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					                            ANIL K. AGGARWAL
                                   Fulbright Scholar
                         Lockheed Martin Research Professor
                         Robert G. Merrick School of Business
                              University of Baltimore, USA


Academic Experience

      1999 — Present Professor, Information Systems, University of Baltimore
      1988 - 1999 Associate Professor, Information Systems, University of Baltimore
      1982 - 1988 Assistant Professor, Information Systems, University of Baltimore
      1983 summer Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Other Work Experience

      1975-1982      Teaching/Research Assistant, University of Houston
      1972 -1973     Research Assistant, Southern Illinois University
      1971 -1972     Construction Engineer, Khandelwal Construction Company, India.


      Fulbright Scholar, 2003. This was a grant the State Department to assist a premier
       university, JNU, in starting an e-learning program. It also included assistance with
       curriculum issues.
      Lockheed Martin Research Professor.
      Inaugural Speech at the "Use of Electronic Media in Science Teaching" week long
       seminar at JNU-UNESCO Conference, 2003
      Education & Information Technology, Editorial (Leader Page article), The Hindu
       (leading Indian newspaper), 2004.

    At the UofB, I have taught at both at the graduate and the undergraduate level. I
    have been involved in redesigning MIS curriculum, courses and technical
    workshops. I have met AACSB guidelines for incorporating modern technologies
    into my teaching by using: VBASIC, ORACLE, RDB, IFPS, GPSS and Excelerator,
    as well as Word Processors, Spreadsheets and BASIC. I have also included
    international and ethical components in my courses and have also met the AACSB
       guidelines for stressing communications and other professional skills by simulating
       real life examples in the courses. I have been using web in all my courses and am
       actively teaching in the webMBA program at UB.

       A partial list of courses
           Introduction to MIS (G, UG, web)
           Database Management Systems (G, UG, web)
           Information Systems Applications (G) Decision Support Systems (G)
              Information Systems Project (UG) Visual Basic (UG)
           Advance Visual Basic (UG)
           C++(UG)
           COBOL (UG)
           Modeling and Simulation (G)

       I have guided numerous independent studies throughout my career at UB Facilitated

       sessions at the GDSS lab in the ISRC


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       1982 An Investigation of the Efficiencies of Foreign Exchange Markets: The
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       1972 Remodeling of the Existing Airport at Santa Cruz, Bombay.


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Invited Panels:

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Work In Progress:

Web-Based Education: Issues --The Next Stage (with Hackbarth (Iowa State), Legon
(UB), Turoff (NJIT), Salvatore (Italy), under submission.
Digital Divide and e-Learning: A Case Study (with Vogel (Hong Kong), Ramamurthy
(India) and Fowler (UB).


      Analyzed Processes and developed strategic plan for improving operations at
       USEFI, India, 2004.
      A Strategic plan for WBE at JNU, December 2004.
      Worked with colleagues to develop IT plan for the State of Maryland's Department
       of Transportation (MDOT) (ISRC Grant) 1998-1999.
      Worked with colleagues to develop IT plan for the State of Maryland's Department
       of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) (ISRC Grant) 1998-1999.
      Worked with ISRC on the year 2000 (Y2K) problem for the State of Maryland
       (ISRC Grant) 1999-2000.
      Worked on a grant from Baltimore City's Human Resources and Computer Services
       Department (VBASIC training).
      Some work on a grant from the City of Baltimore's Department of Social services
       (Data Base Consulting).
      Assisted an international import/export business in developing an organization wide
       information/decision support system (unpaid).
      Assisted a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble with customer analysis and information
       processing (unpaid).

Research Related:
    Tiger Team Award (with Dr. Fowler), 2002-2003.
    Hoffberger Ethics Teaching Award, 1999.

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