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2010 Editorial Schedule
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JANUARY                     Marketing Plans                  FEBRUARY                    Health & Beauty                 MARCH                       Exchange Special              APRIL                        DeCA MBU
Chief Merchandisers’ Marketing Plans                         Health & Beauty Care                                        Special Exchange Report:                       AAF        DeCA’s Sales Directorate: What’s New at the MBU
Exchange Buyers’ Open-to-Buy Forecasts                       Vitamins, Supplements, Energy Foods                            More Than Eight Years Downrange            MSM ES      Breakfast Foods – Hot and Cold, Fresh and Packaged
   Hardlines – Softlines                                     Heads Up for May: Family Fun/Fitness Festival               Tactical Gear                                Con /GM      Organics • Produce
Frozen Food Promotions                                       Beverages … Soda, Water, Juice, Coffee, Tea … Beer,         Apparel: Necessities and Accessories        Supp rence    Candy
                                                                Wine, Spirits                                            Emblematics/Logo Merchandise                         nt   Back-to-School Foods
The Commissary Perimeter: The World of Fresh — Dairy,
   Deli, Bakery, Produce … Meat, Poultry, Seafood            Big Deal: Club Packs • Back-to-School Nonfoods              Major and Traffic Appliances                              Going Green/Sustainability
Household/Cleaning Supplies                                  Spotlight on Snacks: Chips, Dips, Popcorn, Pretzels …       Pets: Food, Supplies, HBC for Cats and Dogs               Shoppettes, Mini-Marts: All-Service Report
Exchange Food Service • DeCA Numbers                            Healthy, Sweet, Salty, Fruit, Meat                       Promoting Protein – Diet...Nutrition...Merchandising      Exchange Food Service — Name Brands, Signature Brands
Easter Promotions: Candy and More                            Grab ‘n’ Go/Home Meal Replacement                           Energy Drinks • Healthy Living: Good-for-You Foods        VCS Show & Sell
Tactical Equipment • OTP                                     Promotions: Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day
                                                                                                                         Bonus Distribution at the Norfolk Exchange Roundtable     Bonus Distribution at the VCS Show & Sell in St. Louis

Closing: Dec. 4, 2009 Materials: Dec. 10, 2009               Closing: Jan. 5         Materials: Jan. 11                  Closing: Jan. 27        Materials: Feb. 2                 Closing: Feb. 25        Materials: March 3

MAY                         Holiday Buying                   JUNE                        DeCA 2010                       JULY                        HBC                           AUGUST                       DeCA Yearbook
E&C News’ 48th Annual Christmas Buying & Holiday             DeCA 2010: An overview of the Defense Commissary            AAFES: 115th Anniversary                                  19th Annual Defense Commissary Agency Yearbook:
Planning Guide and Gift Product Showcase:                       Agency                                                   Health & Beauty Care                                          Headquarters and region executives, zone managers
   • Fragrances • Watches • Jewelry • Giftware • Foods       Produce                                                     Fragrances/Cosmetics                                          and store directors worldwide – photos and bios ... and
   • Housewares • Major & Traffic Appliances                 Class Six/Package Stores                                    Tactical Equipment                                            new positions
   • Photo • Apparel • Sporting Goods • Trim-a-Tree • Toys   Grey-Area Reserves: Waiting to Retire, Ready to Shop        Back-to-School Roundup                                    Direct Store Delivery: Snacks, Soda, Breads, Bakery …
Club Packs                                                   Halloween Promotions: Costumes! Candies! Apples!            Beverage Merchandising Promotions                         In-Store Merchandising: Candy, Snacks
Candy                                                        DeCA Million-Dollar-Vendor List                             Household/Cleaning Supplies                               Organics • Produce
Consumer Electronics: Video - Audio - Computers              AAFES Million-Dollar-Vendor List                            NEXCOM Million-Dollar Vendor List                         Club Packs
Stationery/School/Home Office Supplies                                                                                   DeCA Report                                               Energy Food, Vitamins, Supplements
Supplements, Vitamins, Energy Foods                          Bonus Distribution at the DeCA 2010 Conference in Atlanta                                                             Exchange Food Courts

Closing: March 25      Materials: March 31                   Closing: April 22       Materials: April 28                 Closing: May 24         Materials: May 28                 Closing: June 23        Materials: June 29

SEPTEMBER                   Pets and Pet Lovers              OCTOBER                     Convention Issue                NOVEMBER                    Big Game                      DECEMBER
Holiday Ordering – Out of the Warehouse, Into the Store      Annual ALA Convention Issue                                 The Sports Shop:                                          Consumer Electronics: Video-Audio-Computers
Holiday Foods                                                   Military Resale Market Handbook:                            Sporting Goods - Fitness Gear                          Selling Hi-Tech: From Cell Phone and iPod/MP3 Accessories
Candy                                                        Maps, Rosters, Directories • Overviews                         Activewear - Sports Nutrition                             to GPS Gear
Energy Drinks                                                Interviews • Buyers’ Names – Addresses - Phone Numbers      Club Packs                                                Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle
Mini-Marts, Shoppettes: On-Base Convenience                     Store-by-Store Sales Reports                             Produce                                                   DeCA 2010 Year-End Report
Pet Foods/Pet Supplies/Pet Care: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish     Special Sections:                                           Housewares & Home Furnishings                             Distributors Spotlight
Stationery/School/Home Office Supplies                          Breast Cancer Awareness                                  Beverages - Class Six/Package Stores                      ALA Convention Wrap-Up Report
                                                                Tactical Gear Update                                     Direct Store Delivery: Soda, Snacks, Bakery, Breads …     Jump-Starting the New Year
                                                                Going Green                                              Big Game Promotions

                                                             Bonus Distribution at ALA in Bellevue

Closing: July 21       Materials: July 27                    Closing: Aug. 25        Materials: Aug. 31                  Closing: Oct. 8         Materials: Oct. 14                Closing: Nov. 5         Materials: Nov. 11