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									                                            Microsoft Office System
                                            Customer Solution Case Study

                                            Peroni Improves Integrated Commercial
                                            Planning, Analysis and Reporting of Activities
                                            from One Month to Near Real Time

Overview                                     “Reports and analyses that used to take up to a month
Country or Region: Italy
Industry: Professional services—             are now available in near real time, with far fewer
Marketing                                    challenges…through Office SharePoint Server 2007.”
Customer Profile                               Pietro Sestito, Web and Software Developer, Intranet Technologies Manager, Birra Peroni
Birra Peroni is the biggest brewery                                                                                        Industriale
business in Italy. It sells premium lager
throughout the country, backed by            Rome-based Birra Peroni the leading brewer of Italian premium
highly targeted marketing campaigns
and trade marketing promotions.
                                             lagers, wanted to improve coordination and collaboration of its
                                             iconic marketing campaigns and trade marketing activities in
Business Situation
Peroni wanted to replace its
                                             Italy. Previously, the company relied on spreadsheet software,
spreadsheet-based systems with               but lacked the tools to track and analyse the results of
automated monitoring and analysis of
its Marketing activities in Italy to
                                             promotions at their events. Working with two Microsoft Gold
maximise return on investment for the        Certified Partners in Italy, Ecobyte Technology and Istante,
business as a whole.
                                             Peroni migrated to Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007
Solution                                     collaboration technology as the most cost-effective control
After considering SAP, Peroni decided
to continue with its existing
                                             environment for its marketing cycle planning. Planning,
technology by upgrading to                   approval, reporting and analysis of a campaign or promotion,
Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server
2007 and Microsoft SQL Server® 2005
                                             which used to take between one week and one month to
data management software.                    produce, is now available in near real time. Peroni parent
                                             company SABMiller, one of the world leading brewers, is now
 Reporting in near real time                considering extending the solution to the rest of the group.
 Data displayed in dashboards
 Improved forward planning
 Low total cost of ownership
 Future rollout group-wide
 Workflow management as a process
                                      Situation                                   the first quarter of 2009. Sestito says:
                                      Founded in 1846, Birra Peroni is the        “For this to fulfil its potential, we needed
                                      largest and oldest brewery in Italy. In     a solution to monitor and manage
                                      2003, Peroni ceased to be family owned      approvals for every detail of the
                                      and became part of the South African        activity—from ensuring the correct
                                      SABMiller Group, one of the world           branding to the choice of tables and
                                      leading brewers. With its head office in    chairs. As well as managing the project,
                                      Rome and three breweries across Italy,      we wanted to analyse the outcomes to
                                      the company trades its products under       apply any learning points to future
“We wanted to                         the brand names Peroni, Peroni Gran         promotional events.
                                      Riserva, Pilsner Urquell and Nastro
introduce automated                   Azzurro, which is the leading Italian       “Previously, we were using Microsoft
                                      premium lager worldwide.                    Office Excel spreadsheet software
features to track the                                                             worksheets and Microsoft Office
life cycle of a                       Peroni Nastro Azzurro has seen strong       SharePoint Portal Server 2003
                                      adoption by consumers across all            collaboration technology. However, we
marketing project,                    markets, due to iconic advertisements       wanted to introduce automated features
                                      and targeted distribution at some of        to track the life cycle of a marketing
monitor scorecards                    Italy‟s most coveted style bars and         project, monitor scorecards and key
and key performance                   restaurants, fashion shows, and other       performance indicators, and assess the
                                      trendy venues. Peroni is widely             outcomes of particular promotions, such
indicators, and assess                recognised as a leader in branding and      as the annual Six Nations championship.”
                                      marketing, distinguishing its products in
the outcomes of                       the highly competitive Italian market       Solution
particular promotions,                where some consumers prefer foreign         Although Peroni uses SAP logistics and
                                      beers. To help maintain and expand its      finance software at its manufacturing
such as the annual Six                business in Italy, Peroni wanted to         plants, the company decided on a more
                                      introduce a toolset for greater             cost effective but equally comprehensive
Nations                               automation, analysis, and better controls   approach through its Microsoft Services
championship.”                        over its marketing and trade marketing      Enterprise Agreement for Volume
                                      activities.                                 Licensing. This allowed Peroni to migrate
  Pietro Sestito, Web and Software                                                its existing collaboration technology and
  Developer, Intranet Technologies
                                      Pietro Sestito, Web and Software            data from Microsoft® Office SharePoint®
  Manager, Birra Peroni Industriale
                                      Developer, Intranet Technologies            Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft Office
                                      Manager, Birra Peroni., says: “We needed    SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise
                                      a software application to help improve      without additional licensing costs.
                                      the organisation of our marketing
                                      planning cycle. We decided to deploy a      Peroni contracted with Microsoft Gold
                                      shared intranet portal with enhanced        Certified Partners and systems
                                      business intelligence functions and a       integrators Ecobyte Technology and
                                      dedicated management dashboard              Istante for the migration of the existing
                                      console.”                                   marketing and trade marketing activities
                                                                                  data held in Microsoft Office Excel®
                                      A good example of the potential value of    spreadsheets. They extended the
                                      the application to the business was the     solution to around 90 marketing and
                                      Peroni promotion for the Six Nations        trade marketing staff. The project took
                                      Rugby Union home fixtures in Rome in        just six months to complete, three
                                    months to customise the technology and          Benefits
                                    a further three months to introduce new         The Peroni marketing unit is improving
                                    areas for the marketing planning cycle.         collaborative and individual team
                                                                                    working with the new technology.
                                    Giovanni Simoncelli, Corporate Account          Reports that used to take between one
                                    Manager at Istante, says: “The customer         week and one month to compile are now
                                    analysed the potential for SAP                  available in near real time through
                                    technology to provide the solution, but         reporting and analysis tools such as
                                    we showed conclusively that SharePoint          charts, dashboards, and graphs. Key
“The workflow based                 was the more cost-effective control             performance indicators are easier to
                                    environment for the marketing planning          monitor and the analysis available on the
on forms service                    cycle through a unified user interface. An      outcomes from each promotion are
tools, which is native              additional advantage was the potential          instantly available to inform future
                                    for easy integration with Microsoft             marketing projects.
to SharePoint Server                Exchange Server 2007 communication
                                    technology and Microsoft SQL Server             Near Real Time Analysis and
2007, has been                      2007 data management software.”                 Reporting
particularly important                                                              The key learning points and results from
                                    For the analysis requirements, Office           marketing and trade marketing activities
to us in obtaining                  SharePoint Server 2007 has made it              of Peroni beverages, often highly
                                    easier for Peroni to create live, interactive   sophisticated displays associated with
critical information at             business intelligence portals that              lifestyle events, used to take up to a
strategic moments.”                 assemble and display critical information       month to produce. With the new
Pietro Sestito, Web and Software    from disparate sources. They use                software not only are workflows
Developer, Intranet Technologies    integrated business intelligence                associated with individual projects much
       Manager,      Birra Peroni   capabilities such as dashboards, Web            more efficient, the results are available
                      Industriale   Parts, scorecards, and business data            sooner. Sestito says: “Reports and
                                    connectivity technologies.                      analyses that used to take up to a month
                                                                                    are now available in near real time, with
                                    Enrico Lorenzini, Project Manager,              far fewer challenges for the Marketing
                                    Istante, adds: “In addition, the marketing      team and much more accurate data,
                                    team is taking full advantage of Excel          through Office SharePoint Server 2007.”
                                    Services, an Office SharePoint
                                    technology. Excel Services makes it easy        Sales and Marketing Teams Display
                                    to use, share, secure, and manage               Data in Dashboards and Scorecards
                                    Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks           With the new tools available in
                                    as interactive reports in a consistent way      SharePoint Server 2007, the promotions
                                    throughout the team. It extends the             team can use a wide range of reporting
                                    capabilities of Office Excel 2007 by            features to analyse data, including
                                    providing employees with the ability to         business intelligence dashboards and
                                    reuse workbook models through a                 scorecards. Simoncelli says: “With
                                    scalable server-based calculation service       SharePoint Server 2007, workbooks that
                                    and interactive Web-based user                  are connected to enterprise data sources
                                    interface.”                                     can be published to the server and used
                                                                                    in business intelligence dashboards and
                                                                                    scorecards. Excel Services can perform
                                                                                    complex calculations and display the
For More Information                                  resulting charts and graphs. It also            management solution for the marketing
For more information about Microsoft                  interfaces to enterprise applications           planning cycle in other subsidiaries.
products and services, call the                       using Web services.”
Microsoft Sales Information Center at                                                                 Darioush Afzali, Head of Trade Marketing
(800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the                   Improved Reporting Leads to Better              at SABMiller Europe, says: “The workflow
Microsoft Canada Information Centre                   Marketing Cycle Planning                        management solution for our cycle
at (877) 568-2495. Customers who are                  As a result of the improved set of              planning has helped us to improve our
deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach                     business intelligence, reporting, and           overall planning horizon for our
Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD)                    analysis tools, the promotions team is          commercial activities. The real-time
services at (800) 892-5234 in the                     much better placed to target and focus          availability of all results and learnings has
United States or (905) 568-9641 in                    its future programme of participation in        ensured that we react more quickly to
Canada. Outside the 50 United States                  promotional events. Sestito says:               market requirements delivering more
and Canada, please contact your local                 “Although it‟s too early to forecast a          effective marketing campaigns and trade
Microsoft subsidiary. To access                       return on investment, the improved              Marketing activities.”
information using the World Wide                      reporting features give us the
Web, go to:                                           opportunity to get greater business value       Sestito adds: “The workflow based on                                     from our investment in promotional              forms service tools, which is native to
                                                      activities.”                                    SharePoint Server 2007, has been
For more information about Ecobyte                                                                    particularly important to us in obtaining
Technology products and services, visit               Low Total Cost of Ownership                     critical information at strategic
the Web site at:                                      Through its Microsoft Services Enterprise       moments.”                                        Agreement for Volume Licensing, Peroni
                                                      has achieved value for money in
For more information about Istante                    migrating from SharePoint Portal Server
products and services, visit the Web                  2003 to Office SharePoint Server 2007.
site at:                                              Sestito says: “The alternative would have       Microsoft Office System                                      been a „rip and replace‟ exercise with a        The Microsoft Office system is the
                                                      competitor‟s solution, but we were able         business world‟s chosen environment for
For more information about Birra                      to achieve all our business objectives          information work, providing the
Peroni products and services, visit the               with the Microsoft solution and the             programs, servers, and services that help
Web site at:                      Microsoft Gold Certified Partners‟              you succeed by transforming information
                                                      services at an affordable cost.”                into impact.

                                                      Parent Company Plans to Extend                  For more information about the
                                                      Workflow and Analysis Tool                      Microsoft Office system, go to:
                                                      The success of the deployment has     
                                                      resulted in the SABMiller parent
                                                      company considering Office SharePoint
                                                      Server 2007 as an agile business

                                                       Software and Services                         Microsoft Office
                                                          Microsoft Server Product Portfolio         − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
                                                           − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007             2007
                                                           − Microsoft SQL Server 2005

This case study is for informational purposes only.

Document published August 2009

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