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					Not all careers demand a college education. The truth is there are other
fields that can be pursued with a mere high school diploma. One of these
areas of employment is bartending. While you naturally have to be 21 to
tend bar, you don't need a bachelor's degree in engineering or English to
make it happen. However, you might find bartender school rather
beneficial. This is a place you can learn all about beer, wine and
liquor. It pays to understand the tricks of the trade before you hop
behind a busy bar to serve and mix countless drinks.

Why a bartender school? I asked myself this when I chose to become a
bartender. My first thought was to just research what bartending jobs
were available in my area. I would strut on down and make a great
impression. Once they spotted my charming smile, they'd have to hire me.
Haa, that's a joke! Like most professions on this green earth, bartending
is very competitive. Most nice places are looking for individuals who've
had experience behind the bar or have gone through a bartender school and
gotten certified. After looking around and feeling the heat of
competition, I took it upon myself to check out the local bartender
school in Raleigh, North Carolina. The woman who ran it was very
professional and as friendly as ever. I was pleased to discover that I
could achieve a certificate in bartending after only one week of hardcore
training. It costs me a mere 200 bucks so I was in and anxious to learn.
In no time I was mixing drinks and memorizing endless combinations. I
learned about high-end liquor and the low-end stuff. By the end of the
course I knew how to make 100 different drinks. It was sweet and I knew a
good bartending job was about to be mine. To my surprise, the woman that
ran the school helped place me with a great job at a five star hotel. You
don't get any better than this! In less than a week I was making
wonderful tips to pay for college.

Check out a local bartender school if you plan to acquire a decent
bartending gig at a hotel, restaurant or night club. This is the best way
to get your foot in the door! Especially if you have no other experience
under your belt. Think of bartender school as a college degree for
bartenders. Beat out the competition with the right education!