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					SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                 PQQ EVENTS                                                QUESTION ANSWER LOG

  NO.                          QUESTION                                                     ANSWER                                  SUBJECT AREA
          Will DEA's be involved in the assessment of            No
 PQQ1     participants transferring from the current Provider to                                                                       DESIGN
          the new Prime Contractor?
          People employed in supported businesses that are       Participants will remain in employment with the supported
          protected Workstep places; what is their status with   business as part of the new specialist disability employment
 PQQ2     the new Prime Contractor?                              programme. Their support needs will be met by the                     DESIGN
                                                                 supported business.
          What happens to a person supported within a            They move if it is the best interests of the customer. The
 PQQ3     supported business if they move to supported place     support package would become the responsibility of the prime      TRANSITION/TUPE
          in open employment?                                    provider.
          Will the Department expect a supplier to provide       Yes
 PQQ4     specialist help for those wanting to move into self                                                                          DESIGN
          How should we weight the ITT to demonstrate            The weighting DWP has given to the respective elements of
 PQQ5     support for customers with learning                    the ITT will be detailed at the next stage of the bidding          COMMERCIAL
          disabilities/mental health issues?                     process.
          If we complete a successful PQQ, will this make an     This would be a commercial decision for the Primes
 PQQ6     organisation more attractive to other Primes to work   concerned.                                                         COMMERCIAL
          alongside in the capacity as sub contractor?
          Who will drive change in supported businesses to       Quality will be measured through the Inspection Framework
 PQQ7     raise standards? We need to raise standards to         relevant to each country and through quality measures which           DESIGN
          move more supported customers on.                      will be described more fully within the ItT.
          Will you identify where the current financial          Yes, we will need to be more specific with this information for
 PQQ8     incentives are being paid?                             the next stage of the competition.                                    DESIGN

          Will the Prime Contractors be expected to pass         Yes. The Primes will need to set up a mechanism for
 PQQ9     across the £ 4800 for each of the protected places?    transferring the money across.                                    FUNDING MODEL

       What is the impact on current Workstep participants The WORKSTEP participant's place will receive financial
       in supported business places?                       protection of £4,800 per year for the 5 years of the contract.
 PQQ10                                                     Further details will be provided at the next stage of the               TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                           competition as to the nature of the relationship between the
                                                           supported business and the prime provider.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                   PQQ EVENTS                                               QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Do you expect all subsidies to end at the end of the      Any new subsidies agreed by the prime contractors cannot be
 PQQ11 contract period?                                          guaranteed beyond the end of the contract period.                      DESIGN

       I have a Workstep participant who is unable to do         Financial incentives paid from DWP provider funds have been
       30% of his current job, and funding is currently found    protected - further detail is in the PQQ. We are unable to
 PQQ12                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
       elsewhere to cover this portion of the job. Can this      comment on funding received from other sources.
       What are financial incentives?                            Funding that is paid to employers by providers to help support
PQQ13A                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
                                                                 some participants in employment.                .
       Can I withdraw the financial incentive when the           Only if agreement is reached, with the employer
PQQ13B                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
       contract starts?
       Are the 93 supported businesses DWP are working           They are in England, Scotland and Wales.
 PQQ14                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
       with all based in the UK?
       If you are successful as a Prime Contractor, are you      Yes.
 PQQ15 expected to take on all the protected Workstep                                                                                   DESIGN
       places in your area?
       What will be the minimum number of hours in               16 hours.
 PQQ16 supported/unsupported work on the new                                                                                            DESIGN
       Currently we have one supported factory and one           Those customers currently on WORKSTEP in the supported
       unsupported factory. What will happen under the           business will have their place protected. Anyone working in a
       new contracts?                                            supported business, but not in a protected Workstep place,
 PQQ17                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                 will not receive any financial protection. Support for protected
                                                                 places will only be offered to the places already identified by
                                                                 DWP in the 93 identified supported businesses .
          Is there to be financial guidelines re payments from   Transfer of payment outside of the protected places identified
          Prime Contractors to sub contractors?                  in supported businesses will be part of the commercial
 PQQ18                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
                                                                 arrangement between the prime and the sub contractors and
                                                                 will be regulated through the DWP Code of Conduct
       Will funding be available for unfilled supported          DWP will specify appropriate timescales and processes for
 PQQ19                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
       business places?                                          the filling of these vacancies in future guidance.
       Existing arrangements with employers i.e. training        We will provide as much information about financial incentives
       and funding allocated - at what point does the new        to employers as we can at ITT. Other aspects of support (e.g..
 PQQ20                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
       Prime Contractor get sight of these commitments?          human support in the workplace) will be a matter of
                                                                 discussion during the transition period.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                              PQQ EVENTS                                            QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       How can the number of protected supported            DWP will only provide protected funding for the supported
       business cases be increased? What are the rules of business places that have already been identified and agreed.
 PQQ21                                                                                                                          DESIGN
       engagement?                                          Letters confirming numbers have already been issued to
 PQQ22 Will you be protecting the supported businesses?     No.                                                                 POLICY
       Should my organisation submit a PQQ?                 If you want to be a prime contractor, yes. If you want to be a
 PQQ23                                                                                                                        COMMERCIAL
                                                            sub contractor, then no.
       What if a supported business, with supported         Yes.
 PQQ24 business places wins a contract? Will you pay                                                                            DESIGN
       yourself the £ 4800 for the protected places?
       For participants on programme in Module 3, who will We are still working on the detail and will provide more
 PQQ25 make the decision to stay in this stage for people   information in due course.                                          DESIGN
       currently on the programme?
       We are looking at the potential to work with another In this contract, the service fee will be paid for the Prime
       County Council. We are looking at how the funding delivering the service set out in the contract, one element of
       will work. Will we be paid the 70% fee regardless of this will be expectations over places; DWP will monitor places
       the places filled? Would we agree with the other     filled to ensure they are in-line with what has been agreed in
 PQQ26 County Council a fee as a sub contractor?            our contract with the Prime. There will have to be an            FUNDING MODEL
                                                            agreement and a contract drawn up between the Prime and
                                                            the sub contractor and in it will be details of how much the
                                                            prime will pay the respective sub contractor. Different
                                                            arrangements will apply for protected places.
       Will we be getting the 15% job outcome payment for No
 PQQ27                                                                                                                       FUNDING MODEL
       all those who are currently in work?
       As a council with a supported business we have 12 Support for protected places will be offered to the places
       people working in the council. Will we be better to  already identified by DWP in the 93 businesses. Customers
 PQQ28 keep in the council or move to the supported         on the current WORKSTEP programme and in the future               COMMERCIAL
       business?                                            programme should be placed and supported appropriately,
                                                            where it is of most benefit to them.
       We currently work with another provider (Remploy) DEA's will ensure that only suitable customers are referred to
       on an outcome based programme. But they are more the new programme.
 PQQ29 interested in those people closest to the labour                                                                         DESIGN
       market. How will you ensure the new programme
       helps those in most need?
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                  PQQ EVENTS                                             QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       As a small organisation, if we receive a referral from      We would expect to see appropriate arrangements between
       someone with high demand for additional funding             the Prime providers and sub-contractors to ensure the needs
 PQQ30                                                                                                                           FUNDING MODEL
       because of their disability, will there be any additional   of the customer were being met.
       Will Access to Work be applicable?                  Access to Work is available to people in, or moving into, paid
                                                           employment or self-employment and therefore will have a key
                                                           role to play in the new programme. By 2013/14 greater
                                                           numbers of disabled people will be able to receive the support
 PQQ31                                                                                                                               DESIGN
                                                           they need to take up paid work due to the increased funding
                                                           of Access to Work that the Government announced on in the
                                                           Green Paper ‘No one written off: reforming welfare to reward
                                                           responsibility ‘.
       How do I know if my business has been classified as Those businesses that have been approved will be aware of
 PQQ32 a supported business?                               their status. Letters confirming protected places have already            DESIGN
                                                           been issued.
       When will there be a decision about the overall     A maximum of 3000 places will be supported - where these
       number of supported business places?                are situated will be based on returns sent to DWP some
 PQQ33                                                     weeks ago. A letter has been issued to existing providers                 DESIGN
                                                           confirming the number of supported places current held.
       Are there any special rules for participants who     There is some information on these participants within the
       moved to Workstep from the Sheltered Employment PQQ Specification; we are currently in the process of
 PQQ34                                                                                                                           TRANSITION/TUPE
       programme?                                           reviewing guidance and further information will be provided at
                                                            a later date.
       Is it possible to employ Workstep participants, but  Yes
 PQQ35                                                                                                                               DESIGN
       not be a supported business?
       How will the £ 4,800 p/a for the protected places be The money will be paid to the Primes directly by DWP as part
 PQQ36                                                                                                                           FUNDING MODEL
       paid to Primes?                                      of the overall funding package
       We are not a supported business and have no          No
 PQQ37 protected supported places. Is there any protection                                                                           DESIGN
       for us?
       How can we continue to get funding if we are not on By becoming a Prime or a sub contractor
 PQQ38                                                                                                                           FUNDING MODEL
       your list of 93 supported businesses?
       Is there any obligation for supported businesses to  The requirement to share information will be detailed at the
 PQQ39                                                                                                                               DESIGN
       share information with the new Primes?               next stage of the bidding process.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                PQQ EVENTS                                                 QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       What protection is there for places currently 'let out   Protection is only for those on Workstep in a supported
 PQQ40 to a host employer'?                                     business and for the financial incentives paid to employers for    FUNDING MODEL
                                                                those in supported open employment.
          Is it the Workstep places or people within the        Workstep places already identified
 PQQ41                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
          supported businesses that are protected?
          Re the financial assessments - how will Local         Local Authorities are required to complete parts 1, 2 and 5 of
          Authority bids be assessed?                           the PQQ finance section. Assessment of local authorities will
 PQQ42                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
                                                                take into consideration their different legal status and funding
 PQQ43 Can new providers become a supported business?           DWP are not recognising any new supported businesses.                  POLICY
       Who will support employees within supported              Employees will be supported within supported businesses.
 PQQ44 businesses when the new programme is                     Further details will be provided at ItT stage.                     TRANSITION/TUPE
       implemented? How will people be transferred?
       Can you provide Supported Employment Places              We will aim to provide this at the ItT stage.
 PQQ45 (SEP) data (pre Workstep) to show where these                                                                                   DESIGN
       customers are based geographically?
       Referral process - what is the best way to fill places   Further information will be provided at the ItT stage.
 PQQ46 within supported businesses? What is the Prime                                                                                  DESIGN
       provider's role?
       Under the new programme will Prime providers be        We will monitor supported business places and further
 PQQ47 monitored on supported business places?                information will be provided at the next stage of the                    DESIGN
       A centrally based company have Workstep                A more detailed data collection exercise is being conducted in
       customers out stationed all over the country. How will preparation for the ITT. This will look at cross boundary issues
 PQQ48                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
       this work when the new programme is implemented? within supported businesses.

       How will the 14,000 Workstep customers be                We are working through the detailed design and more
 PQQ49 allocated to new providers? What will happen to          information will be available at the ItT stage.                        DESIGN
       customers in my location?
       What is the success rate for progression in              National indicative average is 3% per annum
 PQQ50                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
       supported businesses?
       Does the Prime Contractor take on responsibility for     No
 PQQ51 the supported businesses in the contact package                                                                                 DESIGN
       What is the relationship between the Prime               There will be a requirement for a commercial relationship to
 PQQ52                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
       Contractor and supported business?                       be developed.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                  PQQ EVENTS                                                QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Will you be looking at how Prime Contractors will     Further information will be provided at the ItT stage.
 PQQ53                                                                                                                                  DESIGN
       work with supported businesses?
       Will DWP be monitoring the relationship between the DWP will monitor the contract of the Prime Contractor in line
 PQQ54 Prime Contractor and the supported business?          with the Contract Management Framework, and will be                     COMMERCIAL
                                                             underpinned by the DWP Code of Conduct.
       Can the Prime Contractor negotiate how the £ 4,800 No. A commercial agreement needs to be in place for the
 PQQ55 p/a is distributed to the supported business?         direct transfer of all the funding to the supported business for        COMMERCIAL
                                                             the protected places.
       What is the current price per participant for the     This is not relevant as we are not offering 'like for like' with the
 PQQ56                                                                                                                                  DESIGN
       current programme?                                    new service.
       What will be considered at PQQ stage by DWP if a The financial and quality capability and capacity of the bidder
       supplier looks to deliver multiple contract packages. is taken into account when considering delivery of multiple
 PQQ57                                                                                                                               COMMERCIAL
       Is there a maximum number of packages one             contract packages. No maximum number of contract
       supplier can be awarded?                              packages has been set.
       What financial consideration do DWP give when         At the PQQ stage, an assessment of the financial strength of
       assessing the PQQ's?                                  Prime Contractors is undertaken. The assessment uses key
                                                             financial measures. This assessment enables us to signal to
 PQQ58                                                       potential bidders the maximum level of potential contract               COMMERCIAL
                                                             award we would consider prudent - enabling you to manage
                                                             your bidding strategy across SDEP contract package areas.

          Will DWP take into consideration when assessing         Initially DWP will assess a bidder's financial capacity and
          financial strength, other procurements during the       capability relating to the SDEP procurement. Secondly due to
          year?                                                   the number of procurements this year, DWP will look at a
 PQQ59                                                                                                                               COMMERCIAL
                                                                  bidder's financial capability and capacity on a holistic level,
                                                                  taking into consideration the volume of contracts for different
                                                                  provisions a bidder is tendering for.
          Is it a six month transition period?                    Yes. It is anticipated that contract award will be week
 PQQ60                                                            commencing 26th April 2010, with a transition period lasting      TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                  until week commencing 25th October 2010.
       If after transfer a redundancy situation arose, would      Yes
       the new employer have to honour the individuals
 PQQ61                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
       terms and conditions for redundancy payments?
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                 PQQ EVENTS                                                 QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Does TUPE apply where participants are employed          DWP are taking legal advice on this particular issue and will
       by the current provider but work for another             provide more information as it becomes available, hopefully
 PQQ62                                                                                                                              TRANSITION/TUPE
       organisation                                             before ITT. It is recommended that bidders seek their own
                                                                legal advice.
         If staff are employed on a range of duties, only some There is no clear percentage which can be used as a rule of
         of which is related to Workstep administration, does thumb. It is likely TUPE applies when an individual can
 PQQ63   TUPE still apply?                                      recognise their work has moved into the new organisation (i.e.      TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                when they are predominantly assigned to the work that is
         A number of potential transferees have final salary    TUPE does not cover pensions except to the extent that they
         pensions. Are these protected?                         are covered in the Pensions Act 2004. However, public sector
                                                                employees are covered by Cabinet Office guidelines which
 PQQ64                                                          require a new employer to offer broadly comparable pensions         TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                when TUPE applies. This also applies to staff who were
                                                                previously public sector employees if the initial transfer took
                                                                place after 1999.
         How do you expect TUPE to work?                        It is not expected there will be any transfer of staff from DWP.
                                                                It is expected that there could be transfers from current
                                                                provider to new provider - e.g. administration staff. The project
 PQQ65                                                          is working hard to gather further information on these potential    TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                transfers. DWP is taking legal advice when participants have
                                                                a contract with the provider. It is recommended that bidders
                                                                take their own legal advice.
         If TUPE applies to the individual can the transferring That would be a matter for the transferring organisation. If
         employer retain that person if they wish?              they offered redeployment then the individual would no longer
                                                                be part of the transfer. Transferors should bear in mind the 14
 PQQ66                                                          days (prior to transfer) time limit for the transferring employer   TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                to provide information to the new employer, which is included
                                                                within the TUPE regs.
         What are the plans to extend current contracts         DWP are currently looking at offering extensions to current
         beyond October 2009?                                   contracts until October 2010. DWP are also looking at plans
 PQQ67                                                          for the transitional period. It is expected that participants can   COMMERCIAL/TUPE
                                                                be referred to the providers right up until new contracts go
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                               PQQ EVENTS                                              QUESTION ANSWER LOG

          Why cannot DWP make it clear in current contracts  DWP is neither the transferor nor the transferee under TUPE.
          which staff will transfer?                         Under the DWP Commissioning Strategy, DWP wishes to
 PQQ68                                                       facilitate the provider to provider transfer and we are working   TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                             with current providers to obtain as much information as
                                                             possible to ensure a smooth transfer.
       Is there any specific Scottish employment law that is It is recommended that bidders take their own advice. TUPE
 PQQ69 applicable?                                           derives from an EU directive and will apply throughout the UK.    TRANSITION/TUPE

          How does TUPE affect the requirement to address      TUPE protects terms and conditions of employees who
          equal pay issues?                                    transfer to the new provider. Bidders also need to consider
                                                               the Code of Practice on Workforce Matters in Public Sector
 PQQ70                                                                                                                         TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                               Service for new joiners where they are employed on new
                                                               contracts where there are ex public sector employees
       What information about participants would be            There is a team in DWP looking at a range of issues around
 PQQ71                                                                                                                         TRANSITION/TUPE
       handed over to the new provider?                        ensuring a smooth transition to the new contracts.
       If TUPE applies does it mean there will be              Yes, TUPE protects existing terms and conditions of
 PQQ72 employees with the new providers on a range of          employment.                                                     TRANSITION/TUPE
       different terms and conditions of employment?
       Is more information available about where staff who There are plans to gather more information about potential
       may TUPE transfer to new providers are based, and transferees and their current employment arrangements. If
 PQQ73 whether they are Local Authority employees?         staff are local authority employees then regard must be had to      TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                           the Cabinet Office guidelines on the transfer of public sector
       In respect of the supported businesses, would the   Yes.
 PQQ74 Prime Contractor be responsible for managing the                                                                            DESIGN
       quality of provision?
       What is TUPE?                                       TUPE stand for the 'Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of
                                                           Employment) Regulations 2006. These regulations are part of
                                                           European and UK law - they are designed to safeguard
                                                           employees' employment rights when the business in which
 PQQ75                                                     they work changes hands between employers or where there            TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                           is a service provision change. People who move with their
                                                           work to an external contractor have their existing terms and
                                                           conditions of employment (including continuity of service)
                                                           protected at the point of transfer.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                 PQQ EVENTS                                                 QUESTION ANSWER LOG

          Who is expected to TUPE over to new providers?         TUPE applies to those staff who are assigned to the work
                                                                 which is transferring from one employer to another. Further
 PQQ76                                                           legal advice is being sought on how this may apply to              TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                 individuals in this case and bidders are advised to obtain their
                                                                 own legal advice.
       Who will determine who should be included within          This is a matter for the transferor and the transferee to agree.
 PQQ77 the transfer?                                             DWP will facilitate the exchange of information but would offer    TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                 no warranties as to its completeness.
          Will staff in supported businesses transfer to a new   Further legal clarification is being sought on this issue. There
          Prime Contractor?                                      is a preliminary expectation that the supported business will
 PQQ78                                                           continue to operate largely as before with the Prime               TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                 Contractor providing funding in respect of the guaranteed
                                                                 places. Bidders are advised to seek their own legal advice.
          What information on potential transferees will be      Work is continuing to be collect data from existing suppliers.
          provided by DWP?                                       The exact make-up of this information (which is likely to be
                                                                 available when the ITT is issued) has yet to be determined.
                                                                 DWP would welcome views from bidders on what information
 PQQ79                                                           they would like to have to formulate bids although no              TRANSITION/TUPE
                                                                 guarantees can be given that this information would be
                                                                 collected or could be supplied. It is the responsibility of
                                                                 bidders to ensure they have sufficient information in order to
                                                                 submit their bids.
       Is it possible that new Prime Contractors would           It has been agreed that any current Workstep participants
 PQQ80 refuse to take on existing participants?                  would be offered the opportunity of a place on the new             TRANSITION/TUPE
       How will data on potential transferees be provided,       Work is continuing to establish how any information supplied
 PQQ81 as the new packages do not align with the current         will be packaged.                                                  TRANSITION/TUPE
       provider areas?
       Are the number of admin staff who should be               No, whether someone is eligible for TUPE transfer is
 PQQ82 included within the transfer determined by the            established by whether or not they are assigned to the work        TRANSITION/TUPE
       number of Workstep participants in the area?              which is moving from one business to another.
       Will Remploy be able to be part of an SPV or              No
 PQQ83                                                                                                                                  DESIGN
       Consortia bid?
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                               PQQ EVENTS                                            QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       SPV's do not need to be formalised until the ITT.       The PQQ should be answered on behalf of the SPV. DWP
       What happens if there are changes to the SPV            would expect what is outlined at PQQ to be carried through to
       between PQQ and ITT? How do you answer some of          ITT. If a member of an SPV drops out, that could effectively
 PQQ84 the PQQ questions?                                      rule out the SPV from the ITT stage as it would probably be a   COMMERCIAL
                                                               significant change. New members would add to the SPV. The
                                                               format of the SPV should be outlined at PQQ stage and would
                                                               need to be robust.
       Will progression into training count as a job           No
 PQQ85                                                                                                                           DESIGN
       Will the new provision link self employment so          Yes
 PQQ86 contractors can count self employment as a job                                                                            DESIGN
       Can you confirm when the sustained job outcome       The sustained job outcome may be claimed when the
 PQQ87 payment is triggered?                                participant has been in unsupported employment for 26                DESIGN
                                                            weeks out of the last 30 weeks
       What is PSA 16? How will Prime Contractors link into PSA stands for 'Public Service Agreement'. PSA16 focuses
       and work with niche organisations who deliver to     on supporting adults who are at risk of social exclusion,
       PSA 16 customer groups?                              particularly those with mental health and learning difficulties
                                                            and/ or learning disabilities. More detailed information on
                                                            PSAs can be found on the HM Treasury website -
                                                   This PSA does not apply to either Scotland or
                                                            Wales. However there is ongoing dialogue with the Welsh
                                                            Assembly and Scottish Government and Local Authorities to
 PQQ88                                                                                                                           DESIGN
                                                            take this work forward. The PSA16 Working Group is advising
                                                            the Project on how the new provision can provide better
                                                            support to these customer groups. How Prime Contractors
                                                            link into and work with niche organisations will be a
                                                            commercial decision for those Prime Contractors. It is thought
                                                            unlikely that any one organisation will be able to deliver the
                                                            whole contract without the use of specialist or niche providers.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                   PQQ EVENTS                                               QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       There is some concern over the timescales of the            The SPV needs to be set up by the ITT stage - the deadline
       tendering exercise. Local Authorities may or may not        for receipt of completed ITT's is 12.00 Noon on Monday 26th
       have been involved in the previous consultation             October 2009.
 PQQ89                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL
       exercise, and the tight timescales make it difficult for
       Local Authorities to bid. If setting up an SPV, when
       does the SPV need to be in place?
       At PQQ, are you looking at the finances of the              Yes.
 PQQ90                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL
       What happens if existing Workstep participants              It is anticipated that the majority would wish to move onto the
       choose not to move onto the new programme?                  new programme. If not, further discussion will have to take
 PQQ91                                                             place between the provider and participant to understand the         DESIGN
                                                                   full extent of not transferring to the new provision.
       Will the transitional customers be subject to the three     They will be transferred to the most appropriate module.
 PQQ92                                                                                                                                  DESIGN
       modules design of the new programme?
       In Scotland, will DWP let each of the four contract         DWP does not expect one organisation will have the capacity
       individually to four organisations, or let the four         to deliver all four contracts. However, this will depend on the
 PQQ93                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL
       contracts to one organisation?                              results of the competition and the financial capability/capacity
       Is there a separate pot of money for delivering to          This is a Pan disability programme and there is no extra
 PQQ94 those with learning difficulties or is this within core     funding for specific disability groups, so all groups must be        DESIGN
       funding?                                                    catered for within the core funding arrangements.
       What criteria were used in identifying the indicative       This was based on analysis of a variety of information
 PQQ95 number of job starts?                                       including factors such as current programme performance              DESIGN
                                                                   and expectations of future performance and through flow.
          Could you tell us about protection - is it part of the   It is £ 4,800 p/a per protected place and it will added to and
          management fee?                                          paid through the service fee payment based on the number of
 PQQ96                                                                                                                                  DESIGN
                                                                   protected places within the specified contract package area.

       Regarding volume and throughput, what happens to            The project will specify appropriate timescales and processes
 PQQ97 the protected place after progression into                  for the filling of these vacancies in future guidance.               DESIGN
       unsupported employment?
       If the financial assessments of local and national          Criteria is applied equally across the whole assessment and
       organisations score equally in the PQQ, is there a          no preference will be given to one organisation over another.
 PQQ98                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL
       mechanism in place to choose the local over the             Also EU directives make it illegal not to follow a fair process.
       national organisation?
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                 PQQ EVENTS                                                QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Who makes the decision when a customer moves              Further information will be provided at the ItT stage.
 PQQ99                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
       from Module 2 to Module 3?
       Within a supported business, will job outcome             The prime provider will be eligible to claim the applicable
PQQ100 payment and sustained job outcome payment be the          payment from DWP.                                                  FUNDING MODEL
       Is there any flexibility in changing the funding model?   No.
PQQ101                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
          What does the Prime get out of managing supported The opportunity is there for the Prime to develop relationships.
          business Workstep places? Payment?                     For any progression generated from a supported business,
PQQ102                                                                                                                              FUNDING MODEL
                                                                 the Prime will be eligible to claim the respective outcome
                                                                 payments as agreed in there contract.
          What information will be available at the ITT stage on Prior to the ITT stage, DWP will be undertaking a detailed
          existing provision?                                    data collection exercise with current providers. This will
PQQ103                                                           provide information on the level of financial incentives and any      DESIGN
                                                                 agreements in place between current providers and
          As a supported business with a guaranteed sub          Decisions on business expansion are a matter for the
          contract, will we need a second sub contract to allow business concerned. Extra places will have no guarantee of
PQQ104    development on expansion of the business?              protected funding. Decisions on offering additional                   DESIGN
                                                                 programme places will be a commercial matter between the
                                                                 Prime Contractor and the supported business.
          Concern around DDA compliance and level of             In module 1, we would expect the majority of support to be
          funding. Where people are in Module 1 and need         provided by the prime provider within the agreed funding. The
PQQ105                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
          expensive adaptations, software, etc, how is it        ItT will set out the links between the new programme and
          funded?                                                other DWP provision/support.
          What if the Prime Contractor only refers customers Further information will be given at the ItT stage on the
PQQ106    to supported business who are harder to help and       process for filling places in supported businesses.                   DESIGN
          there is no level playing field.
       Is there an issue if I move a customer from         No
PQQ107 supported business place and progress them into a                                                                               DESIGN
       unsupported job?
       How will providers find out who has been successful Organisations successful at the PQQ stage will be published
PQQ108 at the PQQ stage?                                   on the DWP website week commencing 13th July 2009.                        COMMERCIAL
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                               PQQ EVENTS                                               QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Regarding year end accounts - if the company's          Yes
       accounts are draft and have not been signed off by
PQQ109                                                                                                                            COMMERCIAL
       auditors, do we still want 2 years audited accounts
       and the draft?
       Will there be a standard proforma for potential sub     DWP will be publishing a networking database on the DWP
       contractors to complete highlighting what they can      website. Organisations who wish to add their details to the
       deliver?                                                database, can request a copy of the networking proforma
PQQ110                                                                                                                            COMMERCIAL
       Will each contract package area have specific           Yes
PQQ111 numbers of starts and detail of supported business                                                                           DESIGN
       Are customers able to participate in work for less      The new programme is designed for customers who will be
       than 16 hours per week?                                 able to work 16 hours. It is possible whilst on module 1 a
                                                               customer could be in work for less than 16 hours for a short
PQQ112                                                                                                                              DESIGN
                                                               period whilst they built up their hours to the required 16 to
                                                               move into module's 2 or 3, within the constraints of the
                                                               module 1 time limit.
         Explain some of the performance assumptions and       The minimum performance expectations are outlined in the
         clarify expectations of delivery.                     PQQ specification. The assumptions are based on many
                                                               factors including research and analysis of current
                                                               Workstep/Work Preparation provisions. The primes will bid
PQQ113                                                         against these minimum expectations and the profile of this           DESIGN
                                                               performance will be agreed. This may include incremental
                                                               increases over the year (year one), rather than a substantial
                                                               increase in the first quarter. More detailed information will be
                                                               provided at ITT stage.
         I have customers that we took on from another         Customer location within contract package areas is based on
         contract/county. These are outside the new contract   customer locality in-line with Jobcentre plus Districts. We
         package area. What happens to these people?           would expect the majority of customers to remain within their
                                                               contract package area location. However, if it is deemed to be
PQQ114                                                                                                                              DESIGN
                                                               in the best interest of the customer or they are close to a
                                                               border of another contract package area, then it will be
                                                               possible to remain in that contract package area. This will be
                                                               on a case by case basis.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                               PQQ EVENTS                                                QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Will there be any additional protected places within    No
PQQ115                                                                                                                               DESIGN
       the new programme?
       Who will decide how to fill places on the               Referrals will be made by DEA's within Jobcentre Plus or
PQQ116                                                                                                                               DESIGN
       programme?                                              specialist authorised organisations.
       Can figures for retention cases be provided?            DWP does not collate this data field specifically on a regular
                                                               basis. The last analysis of the WORKSTEP programme when
PQQ117                                                         this data was identified was in 2005/2006 tax year where 8%           DESIGN
                                                               of customers on WORKSTEP were retention cases

          When will there be a decision on the programme       The programme will be named by the ITT stage of the
PQQ118                                                                                                                               DESIGN
          name?                                                procurement exercise.
          Job outcomes and sustained job outcomes              At the ITT stage, bidders will be expected to offer an amount
          payments - how are they calculated?                  of job outcomes and sustained job outcomes against the
                                                               respective funding model allocations. The funding model
                                                               allocation in these circumstances is 15% of the indicative
PQQ119                                                         main contact funding over the 28 contract package areas; so        FUNDING MODEL
                                                               15% of the funding within each contract package area will
                                                               then be divided by the number of Job outcomes or sustained
                                                               job outcomes offered respectively within that contract
                                                               package area to give the individual payment.
          Can you explain the figures and what we can see in   1) The supported business places column represents the
          Annex 1 of the Specification?                        indicative amount of supported business places within each
                                                               contract area that will transition onto the new programme at
                                                               the start of the new contract and will be maintained throughout
                                                               the life of the contract. 2) Supported places column
                                                               represents the indicative amount of customers supported in
                                                               open employment within each contract area that will transition
PQQ120                                                                                                                               DESIGN
                                                               onto the new programme at the start of the new contract. 3)
                                                               Indicative numbers of starts columns represent the indicative
                                                               minimum amount of customer starts to the new programme
                                                               that is expected in each yearly period. 4) Total participants at
                                                               year end columns represent the indicative minimum amount
                                                               of customer’s that will be on the new programme in each
                                                               yearly period.
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                 PQQ EVENTS                                               QUESTION ANSWER LOG

       Are DEA’s going to receive additional training for the Yes
PQQ121                                                                                                                                DESIGN
       new programme?
       Does the removal of self referrals apply to the        Yes
PQQ122 programme as a whole?                                                                                                          DESIGN
       Is there an expectation that the contractual terms        There will be some occasions where the Prime Contractors
       and conditions of a Prime Contractor will be mirrored     mirrors their contract terms and conditions throughout their
       down to sub contractors and the supply chain. Will        supply chain. The prime will be responsible for managing
PQQ123                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
       everyone take their cut from outcome payments?            payments with sub contractors. Some sub contractors (e.g.
                                                                 specialist or niche organisations) may have agreed different
                                                                 payment arrangements with their Prime Contractors.
          What is expected from the 'Gateway Procedure'? Are It is a commercial decision for the Prime Contractor as to what
PQQ124    referrals made to the Prime Contractors or direct to the referral process to a sub contractor will be                       DESIGN
          sub contractors?
          Regarding SPV's - do all members of an SPV have The SPV must be a legal entity. The named legal entity must
PQQ125                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
          to be accredited by Momenta?                           be accredited by Momenta at ITT stage
          Are there any examples of successful contracts         Yes there are examples. Information is available - we would
PQQ126    being delivered by an SPV, and can MI/information need to consult with the specific SPV before sharing                    COMMERCIAL
          be supplied to support this.                           information.
          Can customers be referred across                       Yes. This would, however, be the exception rather than the
PQQ127    boundaries/contract package areas?                     norm, with numbers of such referrals expected to be low. It          DESIGN
                                                                 will be dependent on the individual needs of the customer.
          Do both Prime Contractors and sub contractors need No - only Prime Contractors
PQQ128                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
          to be accredited by Momenta?
          What commitments must be given by Prime                Organisations should be referred to the DWP Code of
PQQ129                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL
          Contractors at the ITT stage?                          Conduct within the Commissioning Strategy.
          Regarding the existing Financial subsidies for current The Prime cannot change terms and conditions unless
PQQ130    Workstep customers. Can/when can the Prime             agreement is reached with the employer. This negotiation can         DESIGN
          Contractors change terms and conditions?               commence from contract start.
          What if the supported business is not working with     The £ 4,800 will come with certain criteria attached - it is not
          the participant as per the Prime Contractor's          just being handed over. These criteria are yet to be defined
PQQ131                                                                                                                                DESIGN
          expectations and improving the customer?               and further information will be made available at the ItT stage.

       Will it be expected that contractors will get existing    Yes - the performance requirements reflect the transfer of
PQQ132 customers into unsupported employment as well as          some long-standing participants.                                     DESIGN
       new customers?
SPECIALIST DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                   PQQ EVENTS                                               QUESTION ANSWER LOG

         In the specification, it mentions Right to Control, and   The Government has committed in the White Paper 'Raising
         the link takes you to a webpage that does not contain     expectations and increasing support: reforming welfare for the
         much information. Can DWP provide more                    future' to giving disabled people greater choice and control
         information?                                              over the services they receive from the state.
                                                                   The right to control will give a disabled person the right to
                                                                   know the monetary value of the support they are eligible for,
                                                                   to agree the outcomes that the money should be used to
                                                                   achieve with the public authority, to review and revise the plan
                                                                   as necessary and have the option of taking a direct payment if
                                                                   they wish. We recognise that not everyone will want the
PQQ133                                                                                                                                 DESIGN
                                                                   responsibility of organising and controlling his or her own
                                                                   support. The right to control trailblazers will enable disabled
                                                                   people to have choice over how much control over resources
                                                                   they want.
                                                                   Before making a decision on whether to roll out the right to
                                                                   control nationally, it will be tested in 8 trailblazing areas,
                                                                   involving a number public authorities, from 2010. Further
                                                                   information can be found at

         Customers expect and want more, where has this            A major review of our specialist disability employment
         come from?                                                provision and recommendations made by the National Audit
                                                                   Office, the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit report ‘Improving
                                                                   Life Chances of Disabled People’ and the views of many
                                                                   disabled people, employers, external delivery partners and
                                                                   Jobcentre Plus staff, suggested there was room for
                                                                   improvement .
PQQ134                                                             We undertook a public consultation (Dec 07 to March 08)             DESIGN
                                                                   ‘Helping people achieve their full potential: Improving
                                                                   specialist disability employment services’. The consultation
                                                                   set out how we might improve these services to help more
                                                                   disabled people into sustainable employment.
                                                                   The proposed reforms were widely supported by the 450+
                                                                   responses received. A summary of responses to the
                                                                   consultation was published on 11 November 2008.

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