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                                                            Section 1400 Newsletter
                                                             September 2003

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Logistics             Monday, September 15, 2003
                      Uptown Sheraton Hotel
                      Louisiana and Menaul, NE

Agenda -
            6:00 pm            Gathering and Registration
            6:30 pm            Dinner: Choice of Entrée: Select one of the following:

            Select              Chicken enchilada casserole w/ Green Chile.

      And                      Refried beans, Spanish rice, chile con queso, etc. with fresh flour tortillas, Salsa, Sour
                               Cream & Guacamole, coffee, regular and decaf and iced tea with the meal and later
                               Chef’s Mexican Brownies & Biscochitos

Members and Guests, $16.00, $10.00 for Students

Reservations: Please contact Alvaro Virgen by noon, Friday, September 12th, 2003 to make your reservations for
either the dinner-program (with your choice of entrée - - If you do not choose, he’ll have to do it for you) or for the
PROGRAM ONLY. Alvaro can be reached by phone at 842-0134 or by e-mail at
Reservation by e-mail is PREFERRED and you will receive confirmation of the reservation by return e-mail. If you
telephone and get the voice mail, please leave full details including how many reservations of what type, a telephone
number where you can be reached and your complete name. Cancellations of dinner reservations must be received by
noon, Friday, September 12th, to avoid a “no-show” charge. We may be able to provide meals if reservations have not
been made by Friday before the meeting, but your choice may be limited and there is a possibility that there will be no
place to sit.
                                                  OUR PROGRAM
The program for the September meeting will focus on the successful application of the Baldrige National Quality
Program in education. Ms. Laurel Moore, of the Strengthening Quality in Schools organization, and Ms. Karen
Edwards, of Georgia O'Keefe Elementary School, will discuss quality approaches that have been deployed in various
New Mexico schools, and resulting organizational and student outcomes. Additionally, the two Science Fair awardees
who could not be present at the meeting last May, Katie Liberatore and Rachel Nielsen, will be present to be
recognized and to briefly describe their projects. It is worth noting that both Katie and Rachel are products of the Rio
Rancho School District, and that every school in the Rio Rancho School District, as well as the District Office, have
been recognized at least once in the New Mexico Quality Awards process.

                                          From The Section 1400 Chair
Welcome to another exciting season of activities for ASQ section 1400. I’m looking forward to serving as your section
chair for 2003/2004. I would like to thank Larry Kreyer and the 2002/2003 executive committee for their excellent
work on our behalf. The executive committee and myself are busy putting together what we hope will be an interesting
and exciting year. We will be holding our monthly meeting and are trying schedule them for the third Monday of the
month, however there may be some instances were we deviate from the norm, but that would occur only if the
executive committee thinks it would be beneficial to the membership. Check the newsletter for specifics on the
meetings and come on out and join us.

Dennis Peters
ASQ Section 1400 Chair

                                   NORTHERN NEW MEXICO SUBSECTION
The Northern New Mexico Subsection is looking for inputs from its members on ideas for meetings and training.

                                     CARLSBAD SUBSECTION PLANNED
I'm going to try to get an Albuquerque Sub-Section of ASQ going in the Carlsbad area. We have lost a good deal of the
membership base in this end of the state, but I think we may pull it together. I gather the same thing is in the works for
the 4 corners as well. People who are interested are requested to contact me. The Sandia email will work and the local
work phone # is (505) 234-0075.

If you need to contact me from Albuquerque the local call line is 844-1528.


Marty Mitchell
Mitchell, Marty J []

                                    Programs and Speakers for 2003-2004
As has been our practice in past years, the selection of speakers and programs for the general membership meetings this
year shows a lot of variety, although the underlying theme is to provide worthwhile information for Quality
practitioners. Here are some highlights.
Two of our programs will cover how the criteria of the Baldrige National Quality Program have been successfully used
in areas other than the business world for which they were originally created. For the September meeting, Laurel
Moore, in the New Mexico Strengthening Quality in Schools organization, and Karen Edwards, from Georgia O’Keefe
Elementary School, will discuss use of the Baldrige criteria in education. Then in December, J. J. Parsons,
Presbyterian Hospital VP for Business Development, will describe their results using Baldrige in healthcare.

In November, we will have a joint meeting with the Association of Professional Inventory Control Specialists, learning
about Honeywell’s 6-Sigma Program.

In January, the meeting should be particularly interesting, as Tom Teegarden, CEO of Acoma Business Enterprises (a
Roadrunner Recognition recipient in the New Mexico Quality Awards program) describes how they have used a quality
management approach to improve their diverse set of businesses. ABE operates a cattle-raising business, a recreational
hunting and fishing enterprise, a cultural/tourism center, an interstate travel stop, a hotel, and Sky City Casino.

Later, in March, the dinner meeting program will consist of a panel discussion concerning difficulties, successes, and
innovations related to ISO 9000 certification efforts.

Finally, the May meeting will feature our Science and Engineering Fair awardees, as featured guests, along with a
presentation focused on Design of Experiments and statistical analysis of data, in order to create a real-world link to
our Science Fair criteria.

Please see, and keep, the enclosed tri-fold for detailed programs information and other Section information.

Editor’s note: Please don’t forget about the following conference, described more-fully in the
last newsletter. I still have the details if you have mislaid your May-June issue.


Also, the change to the CMI and CQT BoK was in the last issue. I commend it to you for review.

                                     NEWS FROM ASQ HEADQUARTERS

1. Learn from the Best and Save Money

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2. BECS Conference Registration Special Deadline
ASQ’s Second Business Excellence and Customer Satisfaction Conference (BECS) 2-for-1 registration special ends
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3.    New Book Focuses on ISO 9000 and Software Development

ISO 9001:2000: Achieving Compliance and Continuous Improvement in Software Development Companies
<>provides detailed explanations and
interpretations of ISO 9000:2000 requirements along with “how to” implementation guidance, specifically for the
software development industry. Quality professionals and practitioners such as project managers, software engineers,
and software testers will find this book to be an indispensable guide for continuous improvement, not only for software
development companies that are pursuing registration, but also for those that are already registered.

4.    13th ICSQ - Register Now For Early Bird Rates

Cowboy programmers, risk-driven testers, and metrics masters are just some of the folks sharing their expertise at the
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you in Dallas, Texas October 6-9 with your boots on!

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