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									                                    HSC Course Assessment Task

Topic: IT Business Proposal and PowerPoint Presentation

                      Time Allowed:          9 weeks
                      Due Date:

The organisation requires a new piece of hardware. Working in teams, research and gather evidence
and put forward a business proposal through a PowerPoint Presentation.

Presentation Type

•   Written report consisting of a portfolio of evidence gathered to address the elements of the
    competencies and a PowerPoint Presentation of the Business Proposal

Approach (All work to be documented)

•   Receive call
•   Team meeting and tasks distributed
•   Organisational requirements investigated and work schedule set
•   Research and quotes prepared along organisational guidelines
•   PowerPoint Presentation prepared
•   PowerPoint Presentation given and documentation submitted

                                    1.1 Business document requirements are determined and
ICAITU012B Design                       configured
Organisational Documents Using
Computing Packages
                                    1.2 Organisational design guidelines are determined and
                                    1.3 Appropriate software is selected
                                    1.4 Software is used to design documents
                                    1.5 Documents are sorted for access and editing as required
                                    1.6 Client requirements are satisfied or client is referred to
                                        appropriate person
                                    2.1 Software application is opened
                                    2.2 File is determined and opened, and design is amended
                                        according to requirements
                                    2.3 Documents are designed to meet organisational requirements
                                    2.4 Applications are exited without loss of data
                                    1.1 Receive, clarify and act on oral messages promptly

ICAITD003B Receive And Process
Oral And Written Communications
                                    1.2 Relay messages to nominated person
                                    1.3 Record oral communication according to organisational
                                    2.1 Receive and act on written communication according to
                                        organisational guidelines
                                    2.2 Record written communication according to organisational
                                      3.1 Calls are answered promptly in accordance with organisational
                                      3.2 Identify and establish caller's requests
                                      3.3 Record messages in-line with organisational guidelines
                                      4.1 Correctly identify and greet caller
                                      4.2 receive and confirm message with caller
                                      4.3 Deliver message and record call
                                      1.1 Work to be completed is identified
ICAITTWO11B Participate in a
Team and Individually to Achieve an
Organisational Goal
                                      1.2 Work is prioritised according to organisation guidelines
                                      1.3 urgent requests are prioritised and acted on according to
                                          organisation guidelines
                                      2.1 Members and roles of team are identified
                                      2.2 tasks and goals are identified and acted on
                                      2.3 Assistance is sought from members when necessary
                                      2.4 Feedback is given and received to ensure organisation goals
                                          are met

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