton-candy-machine-19 by aksha91


									I was raised as a roman catholic. My parents had a deep faith. They made
sure that each of their children learned the importance to giving back to
the faith community. As children my sisters and I were in the church
choir, we taught Sunday school and we helped at our annual parish fund
raiser. Helping at the fund raiser was a great deal of fun; it was also a
big sacrifice because the fund raiser was held every year on the Fourth
of July. Every year growing up our Fourth of July celebration involved
waiting on tables, helping with children’s games and working in the bingo

As adults my sisters and I have continued practicing our faith. We belong
to different parishes because we live in different areas or the state. We
all have continued our involvement in volunteering our time. One of my
sister’s has had a difficult time convincing her children about the
importance of giving back to community. They are more interested in doing
other things other than volunteering at church. A few summers ago my
sister did convince her daughter to work with her at their parish
carnival. The two of them were assigned to run the cotton candy machine.
They were to make up a few cones of candy and then make more as people
ordered it. My sister and her daughter had never run a cotton candy
machine before. The person in charge of the carnival gave them a quick
lesson and was then called away to another area of the grounds where the
carnival was being held. My sister started the cotton candy machine as
the person had demonstrated and added the powder that is used to create
the candy. She did not realize how quickly the powder would start to form
the fluffy candy that she was supposed to wind around the cardboard
cones. Before she or her daughter could begin twirling the cones for the
candy to wrap around the fluff started floating in the air. Some pieces
were landing on people’s backs and hair as they were walking past. My
sister and her daughter were laughing so hard they could not control
themselves. The person in charge came back and reassigned them to another

To this day my sister gets the giggles whenever she recalls that day. She
cannot believe that she and her daughter had to be reassigned because
they could not handle running a cotton candy machine. Whenever I see
cotton candy I think of the two of them watching others walking around
with globs of cotton candy attached to them.

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