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									                                         STATE REPRESENTATIVE LEO BERMAN
                                                      210f1 Dover [ane
                                                     Tyler, Texas 7S7Ot

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       Fax:            to Joe Strau¡

       From: leo

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       903-581-1   (Farf

       Total               thls One- 3

                              t{ot Prhled, Malled or Fared wlth St te or olhet
                                                                               Govemmeût Fund¡

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                                              STATE REPRESENTATIVE LEO EERMAN
                                                       2109 Dover Lane
                                                        Tyler, Texas 75103


                                   AN OPEN LETTER TO TEXAS HOUSE SPEAKER JOE STRAUS

        Abe             seld, "You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people
                                                                                                   all of the ¡me¡
        but you         t fool all of the people all of the time,,.

        Asa?2           combat veteran, thls ls an approprlate week for me to prove the veraclty
                                                                                                 of Rbe tincoln,s
        wlsdom    I     ur partlcular æse and those who çompromlsed their lntegrity atong     you.
       At the         ng of last session you and 10 of your cohort Republicans, RINOS would
                                                                                                 be the proper
       terÍ,          you did not went my good friend Tom Craddlck, a solld conservative
                                                                                            Speaker, to preslde
       over the ¡sion. You met and voted among yourselves as to who woutd be your
                                                                                        Speaier candidate.
        rt fell   you slnce you wêre the least controverslal althou6h you were
                                                                                the one with the least servlce
       in the      . You hed      ll
                                 votes but needed 65 more to make the 76 it takes to elect a Speaker.
       You          to go to the Democrats who eventually gave you the os votes to win. what
                                                                                                  dld you give
       them?      gave them a promlse not to bring leglslation dealing
                                                                       wlth ILLEGAL AL|ENs, PRo-LIFE tssuEs,
       or         I to the House floor and
       loved that
                                            lhgt ls exactly what happened durlng the sess¡on. The Þemocrats
                      because they opposed all three tssues vehemently.

       When I       that no bills on illegal aliens were comlng out of the state Affalrs committee
                                                                                                   chalred by Rép.
       Eurt             I did notlce that Democrats were brlnging bllls to the f,oor tfrat woui¿-iaîffi;¡.fi
       milllons of
       which       these beneflts are for u,s. cltlzens only', Êxcuæ the term, uri Ûtt Democrats
       over my                                                                                        went,,nuts,
                                and Joe, you Û¡ed to come to thelr rescue. you        øme to my desk on the
     floor and                                                                                                   House
     to stop
     the same               :H:..Til."i:i11..r.^:o-u11l:^t rrieve
                                                                   whail heard from vor.-r ,rrrä
                         of offrce thail drd and then requested thât you teave my oãrlt qr,.irv         öï;.iä;
                                                                                                      i;fä; ;'rä;;",

     Flnally,         single'handedly killed the voter -lD Blll, a bill-that 96%
                                                                                 of Republicans ln the 2008 prrmary
                                                                       rorr. ele.tlonsïoim*tqe chatr rodd smith,
    another                                    ,:.i,::*o:.
                      å0",:"Hî.,"::ïlo^.,::1ll:f Blll with two weeks rem.inlnjii
                         finallv brought out a Voter'lD
                                                                                           the sessron. vou anJJl
                         ,,î:r"îfiï:];T,,^il.::::t                  to d.eþv ir,. iæi¡ä" þy 5 tun days, whrch
                      v kllled the voter-lD B¡ll. You could :l11ll,
    on your
                                                            have stopped that rrom o.v í'näuC-¡
                      ls somewhere behind the House charnber. Ybur                                   åii,"iäri,iråi
                                                                           tenure as ç-åarer rì,es e dlsaster as
    the fact          you calfed yourself a Republican.                                                          far as

    On the first lay of any sesslon, lt ls e custom
                                                    in the House that everyone votes for
    wlth 76      ¡' There was not a Red Light on the board. you recelvei.ra.v            the speaker candtdate
    However,      u and your cohorts, who were now poslt¡oned                      rot" accòrdlng to custom.
                                                                         on ,u"ry ,4or comm¡ftee, punlshed
                 leaderc like me' Most did not get.ny
                                                          r.]o, bllls out or.orá¡tt.e even though all followed

zø'¿                       zøÞ¿ 696 2ø6                            NUI¡U3€I O3l        'd3ll     l^¡d lZ22ø      Tø-aø-.lON
       the        custortt and voted Yes for your Speakershtp. Now, you have changed thet customl lf you
       surulve    there ls e vote orr you for speaker, my vote will light up Red meaninf No. I belleve there w¡ll
       be many        on the board slnce you and your remainlng 6 RINOS wlll keep conservatlve legislagon
       from the        . -' rrre wst, rrrs remalnrng I niltvà üre ñeps. ÞyÍon çooK, cnarþy Gergn, Bun
                         By the way, the rrilr€ililnË 6 RlNos are Reps. Byron cook, charley Gerãn. Burt
                 Rob Elssler, Jlm Keffer and you. Closely affiliated w¡ttr ttrls giorp are Reps. oan granch,
       Smith,    le Tru¡tt, lols Kolkhorst and others who have written glow¡nc siaterenis
                                                                                                  about your servlæ
       e3         .They are all looking for somethlng for themselves ind wlll cornprorfilse their
                                                                                                        integr¡ty for
       personâl ¡ln. I wlll NEVER compromlse my lntegrlty by giving you
                                                                              a Ereen l¡sht ¡f It comes to tirat. My
       vote wlll  e strong No,

       Becentl¡    t the days prior to the General electlon you supported wlth your presence and funds
                   who were opposed by substantlal Repubtlcan candldates Remember you prorrised
                   that you would not Personally oppose one of their lncumbents. When I announced for
       Speaker     I you realized that you had oppositîon, you shelved out over
                                                                                  STOo,ooO to Republlcans some
       of whom          actually conservatlves, but I belfeve you dld so ln vtolation of Stäte
                                                                                               Uw anO f nl.J an
       Ethlcs          lon vlolation agalnst you wlth both the Ethics commisslon and the
                                                                                              Distrlct Attoiney of
       Travís        , one of your spokesman said my complaint has no mertt. we shall seel
       To my          ¡es ln the House, I say you all know what Straus and his 10 cohorts
                                                                                          did last sesslon. They
                    their integrlty. Don't compromlsê yours by votlng with Straus and wrlttng na¡tlous
                  about the service he provided. lt was a farcel My militãry career forcèd
                                                                                           me to dõtest those
                  compromlse their integrtty for personal galn. you all know what I meanl

                           Not printed or maired with State or other
                                                                     Governrnent Funds

2ø'¿                   ¿øþ¿ 6S6 2ø6                            NUt¡ìl3€t 03-l 'dSrt          ],¡d f ¿z 2ø r ø-aø-AoN

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