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									             ENERGY STAR for New Homes Road Show
                              Sam Rashkin, EPA’s                            Gord Cooke,
                              National Director,
                              ENERGY STAR for
                              New Homes
                                                     &                      President,
                                                                            Building Knowledge

              Sam Rashkin, RA, has 20+ years                Gord Cooke, PE, is renowned for his
              experience specializing in residential        customized sales training programs that
              energy efficient design and construction.     target the marketing of energy-efficient
              He has led the ENERGY STAR New Homes          features in high-performance homes to
              program since its inception.                  enhance sales presentations to clients.

Join Sam and Gord as they discuss designing, building and selling energy-
efficient homes that earn the ENERGY STAR. Take this unique opportunity                                CEUs Available

to learn more about all the features associated with an ENERGY STAR
Qualified New Home and expand your knowledge of all the benefits
      not only for your clients but your business as well.

Attend one of these six event locations across the state:
November 9th—Fort Collins
November 10th—Denver
November 11th—Silverthorne
November 12th—Eagle
November 15th—Grand Junction
November 16th—Durango

There is a registration fee of $25 which includes lunch.
For more information on registration and
available continuing education units (CEUs),
please visit the events page at

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