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									Bob The Builder Toy

The pre-school market for television programmes is a highly competitive
one and there is a lot of money tied up in merchandise such as toys,
games and DVDs. A Bob the Builder toy is always a prized item amongst
fans of the show. Originating in the UK, this animated series is also a
hit across the United States, Australia and Europe. Children love to play
with the toys and re-enact what they have seen on the show.

The stories involve various construction and repair projects for Bob to
tackle. He is ably assisted by Wendy who runs the office and by his team
of human like machines. The show is positive and cheerful and a Bob the
Builder toy is colorful and fun to play with. Children like to dress up
as Bob whilst they play, wearing the familiar yellow hard hat, checkered
work shirt and tool belt.

Bob has many catch phrases and these are often incorporated into the
toys. The theme song from the show, which was a chart hit in Britain, is
also featured. The toys are made from durable materials and are easily
handled by young hands. The collection of characters can be added to
gradually. The busy builder carries a cell phone to keep in contact with
Wendy and his other friends but he keeps forgetting to turn it on! A toy
phone is available as is Bob's mobile home, where he relaxes between
construction jobs.

Bob would be lost without his tool belt! A talking version is available,
using five phrases and the song. It contains a helmet, hammer, wrench,
fold out ruler, screwdriver and pliers. For children who like electronic
sound effects, there is the Power Tool Set with a sander, a power saw and
a gadget for vacuuming. The safety message is important to get across in
any Bob the Builder toy and there is a pair of safety goggles in the set.
The Electronic Activity Tool Bench will also keep the kids entertained
for hours. There are plenty of lights and sounds to accompany the
screwing, hammering and cutting and there is a detachable hammer and

Various characters in the show keep the children's interest in addition
to Bob and these are also sold as a Bob the Builder toy. These include
Dizzy, the orange trailer and cement mixer, who comes with a mixer that
can be turned. Scoop the Digger is also popular, with a moving scoop,
back hoe and magnetic rock pile. Jackaroo is the old, blue pickup truck
and shy Lofty is the crane with a rotating arm. There are also click
bricks to build with and blue, building dough to mix with.

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