Clerk Response by stuwhat84


									                                      TOWN OF SIDNEY
                                         Office ofTown Clerk
                                            lisa A. French
                                       21 Liberty Street, Suite 1
                                       Sidney, New York 13838
                                          Ph. (607) 561-2334
                                          Fax (607) 561-2335

                                                         October 21,2010

Hans Hass
P.O. Box 397
Sidney Center, New York 13839

        Re: Foil Request

 Dear Hans:

          I am in receipt of your FOil request dated October 21,2010.    This is to inform you
that I do not have the documents requested in numbers 1., 2., 3., 7., 8 and 9. in my office at
this time and will have to work with other employees of the Town to procure them.

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