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Case Studies
                         HIGHER EDUCATION PROJECT
                              CONFERENCE 2000

                                  CASE TEACHING


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CaseNet: Active Learning in International Affairs

Case Studies in Public Policy and Management

                                      Appendix E-1
Clearinghouse for Decision Case Education, University of Minnesota (Agriculture, Food,
Natural Resources, and the Environment)

EDI Case Study Collection, Economic Development Institute, The World Bank

Electronic Hallway

Engineering Case Studies, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Carleton University

Harvard Business School Publishing

International Law Online Casebook, Stanford University

Pew Case Studies in International Affairs, Georgetown University

Sociology Cases Database Project, University of Notre Dame

The World Bank Institute, Case Study Collection

                                                                            Prepared by:
                                                                           Jane Kushma
                                                 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                                                                        (423) 755-4519

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                                      Appendix E-2

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