Business Affairs Council Minutes May 6 2004 VP Items Old Business  Revi by vyo66635


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									                                  Business Affairs Council
                                       May 6, 2004

VP Items:
Old Business:
    Revised Economic Impact Publication – in progress
    Vehicles on the mall
    The Policies and Procedures section of the CWU manual for Business and Financial
      Affairs – update (still in process)

Rich reviewed the Cabinet and PAC meetings and the upcoming board meeting.

AVP Items:
Kevin will email a revised draft of the non-travel related charges. Please review and send
comments to Kevin.

Kevin reported on the BAR meeting. FICA rules for students are changing. There is a proposal
for state contracts for rental cars and motels. There is discussion on use of a “stored value card.”
More information will be provided as available.

Kevin has received a request for an airport shuttle stop on campus. This will be discussed

ITS Items:
A presentation on Peer to peer file sharing was presented to the Cabinet. ITS will go forward
with this software.

The President has provided funding for a standard computer virus for the campus. This will be
up and running by fall.

HR Items:
Campus telephone directory – Carmen Rahm will be preparing a plan for publication of an
electronic directory. He will include a short-term and long-term plan. This will include the
feasibility of a hard copy directory as well.

Essential employees – will be discussed next week.

Facilities Management Items:
Greg Poe reported that they are ordering banners for the malls. Flowers are being planted for
beautification of the campus. Trenching for the utilities is being done. The Green Depot Deli
(North Campus Café) is about 10 days away from opening. There were some problems with the
electrical service that had to be cleared up. Predesign for Dean and Hogue is progressing. There
should be water in the Japanese Garden soon. The fence around the West Entrance to Black Hall
should come down this week.

EIS Items:
Faculty access to Safari is now available. EIS is conducting faculty drop-in assistance for those
that would like additional help. There are more sessions scheduled next week.

Students were sent letters informing them of their start time for registration. Early registration
starts on May 10. The system is doing well.

EIS, ITS and HR are all working together to coordinate systems and checking to be sure that
everything is running smoothly.

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