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Littleton Report August 2004 FIN


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									                                                                                                                                                                             August 2004

 2005 city budget proposed to be cut five percent
    All City of Littleton department di-         sion in the first quarter. Today’s Econo-
rectors have been asked to cut their 2005        my: A Colorado Viewpoint declares that
budgets by five percent over 2004 in              in 2002, Colorado was ranked 50th in
preparation for budget workshops with            income growth. The state’s ranking im-
the Littleton City Council scheduled for         proved to 46th in 2003.
August and September.                                How the five percent reduction will
    While some revenue sources are               affect city programs, services and staff-
slightly higher than 2003, the increased         ing remains to be seen. Department di-
cost of vehicle fuel, utilities, health insur-   rectors will make recommendations
ance and employee salaries is expected           to the city budget team on how best to
to exceed any modest gains in revenue.           achieve the reductions. The city council
In addition, the city budget will absorb         will ultimately determine which reduc-
the full effect of the repeal of the grocery     tions to approve.
tax in 2005 as that former $600,000 an-              A citizens pre budget hearing was held
nual revenue source is eliminated.               June 15. The city council will conduct
    Market increases for city employees          budget work sessions August 24, Sep-
were frozen in 2004 to help balance this         tember 14 and September 15 (if needed)
year’s budget but will be reinstated in          at 7 p.m. in the community room. The
                                                 meetings are open to the public. Follow-       The multi-million dollar, multi-year, multi-agency Santa Fe Drive Safety Improvement Project is
                                                                                                nearing completion. The paving of Santa Fe Drive, Church Avenue to C-470 is complete and the
    Even though Colorado’s economy               ing these discussions, finance department       contractor is doing the final construction items this month. Over $13 million has been spent to make
has rebounded in some sectors, cities            staff will prepare the budget for first read-   this regional highway safer for all users. New paving, wider shoulders, a new flush median, many
throughout the state, and particularly in        ing at the October 19 city council meet-       more street lights and other changes will benefit the tens of thousands of motorists who travel on
Arapahoe County are still struggling to          ing. Second reading and the public hear-       Santa Fe Drive through the city every day.
maintain services. For example, Econo-           ing are scheduled for November 2. Cop-
my.com reports that Colorado is one of
only three states remaining in the reces-
                                                 ies of the 2005 budget should be ready
                                                 for the public in mid-December.
                                                                                                Supreme Court rules in favor of ordinance
                                                                                                    On June 7, 2004 the Supreme Court ported by all nine justices. The decision
Police department offering building tours                                                       of the United States issued an opinion is one of several in the five-year legal
                                                                                                which held that Littleton’s Adult Enter- battle with Christal’s.
    A number of Littleton citizens and or-       cost. If approved by voters, the 2.4 mill      tainment Ordinance was constitutional.          Christal’s is still open and engaging in
ganizations have accepted the invitation         increase would cost approximately $1.59        The opinion, authored by Justice Breyer, business while the city attorney’s office
to tour the Littleton Police Department in       per month for every $100,000 in prop-          held that Littleton’s                                                 works to enforce
anticipation of the construction of a new        erty value.                                    ordinance met the                                                     the Littleton adult
police administration building. Down-                Most citizens recognize that Littleton     First Amendment’s                                                     entertainment busi-
town Littleton merchants took a tour of          is a safe community with a low crime           requirement that                                                      ness ordinance.
the existing police facility in June and         rate. However, more than 75,000 com-           an ordinance li-                                                          The     essence
presentations were made recently to the          muters travel through Littleton each day       censing adult en-                                                     of the dispute be-
Littleton Sertoma, Littleton Optimists           and tremendous growth to the south and         tertainment estab-                                                    tween the city and
and several homeowner associations.              west has had a tremendous impact on            lishments assure a                                                    Christal’s is that
Police Division Commander Robert                 calls for service. In addition, Littleton      prompt judicial re-                                                   Christal’s claims it
Brandt is organizing the tours and pre-          Police don’t have a modern crime lab           view of an admin-                                                     is not an adult en-
sentations in order to show citizens the         and the jail was decommissioned in 2002        istrative decision                                                    tertainment busi-
inadequacies of the current police space.        because it doesn’t meet state or federal       to deny a license.    Insurance Council Andy Nathan, City Attorney ness. In particu-
    The Littleton City Council will decide       standards.                                         Although the Larry Berkowitz and Deputy City Attorney Brad lar, it claims it is
in late summer whether to place a ques-              The Littleton City Council is eager to     Court held that Bailey appear at the steps of the U.S. Supreme not an adult book
tion on the November 2 ballot asking cit-        hear from citizens about the need for a        such licensing or- Court.                                             store. The city’s
izens to approve a property tax increase         new police building. Information will be       dinances must provide for a prompt judi- adult entertainment ordinance prohib-
to fund construction of a new building           available at each of the city’s Neighbor-      cial determination of an applicant’s legal its the operation of adult entertainment
adjacent to the Littleton Center. The total      hood Expos this summer and fall. If you        claim, the Court was satisfied that the businesses outside of the Industrial Zone
project cost is estimated at $15 million.        or your organization are interested in a       provisions of Colorado law satisfy the District. Christal’s is currently located on
Architects with RNL Design have been             tour or a presentation, contact Division       requirement of a prompt judicial deter- property in the Business-2 Zone District
working throughout the summer finaliz-            Commander Robert Brandt at 303-795-            mination.                                    which permits retail businesses.
ing the details of schematic design and          3835.                                              The judgment of the Court was sup-

                                                                                                                                                                                 PRSRT STD
   What’s Inside                                                                                  2255 West Berry Ave.
                                                                                                  Littleton, CO 80165
                                                                                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                                 Littleton, CO
  Carson Nature Center Wins GOCO Grant . . . . .                                        2                                                                                       Permit No. 205

  Voter Registration Deadline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                           3
  New Fire Chief Selected . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                         4
  Victim Assistance Board Members Named . . . . .                                       5                                                        ECRWSS
  Littleton Calendar Photo Deadline. . . . . . . . . . .                                6                                                       Postal Patron
  Littleton Idols Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                       7
  Museum Lecture Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                         8
                                                                                                                                                                       August 2004 • Page 2

Ray Koernig Elected to CML Executive Board Voters to decide fate of FasTracks project
                             Littleton            pointed by Governors Lamm and Romer                On November 2, voters in the met-              successful Littleton southwest light rail
                          Mayor Pro Tem           to the State Land Use Commission where         ropolitan area will have an opportu-               line all the way to C-470.
                          Ray Koernig was         he served for 12 years. His broad experi-      nity to vote on the FasTracks initiative.             For example, in Aurora, FasTracks
                          elected to the Col-     ence in local government also includes         FasTracks is a comprehensive transit               provides critical access for Fitzsimons
                          orado Municipal         appointment to the Liquor Authority, Plan-     network that provides new transporta-              medical complex where 32,000 jobs are
                          League      (CML)       ning Commission and Municipal Building
                                                                                                 tion choices and improved accessibil-              expected to be created at full build out.
                          Executive Board         Authority. He was named Citizen of the
                                                  Year by the Littleton Independent in 1988
                                                                                                 ity throughout the region. The Denver              Redevelopment plans for the Aurora
                          at the league’s
                          annual business         and Citizen of the Decade in 1990 by the       region is expected to add 900,000 new              Mall and surrounding Aurora City Cen-
                          meeting. Koernig        Littleton Times.                               residents and 550,000 jobs over the next           ter include FasTracks as an essential
will serve a two-year term in the medium              CML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan orga-       20 years.                                          component. The I-225 rail line through
size category for cities with populations of      nization that represents and serves Colo-          FasTracks adds 119 miles of new rail           Aurora will connect to DIA, downtown
8,000 to 80,000.                                  rado’s cities and towns. 263 of Colorado’s     in nine of the most congested corridors            Denver, the Denver Tech Center, and
    Koernig was first elected to the Littleton     270 communities are members of CML and         throughout the region. It also includes            other locations throughout the region.
City Council in 1969 and served until             benefit from its informational and advoca-      bus rapid transit service along U.S. 36               The cost is $4.7 billion. Voters will
1973. Most recently, he was elected to the        cy services. CML represents more than 99       to Boulder, 21,000 additional parking              be asked to approve a new RTD sales
city council in 2001 and was selected by          percent of the municipal population in the     spaces, 57 new transit stations, and               tax of four cents on every $10 taxable
his peers on the city council to serve as         state and was founded in 1923.                 new suburb-to-suburb bus service with              sales purchase—this tax will not apply
mayor pro tem in 2003. Koernig was ap-
                                                                                                 timed connections to transit hubs. The             to groceries, prescription drugs, gaso-
                                                                                                 plan includes an extension of the highly           line, home heating and electric costs.
GOCO awards grant for Carson Nature Center
    South Platte Park serves as a backyard,           To accommodate small work groups
outdoor classroom to thousands of ele-            of students, the reception desk will be re-
mentary students each year teaching them          moved and in its place a park orientation
about wildlife and ecology in a natural set-      space will be added. This space will have
ting. The park is an outstanding resource         an updated park map, an audio orienta-
to the public education system as well as         tion message, aerial photos, flood crest
to any nature enthusiast living in Littleton.     diagrams, park weather conditions, recent
All who visit learn and cultivate a better        sightings and other South Platte Park ac-
understanding of how we can live in har-          tivities, and an audio-visual unit that will
mony with our wild neighbors. However,            play interesting clips from the 1965 flood
whatever is good can often be improved            and active park wildlife.
so South Suburban Parks and Recreation                To increase correlation between Carson
staff worked diligently to receive a grant        Nature Center displays and state curricu-
to make renovations at the Carson Nature          lum standards, existing taxidermy mounts
Center, the key component of South Platte         will be placed into diorama-based habitat
Park’s educational link.                          with interpretation of their “ecological
    South Suburban Parks and Recreation           niche.” Animals with similar “niches” will
was granted $134,175 from Great Out-              be periodically rotated from storage keep-
doors Colorado (GOCO) for renovations             ing displays dynamic. A garden-habitat ob-
at Carson Nature Center. In addition to the       servation area will be installed with a se-
GOCO funds, additional funds have been            ries of modular components with seasonal
secured from a variety of sources totaling        information and touchable objects. The         Improvements to Ketring Lake have been completed as a result of significant efforts by the City of
$24,700. All of these funds will be used to       fish tanks will also be put into habitat con-   Littleton and South Suburban Parks and Recreation. The lake depth has been improved. New fish
make exciting improvements to the Carson          text with photomurals. Interactive displays    habitat structures were installed and the lake has recently been stocked with several species of
Nature Center in South Platte Park includ-        will be established revealing wild stream      warm water game fish. Wildlife is now returning to the area, as many city residents enjoy the peace-
ing expansion of the solar classroom build-       aquatic invertebrates and their role in the    ful and quiet setting afforded by this historic and popular destination.
ing, addition of a river education room,          food chain. Exploration display drawers
updating of the reception area and other
renovations that will increase correlation
                                                  will encourage hands-on interpretation of       Denver Water eases watering restrictions
                                                  river sediment rocks and artifacts.
between nature center displays and state                                                             Denver’s Board of Water Commission-            emption from watering restrictions for new
                                                      Existing live animal tanks will be
curriculum standards.                                                                            ers voted June 30 to add additional water-         seed and sod turf. Previously, this exemp-
                                                  stacked, freeing counter space for a young-
    The solar classroom will be expanded                                                         ing days to customers’ summer outdoor              tion was set to expire June 30. According
                                                  sters work area with touch-tables, artifact
from its current 400 square-feet to 800           drawers, learning-oriented arts and crafts     watering schedule.                                 to the rule, new turf sod installations may
square-feet allowing staff to efficiently ser-     and an improved microscope station with            The move was possible because Denver           be watered daily for up to 21 days, but not
vice an entire school bus load of children,       more durable materials and a digital moni-     Water reservoirs are currently at 84 percent       between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
accommodate programs during inclement             tor so several children can use it at once.    of capacity due to increased precipitation             New turf seed applications may be wa-
weather and create a facility for teaching        Current restoration projects and activities    and customers’ conservation efforts.               tered daily at any time for up to 28 days.
regional workshops with immediate access          will be highlighted in a stewardship dis-          Single-family residents with odd ad-           The rule does not apply to overseeding of
to the South Platte River.                        play with modular components linking           dresses, who previously watered only on            existing lawns or replacing patches smaller
    The new river education room will             “science to the real world.”                   Saturdays and Wednesdays, may add Mon-             than one zone (the lawn area covered by
feature a dynamic stream table that recir-            What is good will be getting even bet-     days to their watering schedule. Single-           the spray of one sprinkler head), which
culates water flowing through an erosive           ter. Please pardon today’s dust and look       family residents with even addresses, who          must be watered according to the current
material mimicking natural river behavior.        forward to new ways to get in touch with       watered only on Sundays and Thursdays,             restrictions schedule.
River education room displays will intro-         nature after the renovation is complete in     may add Tuesdays to their watering sched-              There is still no watering allowed from
duce watershed dynamics and the impact            spring 2005.                                   ule. All other customers (commercial, gov-         10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and watering is limited
of local aggregate mining.                                                                       ernment, etc.), who have been watering             to an average of 15 minutes per zone. The
                                                                                                 on Tuesdays and Fridays, have Sundays              drought patrol will continue to monitor and
                                                                                                 added to their watering schedule.                  issue tickets and fines to violators, and sur-
                                                                                                     The board also voted to extend the ex-         charges remain in effect.

                                                                                                 Street rehab will affect motorists for months
                                                                                                     The city’s public services department          struction Company, to rebuild these streets
                                                                                                 will soon manage the total reconstruction          for a 20-year life expectancy. Department
                                                                                                 of three streets in Littleton which will af-       staff will notify all adjacent residents and
                                                                                                 fect motorists, residents and nearby busi-         businesses and work with them to mini-
                                                                                                 nesses.                                            mize inconveniences.
                                                                                                     Tule Lake Drive in Bow Mar South,                  Meanwhile, work continues on the
                                                                                                 Curtice Street north of Church Avenue, and         reconstruction of West Mineral Avenue
                                                                                                 Nevada Street north of Alamo Avenue are            between Santa Fe Drive and Windermere
                                                                                                 all scheduled to be reconstructed, begin-          Street. This $2 million project should be
                                                                                                 ning in August and extending throughout            complete in late summer/early fall.
                                                                                                 the fall. New curbs, gutters and street pav-           The city appreciates the cooperation
                                                                                                 ing are included and motorists can expect          and patience of all those affected by these
                                                                                                 travel delays and very restricted parking.         projects. For additional information, con-
                                                                                                     The city is employing the services of          tact the public services department at 303-
                                                                                                 two private construction contractors, Ag-          795-3863.
Carson Nature Center is located within South Platte Park, Littleton’s 648-acre jewel.            gregate Industries and Castle Rock Con-
                                                                                                                                                                           August 2004 • Page 3

Election registration deadline quickly approaching
    The deadline to register to be eligible to    sentee ballots in Arapahoe County.
vote in the general election on November             The general election will be a polling
2, 2004 is October 4, 2004. After you regis-      place election. Polls will be open from 7
ter to vote, a voter information card is sent     a.m. until 7 p.m.
to you through the mail. Your voter infor-           If you need information regarding your
mation card contains your precinct number         registration status, absentee ballots or in-
and the location of your polling place.           formation about your polling place, please
    Early voting will begin October 18 and        contact your county clerk.
will end October 29. Contact your county             Arapahoe County Clerk
clerk for early voting locations.                    303-795-4511
    The last day for registered electors to          Douglas County Clerk
apply for an absentee ballot from the coun-          303-660-7444
ty clerk is October 26. The Littleton City           Jefferson County Clerk
Clerk’s Office is a drop-off location for ab-         303-271-8111

City seeks proposals for historic Bemis House
Background                                        limited primarily to single-family, certain
    In 1978, the City of Littleton received       types of group homes, schools and govern-
possession of the former home of Edwin            ment uses. Any other proposed use should
A. Bemis, the longtime publisher of the           be investigated with the city’s planning de-
                                                                                                    First Job kids did various grounds maintenance projects including cleaning out this planter and
Littleton Independent newspaper, and              partment. All proposed uses must also be          then planting it with perennials. The city hires two groups of 14 and 15 year-olds each summer who
an important influence on the history of           included in the Sterne Park Master Plan,          get their first opportunity to work in the real world.
Littleton. The terms of Mr. Bemis’ will           and will require the approval of a plan
required that the house be used as part           amendment by the South Suburban Board
of Sterne Park. From 1978 until now, the          of Directors and the Littleton City Coun-         Museum Expansion to be completed in September
house has been occupied by an employee            cil.                                                  The expansion of the Littleton Histori-       element, the rhyolite stone walls.
of South Suburban Parks and Recreation.                The house is listed on the city’s historic   cal Museum began in December of 2003                  Pinkard Construction is the general
The city council is now interested in con-        List of Merit, which requires a review by         and is scheduled to be completed in early         contractor for the project whose cost is
sidering other uses for the property.             the Historic Preservation Board.                  September 2004, when the staff will move          $8.5 million.
                                                                                                    in to the new facility. The museum will re-           The 1860s and 1890s living history
Brief Description of Property                     Review of Proposals
    The house is located at 5890 S. Bemis                                                           open to the general public in early 2005.         farms have remained open to accommo-
                                                     The city council is interested in review-
Street in Littleton. It is a one-and-a-half       ing any proposal for this house that will             With much of the work done, the proj-         date museum visitors, special events, and
story frame dwelling consisting of 1,951          maintain its historic character and is an         ect is about 75 percent complete. The ex-         educational programming. When the new
total square feet on a lot of approximately       acceptable part of the Sterne Park Master         panded facility will feature a new perma-         museum building opens it will be an out-
24,000 square feet. A preliminary evalua-         Plan. Copies of the historic record of the        nent exhibition space; children’s and fine         standing facility that the city and its resi-
tion of the property has been conducted by        property and the architect’s evaluation may       arts galleries, and a changing exhibit gal-       dents can be very proud of. The museum
Intergroup Architects.                            be obtained by contacting Deputy City             lery; a dedicated education wing for school       staff feels that the new building will be one
    The property is zoned R-1, which is           Manager Phil Cortese at 303-795-3720.             groups; a lecture hall and classrooms for         of the premier museums within a several
                                                                                                    workshops and public programming; and a           state area.
                                                                                                    research library.                                     The Littleton Historical Museum is ac-
                                                                                                        Andrews and Anderson is the architec-         credited by the American Association of
                                                                                                    tural firm that designed the new 32,000-           Museums and is an affiliate member of the
                                                                                                    square-foot facility with the goal of pre-        Smithsonian Institution.
                                                                                                    serving the building’s primary architectural

Bemis House is located at 5890 South Bemis Street in Littleton.

Annual HazMat roundup returns in September
    The City of Littleton will partner with       throughout the year. Note that latex paint
the City of Englewood for the annual              will not be accepted.
Household Hazardous Material Roundup.                 Officials from both cities will verify
It will be held September 11 and 18 at the        residency and will provide information
Englewood Service Center, 2800 South              about how to recycle certain items on your
Platte River Drive. The event helps protect       own anytime. The roundup will be from 8
the environment by providing safe dispos-         a.m. to 2 p.m. and there will be a limit of
al of some common hazardous household             10 gallons of household material per ve-          Contractors work on the gallery space at the Littleton Historical Museum which is expected to be
chemicals.                                        hicle. Also, no commercial waste will be          completed in September 2004.
    Accepted materials include: automotive        accepted. There will be a $20 co-payment.
batteries, flammable liquids (paint thinner,       Should you have further questions about
kerosene, gasoline), liquid mercury (ther-        this event, call Tim Weaver at 303-795-           Littleton Report among three city award winners
mometers, barometers, blood pressure              3834.
                                                                                                                                                           The Littleton Report won an Award of
gauges), oil-based paint, and lawn and gar-           Thanks to Safety-Kleen Corporation
den chemicals. Other materials that will be       for their generous support of the 2004                                                              Excellence in the newspaper category in
accepted include antifreeze and motor oil;        Household Hazardous Material Roundup.                                                               the 2003 National Association of Govern-
however, these items should be recycled                                                                                                               ment Communicators Blue Pencil Compe-
                                                                                                                                                           Historic Preservation: A Celebra-
                                                                                                                                                      tion of Littleton’s Past was honored at the
                                                                                                                                                      annual APEX (Awards for Publication Ex-
                                                                                                                                                      cellence) competition.
                                                                                                                                                           And finally, Centennial Racetrack:
                                                                                                                                                      Racing with the River is a finalist in the
                                                                                                                                                      Government Programming Awards compe-
                                                                                                                                                      tition in the documentary–profile category.

                                                                                                                                                          The projects were produced by the city
                                                                                                        The City of Littleton has won two na-         manager’s office. Copies of the publica-
                                                                                                    tional awards for publications and one for        tions are available at the Littleton Center.
                                                                                                    a recently produced documentary.
                                                                                                                                                                             August 2004 • Page 4

 Mullin named new Littleton Fire Rescue Chief LFR makes dramatic South Platte River rescue
    Littleton City Manager Jim Woods an-           Plan for The Woodlands and surrounding                 Even in drought times you never know           under the log by the strong current.
nounced July 6 that he has hired John Mul-         Montgomery County, implementing more               when the rivers can be high. With the rains            Jim’s friends called 911 and activated
lin of The Woodlands Fire Department of            extensive training programs, and expand-           that we have had in the last few weeks the         Littleton Fire Rescue and the water rescue
Woodlands, Texas, as Littleton’s new fire           ing and improving communication both               water levels in some areas are high and            team. Jim was quickly rescued off of the
chief. Mullin has been the fire chief at            within the fire department and the broader          dangerous. In June, Littleton Fire Rescue          log by one of Littleton’s rescue swimmers.
The Woodlands, a master-planned com-               community.                                         responded to a person who was caught on a              Even though floating down a river like
munity of 75,000 north of Houston, since               Chief Mullin attended Mullen High              log in the middle of the South Platte River.       this is very dangerous and not recom-
1998. The five-station,                                                  School in Denver, has a       Apparently, the young man (we will call            mended, some people are unable to resist
90-member department                                                    bachelor’s degree in ed-      him Jim) and some of his friends were tub-         the thought of enjoying the cool river on
provides fire suppres-                                                   ucation from the Univer-      ing down the river. Jim became separated           a hot day. Here are some safety tips that
sion, advanced emer-                                                    sity of Northern Colora-      from his tube and was free floating; Jim            may keep you out of trouble. Always wear
gency medical services,                                                 do, and a master’s degree     was smart enough to put a life jacket on           a Coast Guard approved life vest. Scout
prevention programs,                                                    from the University of        before he entered the water. The problem           the river ahead for hazards before you
hazardous material re-                                                  Phoenix. He is complet-       with tubing rivers is that hazards may ex-         float. Even if you think you know all the
sponse, and specialized                                                 ing a two-year course in      ist down stream that you don’t know about.         hazards in the river, conditions can change
rescue to The Wood-                                                     emergency management          Such as the case for Jim, he found himself         from day to day. Always walk around ar-
lands and has coopera-                                                  at Oklahoma State Uni-        approaching what is called a strainer. This        eas that contain hazards such as strainers,
tive agreements with                                                    versity in Stillwater. He     is an object like a log that protrudes into        white water and low overhead dams. Make
several communities in                                                  has several family mem-       the water and can catch and hold people            sure that someone knows where you are
the surrounding county.                                                 bers in the Denver area,      and debris. Soon Jim was caught on this            and that you will be able to call for help if
Mullin was selected                                                     including his father,         strainer and unable to free himself. Only          something does go wrong.
after a national search                                                 Mike Mullin, formerly         the life vest kept him from being pulled
and rigorous assessment                                                 fire chief for the Martin
center process to replace former chief Wil-        Marietta Company, a brother Dan, a fire-
liam Pessemier, who retired in January,            fighter with the South Metro Fire District,
2004.                                              and a brother Tim, a Denver police officer.
    Chief Mullin began his career with the         A daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Colin
Littleton Fire Department as a firefighter/          Bane are school teachers in Washington,
paramedic in 1974, and advanced to the             D.C. Chief Mullin and his wife Colleen
position of battalion chief before accept-         plan to reside in Littleton.
ing The Woodlands chief position in 1998.              Chief Mullin’s starting date with
While at The Woodlands, Chief Mullin is            Littleton Fire Rescue, which also provides
credited with successfully negotiating the         fire and emergency rescue service by con-
first labor contract between The Woodlands          tract to the Littleton Fire Protection District
Fire Department and The Woodlands Pro-             and the Highlands Ranch Metro Districts,
fessional Firefighters Association, revising        is August 16.
and updating an Emergency Operations

                                                                                                      Captain Jeff Tasker stands on the bank and instructs the stranded rafter with a bull horn.

                                                                                                      LFR responds to dramatic Southbridge car fire
                                                                                                          As you may have seen from dramatic             firefighters were attempting to extinguish
                                                                                                      helicopter footage on Channel 9 News July          the fire and limit damage to other vehicles,
                                                                                                      13, there was a significant car fire incident at     fire erupted out of the gas tank filler tube,
                                                                                                      Southbridge Shopping Center.                       and shortly thereafter the fuel tank failed
                                                                                                          A shopper parked her car in the parking        and a huge fireball came out the rear of the
                                                                                                      lot, and upon returning to her car and turn-       car.
                                                                                                      ing the ignition key, noticed smoke coming             Firefighters used approximately 1,000
                                                                                                      from the ignition. She turned the ignition         gallons of water and 15 gallons of foam to
                                                                                                      off, removed the key, but the engine kept          extinguish the fire which damaged a total
                                                                                                      running. She then saw flames coming out of          of four vehicles. A total of six units with
Littleton Fire Rescue’s Mini Academy was held June 21-24. Children ages 8-12 participated in          the ignition. She exited the car and called        twelve firefighters responded to the scene to
a variety of fire and injury prevention activities including bicycle safety, kitchen/cooking safety,   911 to report the fire.                             fight the fire and control runoff of gasoline
search and rescue, first-aid, and a firefighter combat challenge.                                            Engine 15 was dispatched at 5:39 p.m.          into the storm drainage system. Damage is
                                                                                                      and arrived at 5:43 p.m.; firefighters found         estimated to be $50,000-60,000. The cause
Fire Prevention Week begins on October 2                                                              moderate fire in the passenger compartment,
                                                                                                      and called dispatch for an additional engine
                                                                                                                                                         of the fire was determined to be an electrical
                                                                                                                                                         failure. There were no reported injuries.
   On Saturday, October 2, Littleton Fire          engine, rescue and special team apparatus,         due to the proximity to other vehicles. As
Rescue will host its annual open house to          as well as the Life Safety Trailer. The Na-
kick off Fire Prevention Week 2004. The            tional Fire Protection Association has cho-
open house will be held at Fire Station            sen the theme: “Test Your Smoke Alarms.”
12 at Arapahoe and Broadway from 1-4               Contact Tracey Minoggie at 303-795-3701
p.m. Activities include tours of Station 12,       for more details.

 Play Safe! Be Safe! teaches kids fire safety
     As a part of Arapahoe Community Col-          your Face, and Roll if fire ever gets on their
lege’s summer “Awesome Ed-Ventures”                clothes. Smoke alarms are life savers, and
program, Littleton Fire Rescue provided a          the children make their own smoke alarms
one-week course for pre-school age chil-           out of paper plates and then practice mak-
dren and their parents. The course is en-          ing the sound of an alarm. Students are also
titled “Play Safe! Be Safe!,” and the chil-        taught not to touch matches and lighters,
dren learn about safety through interactive        and to tell an adult if they ever find match-
lessons.                                           es or lighters. While we hope none of them
     Small children are often afraid of fire-       ever have an emergency, we want them to
fighters dressed in bunker gear, the protec-        be prepared by knowing when and how to
tive clothing that firefighters wear for safe-       properly call 9-1-1. These skills are taught
ty. During class, a firefighter dons bunker          with the help of a puppet and the opportu-
gear for the children to help them under-          nity for every child to practice using a play
stand what each piece of equipment is used         phone. Each day includes a craft, a song
for. Basic fire safety information is taught        and a story. The class culminates with a fire       Tracey Minoggie, life safety educator, attended the Southglenn Mall Safety Fair June 12 with the
throughout the week. The students practice         engine tour and the kids making their own          Hazard House. Hazard House is a tabletop display of a multi-level home demonstrating the hazards
crawling low under pretend smoke and               fire engine snacks!                                 associated with each room in a home. It can be reserved for elementary classrooms of up to 50
using the technique of Stop, Drop, Cover                                                              children or for community groups.
                                                                                                                                                                   August 2004 • Page 5

                                                                                               Maas re-elected President of MACP for 6th year
                                                                                                                             Littleton Po-      quently served 15 years with the Wheat
                                                                                                                         lice Chief Gary        Ridge, Colorado Police Department.
                                                                                                                         Maas has been              Maas earned his master’s degree in
                                                                                                                         re-elected     as      public administration from the University
                                                                                                                         president of the       of Colorado at Denver and a bachelor’s de-
                                                                                                                         Metropolitan           gree in law enforcement and criminology
                                                                                                                         Association of         from Metropolitan State College in Den-
                                                                                                                         Chiefs of Police       ver.
                                                                                                                         (MACP) for an              Maas is past president of the Colorado
                                                                                                                         unprecedented          Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)
                                                                                                                         sixth consecu-         and continues to serve on the CACP Ex-
                                                                                                                         tive year. The         ecutive Board. The CACP is a statewide
                                                                                               MACP represents police agencies in the           professional organization of chiefs of po-
                                                                                               seven county Denver metropolitan area.           lice. The CACP monitors state and federal
                                                                                                   Maas has been Littleton’s chief of po-       legislation that may impact law enforce-
                                                                                               lice since 1996. Previously, Maas was chief      ment services, develops model policies,
                                                                                               of police for the Sioux City, Iowa Police        and provides technical assistance to mem-
                                                                                               Department. His law enforcement career           ber agencies and their communities. He is
                                                                                               began in 1971 when he was hired as a po-         a past member of the executive committee
                                                                                               lice officer for the University of Colorado       of the International Association of Chiefs
                                                                                               at Boulder Police Department. He subse-          of Police.

                                                                                               Council passes ordinance to assist crime victims
                                                                                                   In January, 2004 the city council passed     • Exterior damage to cars not due to a
                                                                                               an ordinance for a surcharge to be levied on       traffic accident
                                                                                               fines in municipal court. A portion of the        • Towing or impound fees for stolen
                                                                                               funds raised by this surcharge go to a victim      vehicles
                                                                                               compensation fund that will assist victims       • Exterior damage to residential property
                                                                                               of crime in Littleton. Victims of crime that     • Mental health services
                                                                                               have sustained personal injury or property       • Lost wages as a direct result of a crime
                                                                                               damage as a result of a reported crime may
                                                                                               be eligible to apply for financial assistance        There is a five-member board that will
                                                                                               from this fund.                                  accept applications and make decisions on
                                                                                                   The Victim Compensation Board will           compensating victims. Board members are
                                                                                               consider applications from victims of crimi-     Nancy Feldman, Earl Gunia, Pat Spindler,
 Littleton Police host Junior Police Academy                                                   nal mischief, trespass or other crimes on a
                                                                                               case by case basis when damages have not
                                                                                                                                                Joseph Kirby and Linda Suttle.
                                                                                                                                                   Victims of crimes occurring after Janu-
    For the second straight year, during       to use tactical gear from the department’s      been covered by insurance. This fund was         ary 1, 2004 may be eligible to apply. The
the week of June 14-18, the Community          SWAT Team, and demonstrate simulated            designed to assist victims of property crimes    board will accept applications beginning
Outreach Unit of the Littleton Police De-      tactical scenarios.                             or other criminal acts where the victim is not   August 1, 2004. For information, contact
partment sponsored a Junior Police Acad-           On the final day, the staff welcomed         eligible to apply for the State Victim Com-      Linda Suttle in the victim assistance pro-
emy at Arapahoe Community College.             parents and family to a graduation cer-         pensation Program. Kinds of damage that          gram at 303-795-3703.
The academy is part of the Summer Youth        emony. The students were presented with         may be compensated are:
College program.                               a certificate of completion, class photo,
    The weeklong event is designed to fos-     and a police department patch. Chief Gary       Littleton cops conduct DUI enforcement sweep
ter positive relationships between the po-     Maas spoke to the class and presented the
                                                                                                   A contingent of Littleton Police officers     for any traffic violation such as: illegal lane
lice department and middle school age stu-     awards. The staff is looking forward to a
                                                                                               conducted DUI enforcement July 10. The           changes, speeding, running stop signs, and
dents. The students participated in defen-     new class of “recruits” next year. If you
                                                                                               nine additional officers patrolling Littleton     failing to stop for red lights.
sive tactics, evidence collection and pres-    would like additional information about
                                                                                               were funded through a $26,000 federal                As a result of the enforcement, officers
ervation, and firearms safety programs. In      the program, please contact Officer Marty
                                                                                               grant titled the Colorado Checkpoint             arrested four DUI drivers, one person on
addition, the students had the opportunity     Keilman at 303-795-3741.
                                                                                               Grant, and were assigned to focus strictly       a warrant, and issued 32 traffic citations.
                                                                                               on traffic violations that could give them        One of the DUI drivers was also charged
                                                                                               the reasonable grounds to stop and investi-      for possession of marijuana.
                                                                                               gate drivers for DUI. Officers were looking

                                                                                               Littleton Optimists honor Littleton police officers
                                                                                                   Each year, area Optimists Clubs take         levels were short. Chief Maas honored Of-
                                                                                               time to recognize law enforcement profes-        ficer Jones’ strong work ethic.
                                                                                               sionals who have made outstanding contri-            Chief Maas went on to say that De-
                                                                                               butions. On May 21, awards were given to         tective Brian Makloski has demonstrated
                                                                                               officers of the Littleton Police Department       particular skill in working with juvenile
                                                                                               at the Littleton Breakfast Optimist’s meet-      cases and “has become a department-wide
                                                                                               ing.                                             resource in dealing with juvenile issues.”
                                                                                                   Police Chief Gary Maas described the         Detective Makloski approached his detec-
                                                                                               evening Officer John Jones tried to break         tive supervisors with a plan that would
                                                                                               up a bar fight and was assaulted by a per-        direct all juvenile cases to him. He also
                                                                                               son who fell on top of him, severely injur-      works with the 18th Judicial District team
                                                                                               ing his shoulder. While he was recuperat-        that works with habitual offenders. Detec-
                                                                                               ing, he volunteered to fill in working in         tive Makloski hopes to make a difference
                                                                                               dispatch, where the department’s staffing         in the lives of some young offenders.

        Littleton Police Nab Graffiti Suspect
          Suspect believed responsible for dozens of tagging incidents
                in Downtown Littleton over the past five years
    Littleton Police arrested 18-year-old      had been tagging in the Littleton area for
Zachary Williamson on multiple counts          the past five years. He was processed and
of criminal mischief in the early morning      released pending the filing of formal felony
hours of June 7.                               charges.
    Littleton Police Officer Joe Ward con-          Due to the large number of taggings
tacted three young males near the intersec-    in Downtown Littleton, Littleton Police
tion of Hill and Powers Street in Down-        recently intensified patrol activities in the
town Littleton. Williamson had in his          area. Areas that have been tagged include:
possession numerous markers and graffiti        the railroad depression at the Downtown
tools, along with two notebooks with illus-    Littleton light rail station, vehicles, dump-   Former Littleton Fire Protection District (LFPD) Board Members Bob Stansbury (left) and Dick
trations of tags that have been found in the   sters, private buildings, and utility poles.    Eckert were honored as guest citizens at the June 1 council meeting. The two devoted a combined
downtown area. Williamson stated that he                                                       total of 36 years of service to the LFPD.
                                                                                                                                                                     August 2004 • Page 6

                                                                                               Healthy living becomes a reality! The Douglas H. Buck Community Recreation Center will open
                                                                                               its doors in spring 2005. The facility is located at 2004 West Powers Avenue next to the Littleton
                                                                                               Municipal Courthouse.

                                                                                               Arapahoe Community College seeks to contact alums
                                                                                                   The Arapahoe Community College                versary celebration.
                                                                                               (ACC) Alumni Association is looking for               If you or your children (or your par-
                                                                                               you! After 37 graduation ceremonies, and          ents!) attended ACC, please contact Vicki
                                                                                               a transient way of life for many former           Edmundson, director of college develop-
                                                                                               students, it’s been difficult to keep current      ment, with current name, name while at-
                                                                                               on many community college graduates,              tending ACC, graduation date or years of
                                                                                               but ACC is determined to turn that trend          attendance, address, phone number and e-
                                                                                               around.                                           mail address. Vicki can be reached at vicki.
                                                                                                   Finding alumni and their current con-         edmundson@arapahoe.edu. Thank you for
                                                                                               tact information is particularly important        helping Arapahoe Community College find
                                                                                               as ACC begins planning for its 40th anni-         its roots!

                                                                                               Sewer and storm drainage bills are due by August 15
                                                                                                   As a reminder, sewer and storm drain-             If you need additional time to take care
                                                                                               age bills will be delinquent if full payment      of your 2004 bill please call the finance de-
                                                                                               is not received by August 15. A 25 percent        partment to make payment arrangements.
                                                                                               surcharge will be imposed for collection          The sewer and storm drainage customer
                                                                                               services. A second notification will be            service phone numbers are 303-795-3772
                                                                                               mailed in September indicating any unpaid         or 303-795-3903.
                                                                                               balance and the 25 percent surcharge.

Eight new events highlight Western Welcome Week Littleton citizens invited to neighborhood meetings
    Eight new events along with the 40 tra-      August 18. Look for special retailer spe-         Continuing its 12-year tradition of               District IV residents are invited to a Cit-
ditional events are scheduled for the 76th       cials and sales. The film begins at dusk,      meeting with and listening to citizens at         izen Forum September 28 at 7 p.m. in the
annual Western Welcome Week (WWW)                bring your lawn chairs and sense of ad-       venues throughout the city, the Littleton         community room at the Littleton Center.
                                                 venture.                                      City Council has a couple more neighbor-          The citizen forum format allows citizens
celebration August 12-22.
                                                     Littleton Chorale—Rodgers and             hood meetings scheduled in August and             to get more detailed information about city
    The new events are:
                                                                                               September.                                        projects and ask questions directly of city
    Rockabilly Live Music Night at the           Hammerstein and Friends. Enjoy an
                                                                                                   On August 10, District II residents are       council members.
Toad Tavern. Friday, August 13 starting at       evening of musical entertainment featur-
                                                                                               invited to the District II Expo at 5:30 p.m.          Residents of District II and District IV
7 p.m., enjoy a night of some of Colorado’s      ing songs from the musicals by Lerner
                                                                                               at Progress Park. The new expo format fea-        will receive invitations through the mail re-
best Rockabilly bands featuring Mean Eyed        and Lowe. The event will be held at the
                                                                                               tures free pizza, exhibits describing city is-    minding them of the date. Citizen Forums
Cats and Brethren Fast. The $7 cover in-         Littleton United Methodist Church at 7:30
                                                                                               sues and programs, and the popular display        and Expos for residents of Districts I and
cludes a free beverage coupon, Anthony’s         p.m. For ticket information contact the       of fire trucks, police cars and public works       III were held earlier this summer.
Pizza and a donation to the Littleton Ad-        Littleton Chorale at 303-973-9593.            equipment that the kids love to explore.
ventist Hospital Neonatal Care Unit.                 Youth Bagpipe and Celtic Dance Per-
    Littleton WWW Live Trivia Tourna-            formance. After the parade on Saturday,
ment. Join other trivia buffs for a tourna-      August 21, join the Colorado Youth Pipe
ment of Littleton and Western Welcome            Band and McTeggert Irish Step Dancers at
Week trivia Saturday, August 14 at 2 p.m.,       Kerreen O’Conner, 2595 W. Alamo from
hosted at Pitchers at Breckenridge Grille.       1-3 p.m. Traditional Highland tunes and
Entry fee is $10 per person for early reg-       dances, free to the public.
istration and $12 on the day of the event.           Centennial Plaza Pig Roast and
Cash prizes for the top three teams. Reg-        Luau. This fun-filled event will be held
istration forms can be obtained from the         at Centennial Plaza located at 5302 South
WWW office, 303-794-4870. Pitchers at             Federal Circle, Saturday, August 21 from
Breckenridge Grille will have food and           5-8 p.m. Music, drink, food, and fam-
beverage discounts for players.                  ily fun featuring acoustic music outside
    WWW Moonlight Golf. Golf in the              and Karaoke inside the Toad Tavern. The
moonlight, Saturday, August 14 at Littleton      event is a benefit for the Littleton Adven-
Golf and Tennis. There are two ways to           tist Hospital Neonatal Care Unit. Cost is
participate, $30 per player includes green       $5 per person; children under 12 eat free.
fees, glow golf balls, door prizes and af-           Community Musical Concert Perfor-
ter-party at the Toad Tavern, check-in be-       mance. End the week on Sunday, August
gins at 8:15 p.m. The second is $40 per          22, with a variety of secular and sacred      Littleton City Council Members (left to right) Jim Taylor, Tom Mulvey, Amy Conklin, Pat Cronen-
player which includes pre-game fun with          music sung by members of the commu-           berger and Rebecca Kast view a scale model of Lakewood’s Bel Mar development on June 8. Coun-
a BBQ at 7:30 p.m., and green fees, glow         nity and area churches. A lovely setting in   cil members have toured a number of mixed use, transit oriented development and new urbanism
golf balls, door prizes and after-party at the   the First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary at    projects throughout the Front Range.
Toad Tavern. Tee time is a shotgun start at      1609 W. Littleton Blvd., music begins at 3
approximately 9 p.m., with a four-person         p.m. and admission is free.                        Tree Committee seeks special Littleton trees for tour
scramble, best ball.                                 For a complete schedule of events               The Littleton Tree Committee is working on a Tree Tour of Littleton brochure to
    Aspen Grove Film Festival Under the          and other information visit the Western          be printed this fall. You can nominate a tree based upon its size, age, historical sig-
Stars. Bring your family and friends and         Welcome Week Web site at www.western-            nificance or if it is a species rarely found in this area. The trees should be on public
enjoy a free outdoor screening of the ro-        welcomeweek.com.                                 property or easily viewed from the street. Call 303-795-3766 for a nomination form
mantic comedy Notting Hill, Wednesday,                                                            by August 30.
                                                                                                                                                                            August 2004 • Page 7

 Searching for Sunken Treasure part of Bemis Library Summer Fun
    Littleton Idols Winners                        and mines of Colorado at a program October         September 4: Woodlawn Shopping Center              write—stories, poems, plays, and more.
    Winners in the first Littleton Idols talent     9 at 2 p.m. MacIver is the author of the books     September 11: Aspen Grove Shopping Center              Teen Fantasy Game Group
competition were announced July 15 at a spe-       Living with Ghosts, Haunted Inns, Ghosts of        September 18: King Soopers at Littleton Bou-           Join us the first and third Thursdays of
cial awards program at the library. An audi-       the Mining District, and Ghosts of Bennett         levard and Broadway                                the month from 2:30 to 4 p.m. to play fantasy
ence of over 400 people voted on the most          Avenue. Copies of her books will be available      September 25: King Soopers at Mineral and          games with other teens.
talented singers in three age groups (children,    for purchase.                                      Broadway                                               Teen Adivsory Team
teen, and adult) at an outdoor presentation July       Computer Training Classes                          Voting Information And Registration                The Teen Advisory Team makes sugges-
8. Performers were selected from auditions             The following free computer classes will           The library is offering all eligible voters    tions on programs and services offered to
held in June. The Littleton Idols winners are      be offered in the computer training lab on the     the opportunity to register or update their        teens, and meets the fourth Thursday of the
Rachel Beninghof in the children’s category,       lower level. Call 303-795-3961 to register, or     voter registration information online at www.      month from 2:30 to 4 p.m.
Sarah Souza in the teen category, and Eddie        stop by the reference desk.                        yourvotematters.org/ala. The online voter reg-
Salcido in the adult category. The Littleton           Beginning Internet: 9-10 a.m. August 14,       istration drive is part of the national Register   CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS
Idols winners will perform on the main stage       September 11, and October 9                        to Vote @ Your Library program sponsored                Discover New Trails!
at the Western Welcome Week Festival Day               Advanced Internet: 9-10 a.m. August 11,        by the American Library Association. Once               The Children’s Summer Reading Program
August 21 in Bega Park.                            September 4, and October 13                        the online registration process is complete,       is winding down, and we still have many priz-
    Western Melodra-                                                              Computer Com-       users will need to print out, sign, and mail       es to give away. If you have read for at least
ma And Banjo Perfor-                                                          fort: 9-10 a.m. Au-     their registration form. The library recom-        six hours, turn in your hours to receive your
mance                                                                         gust 7, September 8,    mends that voters registering on the Your Vote     prize pack and a free book. Our grand prize
    Enjoy an old-fash-                                                        and October 2. Com-     Matters website do so by September 15 in or-       drawing will be held August 9, and prizes in-
ioned Western melo-                                                           puter Comfort is a      der to have the registration forms received by     clude Colorado Rapids and Rockies tickets, a
drama and banjo perfor-                                                       new class that fo-      the deadline of October 4. To prepare voters       gift certificate to Landry’s Restaurant, book
mance August 12 from                                                          cuses on basic com-     for the upcoming election, the library has a       store certificates, tickets to Pirate’s Cove, and
6:30 to 8 p.m. on the                                                         puter    information    free brochure listing election websites and        more. All those who have turned in their six
front lawn of the library.                                                    necessary to operate    information on ballot proposals, candidates,       hours are eligible. Those of you who com-
Cheer on the hero, boo                                                        a computer. Topics      polling locations, sample and absentee bal-        plete your six hours after August 9 will still
the villain and find out                                                       covered will include    lots, and more.                                    receive the prize pack and a free book through
who will win the hand                                                         a description of the        Receive Bemis News Via Email                   the end of August.
of the sweet Daisy-May.                                                       parts of a computer,        Get the latest news on the library’s pro-           Kids Book Club For Grades 3-5
After the drama, the                                                          how a computer          grams by subscribing to the library’s email             On August 19 at a special time, 5 p.m., the
Mile High Banjo Soci-                                                         functions, how to       notification service. You can select one or         “chronicles” continue and it may be a “grim”
ety will entertain with old-time favorites.        use a keyboard and mouse, and the differenc-       more categories of program information in-         September. A Series of Unfortunate Events,
    Denver Taiko Drum And Dance Perfor-            es between using a computer at home or work        cluding children’s, teen, adult, senior, and       The Spiderwick Chronicles, and the last hur-
mance                                              and a public computer at the library.              singles. A link to the email subscription web      rah of summer! On September 16 at 6 p.m.,
    Enjoy a high-energy musical performance            PC Protection: 7-9 p.m. November 18            page is located on the Bemis.sirsi.net website     enjoy Pizza and Pages, a special celebration
featuring Denver Taiko August 19 from 6:30             Singles’ Book Lovers Group                     and on the home page of the library’s public       for library card sign-up month. Please call to
to 7:30 p.m. on the front lawn. Taiko is a Japa-       All singles, 18 and older, are invited to      computers. You can also pick up a subscrip-        register, 303-795-3961, and to get the book
nese style of drumming that also involves rap-     come and meet others who love books and            tion form at any service desk at the library.      list.
id dance movements. Denver Taiko, a group          discussion! The Singles’ Book Lovers Group             Online Homework Help For Students                   Library Card Sign-up Month
of Japanese American drummers, has per-            meets the third Saturday of the month from             Beginning in August, online tutors will             Throughout September, we will celebrate
formed throughout the United States and is         9 to 11 a.m. Extra copies of the book selec-       be available for homework help through the         Library Card Sign-Up Month. Show your
recognized as one of the leading taiko groups      tions will be available at the checkout desk       AskColorado website at www.askcolorado.            library card on Mondays and Fridays in the
in the country. The performers build their own     three weeks in advance of the discussion date.     org. Assistance will be provided in math, sci-     children’s room and receive space stickers,
drums and compose original works. This per-        The following titles will be discussed in up-      ence, social studies and English. AskColorado      tattoos, or bookmarks. Contact the library
formance will also include stories about Japa-     coming months: August 21, Lovely Bones by          is a free online information service provided      for further details on additional programs
nese culture and history. Denver Taiko won         Alice Sebold; September 18, The Screwtape          by over 40 Colorado libraries, including Be-       and activities that will be held throughout the
the 2001 Denver Mayor’s Award for Excel-           Letters by C.S. Lewis; October 16, The Da          mis. The service allows anyone to use the In-      month.
lence in the Arts.                                 Vinci Code by Dan Brown.                           ternet to communicate live with a librarian 24          Ongoing Children’s Programs are not
    Searching For Sunken Treasure                      Monday Evening Book Discussion                 hours a day, seven days a week. AskColorado        held during August, but will resume in Sep-
    Explore the world of sunken ships and lost     Group                                              is expanding to include homework help with         tember.
treasures in a program presented by entrepre-          If you enjoy talking about books, join the     professional tutors due to the large number of          Bouncing Babies
neur Joe Pierce September 7 at 7 p.m. Pierce       Bemis Evening Book Group, which meets the          students who have used the online service in            Twenty minutes of bounces, rhymes,
has participated in several expeditions con-       third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Long          the past year.                                     reading, and socializing time for infants (pre-
ducted by Odyssey Marine Exploration. He           Time No See by Susan Isaacs will be featured           Library Receives Community Relations           walkers) and a caring adult. On Mondays at
will talk about the discovery of several sunken    August 16, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by          Award                                              9:30 a.m. Please call to register, 303-795-
ships, including the SS Republic, which sank       Michael Dorris September 20, and Bel Canto             The Bemis Public Library was awarded           3961. Begins September 13.
off the Georgia coast in 1865 and contained a      by Ann Patchett October 18.                        a Community Relations Award of merit from               Story Box
treasure worth $120 million, and the H.S.S.            English Conversation Sessions                  the Colorado Association of Libraries for its           A 30-minute program for children birth to
Sussex, a British warship that sank in 1694            If you are learning to speak English, come     library card sign-up campaign, Discover Hid-       36 months and a caring adult to introduce the
while carrying a large shipment of gold and        to the library Friday mornings from 9-10:30        den Treasures @ Bemis Public Library, in           joy of rhythm, rhyme, and reading. On Tues-
silver estimated to be worth half a billion dol-   a.m. to practice your English in an informal       September 2003. Sign-up tables were set up         days and Wednesdays at 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.
lars. Pierce will show film clips from a Na-        group and learn about American culture. No         at local shopping centers, Arapahoe Commu-         Space is limited and free tickets are available
tional Geographic Society program featuring        registration is required and sessions will be-     nity College, and the Littleton Center. Local      one week in advance. Begins September 7.
the expeditions for sunken treasure. He will       gin September 10. For additional information,      businesses donated gifts for those who signed           Preschool Story Time
also bring artifacts from the sunken ships.        call Phyllis Larison at 303-795-3961.              up for a library card and entertainment was             Thirty minutes of stories, songs, and ac-
    Tracking Dinosaurs Around The World                English As A Second Language Classes           provided at each location.                         tivities for children three years old through
    Martin Lockley, an internationally known           Learn English at the library! The fall ses-                                                       kindergarten Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and
expert on dinosaur tracks, will speak and          sion of English as a Second Language (ESL)         SENIOR PROGRAMS                                    1:30 p.m., and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. Begins
show slides at a program September 22 at 7         will begin August 23. Beginning English                Senior Book Group                              September 9.
p.m. Lockley, professor at the University of       classes will be held from 9-10:30 a.m., Mon-           The Senior Book Group meets the first                Night Tales
Colorado, will talk about his work tracking        day through Thursday, and 5:30-6:30 p.m.           Monday of the month at 2 p.m. On September              A 30-minute program for families to share
dinosaurs in Europe, Asia and North Ameri-         Monday and Tuesday. Intermediate English           13 (changed from September 6 due to Labor          stories, games, and crafts Thursday evenings
ca. He recently discovered the first mammal         classes will take place from 10:30 a.m. to         Day), we will discuss In Revere, In Those          at 7 p.m. No registration necessary.
tracks from the dinosaur age in the western        noon, Monday through Thursday, and 7-8 p.m.        Days by Roland Merullo. Merullo’s powerful              September 9—Crazy Tales Puppet Show.
United States. He will also bring replicas of      Monday and Tuesday. These classes are open         novel explores how, in the aftermath of a dev-     Little Blue Riding Hood meets a giraffe?
dinosaur tracks from the world’s largest fossil    to teens age 16 and over and adults who want       astating tragedy, a young boy can grow into a           September 16—Pizza Tales. Fun stories,
footprint collection, located at CU. Lockley       to learn English or improve their English.         happy, successful man. For more information,       games, and snacks—all about pizza!
believes that scientists can learn more about      There is a registration fee of $20 for adults 21   contact Jan Knauer at 303-795-3961.                     September 23—Generation Favorites.
dinosaurs by studying their tracks. “Foot-         and older. This fee covers testing and course          Brian Turner as Brian the Bagpiper             Favorites that have stood the test of time.
prints are made by living animals. Skeletons       materials and is due at the first class. You may        Brian will provide Celtic magic as he               September 30—Foods with Moods. Have
are dead. You can’t get a direct feel for di-      register for the classes at the main floor refer-   shares Scottish and Irish traditional stories,     you ever seen faces in your food?
nosaur behavior with a skeleton. With tracks       ence desk anytime during the year. The ESL         along with tunes on his Great Highland bag-             Paws To Read
you can see herds, migratory patterns and          classes are held in conjunction with Littleton     pipe. Appearing in full traditional dress, Brian        Allows children in grades 1-5 to practice
how they moved,” Lockley said.                     Public Schools and an instructor provided by       weaves an authentic experience of highland         reading with a doggie pal. Call to register for
    Banned Books Week Activities                   the district. For more information, call Phyl-     entertainment you won’t want to miss.              a 20-minute spot August 21 and September 18
    The 23rd year of Banned Books Week will        lis Larison at 303-795-3961, or Patsy Jaynes,                                                         between 10 a.m. and noon.
be celebrated September 25 through October         literacy coordinator for Littleton Schools at      TEEN PROGRAMS                                           Dial-a-story
4. Stop by and view exhibits on the history        303-347-3448.                                          Teen Summer Reading Program                         You can listen to a short story any time of
of book and movie censorship in the United             Explore The Universe @ Bemis Public                Cinema Summer is a huge success! More          the day by calling 303-795-3960.
States and around the world. Read a banned         Library! Sign Up For A Library Card!               teens signed up, read books, and attended
book and enter your name to win a gift cer-            The library will celebrate National Li-        summer reading programs than ever before!
tificate to Tattered Cover Bookstore. On Sep-       brary Card Sign-up Month in September              We will continue to hand out prizes until the
tember 29 at 10 a.m., attorney Ted Borillo         with entertainment and sign-up tables at local     end of August, so keep reading if you haven’t
will speak on first amendment rights, as well       shopping centers. Sign up for a library card in    made it to the top prize level for your t-shirt.
as celebrated cases of film and book censor-        September and you will receive special gift        And fill out tickets for every book read to be
ship in the United States.                         certificates from local businesses and a gift       included in the weekly prize drawings.             CALL BEMIS LIBRARY
    Living With Ghosts: Haunted Inns And           from the library. Children can meet Captain            Bemis Teen Writers Group
Mines of Colorado                                  Universe and his robot! Watch for an Explore           The Teen Writers Group meets the second         AT 303-795-3961
    Hear true ghost stories that will give you     the Universe @ Bemis Public Library table at       Monday of the month (September 13, Octo-
chills! Author and ghost hunter Kathi MacIv-       the following locations on Saturdays from 10       ber 11, November 8, and December 13) from            FOR MORE INFO
er will share her experiences in haunted inns      a.m. to 2 p.m.:                                    3:30 to 5 p.m. Join other teens who love to
                                                                                                                                                                            August 2004 • Page 8

 The Littleton Historical Museum presents the Second Thursday Lecture
    The Unknown Irish Croesus—                     should one say history, of a new nation and             Patterns of extinction and diversifica-         of the distant past have implications for the
October 14 at 7 p.m. at the Littleton              the contribution of Irish Americans.                tion from the end cretaceous to the middle         world’s biodiversity crisis of the present.
Center, 2255 West Berry Avenue.                         Ryan paints the picture of Tom’s child-        eocene: The evidence from plant-insect                  Dr. Conrad Labandeira is a curator and
    How many people have heard of him?             hood in post-famine Ireland. Like so many           associations–November 11, 7 p.m. at the            research paleobiologist for the Smithso-
The red-haired Irishman who came to the            others, Tom seizes the opportunity to shape         Littleton Center, 2255 West Berry Av-              nian Institution’s National Museum of
U.S. penniless in 1869 at the age of 19 and        his own life and takes the immigrant ship.          enue.                                              Natural History. His research focuses on
was, by the end of that century, one of the        HOPE introduces the reader to the elegance              Much of modern ecological research             insect paleobiology, especially the his-
richest men in the world? The man who              and turbulence of Leadville and Ouray in            focuses on the relationships between plants        torical relationship between plants and in-
owned the great Camp Bird gold mine in             the late 1870s; moves to the sophistication         and insects. Al-                                                            sects. His work has
Colorado, who was the friend of succes-            of Denver, then to Littleton’s own connec-          though these are the                                                        taken him across the
sive U.S. presidents, whose daughter was           tion, the purchase of the Wolhurst Estate at
                                                                                                       earth’s two domi-                                                           country and around
the last private owner of the most infamous        Santa Fe and County Line; before the fam-
                                                                                                       nant       organisms,                                                       the world, includ-
jewel in existence.                                ily builds their home (now the Indonesian
                                                                                                       very little is known                                                        ing Illinois, Kansas,
                             His name was          Embassy) on Massachusetts Avenue in
                                                                                                       about their histori-                                                        Nebraska,      North
                         Thomas        Fran-       Washington.
                                                        Evalyn is one of the book’s most salient       cal record and how                                                          Dakota, Colorado,
                         cis Walsh and he
                         came from a small         characters. She marries Ned Mc Lean, heir           they have responded                                                         Quebec, South Af-
                         tenant farm near          to the Washington Post, giving Ryan the             to     environmental                                                        rica, and Argentina.
                         Clonmel, County           opportunity to depict American high soci-           changes, both sud-                                                              Recent projects
                         Tipperary.      His       ety of the time, in Washington, Newport,            den and gradual,                                                            include collabora-
                         story and that of         and on their travels. Evalyn buys the Hope          during the past 70                                                          tion with colleagues
                                                                                                                                 Dr. Conrad Labandeira
                         his daughter Eva-         Diamond from Cartier in Paris. The trag-            million years. Us-                                                          from South Africa,
                         lyn has now been          edies that then attend her life have been at-       ing the exceptional fossilized deposits of         the Netherlands, and the United States, to
Mary Ryan                                                                                              plants and insects located in the western          investigate the pattern of plant-insect as-
                         novelized by best-        tributed to the curse of that most infamous
selling Irish writer Mary Ryan. The book is        of gems.                                            interior of North America (including the           sociations for a 45-million-year interval in
called HOPE.                                            This jewel is now on display at the Na-        Denver Basin), Conrad Labandeira, a pa-            South Africa. Included in these studies is
    Using extensive research, including            tional Museum of Natural History at the             leobiologist from the Smithsonian Institu-         the effect of major extinction and global
family information (the author’s grand-            Smithsonian Institution.                            tion’s National Museum of Natural His-             environmental change on these associa-
mother was a niece of Tom Walsh) Ryan                   The lecture is free and open to the pub-       tory, will illustrate the dramatic changes in      tions. Conrad earned a triple bachelor’s de-
brings to life this extraordinary story, or        lic.                                                pre-historic life caused by climatic shifts.       gree in biology, geology, and anthropology
                                                                                                       The association between climate and the            from California State University in 1980,
THAC season ticket deadline quickly approaching                                                        evolution of plants and the insects that           holds a master’s degree from the Univer-
                                                                                                       feed on them had a profound impact on              sity of Wisconsin, and a doctorate from the
   With a September 1 deadline loom-               nights only.
ing, time to purchase season tickets for the           The three season packages that Town             determining which species would flourish            University of Chicago.
2004-2005 season at Littleton’s Town Hall          Hall is offering – Platinum, Gold and Sil-          and which would become extinct. Patterns                The lecture is free and open to the pub-
Arts Center grows short. Sales are already         ver Memberships – have new flexibility               observed in changes to plants and insects          lic.
proceeding at a clip to set records. After         this year. Choose the Platinum package,             during the cretaceous and eocene periods
September 1, individual show tickets will
go on sale for the season beginning in Sep-
                                                   for example, and The Music Man is free.
                                                   “There’s pretty much a package that will             Littleton 8 programming suspended
tember. That’s when Town Hall will be-             please everyone,” Bil Rodgers, executive                                  Many cable television        producer. When the position became vacant
gin presenting the “Jewels of Broadway”            director of Town Hall said. “There are a                              subscribers have noticed         in early summer, it was decided to keep the
which is comprised of The Fantasticks              variety of bonuses that vary from pack-                               that most programming            position open until a full understanding
(Sept. 17-Oct. 24); Annie (Nov. 12-Dec.            age to package, but the number one bonus                              on Littleton 8, the city’s       of the city’s budget picture became more
19); Kiss Me, Kate (Jan. 14-Feb.13, 2005),         is that priority seating is guaranteed. And,                          government access cable          clear. In preparation of the 2005 budget,
Forever Plaid (March 3-April 10), and The          as a season ticket holder, a patron gets to                           television channel has           department directors have been asked to re-
Music Man (April 22-May 29).                       exchange any of their tickets for other per-                          been suspended. Littleton        duce their budgets five percent from 2004.
   In addition, the theatre is offering three      formances with 24-hours notice.”                    8 featured “live” and replay coverage of           When and if the position will be filled is
“Your Choice” concerts weekends.                       A preview of some of the songs in the           city council and planning commission               unknown.
   The first weekend (September 9,10, 11            musicals offered this year will be seen and         meetings, the monthly Littleton! Show,                 The city has contracted with an indi-
and 12) features two jazz vocalists well           heard in free 15-minute performances in             and the 24-hour a day video text bulletin          vidual to continue “live” coverage of city
known in the area – Nina Storey and Hazel          Town Hall’s theatre, 2450 W. Main Street,           board that contained current weather in-           council meetings on the first and third
Miller. The second weekend (October 28,            during the Western Welcome Week Parade              formation, job vacancies, street closures,         Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. However,
29, 30 and 31) features Dakota Blonde per-         Day. Performances will begin every 30               library and museum programs and other              there will be no replay of the meeting and
forming folk, bluegrass, and country, and          minutes following the parade until 3:30             news of interest. Additionally, Littleton 8        clips from the meeting will no longer be
Chuck Pyle, the Zen cowboy. The third              p.m.                                                included coverage of special events such           available on the city’s website, www.little-
weekend (February 17,18,19 and 20) will                For information about season tickets            as the Western Welcome Week parade, and            tongov.org.
host Pink Champagne and 17th Avenue All            or the free previews, call the box office at         renowned speakers at the library.                      For further information, contact the city
Stars. Each artist or act will appear for two      303-794-2787.                                           Littleton 8 was run by a full-time video       manager’s office at 303-795-3720.

                                                      Littleton City Council

        Amy Conklin                Pat Cronenberger                Rebecca Kast                 Ray Koernig                 Tom Mulvey                John Ostermiller              Jim Taylor
        303-795-5925                 303-798-4708                  303-730-2639                Mayor Pro Tem                303-730-7369                   Mayor                   303-795-6161
          At Large                     District II                  District IV                 303-798-0464                  At Large                  303-798-9665                 District I
                                                                                                 District III                                             At Large

              City Council Accommodations                                                                                     Littleton Report credits
      The public is invited to attend all regular meetings or study sessions of the Littleton City               The Littleton Report is published bi-monthly by the city manager’s office,
   Council or any city board, commission or public program.                                                     2255 West Berry Avenue, Littleton, CO 80165, and sent to all postal patrons.
      Please call 303-795-3857 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting or program if you will
   need special assistance or any reasonable accommodation in order to be in attendance at                       Jim Woods                        Kelli Narde                  Cecile Bugh
   or participate in any such meeting or program.                                                               City Manager               Asst. to the City Manager        Executive Secretary
      For any additional information concerning the city’s compliance with the Americans
                                                                                                            Phil Cortese                        Chris Harguth                  Cathy Weaver
   With Disabilities Act, please call 303-795-3857.                                                      Deputy City Manager               Public Relations Specialist          Webmaster
      Additional city government information can now be accessed via the Internet at www.

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