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Mail Order


        To be rich-to have an endless supply of money for anything and everything—is the goal of almost every
man, woman and the child in the world. More specifically, the people who don‘t have but would like to have
money enough for everything they‘ve always wanted, are continually searching for some ―secret combination‖
that will open the doors to unlimited wealth for them.
        Let‘s face it, chances are that you will never become rich working for someone else .So that leaves you
with the option of starting on your own. For most starters this is a big decision .First of all to decide on the near
perfect business which could ensure success.
        Running a business from the comfort of one‘s home is the dream of millions of people. It appeals to
people who are sick of their day jobs, want more independence in their lives, and who want to make large sums
of money easily.
        India is a vast country and the second most populous country in the world. Consider these facts. At
present the population is 976 million, out of which more than 100 million people are from the middle class
category. By 2001, India is expected to have 150 to 200 million in the upper middle class and 300 million in the
middle class category making a buying force of around 500 million.
        Now if you have a product or service that can be sold to say even a small percentage of a million,
operating from the comforts of your home, the money you can make will be enormous. There does exit a
business that allows you to reach out to people, spread all over the country and the world.
MAIL ORDER BUSINESS. Yes, mail order.
         Mail order is a big business in the western world. Individuals operate from home; companies big and
small are all competing with each other to tap this enormous money making potential. Comparatively, in India
mail order business is still in embryonic stage. A smart mind will tell you that the best time to enter into a
business is when things are beginning to happen. India is at a stage like the US of the 70s, when the boom
         Wouldn‘t it be nice if you could go to your mailbox everyday and find it stuffed with money and checks
from all over the country?
The rewards of mail order business are many:
   1.   You can be your own boss.
   2.   You can set your own hours.
   3.   You can own your own business with little investment.
   4.   You can pay yourself more than any boss would ever pay you.
   5.   You can give yourself regular raises as your business grows.
        Anyone can make big money in the mail order business- individuals, male, female, young, old, or just
   about anyone. Mail order business is an excellent and rewarding way to be self-employed, if you do it the
   right way. This is a business, which can open the doors of good life for you.
   It is a great business to start, either part-time or full-time. It‘s exciting, because it‘s always changing, and it
   can be very profitable, if run correctly.
        There are hundreds of opportunities to get into the profitable mail order business. And, you don‘t have
   to be creative or clever, or have invented something new. You only need the desire and determination to
   achieve your goals.
        The mail order business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It won‘t make you a millionaire overnight. But it
   can build into a steady, profitable business at home – as big or small as you want it to be. This is a low-risk,
   low investment business that can make you HIGH PROFITS.
       Starting a mail order business does not have to be a complex task. You choose a product, place classified
   or small display ads in newspapers and magazines, and wait for people to call in with their orders. Once the
   order has been received and payment has been made, you mail the product and take the money to the bank.
       There is also another way to sell other than buying ads. You can purchase mailing lists, which contain
   the names and addresses of potential customers. You can buy lists from a number of places. There are list
   brokers, and you can also purchase lists directly from many magazine publishers, who derive names from
   their subscriptions lists. Once you have a list in hand, you will need sales materials, usually in the form of
   sales letter, brochure, or something similar, to send to people.
       In mail order, you should stick to a simple marketing strategy based on buying wholesale, advertising
   and selling at a profit. You can choose just about any product imaginable. Just make sure you sell your
   products at a profit, and that you make enough to cover your advertising and other expenses.
       There are many other things to consider in the mail order business. Who will be your wholesale
   supplier? How do you find good products to sell? How do you write a classified ad that really pulls? Should
   you pay a professional to produce your ads and your sales copy? How do you test market an ad or product?
   Why do you need to test market?
          One big reason for buying by mail is convenience. Shopping by mail eliminates the need to search a
           store for needed items.
          People are also beginning to realize that mail order can be the least expensive way to shop. The cost
           of merchandise purchased through the mails can be considerably lower because the mail order
           distributor isn‘t paying a high price tag for overhead items such as an expensive sales force or a
           fancy showroom.
          Another reason why people order by mail is the excitement out of anticipating the arrival of the item
           by mail.
          Then there are certain products, which are exclusively sold only by mail order.
      In mail order, most mistakes are made at the very beginning. And because of these mistakes, the beginning
is usually as far as you get. The key to a successful mail order operation is to be economical. Start with one
      But how can you run a business with just one product? May be you can‘t. But it there is no demand for this
product by mail order, then you still have the chance to change it. By selling one product in the beginning, you
can gauge the demand for it. It takes off, then add another one if you wish.
      Your main goal in the beginning is to stay in the business. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you run a
greater risk of instant extinction!
      Don‘t make the mistake of choosing the first product that comes into your head. You must choose your
product very carefully. Some products are better suited to mail order than others. Some aren‘t suited in mail
order at all. Your job is to find one that is. And this product must also be suited to you.
      A very important step to mail order success is choosing a product that you can sell. Remember, the key lies
in your advertisements. You must know something about your product in order to be able to highlight the best
things about it. The next chapter will help you to evaluate a product for your mail operation. It is important that
you read it carefully.
      When you have selected a product, you will then have to begin an advertisement. This is not as easy as you
may think. You have to appeal to the right people, and you have to motivate them into action. In a small
classified ad you have to say the right things in the most concise way possible.
      This form of advertising is the best way to get started in mail order. It is not the best way of selling, but
this is not the most important thing for the moment! If that seems like a ridiculous statement-bear with me.
      Mail order is not most people‘s ideal way of buying. We have all heard of those characters who you the
ultimate product, ask you to send your cash, and then disappear into the night with your money, leaving you
with nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth.
      As a result of this sort of fraud, people are always cautions of new products or new firms. And justifiably
so. It is for this reason that you won‘t get rich overnight. And because of this, you need to run your ad for at
least six continuous weeks. Unless you are selling your for less than 5, you should offer to send further details
to anyone who is interested.
      Now let me clearing the previous statement. A small classified ad is the best way of starting in mail order.
This is because it is a cheap way of reaching a lot of people, and because it performs the job of recruiting future
      As I said, it is not the best way of selling, but it is crucial to your success. You will use the best selling
technique in six month time, and your press ad will provide the keystone of this. This is when your mail order
business will step up into top gear.
      By using your enquiry ads to the best effect, you are laying the foundation upon which your success will be
guaranteed. The chapter on the direct mail will fully explain the principle behind this.
      If you are still confused by my statement that selling is not the cost important thing for the moment, let me
explain. Obviously you have to sell your product in order to stay in business. But when you are first starting up,
it is unlikely that your classified ad will produce the sort of results you may have been expecting. You won‘t
snowed under with enquiries. Read that again. If you were expecting to be an overnight success, I‘m afraid you
are going to be disappointed.
      In the beginning you will generate enquiries from interested people. They will ask the further details you
promised them. And you will respond with your sales literature.
      For this reason, you must assume that they are interested in the kind of product you are selling, but for
some reason they choose not to buy your particular product.
      There could be any amount of reason why they didn‘t buy your product. Perhaps the price was too high (or
too low), or they decided to look around to see what other traders were offering. May be they found a similar
products in the shops, and bought that because they wanted it urgently. If you are still confused, don‘t worry.
This chapter is only intended as a rough outline to brief you on the methods and requirement of mail order. The
rest of this book will show you the way to turn your ideas into a money making venture that should provide you
with financial independence for life.
                                  2. SO WHAT CAN I SELL
      It is untruth to say that anything can be sold by mail order. Theoretically, of course, anything could be-but
to be done successfully, it must be suitable for selling by mail. When you are deciding on a product (or indeed,
a service), you should always consider how much trouble it is likely to cause you when you come to fulfill the
                                    POSTAGE & PACKING
Those little letters p& p are always a minor irritation to potential customers of mail order. They think, oh yes-
the product costs Rs.50/-; but the postage and packing is Rs. 10/-. All that extra on top just to get the product. It
hardly seems worth it!
 While providing minor irritation to the customer, p& p can be a major problem for the mail order operator. If
he decides to sell a heavy object, he has to allow for crippling postage and packing expenses. These have to be
met by someone, and quite often it is the trader who is forced to pay the lion‘s share.
 If you offer a product for Rs. 15/- cheaper than the shops are selling it, you have a good chance of appealing to
the reader of your advertisement. But it, after reading through the rest of your ad, he finds it will cost him a
further Rs. 10/- in postage & packing, he is unlikely to be so eager to buy!
  When you are considering a product, always try to go for something that won‘t be an expensive nightmare to
pack, and that won‘t cost you an arm and a leg to send. If it can fit snugly into a large padded envelope, or a
small package, it will save you time, trouble, and money.
                                     BEING THE PRODUCT SOURCE
The most popular way of getting started is to find a product, and then find a product, and then find a
manufacturer or wholesaler from who to buy it.
 It you are skilled at making a popular product, or are capable of supplying your own product in some way, you
have a much better chance of making a lot of money .By doing this, you become the product source, and you
should enjoy a large proportion of the money made from selling it.
    By cutting out the supplier or wholesaler, you will save a lot of money. It your process of manufacture is not
too costly and will work out cheaper than buying it from either of these sources, you should proceed in this
  Probably the most common way of providing a product yourself is to copy and sell books. If you look through
the Business Opportunities section of major mail order ad sheets and publications you will find numerous ads
for books. Many of these have reproduction rights, which allows you to copy and sell the book yourself for a
   Alternatively you could write your own books, hence saving your money from not having to buy the book in
the first place. This is where you can make the biggest profit of all. By writing a book yourself, and then
offering it for sale with or without reproduction rights, you will be able to make a very large overall profit.
                                     POOR QUALITY-BIG PROBLEMS
A money-back guarantee is one of the selling-points of the mail order business. As I said, mail order is not the
favourite way of buying, the one of the appeals of mail order for most people, is the chance to return the goods
if they are dissatisfied with them. Those people who are not altogether keen on the thought of buying by mail
order may be pushing into it by the money-back guarantee.
  Offering a guarantee often leads to greater sales. This is an important part of your sales campaign, and one
you should consider. Whether your guarantee works for or against you will depend largely on the quality of
your product.
Quality is very important consideration in choosing your product. If you sell a product at a low price, the
chances are you will make a lot of sales. But if this product is of very low quality, you can also expect a lot of
returns. The key is to offer a good quality product at reasonable price. This way you can ensure that people will
be attracted to the price, and buy your product. The good quality will also ensure a minimum of returns.
                                            KEEP IT SIMPLE
 In the beginning you will be advertising in the press. This will probably be a short classified ad so, it is
important that you can get your sales message across in the briefest manner possible.
 If you are selling a strange a new gadget that people are unfamiliar with, it may be very difficult to do it justice
in so few words. For this reason, it is best to start with a product that people know, or can understand. Save your
complicated products for later on.
                                     WILL IT MAKE A PROFIT?
 Obviously you need to make a profit from your product, without pricing yourself out of the market. The best
way to generalize is to charge three times as much as what is costs you in the first place.
 For example, if you are buying your product from a wholesaler for Rs. 10/-, you should aim to sell it at least
for Rs. 30/-. This is not blatant profiteering, just good business sense. Remember, you have to cover your costs
as well as pay the rent. You have to advertise your product, you have to package and post it, and you have to
 What you consider a product, assess whether or not you can sell it for at least three times what it will cost you
to buy, or produce it. If the price is too high for people to be attracted to it, you should reconsider your product.
Check whether or not you can obtain it at cheaper price, or if you can save on your production costs. If not,
forget it. Look for something else.

                                     CHOOSE A ‗SELLEP‘
 When you are choosing a product, try and pick one that you know has a market. In other words, you want a
prove type of product. This gives you the knowledge that there is a market for it, and you can aim your
advertising at that.
   Take a look through mail order adsheets and publications and see what products are being offered. The more
advertisers there are the bigger the market for that type of product. It is important that you enter a thriving
market. You want something that is selling now, and is likely to continue selling for some time to come.
    Don‘t take the mistake of thinking that you can make a killing by selling something that no one else is
selling. You will soon find no one is selling it-because no one wants to buy it!
   Avoid the letters ‗fads‘ and fashions. These tend to be ten day wonders and you won‘t be able to develop a
profitable business by constantly changing your product. Aim yourself at an established and thriving market,
and proceed to carve in the for yourself in that. In order to maintain a good steady demand for your product, you
should choose one that has good follow-up possibilities. This means that the people who buy from you will
come back to buy more, or similar, products from you again.
    Some products often great follow-up possibilities, while others don‘t. In order to establish your business, it is
wise to choose something that will guarantee repeat custom.
    Your press advertising will bring in many enquiries from people who are interested in your type of product,
and even if they don‘t buy from you now, they are still potential customers.
    If you decide to specialize in computers, then you will generate interest from people who are hoping to buy
one. If they don‘t buy from you, then you can assume they bought one from some one else. But this is not the
end of the story for you. Later, when you add further products like computers discs and other software to your
range, you can write to your enquiries, and offer them these.
   It is the follow-up possibilities that will secure the future of your business, so choose a product accordingly.
Once you have build up a good name list of customers and enquiries, you will be in a good position to introduce
further products related to what you are currently selling.
You will be able to see the importance of this in six months time. This is when you will apply the selling
method most likely to bring in big business. IN the meantime, choose a suitable product, and start out by selling
it in the classified ad section of major mail order ad sheets and publications, and any other magazines that cater
for your particular product.
        And when you get enquiry, write there name and address on your list.......
                                        3. GETTING STARTED
  Having chosen your product, the next step is to set up your business.
  Whatever, you do, get professional advice from the beginning, this is vital. Make sure you open a business
bank account, and talk to an accountant and a solicitor; you will need these people at some point or another.
      Your first purchase should be good printed stationery. Nothing has more immediate influence than a good
letterhead and envelopes. Good quality here is essential. Try and stretch to 100 gms paper, and incorporate
some colour into your letterhead. This will give an impression of success and reliability long before you have it.
      In the beginning you will be approaching suppliers and other important business organization. Do it on
your letterheads. If you can, wait until you have your letterheads before you approach them. You will be
surprised at the respect they will show you when you look professional. This can be especially valuable in
getting credit facilities with suppliers.
Depending on what product you decide to sell, you may need complement slips and business cards, have them
all matching your letterheads. You can often get a discount on ‗business packs‘ of matching letterheads,
envelopes, compliments slips, and business cards. Make sure you get off to the best start here.
  If you are unsure of what to put on a letterhead, ask the printer. He will always be happy to help you in
designing a layout, and choosing a typestyle for your stationery.
The beauty of mail order is that you don‘t need premises. An such you can run a successful mail order operation
from your back bedroom at home. All you need do is have a typewriter and a telephone installed there (even a
telephone is not always essential) and away you go.
  Your basis equipment needn‘t run to great length either. As well as a typewriter, you may consider the usual
stuff like a stapler, paper punch, a couple of ring blinders, a date stamp and some postal scales. You will need to
make some provision for filling, but some of the best files I have seen are nothing more than ordinary cardboard
 Don‘t consider anything expensive at this stage. You can always have any photocopies you need run off any
local copy-shop. The key here is in keeping your costs down until you are actually making money. Don‘t make
the mistake of splashing out on a computer or photocopies unless you can really afford to.
 You will also need adequate storage space for your stock. How much space you need obviously depends on
how large your product is. It is always wise to keep a reasonable amount of stock, but again you don‘t have to
pile it up.
                                       INCREASING YOUR RESPONSE
At this early stage you might like to consider using some of the facilities offered by The Post Office to increase
response to your advertising.
 A good method of increasing your enquiry rate is to use the method of paying for your potential customer‘s
postage, and this is the ‗Business Reply Service‘. With this you enclose a business reply envelop in response to
an enquiry, so all your potential customer has to do is put his order and post it off. You have a choice of first or
second class with this service. Ask your local postal sales representative for information on these and other
services which can help you in your mail order venture.
 As soon as you are ready, your next step is to advertise your product to the nation. The next chapter will cover
classified advertising in the press.
                                      4. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
Once you have set up your office and acquired a reasonable amount of stock, you should than proceed to
advertise it. In the first instance your best bet is to use classified advertising. This is cheap and will rich a lot of
people, which is your main intention.
The Right Place to Advertise
    Buy a copy of major mail order adsheets and publications and turn to the section which covers your product.
If there are other traders there selling similar products to your own, then this is where you should start.
  You can, if you wish, use only if there are any specialist magazines for your product, then it would be a shame
to miss out on the chance of appealing to these readers. Have a look at classified ad section in specialist
magazines and consider placing a small ad there.
  Remember who are trying to reach. It is customers you are hoping to attract, not other traders. Don‘t place an
ad in a magazine that caters mostly to the trader. You want one that is widely read by the people actually buying
your product.
Creating An Ad
  Your ads are your salesman. In mail order this is your first contact with any potential customer. Therefore your
advertising must be up to scratch. A classified ad can be long or as short as you wish. But regardless of its
length it must do one vital thing sell.
  There are four components in an ad. The best way to remember them is to use an acronym. This is a word
formed from the initial letters of another group of words (as in NATO). In this case we have-
   D     DESIRE
Every good ad will encapsulate all of these components. To see now they apply, we will take them one by one.
        The reader of any magazine is a moving target. He will only read what appeals to him or what grabs his
attention. For this reason you must make your ad shout at him. To do this you must use an intriguing or exiting
introduction. Use words that grab the attention. Examples of such words ―MONEY‖, ―CASH‖, ―POWER‖,
―SUCCESS‖, ―FORTUNE‖, ―SEX‖, ―LOVE‖ and so on. Anything that can grab the attention of your reader
will draw him into reading your ad. If you don‘t achieve this, you have lost a potential customer.
  Try to offer your reader a benefit-something that can make his life more rewarding. If he can‘t see what is in it
from him, he is unlikely to want to take up your offer.
      Now you have caught the attention of your reader, you must immediately arouse his interest. To do this it
is best to go into further detail about your headline. Explain more about the benefit waiting for him. A common
mistake here is to lose the excitement generated by the headline. Keep the reader interested. Tell him more
about what you have just described.
    The next step in your ad is to create desire in your reader. This is where you make him realise that he would
be doing himself a favour by responding to your ad. Tell him how his life would be bettered by having your
product. This is where you must create sufficient desire to make him want to art with his money, or write a
letter of enquiry.
  This is the finals to your ad, and it is where you tell the reader what to do, and how to do it. Tip him over the
edge, and into action. Reinforce your sales message by telling him again how he would benefit by responding to
your advertisement, ‗NOW‘ don‘t falter, because this is the last thing he will remember about your ad. You
must be firm and confident here.
    In order to clarify these components let‘s see how all this applies to an example classified ad that might be
run by someone in the business of selling a body-building course: ATTENTION Massive Muscles Fast
   INTEREST See the body of your dreams taking from within days with the fastest muscle building system
there is
DESIRE IMAGINE the looks of admiration when you walk into the beach.
ACTION GET the revolutionary muscle manual, NOW! Send stamp for free exciting details, to
        Notice the mention of fastest muscle-building system there is. This is another important part of a good ad.
This is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This manual can boast something that no other can. It produces
results in the fastest time. You may not always have a USP, but some can be found from the most unlikely
source. For example, did you know that oral painkillers such as aspirin and paracetamol are absorber into the
bloodstreams at the same speed. Because of the manner of absorption, all painkillers work at the same rate.
Now, how many of you are immediately thinking of Anadian? Do you think that works faster? Perhaps you do
but why? Because of their slogan, ―Nothing acts faster than Anadian!‖ Now sit and think about that slogan for a
moment. What does it actually mean? It doesn‘t mean that Anadian is faster than the rest. It just means that
nothing acts faster precisely because they all act at the same speed. It was a very clever advertising slogan that
did little harm to the sales of Anadian. So, even when you are selling the same as hundreds of others there is
still a USP to be found.
Submitting a New Ad
       When you have prepared your ad, you must then send it to appropriate magazine. When you do this, it will
save you consider able time if you also send details of your business and product. Magazine like to know
something about new advertisers, and their products, as well as any literature you will send to people who will
enquire about your product. Send them a brief description of your business, and the product you are selling.
Also send them some copies of the literature you will send to enquiries. This will save you the time and trouble
of having your ad delayed while they wait for this information.
     In the beginning it will best to run your ad for six continuous weeks. This will give you a good indication of
its success as and assess your ad after four weeks. If it is pulling in plenty of enquiries, then you can continue
running it unchanged. If you are getting very little response, then you can change it is plenty of time, so that
your new ad can take over directly from when old is due to finish. Keep a good note of advertising deadlines.
Some magazines will require ads to be at their offices weeks before your planning first publication date.
       Keep running your classified ads, making a note of all your enquiries names and addresses. In six month‘s
time. You will be able to use your list of names to mount a direct mail campaign, which should boost your sales
                                             6. OFFICE ROUTINE
      When you start to generate enquiries, you should be prepared to handle them in the swiftest way possible.
Eventually you will also be receiving orders, so good office routine is essential to a smooth operation.
      You should already have prepared some sales material and an order form to send to those who will enquire
of your product. When enquiries come in, add the name and address to your list, and prepare your sales
      Write or stamp date on the back of your enquiries letters and put them into a file marked ‗Enquiries‘.
Always put new enquiries at the back of the file, so they run in date order from older to newest. This is so you
can write a follow-up letter after a few weeks of they haven‘t responded to your first sales packages] and you
will know who to write to first.
      You have two choices when you are receive orders, you can either wait for their cheques, to clear before
filling the order, or you can send them immediately. This will usually depend on who you are dealing with. If
you are selling to the public, you are probably best waiting for cheques to clear. This also saves you the hassle
of cheques bouncing, after having parted with the goods.
      Just as with the enquiry letters, write the date on the back of the order and file them in an ‗ORDERS‘ file,
newest to the back. If you have more than one product, enclose details of the others with the order when you
send it off. This is the best form of free advertising there is, and is something you should always take advantage
      If you get a return, that is someone sending your product back for the appropriate amount minus
production costs if it is in a bad condition, and send it with a brief letter or compliment slip, explaining what the
cheque is for.
Follow-up Letters
      If, after three to four weeks after sending details, you have received no order, prepare a follow-up letter.
Send them the same details as before, and remind them once again of your offer. You may at this point offer to
their benefit if they reply with their order promptly.
      This could be in the form of a discount voucher, entitling them to money off the original price if they reply
before certain date. You may think up your own inducement depending upon your product, but make sure you
can afford to do it.
      It is up to you how many times you issue follow-up letters, in the hope that someone will eventually buy
your product. Some firms send upto ten follow up letters with even further inducements and discounts, but be
careful here. Obviously a sale is where you are almost giving your product away.
                                                    7. DIRECT MAIL
       After six months of solid advertising, you should have built up a good list of names and addresses. When
this time has clasped, you should consider adding a further new product to your range. You will then advertise
this using direct mail.
       When you have new product, prepare your sales material and send a copy to every person on your mailing
list. Enclose details of any of your other products if you have any, but don‘t advertise too many, or your sales
impact will be lost. During this time, you should still continue to advertise as normal in the press.
       If you have less than hundred names on your list, which is unlikely after six months of advertising, or you
would prefer a much larger mailshot that the one have, your next step should be to find a good list. This would
be to find a good list. This would be a list bought from an established trader in your field. If you decide to buy a
list, make sure you are getting one that is up to date, and has exiting buyers of similar goods to your own. Some
firms use lists that are years old, which means that they are as good as useless.
       Remember, people move away, die or lose interest, and away get less effective with age. The list is the
most crucial part of your mailshot. It doesn‘t matter how good your sales literature is if it‘s going to ‗dead‘
       Make a regular habit of sending a mailshot. The best way is to send a mailing to new names every couples
of months. If you introduce another product, then you can send a mailshot straight away. Direct mail is a very
powerful advertising technique, and can be very profitable when it is done correctly.
       Don‘t forget to keep your own list up to date. When a customer moves houses, change his address on your
list so you can ensure you will be able to offer your mailing list for hire, giving you a secondary income for
little expense.
       Keep tabs on your advertising as well, so you know if/its working as it should if your enquiry rate should
start to decline to the point where you are making loss, change your ad.
       Always stay on to things and be aware of any new product that you can add to your range. Don‘t make the
mistake of becoming complacent. Get off to the best possible start, and plan carefully. In this way you can be
assured of building up the good regular custom that will guarantee the future of your mail-order business. Very
soon you will feel the excitement of waiting for your post come, knowing that some where amongst those letters
is a few more orders.
There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and
those who don’t know what’s happening.
Success in Mail-order business doesn’t come over night. You have to spend money, work hard and
experience many sleepless nights. This is a fact! You can it ignore it.

                                  IT IS REALLY FUN THAN WORK?
      Curiosity is a big motive, many find it fun to buy through the mail. Quite often, mail-order products have a price
advantage. Many prefer to buy personal items such as certain kind of books, adult items such as certain kind of books,
adult items and magazines. Through which they establish invaluable friendships, and trade links.
     As mail order is a hobby business and people create a lot of fortunes through it, you may also turn it for your
permanent income and fun. Exchanges of a lot of personal and business and business letters bring to them interesting,
valuable gifts, beautiful greetings, stamps and post cards which create much fun as well as new ideas, plans, may be
turned into cash later on. Philatelists, out of us, collect various stamps bring extra income. As this business is mostly built
on much advertising and heavy mailings, you have a potential to receive mails in bulk from not only from your own
country, but also from many overseas countries. You‘ll recall many excellent trade and hobby magazines that bring a lot
of opportunities, which some items, may put you on the road to riches. You never feel bad receiving your mail and be
always curious to seek new ideas and information all the time which make most of the people interested to buy by mail
and which is really a fun for them than a work.
       There are examples across USA, Canada, Europe and some other countries where a lot of people have already
become millionaires and successful. They, on a shoe string budget, turned their trash into cash, and grossed, later on, into
       In my opinion also, there‘s really no such business on the earth, such lucrative and comfortable as Mail order. Mail-
order is the only one that may create wonders for you. You feel its real thrill only after starting your own business and
when you‘ll receive bundles of cash, cheques or drafts in your daily mail stacked on your own table every day. There is no
limit if you are willing to learn and expand. A real good hot item, even at a higher cost can be real winner. Don‘t let your
programs first sit idle. Keep on top of all your activities and follow through. The territory for Mail order is worldwide
opened and you can develop your invaluable contacts any where in the world, through the mail. Sometimes, excellent
opportunities from various countries can make you surprised unexpectedly. Melvin powers says-
     ― I‘ve always been fascinated by mail order and have made it my business to acquire the practical information that
would insure my financial success as well as the financial success of my students. You don‘t have to be a genius to make
money in mail order; but you do need to know the techniques for doing so. You also need motivation, starting with a
positive mental attitude. Take responsibility for your success. Look at every challenge as an opportunity. Then proceed
one step at a time, in a logical and methodical manner.‖


     There is no limit to the mailorder business, if you are willing to learn and expand. A real good hot item, even at a high
cost can be the real and best product. Don‘t let your programmes just sit idle. Keep on top of all your activities and follow
     This is the only business, which no territorial restrictions and you may reach anywhere in the world by your letters.
Only the sky is the limit.
     The best way to start in mailorder is to work with those who already there. Obtain several small or big
mailorder/trade publications. Get one-page ad sheets and various circulars. You can spend a small amount for ―BIG
MAILS‖ and be flooded with magazines, adsheets, circulars, etc. with thousands of different offers and potential
opportunities through out the whole month or year. For a dollar or two, you can get listed in these various media sources
as wanting offers and ―BE ASSURED‖ you will get your money‘s worth.
     Secondly, contact the various mailorder dealers until you find a number of good products, many good mailorder
printers and mailers, offering commission circulars, even on a distributorship basis, where by you have the opportunity to
set up your own wholesale business, using the products being offered. In this way, you can have many dealers working for
you, and are in effect the prime source. Some of these dealers –printers offer a ―TURN-KEY‖ business. They are the
―FACTORY‖ to you. You get camera-ready copies of the publications they offer and in some cases full reproduction
rights whereby you keep all profits.
     Besides this, there are a lot of dealers, who offer dropshipment services to their products. Also there are dealers who
provide you catalogues through which you can make a good profit by mailing catalogues to your customers or new
prospects. A lot of them provide free to enroll as their agents. You just have to get the orders and make them directed to
the prime source, after deducting your commission and the rest of the works do the dropshippers. You need not to invest
large sums but only a nominal amount on mailing or advertising.
     As the world of Mailorder is unique and has no limit, and you can do anything amazing, yet you must keep always in
mind that the product line is the foundation of your mailorder business. Consumer items are the types of products that are
used up on a regular basis. The more items you include to your line of products, the more profits, you will be able to
make. Finally your products must be unique and must be different enough, so that, the users can‘t find them at the local
grocery shop or at any other store. Then remains the marketing of your products that is the real key to your success. No
business without enough sales can succeed. To get enough sales, you must advertise or publicize your products. And
likewise, going step by step ahead, you‘ll realize many things must come together to help you get involved and succeed.
You‘re the only person who will set your own limit, right target, ways and means to get started.

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