TEAM- SEMIS (TOSS UPS) II 2004 by WesleyL


									                            TEAM- SEMIS (TOSS UPS) II 2004

1. Before Randy Johnson, who was the last lefty to toss a perfect game in the NL? (Tom
Browning, 1988)

2. Who drew the most career walks among players eligible for the HOF who never made it?
(Eddie Yost, 1614)

3. Which club did Connie Mack manage the year before grabbing the A’s reigns in 1901?
(Milwaukee Brewers, AL)

4. For which minor league club did Joe Bauman crash 72 homers in 1954? (Roswell Rockets,
Class C Longhorn League)

5. Columbia Park served as the regular home grounds for which Dead Ball pennant
winner? (Philadelphia A’s, 1905)

6. Who was the only player to slap at least 20 doubles every year from 1940-1949? (Bob

7. Which 19th century workhorse born outside the US holds the record for the most career
complete games without making the HOF? (Tony Mullane, 468)

8. During the 1960s, which HOF first sacker went a combined 0-11 in three separate
Seventh Games of a World Series? (Orlando Cepeda)

9. Which AL lefty won in double figures every season from 1924-1936? (Earl Whitehill)

10. Which former Negro Leaguer cracked over 30 homers in a season with the Reds?
(George Crowe 31, 1957)

11. Who has played for the most teams among those in the 3000 hit club? (Rickey

12. Who is the only father-son combination in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
(Lee and Larry McPhail)

13. Who was the first ALer to be traded after winning two consecutive batting crowns?
(Ferris Fain, dealt to White Sox in ’53)

14. Which slow-footed outfielder/first baseman in 1960 scored a record low 45 runs among
players who drove in over 100? (Vic Wertz)

15. Which active second baseman holds the record for fewest RBI in a season by a batting
title qualifier who hit over .300? (Luis Castillo 17, 2000)

16. Among the batting title qualifiers, who was the only catcher to hit at least .325 twice
between 1970-’79? (Manny Sanguillen)

17. Which Atlanta Brave who won 15 games as a rookie, later served up Barry Bonds first
big league homer in 1986? (Craig McMurtry)
18. Which Cuban was the last hurler to lead the AL in losses four years running? (Pedro
Ramos, 1958-1961 Senators/Twins)

19. The Kansas City Royals finished over .500 in 2003 despite having just one ERA
qualifier. Who was it? (Darrell May)

                                  TEAM-SEMIS (BONUS) II

1. Only three HOFers played over 100 games in the AL in 1944. Who were they? (Lou
Boudreau, Bobby Doerr, George Kell)

2. Seven retired players ended their careers within 100 hits of 3000. Name six. (Sam Rice
(2,987) Sam Crawford (2,964) Willie Keeler (2,962) Frank Robinson (2,943) Rogers Hornsby
Jake Beckley (2934), (2,930) and Al Simmons (2,927)

3. In 1982, the Reds lost a club record 101 games. Which Cincinnati hurler topped the NL
with 18 losses? (Bruce Berenyi) Which two players shared the team’s RBI crown with 57
apiece? (Dan Driessen, Cesar Cedeno)

4. Five winners of the BBWAA's MVP award have fathered sons who played in the majors.
Can you name these papas? (Yogi Berra, Dolph Camilli, Pete Rose, Jeff Burroughs and Maury

5. After pitching his first eight seasons, all with the Tigers, this lefty in 1955 became the first
pitcher to toil with four AL clubs in one season. For six points each, name the chucker, and
his four clubs. (Ted Gray White Sox, Indians, Yanks, Orioles)

6. Who started the first regular season game for each of the following clubs?
New York Highlanders- (Jack Chesbro)
Baltimore Orioles- (Don Larsen)
Florida Marlins- (Charlie Hough)

7. Three NL players crashed grand slammers in World Series play. I’ll provide the years.
You name the swingers.
1962 (Chuck Hiller)
1964 (Ken Boyer)
1992 (Lonnie Smith)

8. Which three HOFers managed the AL St. Louis Browns? (Branch Rickey, George Sisler,
Rogers Hornsby)

9. Since 1876, five teams have won at least 20 straight games in a season. For three points
each, name the clubs and the years. (White Stockings 1880, Grays 1884, Giants 1916, Cubs
1935, 2002 A’s)

10. Since Mickey Mantle, only four other switch hitters have clubbed at least 40 homers in a
season. Take three guesses to name three. (Chipper Jones, Ken Caminiti, Lance Berkman,
Todd Hundley)
11. The following three men were all born in Cincinnati. I will supply a fact about him. You
identify him.
The first batted over .350 four straight years as a regular outfielder with the Pirates and
Orioles during the 1890s. (Jake Stenzel)
The second was an outfielder and noted entrepreneur who batted .305 for the 1928 Reds.
(Ethan Allen)
The third was the last Cincinnati born 20 game winner, doing it for the AL in 1983. (Rich

12. Three players have drawn at least 100 walks in each of the previous five seasons. Name
them. (Jason Giambi, Jim Thome, Bobby Abreu)

13. Three players since 1883 have led the NL in hits while playing for Brooklyn. Two of
them are in the Hall. Name this trio. (Willie Keeler, Ivy Olson, Duke Snider)

14. Name the five moundsmen who won at least five World Series games without ever
toiling for the Yankees. (Chief Bender, Christy Mathewson, Bob Gibson, Mordecai Brown, Jack

15. Since 1920, three players have slapped 200 hits while swiping at least 75 bases in a
season. Name them. (Maury Wills, Willie Wilson, Kenny Lofton)

16. Which manager guided the following clubs to their biggest single season victory totals?
Red Sox- (Jake Stahl, 105, 1912)
Senators AL{original}- (Joe Cronin, 99, 1933)
Blue Jays- (Bobby Cox, 99, 1985)

17. Which Negro Leaguers, who later played in the majors, copped the following minor
league batting crowns.
1952 PCL with Seattle (Bob Boyd)
1953 IL with Montreal (Sandy Amoros)
1956 AA with Omaha (Charlie Peete)

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