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Ryan Home Financials Company Profile


Ryan Home Financials Company Profile document sample

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More information from http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/606985/

Premium Company Profile: Black & Decker Corporation

Description:    Black & Decker is a global manufacturer and marketer of power tools and accessories, hardware
                and home improvement products, and technology-based fastening systems. The company seeks to
                achieve growth and long-term value creation by creating competitive advantages through new
                product launches and by acquisitions and alliances.


                - Contains corporate strategy, value chain presence and SWOT Analysis

                - Provides detailed business description, segment analysis, 5-year financial trends, key products
                and key competitors

                - Includes information on suppliers/ partners, shareholding structure and key employees with

                Highlights of this title

                Black & Decker markets its products and services in over 100 countries and has manufacturing
                sites in 10 countries.

                In February 2007, the company signed a four-year contract with Greek glassware and appliances
                trader Yalco, under which Yalco will distribute the products of Black & Decker in Romania.

                The company has been recording a strong revenue growth in the past few years. The revenue of
                the company has increased at a CAGR (2004-2007) of 6.7%.

                Key reasons to purchase this title

                - Access all the important information and analysis on the company in a single report

                - Understand company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats along with business
                strategy and value chain

                - Gain access to company’s adjusted five year financial data along with key ratios and market

Contents:       Overview 1
                Catalyst 1
                Summary 1
                tables 3
                Company Structure 4
                Company Overview and Key Facts 4
                Business Description 5
                Power tools and accessories 5
                Overview 5
                Financials 5
                Hardware and home improvement 5
                Overview 5
                Financials 6
                Fastening and assembly systems 6
Overview 6
Financials 6
History 7
Company Locations and Subsidiaries 8
Head Office 8
Other Locations and Subsidiaries 8
Company Financials 10
Overview 10
Revenue by Division 10
Revenue by Geography 10
Products and Services List 12
Major Products and Services 12
List of Products 12
List of Brands 13
Competitors and strategic business relationships 14
Top Competitors 14
List of Competitors 14
Suppliers and Partners 15
Clients 16
Shareholding Structure 17
Strategy 18
Mission 18
Company Statement 19
Strategy 23
Divestments 23
To focus on product launches 23
Acquisitions and alliances 23
Corporate Social Responsibility 24
Overview 24
Community commitment 24
Social commitment 24
Employee commitment 24
Environment commitment 24
SWOT Analysis 26
Overview 26
Strengths 27
Diversified product line 27
Strong top line growth 27
Increasing cash flow from operations 27
Weaknesses 28
High reliance on key customers 28
High dependence on the US markets 28
Opportunities 29
Growing demand for power tools 29
Growing infrastructure spending in India and China 29
Expanding consumer electronics market 29
Threats 30
Slowdown in the US housing market 30
Rising steel prices 30
Environmental regulations 30
Economic slowdown in the US 31
Value Chain Analysis 32
Overview 32
Raw materials 33
Overview 33
Manufacturing 33
Overview 33
Distribution and sales 33
Overview 33
Marketing 33
Overview 33
Services 34
Overview 34
            Key Employees 35
            List of Key Employees 35
            Key Employee Biographies 36
            Nolan D. Archibald 36
            Norman R. Augustine 36
            Barbara L. Bowles 36
            George W. Buckley 37
            M. Anthony Burns 37
            Kim B. Clark 37
            Manuel A. Fernandez 38
            Benjamin H. Griswold 38
            Anthony Luiso 38
            Robert L. Ryan 39
            Mark H. Willes 39
            Bruce W. Brooks 39
            James T. Caudill 40
            Charles E. Fenton 40
            Les H. Ireland 40
            James R. Raskin 41
            Stephen F. Reeves 41
            Mark M. Rothleitner 41
            Michael D. Mangan 42
            Paul F. Mcbride 42
            Christina M. Mcmullen 43
            Robert I. Rowan 43
            Edward J. Scanlon 43
            John W. Schiech 44
            Natalie A. Shields 44
            Ben S. Sihota 44
            Michael A Tyll 45
            Financial and Operational Overview 46
            Financial Overview 46
            Key Industry-specific Ratios 49
            APPENDIX 50
            Data Definitions 50
            Ask the analyst 50
            Our consulting 50
            Disclaimer 51
            List of Tables
            Table 1: Black & Decker Corporation - Key Facts 4
            Table 2: Black & Decker Corporation - Other Locations and Subsidiaries 8
            Table 3: Black & Decker Corporation - Revenue by Division, 2006-2007 ($ Mn) 10
            Table 4: Black & Decker Corporation - Revenue by Geography, 2006-2007 ($ Mn) 11
            Table 5: Black & Decker Corporation- List of Products 12
            Table 6: Black & Decker Corporation - List of Brands 13
            Table 7: Black & Decker Corporation - List of Competitors 14
            Table 8: Black & Decker Corporation - Key Shareholders 17
            Table 9: Black & Decker Corporation - SWOT Analysis Summary 26
            Table 10: Black & Decker Corporation - Value Chain Analysis 32
            Table 11: Black & Decker Corporation - Key Employees 35
            Table 12:Black & Decker Corporation - Financial and Operational Highlights, 2003-2007 ($ Mn) 46
            Table 13: Black & Decker Corporation - Key Industry-specific Ratios, 2003-2007 49
            Table 14: Black & Decker Corporation - Data Definitions 50

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