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       In these training sessions your sales associates will learn three
essential aspects of presentations: organization, developing material, and
polishing a sales presentation or Executive Briefing.

       Your sales people will learn how to add marketing magnetism to their
presentations. They will also discover how to personalize their presentations
with little-known techniques used by master performers, top marketers and
professional speakers as well as how to make third person endorsements into
stories that have new and dramatic impact!

       Imagine all your sales people completing an Executive Briefing
presentation, and it is a wild success. They have connected indelibly with
their high-level audience while being memorably dramatic and uncannily
persuasive. Their recommendations to go to the next level are accepted.
What would such triumphs be worth to you and your company in additional
sales revenue over the next five years?

                               B ACKGROUND

        Your sales people need to be as effective as possible when they get in
front of executives to present your company story and communicate why it
is in a company‟s best interest to do business with you. This Presentation
Sales Training is perfect to help sales people move to the next level of skill
and productivity.


       The objective of Presentation Sales Training is to support your goal of
increasing the effectiveness, professionalism and confidence of all sales
associates. More specifically, in the area of presentation skills, the objective
is to build an even more dynamic sales force that acts as client consultants to
communicate your solutions and effectively marry a client‟s needs to your
products and services.


      Patricia Fripp can conduct highly interactive seminars/coaching
sessions in various locations of your choice in the United States. In advance,
she will interview up to six people of your choice.

      The seminars can consist of any number of participants. They are
highly interactive, and each person will be coached on their performance
multiple times.

      Although the schedule is flexible, and based on the outcomes desired
and skill set of participants, this is what we can guarantee:

      All participants will learn the following skills and knowledge in
these information-rich sessions . . . and much, much more:

       Three ingredients to help prepare every talk, sales presentation or
        Executive Briefing
       How to better analyze the key elements that must go into every
       How to conduct a client meeting of any size
       How to utilize the Fripp Presentation Organization Tool for every
        presentation or sales conversation
       How to understand the Fripp I-You ratio formula to improve client
        buy-in for your point of view
       How to get your major points across…fast
       How to speak from the client‟s point of view
       How to ask the questions that insure more acceptance
       How to tell your company story in a more engaging way
       How to speak in a way to be perceived as a consultant, not a sales
       How to build pictures in clients‟ minds of how your product or
        service is the best option to accomplish their goals and objectives
       How to connect with any audience so they respond positively to
        your proposal
       How to gather and organize ideas and information in a short time

       Master the little-known Fripp „inside-out‟ preparation technique
       How to use techniques to create exciting, life-changing and
        business-developing presentations
       How to remember your presentation and have the audience
        remember sufficiently to be able to make recommendations to
        others at a later date
       How to come across as likable to any prospect audience of any size
       Why speaking more effectively can improve sales
       How to add credibility and professionalism
       Why today‟s audiences of 1 or 100 are different
       How to be more comfortable in any situation, formal or informal,
        with or without PowerPoint
       How to emotionally and intellectually connect with every group,
        committee or executive audience
       Discover the behaviors an Executive Briefing client won‟t forgive
       Discover the enemy of every sales person
       How to overcome bad habits and minimize nervousness
       How to work from an outline and look more spontaneous
       How to be a more confident, competent speaker
       Learn techniques to become presentation coaches for each other


       Every participant benefits as Patricia Fripp shares the best ideas from
over 25 years experience as an internationally acclaimed speaker, sales
trainer, and speaking skills coach.

Learner Outcomes:

       Participants will be able to identify mistakes most speakers and sales
professionals make and how to eliminate them. Participants will learn how
to write, present and spice up a talk or sales presentation immediately . . . or
by the end of the session! They will also learn how to use this new strength
to their competitive advantage and cut years off their learning curve. They
will never approach a sales presentation or Executive Briefing the same way

again. The economic importance of perfecting these skills will be clear to
each participant.

Note: The above description is just a guide. The length or format can be
varied to suit your needs and the skill set of each group.

                     PRESENTER’S B ACKGROUND

       Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE is an award-winning speaker, author, sales
trainer and in-demand executive speech coach. Meetings and Conventions
magazine named her “One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North
America.” Steven Covey‟s Executive Excellence magazine calls her “One
of the top 50 consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and professors who
cover the Seven Dimensions of Excellence.” She delivers high-energy,
high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations. As an expert
speech coach, she excels in building leaders and transforming sales teams.
In the November 2002 issue of Kiplinger Personal Finance stated in their
cover story that Patricia Fripp‟s speaking school is the sixth best way to
invest in you.

      Before becoming a full-time speaker and sales trainer, Patricia had a
successful career in a service industry for 24 years. She owned two highly
successful businesses that included training both service and sales personnel.

       Patricia first received payment for speaking and training in 1976.
Since 1980 she has spoken to at least 100 groups a year, many of them
repeat engagements. This includes Fortune 100 companies and major
associations worldwide. The over 4,000-member National Speakers
Association elected her the first female President in 1984. She has won or
been awarded every designation given by NSA including the Hall of Fame
and the Cavett Award, the highest honor and considered the Oscar of the
speaking world.

       Your investment for services provided within the San Francisco Bay
Area includes all out-of-pocket expenses and travel. Coach class travel and
all out-of-pocket expenses are not included for services provided outside the
San Francisco Bay Area. The daily or project fee will be discussed in


      “I use your outline prep format for every speech, sales presentation,
internal training, even conference calls I deliver. It has really made my
preparation faster and more effective! The „character and dialogue‟ concept
makes these presentations not only more fun for my listeners, but a heck of a
lot more fun for me! Without your coaching I would have been swamped
trying to prepare.”
                    Libby Easton, Director of Business Development, ADP

       “After Patricia Fripp worked with our sales team for one day, we
totally rewrote our sales presentation based on her invaluable advice. Since
then, we have enjoyed dramatic results and significantly higher sales. A day
with Fripp was a great investment.”
         Joe Wester, Senior Vice President, SalesLink, A CMGI Company

      “The day after I worked with you I more than tripled my close rate on
a $3,000 product in a presentation to another group. We‟ve been promoting
seminars and products for Tom Hopkins for over 20 years, and even Tom
has been unable to give us the specific training we needed. You did and
multiplied our effectiveness beyond belief.”
                                  Ron Marks, President, Results Seminars

        “I have an important sales presentation to deliver to 200 people. I was
all set to go until I reviewed the entire program based on the advice you
gave. I tore up the entire talk, edited it in half, and rehearsed it the way you
showed. It now sings.”
                                                 Jim Smith, SPHR, People Inc.

       “Coming out of the training session with Patricia Fripp, I‟d have to
say I wasn‟t just ready to give a presentation to a large audience---I am
looking forward to it. Considering I‟d rather jump out of airplanes than
speak for audiences, that‟s a stunning endorsement. And Patricia‟s training
was excellent. Bring her back---pay her double. Everyone in our company
needs to be trained in the Fripp Sales Presentation methods. What a great
combination of sales, persuasion and speaking skills.”
                                               Eric Stieler, AG Consulting

      “Preparation is an extinct art! Most salespeople (or at least the
average ones) take the easy way out and „wing it‟ far too many times. You
focused on both the importance of the message and what it takes to craft that
message in a way that grabs the prospect. I guarantee you that now all my
salespeople are rethinking how they open a presentation and how they can
make the most out of their time with the prospect. Thanks for a great
presentation and making us think.”
                Dave Delventhal, National Sales Director, AG Consulting
      “What a great two days! From a simple ROI standpoint, I am
confident we will see a payback in less than 4 months. From my standpoint,
a salesperson‟s sales cycle can begin or end with how well they give their
                              Greg Stivers, Division Vice President, ADP
      “I came to the Fripp sales presentation class with an internalized
skeptical attitude…I was open to possibility that the class would be valuable,
but I was not „banking‟ that it would be...and I walked away with some very
valuable concepts. Thank you.
Since then, I have „formally‟ integrated your concepts in the team planning
phase as we prepare for presentation...message crafting with my technical
team and focusing on story telling and direct quotes that tie back into the
technical concepts...
In my last experience with this, we had our planning session the day prior
to the presentation. I practiced my „lines‟ that night at home as I bathed
my kids and got them off to bed. After „delivering the message‟ to five
and six year olds, covered with bubbles and relatively disinterested, I was
prepared for my real audience.
The presentation went off well, and I am confident that we set ourselves
apart from our competition...we hit our goals for the day. We are still
„in‟ this deal and are positioned to win has yet to be awarded.
I do not believe that we would be as well-positioned if we had taken the
traditional path...our quotes of the players in the room from previous
encounters flushed out additional information that has helped us to better
understand their buying criteria. I am now a Fripp „believer.‟
                 Julie Morris, District Manager, ADP National Accounts
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPA E, A Speaker For All Reasons, 527 Hugo St., San Francisco, CA 94122,,, (415)753-6556, (800)634-3035


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