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					RaceUWin One of the Most Popular Sites in America
for Online Horse Racing Results
Submitted by William Donald
08th November, 2010

Portland, Oregon (November 8, 2010) - Horse racing and betting is second is sports popularity
only to baseball. With more than 150 racetracks in the United States alone, this has become a
highly       popular       sport       over        the      past     few        years.     <a
href=http://www.raceuwin.com>http://www.raceuwin.com</a> provides users with a much
more advanced way to place bets. <a href=http://www.raceuwin.com>Online horse racing</a>
has gained substantially in popularity over the past few years. Today, one out of every five
wagers is placed online. However, in order for betters to gain an edge they need cutting edge
technology and the ability to really leverage their cash. RaceUWin provides its members with
just that.

RaceUWin        provides     members       with      a    place    to     watch     live    <a
href=http://www.raceuwin.com>horse racing results</a> as well as past races. Race results can
be viewed at any time and free membership enables users to see live races while they are
happening. The site offers the most up to date racing results online. At <a
href=http://www.raceuwin.com>http://www.raceuwin.com</a>, members are granted access to
the most updated wagering tools, information and many other benefits. The site is part of the
online horse betting industry and is licensed and regulated in the United States. They provide
phone as well as internet betting on various horse races and cover more races and racetracks in
the United States and abroad than any other betting company in the world.

In addition, the site offers a Player Rewards Program for members that provide a
comprehensive and innovative alternative to larger wagering options that are currently
available. The site strives to provide the most updated and advanced wagering tools for
members and ensure that all practices are honest and legal. Those who are new to horseracing
and betting can find information on the site that will help them to be part of this exciting
industry. Online account wagering tools are powered by eBet Technologies and all bets that are
placed through the site are secure. Free live videos are provided as well as a slew of informative
articles and posts related to horse racing and betting. RaceUWin offers a user friendly site,
various deposit methods, more than 100 tracks from which to choose, new member contests and
various other benefits for joining. They are famed for their World Class customer service as
well as the live video feed for various races, free racing news and weekly specials that are
offered and the ease of sign up with no hidden fees.


6130 NE 78th Court, Suite C4
Portland, OR 97218
Telephone: 877-782-9994
Fax: 503-253-0140


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