Naruto Shippuuden Summaries Volume 48 by trinhdinhthuan


									Chapter 432: "Rasen Shuriken Once Again!!" - Naruto forms Kage Bunshin and Pain
offers that the young man became a sage like their sensei Jiraiya. And because
they shared a sensei they should understand each other, Jiraiya wanted peace as
well. Naruto yells for him to get real and holds aloft Rasen Shuriken. He states
the destruction around him isn't peace. Pain offers that Naruto simply doesn't
understand, his death will bring peace. Naruto yells again for Pain to stop the
idiocy and hurls the Rasen Shuriken towards the Realms, revealing its new freedom
of movement. As it flies through the air, Human throws Animal out of the way and
is cut through as the disk expands in size. Animal quickly summons the giant bird
which impacts the ground near Naruto. A short distance away Shikamaru asks what
the commotion is. His father states that Naruto knows Senjutsu now and they best
stay out of his way. Beneath Gamabunta the dog summon splits and attacks the two
other giant toads. The toad elders state they have to cut the Rinnegan connection
and Pain determines Naruto is running out of his sage chakra. Fukasaku tells
Gamabunta his plan and Shima expels a dust cloud to engulf the Deva and Hell
Realms. Animal suddenly finds herself in blackness and Gamabunta moves to stab the
other two Realms. They retreat and Deva tries to determine Animal and Naruto's
location. In the blackness, Naruto strikes Animal with double Rasengans. Gamabunta
suddenly expels air and spits out Naruto and a defeated Animal. The giant summons
disperse, leaving Deva, Hell and a tired non-Sennin mode Naruto...

Chapter 433: "Senjutsu's Failure...!?" - Naruto figures he has four Rasen Shuriken
left now that Sennin Mode is over. Pain charges and Shima tells her husband they
should fuse with Naruto. Fukasaku says it doesn't work, but they found something
which does. Naruto hurls his scroll away as Deva moves to face him. They exchange
blows and Naruto tells the others to stay back. Fukasaku unfurls the scroll and
quickly uses its summoning seal. A Sennin Mode Naruto is suddenly transported from
Myouboku Mountain. As Pain moves to stab Naruto with his chakra pike, the Naruto
clone disperses, sending its gathered energy back to the original Naruto. Naruto
breaks the pike and kicks Deva away. Fukasaku explains that Naruto left behind two
Sennin Mode Kage Bunshin for later summoning. Naruto hurls another Rasen Shuriken
at Deva. Before it impacts, Hungry Ghost intercepts and seals away the attack.
Naruto is surprised, as he thought the body was dead. He looks to Hell and sees
the Enma head. Naruto discusses with Katsuyu that Hell must be able to revive the
others, while Hungry Ghost can absorb and Deva can repel, but he strangely hasn't
in some time. Hungry Ghost stands before Deva, while Hell moves to Deva's rear.
Naruto forms double Rasengans and has his clones hurl smoke bombs. Out of the
smoke flies another Rasen Shuriken. As Hungry Ghost moves to absorb it, the attack
disperses to reveal it was a transformed Naruto. As Naruto grabs and brings down
Hungry Ghost, another Rasen Shuriken comes flying in behind him towards Deva. Deva
repels the attack and gloats that his strength has returned. Suddenly from above,
the original Naruto comes smashing down into Hell with double Rasengans, taking
him out and surprising Deva...

Chapter 434: "Naruto VS Deva!!" - Deva looks on and grasps Naruto's actions.
Naruto and his clone charge but Deva raises his arms and sends them flying. The
clone disperses and the real Naruto gathers himself. The three toad giants jump to
attack and Pain launches himself out of the way. Katsuyu explains Deva's powers to
Naruto and the five second delay. Fukasaku suggests they try Genjutsu. The toad
giants move to strike again and are launched flying by Shinra Tensei. Fellow
villagers watch on and do not interfere. Hinata moves to help but a fellow clan
member suggests she stay back to not get in Naruto's way. Fukasaku explains that
it will take awhile for him and Shima to prepare, and that Naruto's remaining
Sennin Mode clone will only give him 5 minutes of Sennin power. Shima asks why he
didn't make more and her husband explains that focusing the Sennin chakra isn't
easy and creating more clones now will also interfere with the process. Deva looks
to his fallen bodies and states that no one has given Pain that much trouble
before. However, he states, that will end. As he raises his arm Naruto is drawn
through the air towards him. Hungry Ghost punches Naruto in the chest and holds
him in place. The elder toads continue focusing and Hinata watches on in worry.
Deva explains that he won't kill Naruto and the young man offers that he shouldn't
be underestimated... but he stops to suddenly feel his power leaving him. Hungry
Ghost draws out the Sennin chakra, returning Naruto to normal. Deva then voices
his success at capturing the Kyuubi...

Chapter 435: "Banshou Tenin" - Naruto ponders how he can't move but then considers
how that works in his favor. Focusing, he draws in natural energy for Senjutsu
chakra which Hungry Ghost quickly absorbs, causing him to turn into a toad-like
stone. Naruto pulls himself forward; breaking through Hungry Ghost’s arms. Deva
contemplates the risk involved in Senjutsu chakra and Naruto says it's down to
just one. Deva says not quite. Katsuyu offers that the Realms are just puppets
being manipulated from afar. The toad sennin finish their preparations but before
they can move Deva lifts his arm and draws Fukasaku through the air. Naruto moves
to stop him but the toad elder is quickly impaled on Deva's chakra spike.
Elsewhere Ino and her father bring Shizune's body to Shikamaru's group. Miles
beyond Konoha the toad giants lay defeated. Gamabunta curses himself, as all his
bones are broken. Back in Konoha, Shikamaru offers that they can't let Shizune's
death be in vain; they have to find Pain's real body. Shikaku wonders if they
should proceed more slowly but Inoichi says no. Shikaku asks if he could trace the
enemy's chakra but Inoichi states he was unable. Pain flings aside the body of
Fukasaku and Naruto moves to strike. Pain draws in an off balance Naruto and
smashes him into the ground. Deva then stabs a spike through Naruto's hands to pin
him to the ground. Naruto senses a vision of Rinnegan and Deva asks the Kyuubi if
he’ll now be more agreeable. Shima watches on crying and Naruto yells out to ask
why Pain is doing this. Deva offers that there are always reasons, which may only
become clear after the fact. But this time he may as well speak. A distance away
Shikamaru states they have to gather all the information they can, even if they
have to carry all the bodies out for examination. Inoichi is suddenly struck with
a realization and begins to tell the others...

Chapter 436: "Peace" - Inoichi explains how the corpse of Animal was taken to the
tallest tower in Hidden Rain. She must have had the chakra receivers implanted
there; and being the tallest tower, it would be the best place to transmit
signals. Therefore, the real Pain must be at a very high point nearby. The others
voice their understanding and Shikamaru suggests they go search. Deva explains
that his goal is peace through justice. Naruto calls the plan idiotic, as he
destroyed his sensei, friends and village. Pain asks Naruto what he wants, and
Naruto says he wants to defeat him to bring peace. Pain says that is noble, as his
friends and village were also destroyed as the battleground for the other shinobi
countries. Deva offers that he wants the same thing Jiraiya did, and that he
himself is like Naruto, wanting to find justice against the ones who harmed his
friends. He offers that Naruto knows pain, but if revenge is justice, it just
begets more revenge. It's an endless cycle of hatred that's gone throughout time
for the ninja. Naruto recalls Jiraiya explaining how he hoped to end hatred and
bring an understanding between peoples, and that it might be left to Naruto to if
he couldn't accomplish it. Deva asks Naruto how he would approach the hatred and
the young man states he has no answer. Deva explains that he formed Akatsuki to
end the cycle; he would use the Bijuu to create a weapon capable of leveling a
country. Naruto is stunned and Deva goes on to explain that people will be shocked
by the pain into peace, but over time the wounds would heal and the weapon would
be used again. We cut to an older weakened Nagato hooked into a walking mechanical
chair, with Konan looking on. Nagato explains that though the cycle will continue,
within it will be periods of peace. He begins to cough and Konan warns him not to
overdo it. He looks on with Rinnegan eyes and states he can see the peace he so
desperately wants...
Chapter 437: "Confession" - Deva offers that a world where everyone understands
each other is foolish and impossible, but Naruto yells that he's wrong. Deva
replies that all Naruto does is talk, unable to back up his words. Hinata watches
from a distance while elsewhere Shikamaru and Shiho remain behind while the others
split into two groups to find Pain's source body. Outside Konoha, Team Gai
continue their journey home and Neji, with his Byakugan, sees Gamabunta. Deva
impales Naruto with more chakra spikes and explains that he missed the vital
organs. Shima yells for Naruto to not give up, as Jiraiya and her husband believed
in him. Deva knocks her back and moves to collect Naruto. From behind rushes
Hinata, who forces Deva to retreat backwards. Hinata states that she won't let
Pain lay a hand on Naruto. Naruto yells out to know why she came, as she's no
match for Pain. Hinata explains that she knows that, she's here of her own free
will. She explains that she use to cry and give up, but Naruto showed her the way
to be a better person. She was always chasing him, hoping to catch him and be able
to walk alongside him confidently. And now, she's not afraid to die protecting
him, because she loves him. Naruto is stunned and watches as Hinata charges Deva.
She moves to strike but Deva forces her into the ground with Shira Tensei. He
forms a spike and Naruto yells out desperately for him to stop. Deva impales
Hinata and states it's just like when his own parents were killed before his eyes,
the cycle of hatred continues. Naruto looks on as the rage builds inside him. An
explosion of dark chakra explodes, revealing a four-tailed Naruto. Deva asks
Naruto if he hates him, and the young man cries out. Two more tails generate and a
skeletal Kyuubi form begins to encase Naruto. Deva asks how anyone can understand
each other with such events, but in any case, his pain is still greater...

Chapter 438: "The Broken Seal" - Sakura recognizes the chakra and the Hyuuga clan
member explains how Hinata tried to help. As Naruto rages, tendrils emerge from
his chest to try to contain him. Reaching down he raises the Hokage necklace and
crushes it, freeing him from its binding. He charges and Deva moves to redirect
him backwards. Naruto stays in place, having anchored himself to the ground with
his tails. The blast rebounds, sending Deva flying backwards instead. A weak
Hinata calls out for Naruto. He doesn't hear her as he begins to draw in and
compress chakra. Deva directs a chunk of rubble into Naruto before the blast is
completed, causing it to prematurely explode. The Hyuuga clan member states he can
see six tails, leaving Sakura stunned. She quickly directs everyone to retreat.
Elsewhere Katsuyu suggests the same to Shikamaru's group, revealing that Hinata
fell trying to save Naruto. Inoichi then wonders where Yamato is. Elsewhere Anko,
Sai and Yamato attempt to track Kabuto. Yamato is suddenly shaken and is alerted
to the breaking of Naruto’s protective barrier seal. He quickly alerts the others
that they must return. Back in Konoha, the dust clears and half of Deva's cloak is
torn away. He marvels at the Kyuubi's power and then quickly turns to flee. Naruto
gives chase and the Hyuuga reports their movement. Sakura states they have to use
this opportunity to save Hinata and find some way to stop Naruto. As Deva rushes
through the forest, Naruto follows in pursuit. Nagato reports that Deva is close
enough, and the Realm in turn prepares to use a new jutsu...

Chapter 439: "Chibaku Tensei" - Konan tells Nagato he's in no shape to use the
jutsu but he tells her to let him concentrate. Deva creates a black sphere in his
palms which is launched into the air. Suddenly the surrounding countryside begins
to be sucked around the sphere. Naruto fires a blast but the sphere continues
pulling in debris. As the ground shakes, Naruto is quickly sucked into the growing
mass as well, totally enveloping him. Konan says there was no need to go that far,
but Nagato says he had to, it was the Kyuubi. And in any case, it pales in
comparison to the moon Rikudou Sennin made. Within his mind Naruto questions how
it came to this; that it hurts so much. The sphere begins to rumble as Deva
watches on. In the fox prison, Naruto questions what he should do. Kyuubi tells
Naruto he should give up his body and destroy everything; he'll then be free of
the pain. Naruto rips open his jacket and the seal on his stomach begins to twist
and coalesce. Blood begins to pour out into the water below. Elsewhere Yamato sees
an 8 appear on his hand. From out of the rubble sphere emerges a skinless eight-
tailed Kyuubi and Deva watches on in disbelief. In the prison Kyuubi directs
Naruto to remove the seal and the young man rises to obey. Yamato sees a 9 appear
on his palm and desperately questions why it is happening. As Naruto grips the
seal on Kyuubi's prison an arm reaches out to stay his hand. A stunned Naruto
looks to the figure before him, as the Fourth Hokage turns to pull Naruto away
from the seal. Minato explains that if eight-tails are formed, he was made to
appear to Naruto. He offers that he never wanted to see the Kyuubi again, but in
the scheme of things, seeing his grown son made it worth it...

Chapter 440: "Speaking with the Fourth!!" - Deva concludes he'll need to make a
more powerful Chibaku Tensei. Inside Naruto, the Kyuubi yells out at Minato's
presence. Minato tells Naruto he'll have to be careful around the fox and the
young man asks how he knew his name. Minato says because he named him of course,
he's his son. A slow smile fills Naruto's face and a tear begins to form. Minato
suggests they speak elsewhere and a quick snap of the fingers transports them to
an empty plane. Naruto wipes his tears away and Minato concludes that Sarutobi
didn't tell him, to keep everything about the Kyuubi a secret. If anyone knew
Naruto was his son, there could be trouble. He apologizes but Naruto slugs him in
the stomach, demanding to know how he could implant the Kyuubi in his own son. He
offers that he doesn't know whether to be happy or enraged. He begins to cry and
Minato asks Naruto how old he is now. Naruto says 16 and his father offers his
sorrow at making his life hard. Naruto clears his tears away and says he'll deal
with it, he's the son of the Fourth Hokage. Minato smiles and explains that he
sealed the Kyuubi in him because as his son, he felt Naruto could use it. He also
realized someone was controlling the fox, and without a special power, there would
be no way to combat him when he attacks the village again. Naruto offers that
Konoha was already destroyed and Minato says he saw what happened from within
Naruto, and about Jiraiya as well. Naruto asks if Pain used the Kyuubi before but
his father says no, it was the masked Akatsuki member. Naruto remembers Tobi and
Minato states that the man saw through everything and he's using Pain now to
further his goals. Naruto asks why this is happening and Minato offers that as
long as ninja villages exist, the strife will continue and so will the pain. That
very hatred was responsible for Jiraiya's death and his teacher entrusted him with
finding a way to end it. The young man states he can't forgive Pain and asks what
he should do. Minato offers that he doesn't know, Naruto will have to figure it
out himself. Naruto yells that if Jiraiya couldn't figure it out either, how could
he? He's stupid and not a great ninja. Minato reaches out to comfort Naruto and
belay his fears, he confidently states that Naruto will find the answer, he
believes in him as a father. Minato reveals his chakra is fading, but he has
enough to restore the seal on Naruto's stomach. He touches the seal and it
reforms. He begins to fade away and offers that Konoha can be rebuilt and that he
is counting on Naruto. Naruto stares on in confidence and thanks his father.
Rubble clears away from the sphere and watching down from above is a determined
Sennin Mode Naruto...

Chapter 441 - As Deva wonders if Naruto found a way to control the fox, Nagato
himself begins to cough blood. The sphere of rubble collapses and Naruto senses
that his remaining Kage Bunshin at Myouboku dispersed while he was in the fox
form. Katsuyu climbs from within Naruto's jacket and expresses her relief that she
survived. Deva reconsiders Kyuubi's power and Naruto himself is suddenly scared
that he harmed the other villagers when he lost control. Katsuyu says everyone is
okay and Naruto is relieved. Back at the village, Team Gai arrives and calls for a
medical ninja for Hinata and Shima. Deva offers that it's time he ends this and
asks Naruto if he finally understands someone else’s pain. A defiant Naruto
demands to talk to the real Pain and Deva offers his amusement at them figuring it
out. He states the time for talk is over and from his experience, Naruto will only
be able to use two of the Rasen Shuriken while in Sennin Mode, and if he fails,
Deva will beat him down and take him prisoner. Naruto offers he'll have to find
the real one and Katsuyu asks how. He states he has a plan and moves to face the
onrushing Deva. Deva tries to impale Naruto but the young man grabs the rod,
breaks it and kicks Deva back into a nearby boulder. He quickly stabs himself with
the shard and traces Nagato's chakra back to a nearby mountaintop. Nagato realizes
he's been found and Deva gathers himself. Naruto forms two Kage Bunshin and a
Rasen Shuriken. He hurls a smoke bomb and the shuriken flies out. As Deva uses
Shira Tensei to disperse it, a second shuriken hidden in its shadow flies in to
hit during his five second recharge period...

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