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									             Creative Styling Sewing
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Creative Styling is pleased to offer ongoing classes full of fun and lots of learning experiences.
* Register at our shop or by telephone to guarantee a space & receive your supply list
* Payment is your only confirmation of registration
* Payment by cheque is preferred
* Supplies will be available for purchase prior to class
* We request that fabric be purchased at Creative Styling so we can guarantee a successful outcome with your project.
* Purchases for class will be 10% off regular priced fabric (excluding kits and sale items)
* Baby Lock Sewing machines are offered to students taking classes at a nominal fee, just let us know in advance.

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Classes and Programs are listed under the following headings:
   1. Certificate Programs          6. Sewing
   2. Quilting                      7. Home Décor
   3. Machine Embroidery            8. Learn to Sew
   4. Fashion                       9. Special Events
   5. Serging                      10. Retreats

1. Certificate Programs

At Creative Styling, we are excited about our Certificate Programs. These are comprehensive programs that cover everything
you need to know to become a master in the art of sewing.
 * sign up for any complete Master Program and receive 10% off the full registration fee.

*Master The Art of Dressmaking
8 sessions over 18 weeks beginning Saturday September 25 2010
Classes run the first and third Saturday of each month
Oct 2/23 & 30 Nov 6/20 & Dec 11 2010 then continue into 2011
Session 1~ Fashion Sewing as an Art Form
This class covers shape, line, colour and the relationship of each element to the finished product. A discussion on the principles
of design and the elements of proportion will be covered as the students begin planning their individual project. The class is
lecture format and allows each students to begin the thought process of design with regards to the finished selection.
~ Style and Figure Analysis
Measurements begin as the students assess their figure type and define their style. Proportion is most important in the overall
appearance of a finished garment. This class focuses on the use of colour, line and focal point to offer the appropriate balance.
Overall the class focuses on a personal interpretation of the student‟s design in relationship to their figure. The classes will
continue to offer insight into each individual project.
Session 2~ Pattern Prospectus
This class will help the students in the decision making process by using knowledge from previous topics to analyze their choice
of patterns. A complete study of a pattern will be learned from sewing terminology to layout and cutting. Group discussion will
offer the students insight into the pattern as an important tool for individual design.
~ Pattern Adjustments
 Using their commercial paper pattern the students will be guided in flat pattern adjustments. Armed with their own personal
measurements they will shorten, lengthen, reduce or enlarge the pattern pieces to customize their pattern for a perfect fit. Students will
learn the importance of pattern adjustments and how they affect the final appearance of a garment. Muslins will then be sewn after the
student has reconstructed their pattern for fit and design.

Session 3 ~ The Wonderful World of Fabric
Fabric is the medium that influences the finished garment. Understanding how a fabric drapes and conforms to the pattern
design is important in keeping the style line. In the next four classes you will develop a full understanding of fabric through the
components which make up the material itself and how they reflect on the garments overall appearance
This first session covers Fabric identification and content. Natural versus Synthetic fabrics will be explained plus a discussion on
the latest fabric trends and finishes.
~ Fibers and Fabrics
Textile Classification will be the topic in this class based on fabric properties and origin. As the students delve into the history of
fibers, yarns and weaves a full explanation of fabric construction will be covered. The class will discover the difference between
weft and warp knitting plus how to identify decorative weaves like dobby, jacquard, twill and satin.
~ Fabric Selection and Preparation
Choosing the correct fabric for their design is „key‟. Experience in sewing is often helpful in fabric selection however this class
offers the students the opportunity to use their new understanding of fabric, color and style to choose the perfect fabric.
Students will address their color choices and how the fabric will relate to their pattern. Fabric preparation will also be covered
~ Pattern Layout and Marking
Armed with the knowledge of the pattern essentials the students will begin the layout using their altered pattern pieces.
Grainlines, directional fabrics, stripes, plaids and bias cutting will be discussed. Tailor tacks, thread tracing and various fabric
markers will be explained as the students build toward their Basic Sewing Kit.
Session 4 ~ The Undercover Story
Underlinings are an integral part of the garment. Although discussed in prior classes the student must now make a decision as
to where and when to use the inner fabric. Durability and care of the fabrics together must be taken into consideration.
Compatibility between inner and outer fabrics will be the topic of this class. Students will learn how to prevent puckering,
ripples and unevenness as they mold the underling to the fashion fabric.
~ Interfacing/Underlining/Lining
The difference between underlings and interfacings will be discussed. With an understanding of the underlining needed for each
garment, this class will focus on interfacings required. Lining a garment creates a quality finish that adds to the custom made
look of any outfit. Students will be shown the various types of linings and their purpose. Students will complete session 3 with a
full knowledge of the application and use of under fabrics for support and durability.
*These five topics will be covered in 2011
~ Details and Closures
~ Basic Construction
~ Designer Details
~ Hand Finishing
~ Pressing
Full Class Program Fee $600

Master The Art of Dressmaking 102
Graduates of Master the Art of Dressmaking will be continuing their education in the Art of Dressmaking 102 this fall.
Classes begin Sat Sept 25 and run Oct 2, 16, 30, Nov 13, 27, Dec 4 and into 2011 ( 10 sessions over 6 months )
This second comprehensive program has students applying their knowledge from the first program as they develop new
advanced skills. The muslin and pattern block will be part their first sessions moving on to fill their reference manual with
samples of collars, hems, plackets, facings and more. They will be working on their own individual designs for skirts and tops as
they restructure pattern and accomplish better fitting strategies.
 ~ Design Selection
An introduction to pattern selections and overview of planning students design choices. Paper pattern fitting will be
~ Muslin Fitting
Remake of first muslin and added design features.
~ Pattern Making
Final muslin used to make pattern blocks.
~ Fabric and supply choices
All ingredients for garment making will be co-coordinated and organized.
~ Preparation
Layout, marking, and cutting class. Students will look at various ways in which garment interest can be created using different
layouts. Marking methods will be reviewed
~ Stabilizing
Interfacings plus new product introductions for stabilizing will be covered.
~ Sample Classes begin on cuffs, hems , plackets , facings and a variety of choices for finishing solutions
Full Class Program Fee $600
Master the Art of Quilting
    7 topics are covered beginning Thursday September 30
Oct 7/21/ Nov 4/18 Dec 2 & 16 continuing into 2011
This certificate program is designed in a step by step process to help you become a master quilter. You will be guided through
the lessons from fabric preparation, cutting and sewing to the completion of your quilt.
~ Color Basics
We all use color somewhere in our lives. Learning a few basic principles of color and its terminology will give you the knowledge
and confidence to mix the right colors fro your next project.
~ Rotary Cutting
The first step to any quilting project is learning to use the right tool. In this class you will learn how to achieve accurate cutting,
achieve a scant ¼” seam. Press fabric and seams to make a 9 patch block .
~ Quilt Making Basics
This class covers the basics required to make your first quilt top. You will learn and practice seam allowances, color selection,
piecing, half square triangles and so much more.
~ Backing, Batting and Basting
Once your quilt top is made, it is time to choose your batting and backing fabric and put it all together. All the tricks of the
trade will be covered in this session.
~ Marking and Stencils
Many patterns tell you to „quilt as desired‟ this class will take the frustration out of one of the most creative parts of the quilt
making process. Learn to pick your own stencil or make your own and how to manipulate it to fit the size and dimensions you
~ Machine Quilting
Starting with the walking foot and straight line quilting you will graduate to free motion techniques. Decorative threads and how
to mark your top will be covered.
~ Finishing Touches
There is more than one way to bind a quilt. In this session you will discover how to cut and prepare binding, the easiest way to
apply a traditional binding without a lump at the end, as well as other methods of finishing your quilt. Then try your hand at
labels, learning how and to design them.
Full Class Program Fee $500
Master the Art of Machine Embroidery
7 topics covered beginning Friday September 24

Learn all the techniques needed to produce successful embroidery results. Quality embroidery requires basic skills; good
practice and the proper ingredients and equipment. The most essential information you need to use your embroidery machine
to its full potential will be covered in this comprehensive program designed exclusively for Creative Styling.
Topics include
~ Getting Started
~ Hooping
~ Needles and Thread
Your embroidery results are only as good as your needles and thread. In this class you will learn all about needles, when to use
which needle and the various types of thread available.
~ Stabilizers
Learn all the choices needle and practice with a variety of threads for sample references.
of hoop sizes and shapes plus tips for proper hooping. To hoop or not to hoop is a common question, plus centering and
aligning your designs. Stabilizers are the foundation of decorative designs that enable your work to be free of warping and
puckering. This class will teach you how to match the fabric and stabilizer correctly for a successful outcome.
~ Embroidery Styles
Beyond basic embroidery lies the world of creative embroidery techniques. These give new meaning to the words „Creative
Machine Embroidery‟ .From appliqué to free standing lace and heirloom embroidery you will learn to do cutwork, lettering,
embossing and many more types of embroidery on your machine.
~ Combining and Editing Designs
Learn how to manipulate your designs right on your sewing machine screen. You can duplicate and cut existing designs to
create totally new designs.
~ Using the Computer in your Sewing Room
By far the fastest and easiest way to customize or manipulate your designs is with a computer. Each design segment is digitized
with stop to make the design parts easy to extract using embroidery software. Learn to set up folders to organize yoru designs
and how and when to find them on the internet.
Full Program $600
2. Quilting Classes

~ Sweet Panel Quilt
Thur Sept 9 and 23 9-12
Stitch up this adorable quilt for baby using a preprinted panel then adding borders and binding. This 2 part class will teach you
how to quickly prepare, cut and sew and easy quilt top.      Class $30 Kit $25
~ Bi Monthly Sampler American Beauty Quilt 85” x 105”
Sept. 9, 23: Oct 7, 21: Nov 4, 18: Dec 9, 16: Jan 13,20: Feb 3 & 17 1-4
Join us twice a month starting in September for the fun of making these 12 beautiful quilt blocks. The block designs in this
program are planned for a sampler style quilt with an organized scrap style. Learn time saving techniques to cut and piece the
colorful fabrics together. 2 blocks will be done per month
Class $360 Kit $275

3. Machine Embroidery

~ Creative Machine Embroidery
10 sessions will be offered in total. Sign up for them all and receive class fee discount.
~ Embroidered T shirts
Friday Sept 3 10-1     $30     Kit $5
Adding lace or embroidered designs adds the designer touch to garments. Learn the designer tips fro customizing your T shirt.
~ Embroidered Note Cards
Friday Oct 1 10-1      $30     Kit $10
Showcase your talents by sewing note cards for friends. Use your test stitch outs from your design collection, special blanks
with cut outs for placements of embroidery designs or pretty paper and bits of fabric.
~ Terrific Towels       $30    Kit $5
Friday Nov 5 10-1
Personalize towels can make a quick and easy decorative statement to any bathroom. Try your hand at placement and
lettering. Placement guidelines will be supplied.
~ Dimensional Embroidery
Friday Dec 3 10-1      $30 Kit $10
Add dimensional butterflies or flowers to your purchased clothing. Learn how to embroider three dimensional raised appliqués.
 Jan Feb Mar April May and June cover topics of embroidered pockets, quick quilts, in the hoop fun, layered appliqué quilt block

Full registration $300   ( 10% discount applies if registered for all 10 sessions )

4. Fashion Classes

~ Travel Skirt
Sept. 28 10-5
Come and join Jo-Anne to learn how to make this unique skirt that pleats up neatly in its own self belt. This skirt rolls up for
packing. Design by Kathryn Brenne
Class Fee $65 Pattern $15.98
~ The Classic „As you Wish Jacket‟
Only 3 major pattern pieces make up this darling jacket and you get to embellish it. Maybe the fabric says it all as there is little
seaming to show off or you may want to use decorative threads and jazz it up a bit.
Friday Oct 8 10-4 $60 Pattern $15.98

5. Serger Classes
~ Flutter Skirt
This fun Flutter skirt will be the most easy to stitch and wear garment for the fall season. Rip and serge layers of soft fabric as
you build a tiered skirt in the fullness your desire.
Wed, Sept 1 10-4        $60 ( pattern included )
~ Cuddle Coat
This Cuddle Coat is made in Fleece or Soft Knit Fabrics. Serger it up in no time. Design features cascading collar and side
pockets. Decorative edges using fancy threads will be demonstrated
Wed Sept 8 10-4          $60 ( pattern included )
~ The Indispensible Cover Up
This sweater or cover up can be serged in no time making it a great addition to your fall wardrobe. You will find it packs easily,
keeps you warm when the evenings get cooler and can even dress up a simple outfit taking you from daytime to evening. Great
for a weekend get away.
Wed Sept 22 1-4         $30 ( pattern included )
~ Serger Quilt “ Autumn Table Runner”
Piece quilt Blocks with your serger. Yes you can and how quick and easy it is to assemble this Autumn Attic Window design.
Join in the quilting revolution with your other machine.
Friday Sept 24 10-4
~ Serger Skills ( project Fleece Hat )
Come learn more about the 4 thread and 3 thread stitches as you use your serger to serge a cute little fleece hat. Find out how
to achieve a great rolled edge and how to use decorative threads.
Wed Oct 6 10-1 $30 Kit $5

~ Serger Christmas Stockings
You will hone your serger skills as you make two very special stockings.
You may stay for the day and learn the techniques to make both of these festive stockings or make either one.
Class Fee $55 ($30 for one)
Kit Fee $

6. Sewing Classes
~ Applique Techniques and Tools ( notebook class )
Learn how appliqués can be made easier using fusible web, temporary spray, and iron on interfacing. Try building on a design
while perfecting your satin stitches. A definite must for garment sewers and quilters.
Sat Sept 4 10-1     $30 Kit $10
~ Tricks of the Trade ( notebook class )
Learn how to achieve smooth darts, set in a perfect sleeve, make easy bias binding, install a zipper quickly, perfect your
corners and sew a comfortable waistband.
Wed Oct 20 10-4 $60 Kit Fee $10
~ Embellished Holiday Vest ( sewing )
This embellished vest will be just the answers as you dress up a sweater or blouse for holiday wear. Christmas, Easter or just
any time your wish to get creative with patchwork, decorative stitching and embellishments, this will be the vest to play with.
Wed Oct 27 $45 ( includes pattern )

   6. Home Décor Classes
~ Inventory Management
Cleaning house is one task but your sewing room should be organized with all projects and tools easily accessible to enjoy the
art of sewing. Fabric management will be discussed and handouts for a fabric and accessory inventory will be supplied.
Thur Oct 21 10- 1 $30
8. Learn to sew

Anyone can learn to sew. If you do not know how to sew or have not sewn for a very long time, this is the perfect way to begin.
Join us to get started and discover the fun of learning this exciting hobby. One on one classes booked for a fee of $35 per hour

9. Special Events
~ Sewing for Business
Do you have an interest in starting a business with your sewing? This seminar will help you on your way to becoming the
entrepreneur you have dreamed about. Based on my book „Creative Business‟ and lectures presented at Durham College, IDEX
Interior Design exposition and the Creative Needlework Festival I have inspired many people like yourself to start their own
business. Come find out more and begin the first step.
Friday Oct 1 1-5      $35 includes manual
~ Foiling with glue Free Demo Studio Tour Weekend Sat Oct 9
~ Sewing Machine and Serger Maintenance
With many complex parts, keeping your machines in good working order may seem complicated. Let us show you how to keep
them running smoothly and prevent machine damage by correct cleaning and weekly maintenance.
Wed Oct 6 1-4      $10 ( leave your machine for servicing and we will take $10 off your service fee. )
~ Get Creative ( seminar )
The ability to form something new and innovative out of what we have been given, our thoughts, imagination and inner spirit is
the not so easy part of the creative process. Come explore and develop the hidden inner creative talent we all possess. You will
learn 10 steps to take charge of your ideas and initiate a new vision. Based on my book “ Creativity”, I will train you how to
reschedule your time and help motivate your thoughts productively.
Fri Oct 22 1-4        $40 includes manual

10. Retreats

~ Customize and Re style a Favorite shirt pattern
5 Day Retreat         with Guest instructors Kathryn Brenne of „The Academy of Fine Sewing and Design‟ and Cecelia
Podolak designer of the „Classics‟ pattern line and professor of Clothing and Textiles.
 Sept. 14-18
Learn to use your basic sloper to re-style the shirt to produce a new look and a new pattern. Add a few well placed design
details such as collars, yokes, pleats, pockets and cuffs or add a 2 piece or ¾ sleeve
  "This yearly inspiring 5 day retreat is sold out well in advance each year.” Please contact us early to book your space for
Fee includes 5 day hands on instruction, all handouts lunches, snacks and refreshments plus a wine and cheese evening with
guest speaker Catherine Bell of Prime Impressions.
B & B accommodations are within walking distance of the school.

~ Knit Camisole, Bias cut Jacket and Draping
3 day retreat with Guest instructor Jan Bones of Lingerie Secrets
Oct 13- 15
Day 1 Knit Nightie – Gain experience in sewing with knits, elastic and lace. You will learn techniques for successful mitred
necklines and hem edges.
Day 1 and 2 – The Bias Cut Lingerie Jacket – A comfortable feminine blouse to wear with anything. Learn about bias pattern
layout, cutting and sewing along with seam finishes and hem edges.
Day 3 Draping- The art of Draping helps create a piece of clothing without a pattern. Students will experiment with bodice
designs and how to work with fabric grain to plan fit and shape.
This fun sewing retreat with the ever popular Jan Bones includes light lunches and refreshments each day.
Full 3 day retreat $350 or        Day 1 & 2 $250       Draping Class only $150
Kit Fees payable to instructor Nightie $30 Camisole $12

~ Fabricating Fabric         ( Double Diamond Ruler )
 2 day workshop with Guest instructor Cheryl Wray founder of the Ontario Sewers Forum
When Cheryl comes to town you can be assured that something wild and wacky will ensue. Her mind is over flowing with
projects out side the box. Come play for a 1 ½ days as you play with crayons, dyes, markers and the sewing machine to spice
up fabric by changing the surface.
1 ½ days $90 Kit Fee payable to instructor $!5

~ Rug Hooked Purse
Loretta Moore helps you discover the traditional art of Rug Hooking. She brings along her own designs and discusses not only
the techniques used but the way in which she dyes cuts and preps her kits. Work on this fabulous rug hooked purse over a 2
day class.
Sat Oct 30 10-2 and Sat Nov 13 10-2
Class Fee $45 Kit Fee $45 and up (payable to instructor)

Your registration fee covers tuition only. We make a commitment to our instructors based upon your
registration. Classes are kept small and instructors may require a 2 week cut off date.
Prepay for enrollment, receive class supply list.
Assure your machine is in good working order or book a service with our trained technician in advance of
class. If you are unable to attend, we will be glad to give you a credit toward another class or if enrollment
is below our minimum limit we will either transfer you to another class, give you an in store credit or
refund your credit card.
 See you soon!

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