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					D.C., Maryland, Virginia, E. Pennsylvania, Delaware             Winter 2008


Mid-Atlantic Construction’s

                             BEST OF

   2008                     AWARDS

Despite looming concerns over an un- ful in its own right, one project rose above ject of the Year per category and multi-
certain 2009, there remains a lot to cele-   the rest—Comcast Center in Philadel-             ple Awards of Merit. Jurors could choose
brate in 2008. The jury for Mid-Atlantic     phia. This 975-ft-tall icon of the Philly sky-   to not award a Project of the Year or
Construction’s Best of 2008 awards pro-      line symbolizes a new era in design and          Awards of Merit in the categories. The
gram had no lack of candidates to            construction. Not only is it the tallest         jurors, who represent architects, engi-
choose from when selecting the region’s      building in Philadelphia, it was designed        neers and general contractors, are all ac-
best. In fact, we received the highest       as the nation’s tallest LEED-certified           tive members of the local building com-
number of entries yet in the awards pro-     building and includes innovative post-9-         munity. They abstained from voting on
gram’s history.                              11 structural and security elements.             any projects with which they are affiliat-
  Our five independent judges carefully         The aim of Mid-Atlantic Construction’s        ed or have a conflict of interest.
narrowed the field to 38 projects in 19      awards program is to honor those projects           Mid-Atlantic Construction is proud to
categories, representing the finest exam-    that best achieve the established goals of       honor these 38 projects that represent
ples of design and construction in Vir-      the project team; overcome significant           the very best in one of the nation’s top
ginia, Maryland, Delaware, eastern Penn-     challenges; adopt innovative approaches;         construction markets.
sylvania and the District of Columbia.       and exhibit exceptional teamwork.
  Although each winner proved success-          Jurors were allowed to award one Pro-

                                             14   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                                                                              Best of 2008 Awards

Meet Our Judges
A jury of five industry experts poured over a record number of entries to
select Mid-Atlantic Construction’s Best of 2008. Eligible projects were
located in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania or the
District of Columbia and were completed in 2008. Judges abstained from
voting on projects with which they or their companies are affiliated.

Patrick Burns, PE, Vice President,           Edward Hollander III, PE, Principal
Mortenson Construction                       and Construction Manager, American
   Prior to joining Mortenson Construc-      Civil Construction
tion as a vice president in its Federal         Ed Hollander is responsible for the
                                                                                                                   CLOCKWISE FROM
Contracting Group, Patrick Burns served      full time management of all field opera-                              TOP LEFT:
with the U.S. Air Force as the director of   tions, design-build engineering, esti-                                Patrick Burns,
installations, Headquarters Air Combat       mating, and administration of Ameri-                                  Wayne Harrell,
                                                                                                                   Edward Hollander III,
Command, Langley Air Force Base, Va.         can Civil Construction, a Mid-Atlantic                                Eric Liebmann,
He was responsible for engineering pro-      regional heavy/light civil and special                                Bob Tierney
grams totaling $2.4 billion annually.        structures engineering and construction
From 1999 to 2001, he served in a simi-      firm, which he founded in 2005. He has
lar capacity in charge of engineering for    34 years of experience in the heavy civil
all Air Force bases in the Pacific from      and engineering construction industry
1999 to 2001. Engineering News-Record        in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern
magazine named him one of the “Top 25        United States, having served in execu-         sign team responsible for the World Fi-
Engineer Newsmakers for 2005.”               tive and senior capacities for four other      nancial Center in lower Manhattan.
                                             national and regional large heavy civil
Wayne Harrell, Senior Project Manag-         construction firms, before founding his        Bob Tierney, Director of Design for
er, KBS                                      own company.                                   Hospitality, Baskervill
   A 36-year construction industry veter-                                                      Over the past 20 years, Bob Tierney has
an, Wayne Harrell has worked on sever-       Eric Liebmann, AIA, Managing Princi-           gained unsurpassed experience in manag-
al major projects for KBS during his four    pal and as Director of Design, WDG Ar-         ing all phases of architecture and interior
years with the company, including the        chitecture                                     design for hospitality projects, including
CarMax Corporate Headquarters in                Eric Liebmann joined Washington,            several award-winning hotels and resorts.
Richmond, Va., the University of Mary        DC-based WDG Architecture in 1987.             As Baskervill’s director of design for hos-
Washington Graduate and Professional         Recognized as a designer of sensitivity        pitality, he brings his passion for architec-
Studies Building II in Stafford County,      and vision by his peers, he plays a lead-      ture and interior design to all of his proj-
Va., and the Luck Stone Headquarters         ing role in the design of WDG’s com-           ects. He enjoys producing unique and
Addition and Renovations in Goochland,       mercial, residential and hospitality proj-     innovative designs that respond to
Va. As senior project manager at KBS, he     ects. His projects demonstrate a strong        clients’ needs and far surpasses their ex-
provides all contract administration,        commitment to smart growth and sus-            pectations. He received his Bachelor of
scheduling, subcontractor and supplier       tainability principles. A graduate of the      Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic In-
leadership and coordination, cost con-       Harvard School of Design, he appren-           stitute and State University. <<
trol, quality control, customer training     ticed at the offices of Richard Meier and
and orientation and close-out.               Partners as well as with Cesar Pelli and
                                             Associates. He was a member of the de-

                                             15   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF
                                                   Comcast Center
          2008            AWARDS                                                             OVERALL Project of the Year

                                                                                               Stern Architects, New York City, de-
                                                                                               signed the Comcast Center to be the na-
                                                                                               tion’s tallest LEED-certified building.
                                                                                               Among its many features are fixtures
                                                                                               that conserve three million gallons of
                                                                                               drinking water annually. Included in the
                                                                                               structure are wood products derived al-
                                                                                               most entirely from sustainable sources.
                                                                                                  The lightly tinted, high-performance
                                                                                               Viracon glass curtain-wall panels, com-
                                                                                               bined with ultraclear, low-iron glass at
                                                                                               the building’s corners and crown, regu-
                                                                                               late the transfer of heat in and out of the
                                                                                               building, resulting in comfortable inte-
                                                                                               riors and lower heating costs.
                                                                                                  The glazing system for the 110-ft-
                                                                                               high, light-flooded public winter garden
                                                                                               linking the tower to a new two-level re-
                                                                                               tail concourse features sunscreens and
                                                                                               louvers that keep energy use in balance
                                                                                               with seasonal thermal conditions.
                                                                                                  “I’m not sure the all-glass approach
                                                                                               would work in other parts of country
                                                                                               with more extreme climate conditions,”
                                                                                               says Rollie Childers, principal-in-charge
                                                                                               with architect of record Kendall/Heaton,

                                                                                               A true balancing act The Comcast
                                                                                               Center required a structural system that
                                                                                               could provide as much protection as rea-
                                                                                               sonably possible against a near-infinite
                                                                                               range of terrorist possibilities, yet it did
                                                                                               not want to look like a fortress. Liberty
                                                                                               Property Trust/Commerz also wanted to
                                                                                               avoid disrupting the building’s sense of
The new 975-ft-tall Comcast Center               The $525 million, 1.4-million-sq-ft           openness by keeping lobbies and office
symbolizes a dramatic turning point in        tower developed by Liberty Property              floors largely free of obtrusive columns—
the evolution of Philadelphia’s skyline.      Trust/Commerz, Philadelphia, merges              not an easy task for a narrow building on
With its slender profile, sleek glass exte-   numerous design, construction and                a constrained urban footprint.
rior and 15 atrium floors, the 58-floor       management trends.                                  The solution was to combine a con-
skyscraper proclaims that a city long as-        In keeping with the growing empha-            crete elevator and stairway core with
sociated more with the nation’s past can      sis on resource conservation and energy          composite concrete-on-metal-deck floors
be a 21st Century economic pacesetter.        efficiency, for example, Robert A.M.             supported on composite steel beams ex-

                                              18   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                                                                               Best of 2008 Awards

  Key Players
  Owner/Developer: Liberty Property
  Trust/Commerz, Philadelphia
  Project Manager: Hill International, Inc.,
  Architect: Robert A. M. Stern Architects,
  New York
  Architect of Record: Kendall/Heaton As-
  sociates, Inc., Houston
  Construction Manager: L.F. Driscoll Com-
  pany, Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
  Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomaset-
  ti, New York
  MEP Engineer: Paul H Yeomans, Inc.,
  LEED Consultant: Atelier Ten, New York

tending to steel columns at the perime-
ter. The core walls are 54 in. thick from         High winds proved to be the bane of         ground and fabricating steel for the
the three basement levels through the          constructing the Comcast Center’s              plaza levels and above.”
first 20 above-ground floors and gradual-      structural system, says Sam Verzella,             To reconcile the details without dis-
ly narrow to 30 in. thick at the top.          project manager for construction man-          rupting an already tight construction
   In the event of an airborne impact,         ager L.F. Driscoll, Bala Cynwyd, Pa.           timetable, Hill elected to bypass the usu-
the structural steel is designed to col-       Ground was broken on the project in            al shop drawing review process and send
lapse around and outside the core, pre-        January 2005.                                  specifications directly to fabrication. As
serving an escape route for occupants.            “There were times when windy condi-         the design firmed up, the project team
   Along with being secure, the Comcast        tions prevented us from erecting steel         determined what already fabricated
Center’s structural system is designed to      for a week,” he says. “We had to be care-      structural elements could be reused and
handle high wind loads through an in-          ful not to let the core get too far ahead of   what new items were needed.
novative tuned liquid column damper            the steel, which would caused efficiency          “Our challenge was to solve the prob-
inside the building’s 90-ft-high steel-        problems for the erector.”                     lems, find shortcuts that didn’t affect
framed crown. Supported by the con-                                                           quality and safety and try to be as inno-
crete core, the 90- by 45-ft U-shaped          Schedule synchronization The fact              vative without compromising things,”
tank contains more than 300,000 gal-           that the project’s namesake tenant was         Rupp says. “We stepped up our coordi-
lons of water that reduces building sway       developing design details for its spaces       nation meetings and had as many peo-
with its own inertial forces.                  on the first six floors as the building was    ple involved as possible to keep the en-
   “The building could handle anticipat-       coming out of the ground presented a           tire team on the same page.”
ed wind pressures without the damper,          major scheduling challenges for project           The team’s coordination also permit-
but horizontal motions would have been         management firm Hill International,            ted the Comcast Center to open in a se-
more noticeable to the occupants,” says        Marlton, N.J.                                  ries of “phased turnovers,” with lower-
Anjana Kadakia, a principal with struc-          “As Comcast’s designs started coming         floor tenants able to move into their
tural engineering consultant Thornton          in, there were some interesting things         spaces while work on upper levels was
Tomasetti, Newark, N.J. “The damper            going on with floor loading, wall open-        still in progress.
was a more cost-effective option than          ings and other things you don’t typically         Verzella says that he is happy with the
adding diagonal columns or perimeter           see in office buildings,” says Hill Inter-     project. “We went from nothing to a
bracing, and it balances the needs of          national project manager David Rupp.           99% occupied and fit-out building in 3.5
function, aesthetics and cost.”                “Meanwhile, we’re coming out of                years.That’s a pretty good achievement.”

                                               19   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                     BEST OF            Dulles 4th Runway, Dulles, Va.
                                            2008    AWARDS
                                                                                                   AWARD OF MERIT - Airport

                                           The $147 million Washington Dulles             more than 500 large trucks delivered
                                           International Airport, 4th Runway and          daily approximately 50 loads of cement,
Key Players
                                           Associated Taxiways, Paving and                410 loads of course and fine aggregate
Owner: Metropolitan Washington Airports
                                           NAVAIDS (navigational aids) project            and approximately 50 loads of transit-
Authority, Washington, D.C.
                                           undertaken by Lane Construction Corp.          mix concrete.
Prime Contractor: Lane Construction
                                           of Cheshire, Conn., aims to improve air           Lane began earthwork on the project in
Corp., Cheshire, Conn.
                                           flight service to the Washington, D.C.,        May 2006 and moved more than 2.3 mil-
Prime Designer: Carter-Burgess, Arling-    metropolitan area and decrease delays.         lion cu yds of dirt and rock. The paving
ton, Va.
                                              The 10,000-ft runway, parallel taxiway,     package began in July 2006. Lane placed
Sub designer: CH2M Hill, Chantilly, Va.    10 cross taxiways, 155,750-sq-yd deicing       610,000 sq yds of 17-in. thick concrete
Clearing and Grubbing Contractor: East-    apron and all navigational facilities were     pavement and 335,000 sq yds of asphalt
ern Clearing, Bealeton, Va.                commissioned in November. The vast             concrete shoulder and access roads.
Furnish and Haul Concrete: L&L Con-        size of the project created an access chal-       Lane erected an onsite, double-drum
struction Associates, Upper Marlbor-       lenge, so airport owner, the Metropoli-        concrete batch plant and pug mill to help
ough, Md.
                                           tan Washington Airports Authority, and         its crews maintain the aggressive paving
Asphalt Paving: Virginia Paving Co.,       Lane partnered to build a one-way ac-          schedule and tight quality control.
Stafford, Va.                              cess road. At the height of construction,

                                                     BEST OF            The Wilson Bridge - Maryland
                                            2008    AWARDS
                                                                        Approach Spans, Prince Georges
                                                                        County, Md.
                                                                                                   AWARD OF MERIT - Bridge

                                           The $203.7 million Woodrow Wilson                 The construction team precast 616 V-
                                           Bridge Maryland Approach Spans proj-           shaped segmental piers, with curved
                                           ect is part of a larger, more comprehen-       legs, providing training to local laborers
                                           sive program to replace the 7.5-mi-long        inexperienced with precasting.
                                           Woodrow Wilson Bridge corridor, a net-            On the inner and outer loop decks,
Key Players                                work of highway approaches and bridges         Potomac Constructors placed the con-
Owner: Maryland Department of              connecting Maryland and Virginia.              crete at close to double the minimum
Transportation, Baltimore                     Potomac Constructors’ scope of work         production rates specified by the Mary-
General Construction Services: Potomac     included construction of approximately         land Highway Association, yet the team
Constructors, a triventure of Edward       3,300 lin ft of dual-fixed bridge approach     still achieved excellent ride results, with
Kraemer & Sons, Plain, Wis.; American      spans on the Maryland side, including          less than 0.1% of the 783,000-sq-ft deck
Bridge, Coraopolis , Pa.; and Trumbull
                                           foundations, substructure, superstruc-         requiring grinding.
Corp., Pittsburgh
                                           ture and incidental construction. The             Potomac Constructors stepped in with
Architect: Parsons, Baltimore
                                           triventure of Edward Kraemer & Sons of         management, quality control and access
Construction Engineer: Janssen &           Plain, Wis.; American Bridge of Coraopo-       assistance for a struggling painting sub-
Spaans Engineering, Indianapolis           lis, Pa.; and Trumbull Corp. of Pitts-         contractor, resulting in a fivefold in-
Structural Steel: High Steel Structures,   burgh, began work in June 2003. Con-           crease in production and an increase in
Lancaster, Pa.                             struction is set to wrap up in December.       overall quality.

                                           21   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF                   The Newseum, Washington, D.C.
          2008            AWARDS                                                         PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Cultural

                                                                                                Key Players
                                                                                                Owner: The Freedom Forum,
                                                                                                Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                Design architect: Polshek Partnership
                                                                                                Architects, New York
                                                                                                Architect (exhibits): Ralph Appelbaum
                                                                                                Associates Inc., New York
                                                                                                Architects (residential apartments and
                                                                                                public space interiors): Esocoff &
                                                                                                Associates Architects, Washington, D.C.,
                                                                                                and Meditch Murphey Architects Inc.,
                                                                                                Chevy Chase, Md.
                                                                                                General contractor: Turner Construction
                                                                                                Co., Arlington, Va.
                                                                                                Structural engineer: Leslie E. Robertson
                                                                                                Associates, New York
                                                                                                Electrical and mechanical engineer:
                                                                                                Flack & Kurtz, Washington, D.C.
The Newseum is a unique and archi-             tween the MEP systems and the build-
                                                                                                Concrete contractor: Oncore
tecturally complex museum that pays            ing’s complex structure.
                                                                                                Construction LLC, Bladensburg, Md.
homage to the Fourth Estate.                      The 3-D modeling technology allowed
                                                                                                Electrical contractor: Mona Electric
   The 250,000-sq-ft museum is part of a       contractors, architects and engineers to
                                                                                                Group Inc., Clinton, Md.
larger, 643,000-sq-ft project that also in-    collaborate while resolving issues in-
cludes office space, residences, retail        volving redesign, resequencing and               Mechanical contractor: John J.
                                                                                                Kirlin/Utley Joint Venture, Rockville, Md.
and a conference center.                       scheduling.
   The building is designed to resemble a         The complex steel erection process            Interior finishes gyp/metal panels: C.J.
                                                                                                Coakley Co. Inc., Falls Church, Va.
newspaper with three sections, each            began with the elevator tower frames be-
slightly taller than the one before it. It’s   low the future location of the 252-ft-           Millwork contractor: Hollywood
                                                                                                Woodwork, Hollywood, Fla.
most prominent elements are a 74-ft-high       long, 39-ft-wide and 16-ft-deep mega-
Tennessee pink marble wall with a partial      truss, near its columns. Before mega-
engraving of the First Amendment and           truss erection could begin, the core tow-
an immense front glass curtain wall rep-       ers had to be built to the underside of
resenting the transparency of the press.       the trusses. After the shoring towers          of installation and protection of the mu-
   The building contains almost every          were installed, crews erected the free-        seum’s large artifacts during construc-
conceivable structural system, in steel        standing columns.                              tion. Several large artifacts required in-
and concrete, including a 70-ft-tall bent-        Workers erected the west half of the        stallation early in the project, including
column monumental stair. There are 24          megatruss first, beginning with the first      sections from the Berlin Wall and a
structural systems and 11 exterior wall        two sections of the north truss and fol-       guard tower from Checkpoint Charlie,
systems – with 12 types of glass.              lowed by the first two sections of the south   as well as one of the first satellite news
   The highly complex design required          truss. Still moving west to east, crews then   trucks put into service. These artifacts
concise coordination of its MEP sys-           erected the final two sections of the north    were placed in the building during
tems. MEP team members worked with             truss, followed by one section of the south    structural erection, requiring protection
construction contractors to assemble a         truss. Infill members followed.                from weather and construction activities
3-D model to help identify conflicts be-          Also important was the coordination         over an extended period.

                                               23   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                     BEST OF            Art Museum of Western Virginia,
                                            2008    AWARDS

                                                                                                  AWARD OF MERIT - Cultural

                                           The Art Museum of Western Virginia                The geometry of the new building
                                           in Roanoke was set to reopen in Novem-         added to the project’s complexity. The
Key Players                                ber as the $42.8 million Taubman Mu-           team relied on a variety of three-dimen-
                                           seum of Art. The 81,000-sq-ft project          sional models to understand the archi-
Owner: Art Museum of Western Virginia
                                           aims to put the city on the nation’s cul-      tecture, sequence the work and monitor
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty
                                           tural map, with its avant-garde architec-      installations.
Construction, Fairfax, Va.
                                           ture and collection of significant art-           The exterior envelope consists of
Architect: Randall Stout Architects, Los
                                           work from throughout the world.                stainless steel metal panels, metal deck
                                              Balfour Beatty Construction of Fair-        on the curved roofs, patinated zinc pan-
Associate Architect: Rodriguez Ripley
                                           fax, Va., began working on the project in      els, DensGlass and an aluminum-
Maddux Motley Architects, Roanoke, Va.
                                           May 2006, salvaging stone lintels, con-        framed glass curtain wall system. Bal-
Structural Engineer: Desimone
                                           crete ornamentation and metal cornices         four Beatty also completed the interior,
Consulting Engineers, Miami
                                           and trim from the façade of an existing        using prebent-metal framing to create
Mechanical and Plumbing Engineer: IBE      structure on the site for later incorpora-     the curvature of the ceilings and walls.
Consulting Engineers, Sherman Oaks,
                                           tion into the new museum as a mask for
                                           the new museum’s electrical trans-
Electrical Engineer: Kocher, Schirra &
                                           former and generator.
Goharizi Consulting Engineers, Glendale

                                                     BEST OF            Broad Run Water Reclamation
                                            2008    AWARDS
                                                                        Facility, Ashburn, Va.

                                                                                          AWARD OF MERIT - Environmental

                                           The $188 million Broad Run Water brane bioreactor, carbon absorption and
                                           Reclamation Facility increases wastewater      ultraviolet disinfection liquid treatment
                                           treatment capacity in Loudoun County,          train, a new technology. The final efflu-
                                           Va., by 11 million gallons per day.            ent is displayed in a gravity aeration
Key Players                                   Construction manager CH2M HILL              structure, then proceeds through a
Owner: Loudoun Water, Ashburn, Va.         of Chantilly, Va., oversaw the design and      channel and settles into two display
Construction Manager: CH2M HILL,           building of the new facility on a 23-acre      ponds before discharging into a tribu-
Chantilly, Va.                             site near Washington Dulles Interna-           tary of the Potomac River.
Architect/Engineer for Contracts 1         tional Airport for Loudoun Water of               The solid treatment train consists of
through 4: CH2M HILL, Chantilly, Va.       Ashburn, Va. Design began in April             waste-activated sludge thickening with
Architect/Engineer for Contract 5: Black   2002 and construction in July 2006. The        centrifuges, anaerobic digestion of com-
& Veatch, Gaithersburg, Md.                team completed the project in June.            bined thickened sludge and primary
Contractor for Contracts 1 and 4: Fru-        Site preparation involved significant       solids, dewatering of digested solids and
Con, Woodbridge, Va.                       blasting. Crews placed about 45,000 cu         land treatment.
Contractor for Contracts 2, 3 and 5:
                                           yds of concrete as a foundation for the           All of the treatment systems are en-
Pizzagalli Construction Corp., South       water-holding structures and process           closed in buildings and release no noise
Burlington, Vt.                            buildings.                                     or odor. A biofilter system is used for
                                              The project team constructed a mem-         odor treatment at the plant.

                                           25   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF                  The Haverford School,
          2008            AWARDS
                                                   Haverford, Pa.
                                                                         PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Green Projects

                                                                                               Key Player
                                                                                               Owner: The Haverford School,
                                                                                               Haverford, Pa.
                                                                                               Architect: MGA Partners, Architects,
                                                                                               Structural engineer: CVM Structural
                                                                                               Engineers, Wayne, Pa.
                                                                                               M/E/P engineers: H. F. Lenz Co.,
                                                                                               Johnstown, Pa.
                                                                                               General contractor: INTECH
                                                                                               Construction Inc., Philadelphia
                                                                                               Mechanical contractor: Devine Bros.
                                                                                               Inc, King of Prussia, Pa.
                                                                                               Plumbing contractor: E.J. Raith
                                                                                               Mechanical, West Chester, Pa.
                                                                                               Electrical contractor: Charles H.
                                                                                               MacDonald Electric Inc., Wayne, Pa.
The owner’s decision to seek LEED brary contributes to the natural daylight-                   Concrete contractor: DeNofa Inc.,
gold certification for the construction of    ing throughout the building. Optimized           Philadelphia
the Haverford School’s new Upper              M/E/P energy performance is equally              Steel contractor: Berlin Steel
School, renovation of its 125-year-old        integrated through the installation of a         Construction, Malvern, Pa.
Wilson Hall and reconstruction of its li-     15,000-gallon gray water storage tank.           Masonry contractor: Setag Construction
brary was made so the space could serve         Certified wood was used extensively            Co., Collegeville, Pa.
as teaching tool for students.                throughout the Upper School, Severing-
                                                                                               Millwork contractor: Scheel & Sharp
   The interior of Wilson Hall, the           haus Library and renovated Wilson Hall.          Inc., Norristown, Pa.
25,000-sq-ft iconic campus centerpiece,       The general contractor was dedicated to
                                                                                               Drywall contractor: Frank T. Lutter Inc.,
was demolished to create more efficient       the use of low-emitting paints, carpet           Ambler, Pa.
administrative office and classroom           systems and construction waste man-
spaces. It was renovated into a techno-       agement.
logically advanced administration build-        In particular, the stone from the exist-
ing while retaining its historic character.   ing Severinghaus Library was carefully         would be required in order to complete
   The new 87,000-sq-ft, four-story Up-       preserved during demolition and reused         construction before doors opened for
per School, a modern glass and steel          on the interior for the connections be-        the 2008 fall term.
structure, was constructed to house the       tween the new building and Wilson                The team not only successfully met
school’s arts and sciences program and        Hall.                                          the deadline, but made the client and oc-
includes many of the academic class-            The project’s schedule was the tough         cupants happy with the results.
rooms as well as science labs.                part. The construction manager re-
   Severinghaus Library, an existing,         placed the original contractor two
free-standing building, was demolished        months into the project, reducing the
and relocated to the rear of Wilson Hall,     original 15-month construction phase to
connecting to the Upper School.               13 months. A thorough review of the
   Recycled curtain-wall glass on the         plans, specifications and schedule re-
new Upper School and Severinghaus Li-         vealed that major sequencing changes

                                              27   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                       BEST OF            American Speech - Language
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                          Hearing Association, Rockville, Md.

                                                                                            AWARD OF MERIT - Green Projects

                                             The new American Speech Language               row, triangular-shaped lot overlooking a
                                             Hearing Association headquarters in            forested stream valley. Boggs & Partners
                                             Rockville, Md., was designed to achieve        Architects of Annapolis, Md., designed
                                             LEED silver status, but the team is now        the building to complement the site and
Key Players                                  applying for LEED gold.                        bring in as much natural daylight as
Owner: American Speech Language                James G. Davis Construction Corp. of         possible and create spaces with pleasant
Hearing Association, Rockville, Md.
                                             Rockville, Md., began construction in          views.
Architect: Boggs & Partners Architects,      July 2006 and completed the project in            The sleek and modern exterior fea-
Annapolis, Md.
                                             October 2007. Forrester Construction           tures a curved, concave glass curtain
Contractor: James G. Davis Construction      Co. of Rockville, Md., began the build-        wall positioned above the entry canopy
Corp., Rockville, Md.                        out of the space in July 2007 and worked       to provide a strong vertical counterpoint
Interiors Construction Manager: Forrester    while base building continued, complet-        to the angular and horizontal nature of
Construction Co., Rockville, Md.             ing it six months later.                       the building.
Structural Engineer: Cagley & Associates       Davis declined to disclose the cost for         Large, projected, one-story-high glass
Structural Engineers, Rockville, Md.         the 137,000-sq-ft base building and            and metal panel bay windows which re-
Concrete Contractor: Brothers Concrete       120,000-sq-ft, cast-in-place concrete          peat across the north façade of the first-
Construction, Vienna, Va.                    parking garage.                                story serve to break down the mass and
                                               The five-story structure sits on a nar-      create a pedestrian-friendly scale.

                                                       BEST OF            BP America, Washington, D.C.
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                                            AWARD OF MERIT - Green Projects

                                             BP America’s new $4 million Washing-           organic compound carpet. The project
                                             ton, D.C., office houses its governmen-        called for many special order and cus-
                                             tal affairs team and will be used to hold      tom materials, including glass imported
                                             executive board meetings and accom-            from Spain and plumbing fixtures from
                                             modate the office needs of high-ranking        Switzerland.
Key Players                                  executives from overseas.                         About 90% of the seated spaces offer
Owner: BP America, Washington, D.C.             Fox Architects of Washington de-            outside views and natural illumination.
Architect: Fox Architects, Washington,       signed the 21,000-sq-ft project, and           Glass partitions maximize the amount
D.C.                                         HITT Contracting of Fairfax, Va., com-         of daylight that penetrates into the inte-
Contractor: HITT Contracting, Fairfax, Va.   pleted the interior build-out, which con-      rior spaces. Motion- and heat-detecting
                                             sists of offices, meeting rooms with           sensors control an automated dimming
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer:
GHT Ltd., Arlington, Va.                     video-conferencing equipment, a con-           system in all perimeter offices.
                                             ference room and an open space for the            A Switch-Lite glass partition in the ex-
Millwork Contractor: Columbia
Woodworking, Washington, D.C.                governmental affairs team.                     ecutive board conference room can
                                                The team sought LEED platinum cer-          transform from fully transparent to
HVAC & Plumbing Contractor: R&R
Mechanical, Bladensburg, Md.                 tification but achieved gold. Green ma-        translucent by energizing the different
                                             terials included Forest Stewardship            glass panels, allowing for greater privacy
                                             Council-certified wood and low-volatile        during meetings.

                                             29   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                     BEST OF            Mortgage Bankers Association
                                            2008    AWARDS
                                                                        Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

                                                                                          AWARD OF MERIT - Green Projects

                                           The $27.5 million Mortgage Bankers             did not call for LEED documentation.
                                           Association has a new home, four floors           In the early 1900s, a gas station with
                                           of a 10-story building on L Street in          underground tanks occupied the site.
Key Players                                Washington, D.C.                               Much gasoline had leeched into the sur-
Owner: Mortgage Bankers Association,          SIGAL Construction of Arlington,            rounding soils, requiring removal and
Washington, D.C.                           Va., initially built the 238,000-sq-ft steel   hauling to scrubbing facilities.
Owners Representative: Orr Partners,       and concrete structure for developer              No laydown area existed, and two pub-
Falls Church, Va.                          DRI Development of Washington. After           lic alleys adjacent to the project could
General Contractor: SIGAL Construction
                                           construction began, DRI unexpectedly           not be blocked. The desire for LEED cer-
Co., Arlington, Va.                        agreed to sell the building to the Mort-       tification complicated the situation,
Architect: SmithGroup, Washington, D.C.
                                           gage Bankers Association. It consists of       since there was no space to separate and
                                           three levels of below-grade parking,           sort waste materials. Even so, SIGAL di-
Steel Contractor: United Masonry,
                                           181,000 sq ft of commercial office space       verted 78% of the waste by hiring a
                                           and a mechanical penthouse.                    waste hauler to collect all of the excess
Concrete Contractor: Miller & Long Co.,
                                              MBA’s desire for LEED led to materi-        in one dumpster and sort offsite.
Bethesda, Md.
                                           al changes and collaborating with sub-            SIGAL anticipates the project will
Plumbing Contractor: W. E. Bowers,
                                           contractors to secure the necessary pa-        achieve LEED gold core and shell and
Beltsville, Md.
                                           perwork, even thought their contracts          LEED silver interiors.

                                                     BEST OF            The Tower Companies
                                            2008    AWARDS
                                                                        Headquarters, Rockville, Md.

                                                                                          AWARD OF MERIT - Green Projects

                                           The new $3 million corporate head-                The HVAC system is at least 15%
                                           quarters for the Tower Cos., within the        more efficient than a traditional system,
Key Players                                2000 Tower Oaks Blvd. Building in              and it works in conjunction with the in-
Owner: The Tower Cos., Rockville, Md.
                                           Rockville, Md., incorporates many sus-         door air quality plan to provide 30%
                                           tainable features in keeping with the          more fresh air than typical offices.
General Contractor: Dietze Construction
                                           company’s commitment to setting new            Crews used low- or zero-volatile organic
Group, Ashburn, Va.
                                           standards for green development.               compound adhesives, sealants, paints,
Architect: Kishimoto.Gordon.Dalaya, Ar-
                                              Dietze Construction Group of Ash-           coatings, composite woods and carpets.
lington, Va.
                                           burn, Va., began work on the interior             Dietz recycled more than 75% of the
Engineering: KTA Group, Washington, D.C.
                                           build-out of the 20,000-sq-ft space in         construction debris. Building materials
Mechanical Contractor: Duffy Mechani-      February and completed it in July.             used, including steel, drywall, ceiling
cal/EMCOR Co., Upper Marlboro, Md.
                                              The light fixtures feature low-mercury      tiles, flooring, furniture and millwork,
Electrical Contractor: NATELCO Corp.,      bulbs that, when combined with day-            contain at least 25% recycled content
Capitol Heights, Md.                       lighting systems, reduce energy con-           and 5% rapidly renewable content. The
Millwork Contractor: Allegheny Millwork,   sumption by more than 35% over stan-           insulation is fiberglass-free and is made
Lawrence, Pa.                              dard systems. The space uses water-effi-       from old blue jeans.
Glass & Glazing Contractor: Affordable     cient plumbing fixtures, which are either
Glass, Frederick, Md.                      water free, low flow or high efficiency.

                                           31   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                         BEST OF                  Gramercy at Metropolitan Park
          2008           AWARDS                             PROJECT OF THE YEAR - High-Rise Residential

                                                                                              Key Players
                                                                                              Owner: Kettler, McLean, Va.
                                                                                              General contractor: BE&K Building
                                                                                              Group, Vienna, Va.
                                                                                              Architects: Robert A. M. Stern
                                                                                              Architects, New York, and WDG
                                                                                              Architecture PLLC, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              Interior designer: Robert A. M. Stern
                                                                                              Architects, New York
                                                                                              Structural engineer: SK&A Structural
                                                                                              Engineers, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              Mechanical engineer: Atlas Comfort
                                                                                              Systems USA, Manassas, Va.
                                                                                              Electrical engineer: Cherry Lane
                                                                                              Electrical Service Inc., Laurel, Md.
                                                                                              Geotechnical engineer: ECS Mid-
                                                                                              Atlantic, Chantilly, Va.
                                                                                              Civil engineer: VIKA Inc., McLean, Va.
The Gramercy at Metropolitan Park is         underground into a new duct bank that            Concrete contractor: Miller & Long
the first phase of a 20-year construction    was installed on Fern Street.                    Concrete Construction., Bethesda, Md.
program. The entire project, when com-          Once completed, the project team led          Rough carpentry contractor: TNK
pleted, will include approximately 3,200     a series of coordination meetings to             Carpentry Contractors Inc., Falls
residential units.                           come up with a plan to provide tempo-            Church, Va.
   The phase one residential complex         rary power while allowing the installa-          Finish carpentry contractor: Monumental
houses 399 rental apartment units and        tion of the permanent service to ensure          Millwork Inc., Westminster, Md.
consists of one 18-story, one six-story      minimal disruption to the construction           Caisson contractor: Seaboard
and two nine-story buildings connected       process.                                         Foundations Inc., Jessup, Md.
by a two-story loft. A parking garage with      Along with the electrical service reloca-
two levels below grade is included as        tion, the team had to work through sever-
well as retail space at the ground level.    al issues related to installing a deep foun-
   Amenities such include an internet        dation (caisson) system on a site with a       overseas included custom millwork
café, conference room, billiard room,        relatively high water table. The team was      from Vietnam, granite from China and
theater, health club and rooftop swim-       required to install and work around a cus-     stone flooring from Israel.
ming pool with bar.                          tom dewatering system designed by the             Due to the success of phase one, the
   The construction is reinforced con-       general contractor to minimize the im-         Gramercy at Metropolitan Park project
crete with aluminum windows and an or-       pact of water on construction.                 team was selected to continue with
nate brick/precast facade. The building         The scope of work required the use of       phase two of the eight-phase plan. The
follows the massing and stylistic strate-    extravagant materials from around the          second phase, known as The Millenni-
gies of traditional classical buildings.     world. Lead times for material orders          um at Metropolitan Park, is currently
   Project team members were faced           became critical because of required ap-        under construction and is expected to
with relocating the existing Dominion        provals, offsite fabrication and anticipat-    finish on time and under budget by late
Power electrical service. The existing       ed delays as the materials made their          2009.
overhead power lines had to be moved         way through customs. Materials from

                                             33   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                      BEST OF            22 West, Washington, D.C.
                                             2008    AWARDS
                                                                                    AWARD OF MERIT - High-Rise Residential

                                            Just blocks from Dupont Circle and             footprint reflects that shape, with one
                                            Georgetown, the $62.3 million 22 West          corner meeting at a point. Another fol-
                                            in Washington, D.C., adds 92 luxury con-       lows a radius. One side of the building
                                            dominiums to the District’s West End.          abuts a historic townhouse.
                                               General contractor Bovis Lend Lease            22 West includes first-floor retail; res-
                                            of Bethesda, Md., began work on devel-         idential units, ranging in price from
Key Players                                 oper EastBanc of Washington’s 10-story         $838,500 to $3.8 million for a two-level
Owner: EastBanc, Washington, D.C.           project in August 2005 with demolition         penthouse; four levels of below-grade
Architect: Shalom Baranes Associates,       of an existing gasoline station, saving        parking; and a rooftop pool area. At the
Washington                                  portions of it for use in the retail section   front of building sits a gas station, with
General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease,       of the new building. Contaminated soil         a green roof.
Bethesda, Md.                               and rock had to be removed, and a 100-            The units feature 9-ft ceilings, wood
Structural Engineer: Tadjer-Cohen-          year-old, 10-ft-diameter sewer line            floors, and Greek marble and Italian
Edelson Associates, Silver Spring, Md.      rerouted. The new line is cast-in-place        slate tile bathrooms.
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing         concrete with a brick cunette.                    Sound-resistant glass curtain wall,
Engineer: Girard Engineering, Falls            The 269,000-sq-ft, post-tensioned           aluminum and zinc panels grace the ex-
Church, Va.                                 structure sits on a triangular lot, and the    terior. Construction wrapped up in July.

                                                      BEST OF            Silo Point Condominiums,
                                             2008    AWARDS
                                                                         Baltimore, Md.

                                                                                    AWARD OF MERIT - High-Rise Residential

                                            An adaptive reuse, the $92.7 million           blends old and new and features tower-
                                            Silo Point Condominiums on the South           ing ceilings, units with warehouse-style
                                            Peninsula of Baltimore, transforms a           floor plans and a basilica-like lobby with
                                            290-ft-tall, 1920s-era grain elevator into     23-ft octagonal columns and bathed in
Key Players
                                            a mixed-use development with 229 wa-           natural daylight.
Owner: Turner Development Group,
                                            terfront, luxury apartments.                      Construction included adding six
                                               Suffolk Construction Co. of Falls           structural-steel frame floors atop the ex-
Architect: PARAmeter, Baltimore
                                            Church, Va., selectively demolished 160        isting 18-story concrete structure and
General Contractor: Suffolk Construction    of the former grain silos and recon-           building a cast-in-place concrete struc-
Co., Falls Church, Va.                      structed 11 to serve as reminders of the       ture with two levels of retail and resi-
Electrical Contractor: Benfield Electric,   site’s heritage. The company also con-         dential above that wraps around a 500-
Aberdeen, Md.                               structed a new cast-in-place structure         car parking garage supported by the ex-
Concrete Contractor: Oncore                 bedside the remaining silos and within         isting silo field podium. Additional two-
Construction, Bladensburg, Md.              the original footprint.                        level townhouse-style units with roof
Steel Contractor: Fabbco Steel, Owings         Work on the 646,000-sq-ft project, for      gardens top the parking deck. Suffolk
Mills, Md.                                  Turner Development Group of Balti-             used metal stick frame construction
Mechanical Contractor: Madison              more, began in October 2006 and was            method for these units and metal panel
Mechanical, Marriottsville, Md.             completed in November. The project             siding.

                                            35   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                    BEST OF         The Radian, Philadelphia
                                            2008   AWARDS
                                                                              AWARD OF MERIT - High-Rise Residential

                                           The Radian, a $65 million student           team incorporated concrete into archi-
                                           apartment complex at the University of      tectural elements in the completed
Key Players                                Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, replaces a    building. The concrete shear walls were
Owner: University Partners, Atlanta        former single-story retail complex with     expressed on the exterior wall, and
Architect: Erdy McHenry Architecture,      154 units for 500 students.                 sealed concrete was the finished product
Philadelphia                                  University Partners of Atlanta devel-    on floors and ceilings in the residential
Contractor: INTECH Construction,           oped and manages the building on land       areas.
Philadelphia                               owned by the university. The 14-story          INTECH delayed steel erection on the
Structural Engineer: The Harman Group,
                                           Radian broke ground in January 2007.        low-rise structure until the prefabricated
King of Prussia, Pa.                       INTECH Construction of Philadelphia         rain-screen wall panel system was com-
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
                                           finished the 14-story high-rise in August   plete on the main building, eliminating
Engineer: PHY Consulting Engineers,        and students began moving in.               the need for a costly tower crane.
Philadelphia                                  The short turnaround time precluded         A 12,000-sq-ft green roof covers about
Site and Civil Engineer: Pennoni           a structural steel-frame for the tower,     20% of the building’s footprint. In addi-
Associates, Philadelphia                   due to long lead times needed for steel.    tion, sloped roofs direct water to green
Concrete Contractor: B. Pietrini & Sons,   That left concrete, which put additional    areas.
King of Prussia, Pa.                       pressure on the budget. The design
                         BEST OF                  Gaylord National Resort and
          2008           AWARDS
                                                  Convention Center, Prince George’s
                                                  County, Md. PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Hospitality

The project team building the $865
million Gaylord National Convention
Center along the Potomac River faced
an aggressive schedule between Sep-
tember 2006 and its completion this
   The largest convention center resort
on the Eastern Seaboard stands 20 sto-
ries high and includes 2,000 hotel
rooms and more than 470,000 sq ft of
convention and meeting space. A
50,000-sq-ft ballroom is included.
   The hotel building skin is primarily
precast panels, punch windows, glass
curtain wall and strip windows. Stone
veneer was added to accent both the
ground and second floors. Prefinished
metal panels were included in the cur-
tain wall and at the penthouses.
   The convention center building skin       gardens. The 2,000 pieces of glass weigh
is primarily precast panels with glass       500 lbs each and are supported by 50-          Key Players
curtain wall. The parking garage was         ton trusses. Workers installed the 240-        Owner/Developer: Gaylord Hotels,
constructed using structural precast ac-     and 210-ft steel trusses that stretch from
                                                                                            General contractor: Perini/Tompkins
cented with architectural precast panels.    one side of the resort to the other by lift-   Joint Venture, Oxon Hill, Md.
Additional building materials include        ed cranes.
                                                                                            Architect: Gensler, Washington, D.C.
high-end interior finishes throughout           At its construction peak, nearly 2,000
                                                                                            Structural engineer: The Harman Group
the hotel and convention center and          personnel worked around the clock. Dai-        Inc., King of Prussia, Pa.
glass curtain wall at the elevator lobby     ly schedules had to take into account al-      Mechanical and electrical engineer:
façade.                                      ternative routes and other traffic consid-     WSP Flack + Kurtz, Arlington, Va.
   The high quality of work performed        erations.                                      Geotechnical engineer: ECS Mid-At-
on the project is especially evident            The convention center booked its one        lantic, Chantilly, Va.

through the project’s 65,000-sq-ft glass     millionth room 10 months prior to its          Structural steel contractor: Banker Steel
                                                                                            Co., Lynchburg, Va.
atrium. The 18-story arched atrium cov-      grand opening, creating even more ur-
                                                                                            Concrete contractor: Celestial Concrete
ers more that 1.5 acres of indoor tropical   gency for the building team. In one of         Construction, Washington, D.C.
                                             the most aggressive construction sched-
                                                                                            Electrical contractor: John E. Kelly &
                                             ules undertaken in the region, employ-         Sons, Upper Marlboro, Md.
                                             ees and workers worked seven days a            Mechanical contractor: Pierce Associ-
                                             week. Their efforts led to the completion      ates Inc., Oxon Hill, Md.
                                             of the Gaylord National Resort and Con-        Mechanical controls contractor: Johnson
                                                                                            Controls Inc., Oxon Hill, Md.
                                             vention Center on time and to owner
                                             satisfaction.                                  Fire protection contractor: National Fire
                                                                                            Protection, Rockville, Md.
                                                                                            Masonry contractor: Norman Evans Ma-
                                                                                            sonry Inc., Lanham, Md.

                                             37   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                       BEST OF            Hilton Baltimore Convention
                                              2008     AWARDS
                                                                          Center Hotel, Baltimore, Md.

                                                                                                 AWARD OF MERIT - Hospitality

                                             Construction of the $236.4 million, 90,000 cu yds of soil, the team found 30
                                             850,000-sq-ft Hilton Baltimore Conven-         previously unidentified petroleum tanks,
                                             tion Center Hotel allows the city to play      which were removed along with 900 truck
                                             host to larger conventions and boost the       loads of contaminated soil.
Key Players                                  economic vitality of the downtown area.           More than 180 caissons support the
Owner: Baltimore Hotel Corp., Baltimore         The Hensel Phelps Design Build Team         grand ballroom; 20-story, concrete-
Architect/Engineer & Structural Engineer:    completed the fast-track, design-build         frame guest tower; and 550-car parking
RTKL Associates, Baltimore                   project in August. The joint venture part-     deck, while the three-story junior ball-
Contractor: Hensel Phelps Design Build       ners Hensel Phelps Construction Co. of         room and restaurant building sits on vi-
Team, a joint venture among Hensel           Chantilly, Va., Doracon Contracting and        brated aggregate piles atop existing fill.
Phelps Construction Co. of Chantilly,        Banks Contracting Co., both of Baltimore,      A sky bridge connects the two struc-
Va., Doracon Contracting and Banks           began the work in February 2006.               tures. A second sky bridge links the ho-
Contracting Co., both of Baltimore
                                                RTKL Associates of Baltimore designed       tel with the convention center.
Civil Engineer: Whitney, Bailey, Cox &       the two-building, 757-room hotel tower,
Magnani, Baltimore                           conference facilities and parking garage.
Plumbing / Mechanical (Design & Construc-       Crews began by demolishing two paved
tion): Southland Industries, Dulles, Va.     parking lots and an auto mechanics shop
                                             on the six-acre site. While excavating

                                                       BEST OF            Equinix Data Center,
                                              2008     AWARDS
                                                                          Northern Virginia

                                                                                                  AWARD OF MERIT - Industrial

                                             The $48 million Equinix Data Center and load-bearing masonry and precast
                                             – DC5, a tier IV Internet business ex-         annex between two existing buildings,
                                             change data center in a Northern Vir-          using multiple small cranes in the inte-
                                             ginia industrial park, opened in June.         rior of the structure because the FAA de-
                                                Hensel Phelps Construction Co. of           nied the request for a large crane.
Key Players                                  Chantilly, Va., began the project for the         Hensel Phelps used a short interval
Owner: Equinix Operating Co., Forest         Equinix Operating Co. of Forest City,          production scheduling technique on the
City, Calif.                                 Calif., in November 2007. Scope includ-        project. It emulates an assembly line in
Architect, Structural, Mechanical and        ed interior fit-out of an existing 10-year-    the sense that each trade is given a de-
Electrical Engineer: IDC Architects, Port-   old, 70,000-sq-ft warehouse and the ad-        fined work area, with exclusive use of
land, Ore.                                   dition of a 30,000-sq-ft annex building.       the space for a set number of days in
Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction          Sixty computer room air-conditioning        which to complete work in that section.
Co., Chantilly, Va.                          units cool the buildings through 3,000            This method creates a “train” effect in
Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor:          lin ft of ductwork. Crews placed more          which each trade follows through an area
Southland Industries, Dulles, Va.            than 11 mi of conduit, 400 tons of steel       one after another until it is complete.
Electrical Contractor: MC Dean, Dulles       and 95 mi of cable throughout the eight-       They can easily understand where they
                                             month schedule.                                need to be each week and what they need
                                                The team erected the structural steel       to accomplish by week’s end.

                                             39   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                           BEST OF               Morgan State University
         2008              AWARDS
                                                 New Library, Baltimore, Md.
                                                                             PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Institutional

Key Players
Owner: Morgan State University, Balti-
General contractor: Hess Construction +
Engineering Services, Gaithersburg, Md.
Architect: Design Collective Inc., Balti-
Architectural consultant: Sasaki Associ-
ates Inc., Watertown, Mass.
Associate architect: FON Architects,
Structural engineer: Hope Furrer Associ-
ates, Towson, Md.
MEP engineer: Henry Adams LLC, Tow-         Morgan State University’s New Library          chilled water for the building’s HVAC
son, Md.
                                            replaces the existing Soper Library with       systems. All rooms include automatic
Plumbing/fire protection engineer: KES      technology-based study spaces, learning        occupancy sensors for lighting and au-
Engineering Inc., Baltimore
                                            environments and meeting facilities.           tomated solar-tracking window shades.
Geotechnical engineer: Froehling &             The 220,000-sq-ft facility provides ac-        The building is one of the first in the
Robertson Inc., Jessup, Md.
                                            cess to all of the library’s holdings and      United States to use a stone façade rain
Civil engineer and landscape architect:     showcases the university’s special collec-     screen system in which the metal sub-
Site Resources Inc., Phoenix, Md.
                                            tion of African-American manuscripts           frame over air barrier allows for contin-
Caisson contractor: Eastern Caisson         and memorabilia. The facility includes         uous exterior insulation by minimizing
Corp. Glen Rock, Pa.
                                            campus and community meeting rooms,            the number of penetrations and thermal
Concrete contractor: Daniel G. Schuster
                                            classrooms and computer labs, and              breaks in the insulation envelope.
Construction Inc., Owings Mills, Md.
                                            gallery space. It houses 650,000 volumes.         The complexity of the building mate-
Masonry contractor: Baltimore Masonry
                                               This site strategically places the li-      rials – which came from the United
Inc., Eldersberg, Md.
                                            brary along Morgan Commons, the                States, Europe, Asia and South America
Steel contractors: Powell Steel Corp.,
                                            main pedestrian spine for the campus,          – required extensive coordination with
Lancaster, Pa., and Baltimore Steel
Erectors, White Marsh, Md.
                                            at the midpoint between the academic           concrete, steel and framing trades to
                                            quadrangle to the north and the resi-          meet the requirements of the finishes.
Glass and curtainwall contractor: Zephyr
Aluminum Inc., Baltimore
                                            dential campus to the south.                   The design team and contractors
                                               The flexible building design allows for     worked extensively to find the right mix
Roofing contractor: Citiroof Corp., Co-
lumbia, Md.                                 spaces to be reconfigured as academic          and installation method for the architec-
                                            programs change and evolve. The design         tural concrete used in the exposed
Interior finishes contractor: Manganaro
Midatlantic, Beltsville, Md.                of building roof overhangs, green roof,        frame, pouring more than a dozen con-
                                            glass fins, sunscreens and light monitors      crete column mock-ups before reaching
Wood panels and millwork contractor:
Greenbrier Architectural Woodwork,          maximize daylighting throughout the            a benchmark that the in-place columns
Ronceverte, W.V.                            building, yet minimize glare and direct        would be required to achieve.
HVAC contractor: G.E. Tignall & Co.,        exposure during summer months.                    The project was located in a campus
Hunt Valley, Md.                               Other sustainable features include an       area with three other projects under
                                            automatic building energy management           construction at the same time, and that
                                            and control system as well as a central        required extensive coordination be-
                                            campus plant that provides steam and           tween other contractors.

                                            41   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                          BEST OF               Gallaudet University - James Lee
                                                2008     AWARDS
                                                                                Sorenson Language & Communication
                                                                                Center, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                  AWARD OF MERIT - Institutional

                                               The $23 million James Lee Sorenson covered a former waste dump. That
                                               Language and Communication Center at            meant shifting the foundation to 347 18-
                                               Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.,       in. auger-cast piles rather than caissons,
                                               will serve as a campus gathering place and      which in turn, required a redesign of the
Key Players                                    embrace the concept of visucentric design       structural steel.
Owner: Gallaudet University, Washing-          for deaf and hard of hearing students.             The foundation system limits vibra-
ton, D.C.                                         Heery International of Baltimore pro-        tions that could negatively affect student
Program Manager: Heery International,          vided program management services, be-          experiences. Limiting vibration also
Baltimore                                      ginning in 2005. Design took two years, six     prompted the design to place the me-
Architect and Mechanical and Electrical        months longer than it took Forrester Con-       chanical systems in the basement.
Engineer: SmithGroup Architects, Wash-         struction Co. of Rockville, Md., to build the      The project team sought LEED certifica-
ington                                         87,700-sq-ft, structural-steel-frame build-     tion. The design features natural daylight.
Contractor: Forrester Construction Co.,        ing, which was finished in July.                Deep porches and a ceramic-dot pattern in
Rockville, Md.                                    Initial assumptions during cost-mod-         the low-e glass were used to control sun-
Plumbing Contractor: R & R Mechanical,         eling phases were based on an old geot-         rays from entering the building and caus-
Bladensburg, Md.                               ech investigation for an adjacent site.         ing glare or affecting students’ ability to
                                               However, an actual site investigation un-       use American Sign Language.

                                                          BEST OF           Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety
                                                2008     AWARDS
                                                                            Building, New Castle, Del.

                                                                                                  AWARD OF MERIT - Institutional

                                               The $38 million Paul J. Sweeney Pub-            2005 on the 128,000-sq-ft, four-story,
                                               lic Safety Building in New Castle, Del.,        structural-steel building. The project
                                               consolidates the police, emergency oper-        wrapped up in October.
                                               ations, emergency medical services and             The cast-in-place foundation and wall
Key Players                                    911 call center into one facility.              system allows the lobby and entrance
Owner: New Castle County, Delaware                New Castle County hired Tevebaugh            plaza to sit 4 ft above grade, created as an
Architect: Tevebaugh Associates, Wilming-      Associates of Wilmington, Del., to con-         element of passive security for the mis-
ton, Del.                                      duct a predesign study to determine pro-        sion-critical facility. Architectural precast
Contractor: Gilbane Building Co., Wilmington   gram needs now and until 2020. For eco-         clads the exterior walls, providing another
Structural Engineer: O’Donnell, Naccarato &    nomic and logistical reasons, the county        security feature. A curtain-wall system al-
MacIntosh, Wilmington                          decided to locate the new facilities on the     lows daylight into the public and admin-
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Paul H.    existing 15-acre police headquarters’ site.     istrative side of the building.
Yeomans, Philadelphia                             Tevebaugh Associates developed a                A geothermal heat-pump system, with
Civil Engineer: Duffield Associates            phased-construction master plan so that         220 200-ft-deep wells, heats and cools the
Steel Contractor: Berlin Steel, Malvern, Pa.   the current and future buildings could          building. A rainwater harvesting system
Mechanical Contractor: Worth & Co., Pop-       temporarily coexist at the same location.       and flow restrictions on plumbing features
ersville, Pa.                                     Gilbane Building Co. of Wilmington,          will reduce potable water demand by 80%.
                                               Del., began construction in February            The team seeks LEED silver certification.

                                               42   Mid-Atlantic Construction    Winter 2008
                                                    BEST OF            Snead Hall, School of Business and
                                           2008    AWARDS
                                                                       East Hall, School of Engineering,
                                                                       Richmond, Va.
                                                                                            AWARD OF MERIT - Institutional

                                          The $69.5 million project to build the tating removal and disposal of the con-
                                          Snead Hall School of Business and the          taminated soil. They also unearthed
                                          East Hall School of Engineering at Vir-        basements of former buildings.
Key Players                               ginia Commonwealth University in                   The new structure sits on massive
                                          Richmond creates a cross-disciplinary          spread footings placed upon engineered
Owner: Virginia Commonwealth Universi-
                                          approach to education.                         fill. Due to the overall poor quality of the
ty, Richmond
                                             Gilbane Building Co. of Richmond            soil, massive undercuts, some of which
Program Manager: Trammel Crow Co.,
                                          began the 243,717-sq-ft project in Au-         were more than 14 ft deep, were required
                                          gust 2005 and finished it in January. The      to obtain the necessary bearing capacities.
Construction Manager: Gilbane Building
                                          university began moving furniture in               The School of Business employs a
Co., Richmond
                                          before completion to ensure the four-          structural-steel frame, while the School
Architect: Moseley Architects, Virginia
                                          story building could open for the spring       of Engineering structure is cast-in-place
Beach, Va.
                                          semester.                                      concrete to minimize vibrations that
Concrete Contractor: Cleveland Cement        Sitework began with demolition of           could interfere with subsequent labora-
Contractors, Richmond
                                          nine existing structures and parking           tory experiments.
Electrical Contractor: Truland Systems    lots. While excavating, crews found a              The classical colonial-style façade is
Corp., Richmond, Va.
                                          dozen underground oil tanks, necessi-          primarily masonry and precast concrete.

                                                    BEST OF            American Trucking Association
                                           2008    AWARDS
                                                                       Headquarters, Alexandria, Va.

                                                                                         AWARD OF MERIT - Interior Fit-Out

                                          Forrester     Construction Co., of             a high-end version of a truck trailer, with
                                          Rockville, Md., completed a $9.7 million       wood floors, walls and ceilings and pat-
                                          interior fit-out of the new American           terned acrylic windows.
                                          Trucking Association’s headquarters in            Specialty lighting illuminates file
                                          Alexandria, Va.                                niches in the regular office spaces. The
Key Players                                  The 128,000-sq-ft project got off to a      reception area features a two-story atri-
Owner: American Trucking Associations,    late start when the base building did not      um and a two-story American flag sculp-
Alexandria, Va.
                                          finish on schedule, delaying permitting        ture wall with metal stars and stripes.
Architect: RTKL, Washington, D.C.         for the interior work. Even though the            The 12th-floor executive offices are 30
Contractor: Forrester Construction Co.,   owner extended the schedule, Forrester         ft high slab to slab and have three levels
Rockville, Md.                            completed it one month early in Febru-         of ceilings. Due to the large floor-to-ceil-
Concrete Contractor: Intown Restora-      ary so ATA could move in on time.              ing span, crews placed additional sup-
tions, Easton, Md.                           The facilities include a conference         port steel, which was covered to match
Structural Steel: R&R Fabrication,        center, lobby with interconnecting stair,      the lobby flag wall. Millwork paneling
Prince Frederick, Md.                     cafeteria, meeting areas, executive floor      and light fixtures in the briefing center
Architectural Millwork: Creative Dimen-   and roof terrace. Veneer and lacquer           on this floor were relocated from ATA’s
sion Group, Fredericksburg, Va.           wall panels are found throughout.              former office.
                                          “Trailer pantries” on each floor resemble

                                          43   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                          BEST OF            I. Gorman Jewelers,
                                                 2008     AWARDS
                                                                             Washington. D.C.

                                                                                                 AWARD OF MERIT - Interior Fit-Out

                                                I. Gorman Jewelers’ new store in crete topping slab to level the floor.
                                                Washington, D.C., allows the retailer to            An exterior storefront system features a
                                                display inventory in a modern environ-           crisp, white backlit resin panel with the
                                                ment with high-end finishes and an or-           retailer’s name. The exterior is wrapped
Key Players                                     ganic-toned palette.                             with wenge wood in contrast to the pre-
Owner: I. Gorman Jewelers, Washington, D.C.       James G. Davis Construction Corp. of           cast structure of the existing building.
Architect: Hickok Cole Architects, Washing-     Rockville, Md., began the 3,300-sq-ft in-           Wenge wood carries throughout the
ton, D.C.
                                                terior fit-out in October 2007 and com-          store. Customers enter and are welcomed
Contractor: James G. Davis Construction         pleted it three months later. The compa-         by a back-lit white onyx wall, which slow-
Corp., Rockville, Md.
                                                ny would not disclose the cost.                  ly transitions visually throughout the day;
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engi-
neer: Global Engineering Solutions, Rockville     The front floor was originally lower than      a white resin beverage bar; and a dark
Architectural Woodwork: Brunswick Wood-         the back and 6-in. below sidewalk elevation,     wood and resin structure supporting
working, Ijamsville, Md.                        posing problems with code compliance,            three suspended circular display cases.
Plumbing and HVAC Contractor: R&R Me-           egress and aesthetics. Additional concrete          Ceiling lights were selected and in-
chanical Contractors, Bladensburg, Md.          to bring it level would have resulted in         stalled at certain positions and angles to
Electrical Contractor: Natelco Corp., Capitol   weight fatigue. Davis decided to install 3-in.   work in conjunction with lighting with-
Heights, Md.
                                                Styrofoam fill and then pour a 3-in. con-        in the display cases and to diffuse glare.

                                                          BEST OF            U.S. Capitol Visitor Center -
                                                 2008     AWARDS
                                                                             House and Senate Shell Space,
                                                                             Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                 AWARD OF MERIT - Interior Fit-Out

                                                The Capitol Visitor Center will open in          es, constructed offsite to ensure con-
                                                December, providing visitors to the U.S.         structability and correctness, then dis-
Key Players                                     Capitol a place to enter and learn more          mantled and shipped to the project for
Owner: Architect of the Capitol, Washington,    about the legislative process. The project       final installation.
D.C.                                            also provides new space for congres-                A two-story House hearing room fea-
Architect and Engineer: RTKL Associates,        sional administrative functions and              tures three fixed and one moveable row
Washington, D.C.                                lockers for the U.S. Capitol Police.             of daises on tiered podiums and a 15-ft-
Construction Manager: Gilbane Building Co.,        As part of the project, Manhattan Con-        diameter glass fixture. The project also
Laurel, Md.                                     struction of Washington, D.C., and the           includes a recording studio and special
Congressional Interior Fit Out Contractor:      Architect of the Capitol awarded Grunley         fire protection systems within archival
Grunley Construction Co. of Rockville, Md.
                                                Construction Co. of Rockville, Md., a            storage rooms.
Concrete Contractor (form, reinforcement,       $37.6 million contract to fit out the
cast-in-place and cementations floor top-
ping): Vertex, Boonsboro, Md.                   170,000-sq-ft House and Senate expan-
Structural Steel Framing of Monumental Stair:
                                                sion spaces, which were subdivided into
Valley Bronze, Joseph, Ore.                     seven distinct areas of the subterranean
Custom Millwork and Carpentry: Wellingford      facility. Work began in June 2005.
Systems, Alexandria, Va.                           Structural steel serves as the back-
                                                bone for two three-story spiral staircas-

                                                45   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                      BEST OF         Jenkins Row, Washington, D.C.
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                                             AWARD OF MERIT - Mixed-Use

                                             Jenkins Row on Capital Hill, a mixed- Avenue and the residential scale of the
                                             use project, expands the traditional        surrounding neighborhood. A drum
                                             boundary of upscale Capitol Hill east to-   shape adds presence to the corner of
Key Player                                   ward the Stadium Armory area of Wash-       Pennsylvania and Potomac avenues.
Owner: JPI Apartment Development,            ington, D.C.                                   To minimize the perceived length of
McLean, Va.                                    The complex, designed by SK&I Ar-         the building, the facade is conceptually
General Contractor: JPI Homes, McLean, Va.   chitectural Design Group of Bethesda,       divided into separate buildings with dis-
Architect: SK&I Architectural Design         Md., includes a grocery store, café, 250    tinct architecture styles. Metal panels
Group, Bethesda, Md.                         one- and two-bedroom units and 450 be-      emphasize the contemporary portion of
Structural Engineer: Cates Engineering,
                                             low-grade parking spaces.                   the design.
Centreville, Va.                               JPI Homes of McLean, Va., built the          An internal courtyard above the gro-
                                             380,000-sq-ft project for JPI Apartment     cery store maximizes the units’ expo-
Concrete Contractor: Miller & Long,
Bethesda, Md.                                Development, also of McLean, starting       sure to daylight and includes seating ar-
                                             work in April 2005 and completing the       eas, a gazebo and sculpture fountain.
Plumbing Contractor: Stubbs Plumbing,
Clinton, Md.                                 job in March. SK&I did not release cost.
                                               The massing of the building embod-
Electrical Contractor: Power Design, St.
Petersburg, Fla.                             ies both the civic scale of Pennsylvania
                                                           BEST OF           Justison Landing, Wilmington, Del.
                                                  2008    AWARDS
                                                                                                   AWARD OF MERIT - Mixed-Use

                                                The $93.6 million Justison Landing             system and are clad in brick, cast stone
                                                mixed-use project aims to help revitalize      and metal panel siding.
                                                the Wilmington, Del., Christiana River-           J.J. DeLuca used premanufactured,
                                                front by transforming a former brown-          load-bearing structural-steel walls with -
Key Player                                      field site into upscale residential units.     DensGlass sheathing and a Hambro
Owner: BPGS Construction, Wilmington               J.J. DeLuca Co. of Springfield, Pa.,        floor system on the rental buildings.
Contractor: J.J. DeLuca Co., Springfield, Pa.
                                                worked with the developer BPGS Con-            The company also used plastic piping
                                                struction of Wilmington throughout the         that requires no soldering, joints or cut-
Architect: Burt Hill Kosar & Rittelmann,
                                                preconstruction phase to bring the             ting of copper pipes.
                                                500,000-sq-ft project within budget. The          Dry-dock structures from a 1930s-era
Concrete: Talley Bothers, Wilmington
                                                company broke ground in June 2006              shipbuilding company remained ap-
Masonry: Joseph Rizzo & Sons, New               and completed the work in September.           proximately 20 ft below grade. Approxi-
Castle, Del.
                                                   The project consists of four buildings      mately 400 H-piles, ranging from 40 to
Plumbing: I.D. Griffith, Wilmington             housing 129 for-sale units, 214 rental         50 ft, were driven into the ground for
Mechanical: E.J. De Seta, New Castle,           units, first-floor retail, office space and    stabilization. Underground plumbing
Del.                                            two parking garages. The two condo-            and electrical conduit passed over exist-
Electrical: Battaglia Electric, New Castle      minium buildings are built using a             ing industrial foundations from prior
                                                lightweight, cold-formed steel-framing         uses.

                                                          BEST OF            Union Row, Washington, D.C
                                                 2008    AWARDS
                                                                                                   AWARD OF MERIT - Mixed-Use

                                                The mixed-use Union Row contributes man Construction and Development of
                                                to the revival of the U Street neighbor-       Washington, D.C., began construction
                                                hood in Washington, D.C.                       in May 2005 and completed the 334,760-
                                                   SK&I Architectural Design Group of          sq-ft PN Hoffman project in January.
Key Player                                      Bethesda, Md., designed the complex to         SK&I did not release cost.
                                                preserve the historical structures that ex-       SK&I preserved the existing alley in
Owner: PN Hoffman, Washington, D.C.
                                                isted on the site—two simple industrial        the warehouse section and enhanced it
Contractor: PN Hoffman Construction
                                                warehouses along the interior alley of         with new hardscape, light fixtures and
and Development, Washington, D.C.
                                                the block. SK&I kept the warehouses’           street-level awnings. Two stair towers, at
Architect: SK&I Architectural Design
                                                structural frames and topped them with         either end, guide visitors to the elevated
Group, Bethesda, Md.
                                                two stories of new construction. Archi-        gateway that serves the third-floor units.
Structural Engineer: Ehlert/Bryan,              tects placed two seven-story towers upon          On the new building, SK&I broke up
McLean, Va.
                                                retail bases and three levels of below-        the mass by creating three distinct
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing             grade parking.                                 looks, with slight variations of propor-
Engineer: GHT, Arlington, Va.
                                                   The project includes 208 flat-style         tion and rhythm, including textured
Concrete Contractor: Miller & Long,             condominiums, ranging from efficien-           bays, strong corner elements, awnings
Bethesda, Md.
                                                cies to three-bedroom units, and 52 loft-      and cornices.
                                                style studios and townhouses. PN Hoff-

                                                47   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                           BEST OF                Comcast Center, Philadelphia, Pa.
        2008              AWARDS                                                      PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Office

Key Player
Owner/Developer: Liberty Property
Trust/Commerz, Philadelphia, PA
Project Manager: Hill International, Inc.,
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Robert A. M. Stern Architects,
New York City
Architect of Record: Kendall/Heaton
Associates, Inc., Houston, TX
Construction Manager: L.F. Driscoll
Company, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Structural Engineer: Thornton
Tomasetti, New York, NY
MEP Engineer: Paul H Yeomans, Inc.,
Philadelphia, PA
LEED Consultant: Atelier Ten, New York

                                                       BEST OF            Columbia Center, Washington, D.C.
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                                                      AWARD OF MERIT - Office

                                             The $44 million Columbia Center in and be visible for blocks. This light
                                             Washington, D.C., with its sleek, con-         cube, glazed with low-e, iron-clear glass,
                                             temporary façade, contrasts with neigh-        provides a deep and uninterrupted view
                                             boring precast buildings and creates a         into the building’s core and creates the
Key Player                                   striking appearance designed to help it        appearance of a seamless, frameless, il-
                                             attract tenants.                               luminated, four-story lobby.
Owner: Monument Realty, Washington, D.C.
                                                Hickok Cole Architects of Washing-            In lieu of large concrete columns to sup-
Architect: Hickok Cole Architects,           ton designed the 12-story, 415,000-sq-ft       port the floors above, designers slanted
Washington, D.C.
                                             building after conducting an in-house          two thin, round, 42-ft-high steel columns
Contractor: James G. Davis Construction      charrette process. James G. Davis Con-         and placed floor-mounted light rods at var-
Group, Rockville, Md.
                                             struction Group of Rockville, Md., built       ious angles between the columns.
Civil Engineer: Edwards and Kelcey,          the post-tensioned building between              Glass curtain walls sheath almost all
Reston, Va.
                                             April 2005 and January.                        of the front façade, allowing light to per-
Structural Engineer: SK&A Structural            Designers noted that while Columbia         meate through all four sides. At the
Engineers, Washington, D.C.                  Center would be wedged between two             northeast corner, the curtain wall, start-
Geotechnical Engineer: ECS, Chantilly, Va.   other buildings, an adjacent alley would       ing at the fourth floor, slopes away from
                                             allow for a corner atrium, a light-box         the adjacent building to capture maxi-
                                             lobby that would illuminate the interior       mum natural light.

                                             48   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF                  Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, Va.
          2008            AWARDS                           PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Park/Site/Landscaping

                                                                                               Key Player
                                                                                               Owner: DoD/Washington Headquarters
                                                                                               Service, Arlington, Va.
                                                                                               Design/Build Team: Balfour Beatty Con-
                                                                                               struction, Fairfax, Va. (general contrac-
                                                                                               tor) and Lee + Papa and Associates,
                                                                                               Washington, D.C. (architect of record)
                                                                                               Structural and civil engineer: Alpha
                                                                                               Corp., Dulles, Va.
                                                                                               MEP engineer: Syska Hennessy Group,
                                                                                               Fairfax, Va.
                                                                                               Concept designer: Kaseman Beckman
                                                                                               Amsterdam Studio, Philadelphia
                                                                                               Electrical contractor: M.C. Dean, Dulles,
                                                                                               Mechanical contractor: Southland Indus-
                                                                                               tries, Irvine, Calif.
                                                                                               Memorial unit casting: MetalTek Interna-
                                                                                               tional, Waukesha, Wis.
The project team creating a memorial          unit has five custom-fabricated pieces of        Memorial unit polishing: Buchtel Metal
to honor the victims of the Sept. 11 at-      granite installed to form its top seating        Finishing, Elk Grove Village, Ill.
tack on the Pentagon had to fulfill a         surface. The field of Memorial Units is          Custom stainless steel fabrication: OEC
heartfelt mission.                            organized by the victims’ birth year,            Engineering Corp., Chantilly, Va., and
   The Pentagon Memorial Family Steer-        forming age lines.                               Alliance Steel, Bedford Park, Ill.

ing committee, made up of the loved              There are more than 2 mi of stainless         Memorial unit light fabrication: StarFire
ones of the victims, asked the team to        steel age lines installed with more than         Lighting Inc., Wood-Ridge, N.J.

create a “memorial that translates this       14,000 bolted connections anchoring              Memorial unit fountain system equipment
terrible tragedy into a place of solace,      each age line to a concrete grade beam           and controls: Delta Fountains, Jack-
                                                                                               sonville, Fla.
peace and healing.” The team delivered        below grade. Each unit weighs approxi-
a project that not only met that request      mately 1,200 lbs with precast concrete
but also created an oasis that will cele-     basins weighing more than 7,000 lbs.
brate patriotism and democracy for               An individual light illuminates the
years to come.                                underside of every unit and its private        of equipment within the boundary of
   One of the park’s major components         circulating pool of water. The 184 lights      the park. Therefore, all fill materials had
is the highly unique Memorial Unit. It’s      are the primary light source for the en-       to be installed by a Telebelt system, in-
adjacent to the Pentagon impact site and      tire park. More than 40 individual, cus-       cluding the placement of all 200 cubic
is where 184 individual “Memorial             tom-fabricated elements come together          yards of concrete for the foundation.
Units” represent each victim killed in        to make each unit.
the attack.                                      Each was finished and polished by
   Each unit is a cast stainless steel ele-   hand, requiring more than 100 hours of
ment that “grows” out of the ground and       work.
is cantilevered over a precast concrete-          The positioning of the concrete foun-
formed pool of circulating water. Each        dation system did not allow for the use

                                              49   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                            BEST OF            Park Village at The Villages of
                                                   2008    AWARDS
                                                                               Belvoir, Fort Belvoir, Va.

                                                                                                     AWARD OF MERIT - Renovation

Key Player                                        The $7.9 million Park Village at The wood-frame construction, concrete
                                                  Villages of Belvoir preserves and re-          foundation walls and piers and then re-
Owner: Clark Realty Capital, Arlington, Va.
                                                  stores two historic, World War I-era           turned the original panel look to the ex-
Architect: RKtects Studio, Alexandria, Va.
                                                  buildings to bring them up to current          terior. They replaced roofing and siding
Contractor: Clark Builders Group, Fort            standards and add 22 new homes to cre-         and added a front porch and master
Belvoir, Va.
                                                  ate a craftsman village-style, pedestrian-     bathroom addition, while keeping the
Structural Engineer: Linton Engineering,          friendly neighborhood.                         original craftsman style of the house.
Potomac Falls, Va.                                   Clark Builders Group of Fort Belvoir,          Inside, the team installed new wood
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing En-           Va., completed the renovation for Clark        flooring, carpet, HVAC systems and
gineering: Metropolitan Engineering,              Realty Capital of Arlington, Va., in           plumbing, electrical and telecommuni-
Washington, D.C.
                                                  March, 15 months after starting the            cation systems. They also restored two
Geotechnical Engineering: ECS Corpo-              work. The project was the result of a          brick fireplaces to working order.
rate Services, Chantilly, Va.
                                                  public-private partnership to develop,            Clark saved more than 75 trees and
Concrete Contractor: Lisbon, Manassas             rehabilitate and construct more than           added 77. It limited new landscaping to
Park, Va.
                                                  2,000 homes at Fort Belvoir.                   native species to reduce water consump-
Plumbing Contractor: Breeden Mechani-                Crews stripped the two 2,203-sq-ft his-     tion.
cal, Manassas, Va.                                toric structures down to the original
Electrical Contractor: Dynalectric, Dulles, Va.

                                                            BEST OF            UVA South Chiller Plan Expansion
                                                   2008    AWARDS
                                                                               Phase II, Charlottesville, Va.

                                                                                                     AWARD OF MERIT - Renovation

                                                     The $17.7 million, phase-two Univer-        ing equipment with vibrations. Also not
                                                  sity of Virginia South Chiller Plant Ex-       to disturb medical or research opera-
Key Player                                        pansion project in Charlottesville adds        tions, special precautions were em-
Owner: University of Virginia,                    2,000 tons of capacity to the 4,000 tons       ployed to avoid any fumes or chemicals
Charlottesville, Va.                              installed during phase one.                    generated during construction to enter
Architect: Ayers/Saint/Gross, Baltimore
                                                     The project, undertaken by Martin           the air intakes of adjacent facilities. That
                                                  Horn of Charlottesville, began in February     required using low-volatile organic com-
General Contractor: Martin Horn,
Charlottesville, Va.
                                                  2007 and was completed in September.           pound materials and installing scrubber
                                                     Before the expansion could occur,           equipment on the exhaust of the me-
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: AEI –
                                                  crews had to remove a 4-ft-thick, 150-ton      chanical diesel equipment.
Affiliated Engineers East, Chapel Hill, N.C.
                                                  piece of concrete installed in the middle         Roof installation also took place at
Concrete Contractor: Faulconer
                                                  of the existing, two-story plant by a prior    night to prevent the roofer’s asphalt ket-
Construction, Charlottesville, Va.
                                                  contractor and relocate the existing           tle’s fumes from entering medical re-
Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor:
                                                  chilled water piping running within the        search facilities.
Sullivan Mechanical, Shenandoah, Va.
                                                  footprint to temporary 18-in., above-
Electrical Contractor: Design Electric,
                                                  ground incoming and outgoing lines.
Charlottesville, Va.
                                                     Crews installed caissons during off
                                                  hours to avoid disrupting hospital imag-

                                                  51   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF                  Robert H. Smith Visitor Education
          2008            AWARDS
                                                   Center Historical Renovation
                                                                               PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Restoration

The preservation of President Lincoln’s
cottage and the rehabilitation of the Visi-
tor Education Center on the Soldiers’
Home National Monument site near
downtown Washington, D.C., is the final
and largest phase of work at the site.
   Founded in 1851 as a home for dis-
abled war veterans, the Soldiers’ Home
spans 250 acres and includes the Gothic
Revival-style Lincoln Cottage where
President Lincoln resided during the
summer months of the Civil War.
   The Visitor Education Center project
included a complete mechanical and
electrical retrofit upgrade; provided new
fire alarm and fire suppression systems;
and included the restoration of existing
plaster walls, ornamental cornice ceil-
ings and finishes. Audio/video systems           The cottage restoration returned the
and museum exhibits were installed to         two-story, 34-room brick and stucco            Key Players
enhance visitors’ experience, including a     house to its 1860s condition and includ-       Owner: National Trust for Historic
temperature- and humidity-controlled          ed all new mechanical and electrical sys-      Preservation, Washington, D.C.
special exhibits room for precious docu-      tems, plaster conservation, lead paint
                                                                                             Construction manager: The Christman
ments such as an original copy of Lin-        abatement and detailed finish carpentry.       Company, Alexandria, Va.
coln’s Emancipation Proclamation.                While both the cottage and the educa-
                                                                                             Architect: RMJM/Hillier Architecture,
   All new mechanical equipment was           tion center were included within the           Philadelphia
installed in the attic, including a 55-ton    scope of one project, their systems and
                                                                                             MEP and fire protection engineer:
chiller and a four-ton, 9- by 8-ft, 40-ft-    preservation intents were different. As a      Joseph R. Loring and Associates Inc.,
long make-up air unit. Crews hoisted          result, only the Visitors Education Cen-       Washington, D.C.
the unit through the existing interior.       ter would pursue LEED certification.           Structural engineer: Robert Silman
   Restoration of the existing millwork       The structure is expected to qualify for       Associates, Washington, D.C.
doors, frames and trim, ceramic penny-        gold status.
                                                                                             Mechanical and plumbing contractor:
round tile and windows provided the fi-          Because of their differences, construc-     Welch and Rushe, Upper Marlboro, Md.
nal touches to the historical building.       tion of the two adjacent projects was
                                                                                             Fire protection contractor: Strickland
                                              complex, creating an extra level of man-       Fire Protection Inc., College Park, Md.
                                              agement of documentation and quality-
                                                                                             Electrical contractor: Mona Electric
                                              control enforcement in the field. For ex-      Group, Clinton, Md.
                                              ample, crews had to keep the waste
                                              streams from the two buildings separate
                                              even though they are close to each other
                                              on the property.

                                              53   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                       BEST OF            King Hall Restoration - US Naval
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                          Academy, Annapolis, Md.

                                                                                                AWARD OF MERIT - Restoration

                                             The two-year, $23.5 million restoration added a new copper roof, with four sky-
                                             of King Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy         lights, and a prefabricated, beveled and
                                             in Annapolis, Md., completely renovat-         arched glass fiber reinforced gypsum
                                             ed the 1937 structure now used as a din-       ceiling system. All of the existing build-
Key Players
                                             ing facility for more than 4,300 mid-          ing’s wings were up to 4-in. out of
Owner: Naval Facilities Command,             shipmen.                                       square, requiring major field modifica-
Washington, D.C.
                                               Forrester Construction Co. of                tions to the ceiling system.
Architect: RTKL Associates, Washington,      Rockville, Md., began the 58,000-sq-ft            Crews had to resolve a moisture-infil-
                                             restoration in May 2006 and concluded          tration problem and repair damage to
Contractor: Forrester Construction Co.,      the work in April, 45 days ahead of sched-     the slab prior to placing the terrazzo
Rockville, Md.
                                             ule. The company divided the job into          flooring. The project also included
Structural Concrete Contractor: GLB          two phases so the facility could remain        restoration of several historical items,
Concrete Construction Division,              fully operational during construction.         such as the ceremonial doors, bronze
Reisterstown, Md.
                                               Only the exterior stone shell re-            doors and exterior granite, to ensure the
Electrical and Communication Contractor:     mained in place during the project.            tradition of the academy is preserved
1st Electric, Baltimore
                                             Crews upgraded utilities, fixtures and         and passed on to generations of mid-
                                             the communication system. The team             shipmen.

                                                       BEST OF            DC USA, Washington, D.C.
                                              2008    AWARDS
                                                                                                      AWARD OF MERIT - Retail

                                             The $179 million DC USA retail center          three tower cranes used to set the steel
Key Players
                                             brings services, shipping and economic         beams. In one case, the engineer stayed
Owner: Grid Properties, New York             stimulation to the Columbia Heights            in the booth with the operator for the
Architect: Bower, Lewis, Thrower,            neighborhood of Washington, D.C.               placement of a 40,000-lb beam.
Philadelphia                                    Clark/Smoot DC USA, a joint venture           On one side of the project, the team
Contractor: Clark/Smoot DC USA, a joint      between Clark Construction of Bethesda,        preserved a terra cotta and concrete
venture between Clark Construction,          Md., and the Sherman R. Smoot Corp. of         façade from a former post office. Bands
Bethesda, Md., and the Sherman R.
                                             Washington D.C., built the 550,000-sq-ft       of granite, brick, precast concrete and
Smoot Corp., Washington D.C.
                                             mall. Construction began in May 2006           storefront windows clad most of the
Steel Contractor: Strait Steel,              and wrapped up in February.                    three-story structural-steel and concrete
Greencastle, Pa.
                                                During excavation for the two levels of     building, with the back side covered in
Steel Erection Contractor: S&R               underground parking, crews discovered          metal panels.
Enterprises, Harrisburg, Pa.
                                             27 old, broken fuel tanks. Removal of
Concrete Contractor: Clark Concrete,         the tanks and more than 50,000 tons of
Bethesda, Md.
                                             contaminated soil added millions of dol-
Electrical Contractor: Freestate Electric,   lars to the project and delayed the sched-
Falls Church, Va.
                                             ule by three months.
                                                An onsite engineer helped supervise

                                             55   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                          BEST OF                  Valley Green Bank,
          2008            AWARDS
                                                   Chestnut Hill, Pa.
                                                   PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Small Projects                          (under $5 million)

The project team tasked with creating
a new bank branch for Valley Green
Bank was faced with a far-reaching de-
sign concept but a less-than-inspiring
existing site.
   The owner was seeking a “fresh and
innovative” bank branch in Philadel-
phia’s Chestnut Hill. The existing site –
a former convenience store – featured
unusually low structural members at its
ceiling in an early 20th Century stone
structure with limited windows.
   The job started in August 2007 and
completed in January.
   Crews demolished the interior of the
3,500-sq-ft site and cut extensively into
masonry walls to create window open-
ings. Existing sidewalks were recondi-
tioned, sewer tie-ins relocated and new          One of the main obstacles encoun-
lighting added. Coffered ceilings were        tered was transforming a long narrow           Key Players
built to disguise low-hanging asymmet-        space into a modern, light-filled space        Owner: Valley Green Bank, Philadelphia
rical structural grid and create visual in-   with simple and welcoming elements.            General contractor: Domus Construction,
terest, and a fiberglass wave pattern was     The teller line is angled so that each         Philadelphia
created at the rear wall to create shade      workstation faces the entrance, inviting       Architect: Metcalfe Architecture &
and shadow without the use of excess          immediate eye contact between tellers          Design, Philadelphia
lighting. Counterwork materials includ-       and clients. A continuous band of win-         MEP engineer: DaVinci Group,
ed stone and laminate and incorporated        dows on two sides of the building floods       Woodbury, N.J.
uplighting and metal detailing.               the banking floor with daylight.               Structural engineer: Lipperini
                                                 Design features such as the 60-ft tex-      Engineering, Haddonfield, N.J.
                                              tured wall behind the teller line; round,      Lighting designer: Beam Illuminating
                                              “saucer-like” chandeliers; and expansive       Architecture, Philadelphia
                                              white Italian floor tiles give the bank a
                                                                                             Bank equipment: Diebold, Princeton,
                                              clean, refreshing feel. At the same time,      N.J.
                                              the architects made sure that the design
                                                                                             Furniture supplier: TransAmerican Office
                                              blends well with the building’s stone          Furniture Inc., Philadelphia
                                              façade and the surrounding historical
                                                                                             Architectural millwork: Parisi Inc.,
                                              neighborhood.                                  Newtown, Pa.
                                                                                             Signage fabricator: City Sign Service,
                                                                                             Horsham, Pa.

                                              57   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                         BEST OF                  Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.
          2008           AWARDS                          PROJECT OF THE YEAR - Sports & Entertainment

                                                                                              Key Players
                                                                                              Owner: DC Sports and Entertainment
                                                                                              Commission, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              General contractor: Clark/Hunt/Smoot, A
                                                                                              Joint Venture, Bethesda, Md.
                                                                                              Architect: HOK/Devrouax & Purnell,
                                                                                              PLLC, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              Structural engineers: ReStl Designers
                                                                                              Inc., Washington, D.C., and Thornton-
                                                                                              Tomasetti Group, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              Civil engineer: Delon Hampton &
                                                                                              Associates, Silver Spring, Md.
                                                                                              MEP engineers: M-E Engineers Inc.,
                                                                                              Wheat Ridge, Colo., JVP Engineers,
                                                                                              Washington, D.C., and Sim-G
                                                                                              Technologies, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                              Mechanical and plumbing contractor:
                                                                                              John J Kirlin, Rockville, Md.
The Nationals Park project team had          months before the first piece of steel
                                                                                              Electrical contractor: Truland Systems,
to complete this 1.1 million-sq-ft project   would arrive.
                                                                                              Reston, Va.
in just 23 months while meeting aggres-         Because the mechanical, electrical
                                                                                              Concrete contractor: Clark Concrete,
sive goals for minority hiring and sub-      and plumbing systems would take
                                                                                              Bethesda, Md.
contractor participation. Not originally     longer to design than the structure, the
intended to be a design-build project,       construction team chose to build the             Structural steel contractor: Banker Steel,
                                                                                              Lynchburg, Va.
the expedited construction schedule ne-      structure without the concrete slab on
cessitated the collaboration.                grade. That way, construction could              Foundations contractor: (support of
                                                                                              excavation): Clark Foundations,
   Nationals Park’s designer and general     move forward and remain on schedule,
                                                                                              Bethesda, Md.
contractor were selected independently.      even though the underground MEP sys-
Only after the project commenced was         tems weren’t yet designed. The slabs on
the design-build arrangement put into        grade were some of the last concrete
place. Construction on the stadium be-       pours on the project – the opposite of a       RFIs of decisions that were made in the
gan with full designs just 30% complete.     normal construction schedule.                  field by the engineers and architects. On
   Because of the expedited construction        To streamline the design-build              a normal project of this size, it is esti-
schedule and rapidly rising material         process, the project architects were on-       mated that there would be upwards of
prices, obtaining a spot in line at the      site full time and structural engineers        15,000 RFIs.
steel mill was imperative. With limited      visited the site every day. This proximity        The project completed in March—in
design documents, the construction           greatly assisted the project’s schedule        time for the Nationals Opening Day. Na-
team estimated the required steel ton-       and quality. Having the architects and         tionals Park was designed to meet LEED
nage and secured a spot at Banker Steel      engineers onsite also allowed on-the-          certification, and two days prior to
in Lynchburg, Va., nine months in ad-        spot decisions to be made in the field,        Opening Day, the U. S. Green Building
vance. Meanwhile, the team designed          which drastically reduced the amount of        Council awarded the facility silver certi-
and constructed the entire first level of    requests for information.                      fication.
the ballpark out of concrete in order to        In total, there were 1,263 RFIs, the
continue with construction of the park       majority of those being “confirming”

                                             59   Mid-Atlantic Construction   Winter 2008
                                                    BEST OF         Brentwood Shop Expansion
                                            2008   AWARDS
                                                                                                AWARD OF MERIT - Transit

                                           The $43 million design-build renova- plumbing systems, and removing aban-
                                           tion of the Brentwood Shop Expansion        doned or dormant systems.
Key Players                                incorporated three new service tracks,         Existing ground floor and basement
Owner: Washington Metropolitan Area        updated maintenance equipment and           slabs could not carry a train load and re-
Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.        upgraded the 32-year-old facility without   quired significant structural enhance-
Architect and Structural Engineer: STV,    interrupting 24/7 operations of the shop.   ments. Crews poured an 18-in.-thick, 50-
Fairfax, Va.                                  Clark Design/Build of Bethesda, Md.,     ft-wide slab over the existing mat. In an-
General Contractor and Design-Build        completed the 100,000-sq-ft project in      other section of the building, the team de-
Leader: Clark Design/Build, Bethesda,      February. It began the Washington Met-      molished the existing slab and installed 42
Md.                                        ropolitan Area Transit Authority job in     50-ton minipiles through the basement
Steel Erection Contractor: DHS Erectors,   August 2005.                                slab, in an area with 12 ft of head room.
Hanover, Md.                                  Scope included the addition of three        The team reconstructed the shop floor
Electrical Contractor: MC Dean, Dulles,    new service and inspection train tracks     with structural precast planks, girders,
Va.                                        running through the center of the facili-   columns and frames. Nearly all of the
Plumbing Contractor: Joshua Plumbing,      ty, installation of new machinery and       437 precast pieces weighed less than
Defiance, Ohio                             construction of administrative and sup-     10,000 lbs, so crews could use the shop’s
                                           port areas. The work included surveying     5-ton gantry crane for installation.
                                           and mapping existing electrical and

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